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If you bothered the CEO of the company, who I personally know does not care what is written here, sm

Posted By: ??? on 2007-04-29
In Reply to: Now it makes sense. You were let go because of quality or missed deadlines. sm - KS LEAD MT

than you are taking this all way too serious. The CEO (can't use names here anymore) used to come here but does not anymore except here and there to keep up on some industry changes(her words). She does not take this stuff serious and neither should you.

What you shoud be concerned about is the fact that you felt it necessary and OK to run to the CEO of a company on a weekend for insignificant things. If she is laughing, it is probably at you. If she is upset, it is probably because it has gotten out of hand, but I bet she has bigger things to deal with than a public board with anonymous posts. Gheesh. Both sides are out of hand.

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    Personally, I don't care if I get a gift or not. sm
    Living with chronic disease here. After a very close call in the hospital this year and nearly returning home in a pine box, I am just grateful to wake up every day and still have my job.
    Personally, I couldn't care less about TT or the drama.
    You seem to be assuming the company is in the right in this situation. I have no personal stake in the issue, but IMO I think it's overboard to sue over a message board, and I'm just saying since this ridiculousness has happened and opened our eyes that we can't openly say things around here apparently because we never know when something like this could happen, that maybe we should just use different wording very carefully so we can still share important info. I would hate to see this one company's lawsuit ruin our ability to share info with fellow MTs. Just seeing that APPARENTLY, ahem, this company is suing an MT is helpful information in itself when choosing a company.......
    This could have been written about my company,
    the one that sounds like a sneeze.
    I also could have written your post.. Does your company start with a .....
    T...??? It just sounds way too familiar and I have cut back on working for them because I'm sick of getting the garage that they won't send to the Indians
    I personally know of one company that is

    a horrible company and the turnover is incredible.  From all the bad stuff posted here there are probably many who don't apply and I've seen at least a couple of MTs who ignored the comments here and applied anyway, only to come back a month later and say we were right and it was a horrible company and everything said here was true.

    I saw a company yesterday on the job boards advertising a double bonus.  I have also heard lots of bad on that company. 

    I think most of the companies that offer the bonus offshore and I guess need U.S. MTs to handle the crap.  I think many of the companies have weird line counting programs or change their programs so that the MT finds it hard to get lines.  I think many of them have a very boggy platform where the MT spends too much time looking up demographic information instead of transcribing.

    I don't understand the bonus thing.  If they paid a decent wage to start with, had a good platform, didn't have 80% ESL dictators, etc. they wouldn't have a problem keeping MTs.  If they can offer the bonus why can't they break that down over a year and pay 1 to 2 cpl more.

    I also think many of the companies realize they will not retain MTs because of the various things listed above, so they dangle the bonus, but then they stretch the bonus over months or a year and hope that at least they will have you long enough to get your bonus.

    I haven't seen a company yet that has offered a bonus that I would work for under normal circumstances. 

    I work for a good company, that pays better than most, pays per gross line, easy platform, etc. but sometimes you just get in a rut and want a change.  I've tested with several companies and been offered positions with each of them, but I felt like my line count would be significantly lower, line rate was lower, so that I would not be coming out ahead with the bonus.

    I personally don't know of the company...
    but I've heard them called TransScam through the years.

    A Google search on Transam asociates should enlighten you fully on this company.

    I used to work with her at another company. I wish her well. I personally did not sm
    care for her or her theatrics but would not wish chemo on anyone. I hope she has a speedy and full recovery.
    do you personally work for this company?

    If so, and if it is SOOOOO bad, GET A NEW ONE

    W A K E    U P

    Personally, I'd just google the company.
    And then apply directly through their website. I wouldn't want my resume going through a middleman. But YMMV.
    Funny some of us were written letters by company attorney when we posted our concerns here
    maybe send a written notice requesting a money order or other recourse to the company??...nm
    There is no written test. Must have been a different company. I took their ortho test sm
    and it was easy. You had to know your terminology but it was easy to understand AND I used my foot pedal.
    They did the same to me. This company does not care about their MTs at all! nm
    never bothered me
    Would you care to share the name of the company?
    and any other specifics like line rate range?
    Care to share the name of the company?

    Is it a National?  How many MTs (educated guess is fine).  You can E-Mail me if you prefer.  I am just curious to find out how many companies have MT friendly QA staff.  Thanks. 

    Would anybody care to comment about this company
    Steady work, paychecks on time, benefits, etc.  Thanks much.
    MBS a company that doesn't care about their MTs
    This company doesn't care about their MTs and the owner or the president is very proud to post her picture in her company's website. Check the link and beware of this very deceptive company. I don't want to waste my time running after them, just want to caution all the MTs out there who are trying to earn a living, they might commit a mistake dealing with this company.
    Care to let us know the initials of this company?
    I took a job a couple of weeks ago, but deferred because they were not ready to start the account. Have recently decided to start again as they phase in the new account, but concerned that you are talking about the same place I have decided to go with. I don't want bad news, but would like a heads up. I am so excited about this job, and was disappointed a couple of weeks ago but don't want to be disappointed again. Thanks in advance for any hint. Good luck to you as well!
    Would you care to share the name of the company
    What a total rip-off.
    QA is great. I am not bothered
    much by ICQ.  I have had no problems with them.  I have been there since the summer and am very happy there so I guess they were different a few years ago. 
    I heard pay was low, so never bothered
    There is some information on WAHM.com message boards about them.

    Sorry I couldn't have been of more help!
    What jerks! I don't even care about this company anymore...sm
    I did but I don't now. They don't care about us. We should form together and start a new company and take their accounts! LOL!
    It's nice to actually CARE about doing good for the company again.

    If you bothered to read my post--
    there were other problems as well. There were problems in all of their depts, not just QA. Let's just say that communication is not one of OSi's strong points. The company's overall attitude played a big part in my decision to leave. I also stated that there are some people who work there that are wonderful and I have no clue why they have not left yet.

    I would like to know how you know what my attitude is? I am stating my experiences, you are the angry one. How would you "know" how I take my feedback, whether I blame people, etc, unless you are in the QA Dept? What's my opinion to you, anyway? What makes you such an "expert" of knowing people's attitudes over the years? So, what reason do you have for your panties in a twist? What's YOUR problem and why are you defending OSi so vigorously? You sure are taking this rather personally for someone who is not "involved".

    I am not the only person who has had problems with OSi. Apparently there are a lot more out there after reading some of the other posts. We can't ALL be wrong about this company. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if there is smoke, there is fire.
    If you bothered to read my post
    I agree with you dear
    WEll the bottom line is if you don't want to hear anything that is posted here, then don't read it. It's as simple as that. It appears some people are complaining and posting about people who are posting. I have to laugh at that. Bottom line also, people are not happy at OSi and talking to a supervisor there is like talking to a wall. People are upset because we have a QA Manager who doesn't know anything and is not qualified to do her job and Management does not care. I think their opinion is "oh well, so that one quit, we will just hire another one". Do not ever believe you cannot be repaced. Unfortunately, people looking for jobs and are turned off by OSI. If anyone ever asked me a question about OSI i would be perfectly honest and state my feelings and then refer them to this board. After all this is a "company forum" that's what it is here for. I personally am not one sugar-coat anything unless it's the truth. I have to agree that most of the posts here are right on target. And that's why I am soon to be out of here too.
    which just proves further that the other companies really have NOT tried and can't be bothered. n
    Depends on what bothered you 6 months ago...
    I have worked for the Q for almost 9 years. I must say everything cycles with them. Something that bothered you this time last year may have changed. They continually change the way they want things done, especially when the higher-ups change. I give it another year and they will be back almost to where they were with us 2 years ago, about the time they did away with the IC positions...that flexible part time thing is dangerously close to that.
    I'm more bothered by any poster who defends
    If you had bothered to read correctly- it said
    Some years ago working inhouse and my having seniority and supposedly had first choice at vacation, the time I chose was a time another person with less seniority needed for a trip overseas. She had put in for the time I wanted and I was told like it or lump it and I did not have a choice in that week. Being as I was making good money, I just sucked it up and stayed there. HOW DO YOU GET SHE TOLD SOMEONE ELSE TO SUCK IT UP????? SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF. READ CORRECTLY NEXT TIME.
    Can you give us the name of the company and if it's clinic or acute care? Thx. nm
    If your current company has an acute care account ask them
    if you could try it, at least do a few files a day to see how you do.   If you do H&Ps and DS they won't be as technical as Ops or consults.  You should already be familiar with lots of meds and probably a lot of the diagnoses and labs, so there wouldn't be lots of looking stuff on.   If the hospital is a teaching hospital forget all the above because then you will have lots more terminology than you have in clinic, lots of new labs/tests, etc.  
    Any OSI radiology MTs care to share your experience with this company?
    If the company handles acute care work,
    you can assume the hospitals demand coverage. That's how it's always been. The hospitals are open for business, so so are services.

    We aren't much different from nurses or other acute care healthcare workers. If you want guaranteed holidays off, you need to get your work from offices that close on holidays.

    I'll never figure out why people are so appalled that holidays have to be covered and we have to take our turns. The nicer places I've worked have split the coverage up so those covering would only have to work a half-day though. And there should be holiday bonus offered.
    In Reply to: Care to let us know the initials of this company? - ICMT
    it is out in georgia
    Sarcasm. I knew I should not have bothered to answer. nm
    Why have they bothered advertising or tried hiring people when they do not have enough
    manpower to get it going in an efficient manner. Truly, I hope Shiela is also not the one responsible for doing payroll. That may well be too much on one person. I have worked in offices where doctors were too cheap to hire extra help and just ran us into the ground with so much work until we quit from burn out. It just not the right way to run a business, having one person do everything. I do feel for Shiela but who would want to contact her now and burden her more. BTDT
    anon who is so bothered by misplaced post
    Maybe you need do to something about that anxiety disorder. So someone made a mistake. Don't let it ruin your day.
    It was a test for a company and I have no clue if you had to download drivers. I would not care to
    do that to take a test.
    I got the chapstick too. I honestly have no clue why they bothered sending anything.
    May not be lying.. *certain* companies never bothered to check their work.
    I bothered taking the test weeks ago and never heard. You would think...
    they could at least say either way, hey, you did not pass the test etc... but I never even got that.  I even took someone's advise and followed up by emailing HR and asking them if they could let me know either way but I took the time to do the testing as well as I had been also testing with others and needed to know whether to keep waiting on them or move on. Obviously, I moved on. I find it totally unprofessional to ask someone to take time enough to test and then they cannot even have the common courtesy to tell you that you stink or whatever. I could handle the truth, but to never heard anything, UNPROFESSIONAL. I do wish you great luck and maybe they just only contact those who pass and let the rest of us figure it out on our own.
    From someone who bothered sending a resume, I take it back. I'm shocked at the immaturity
    level that is going on. There is no way I would even think of accepting a job that would have a recruiter who acts as you have on here. I'm pretty sure you burned all of your bridges. I feel for the companies who hired you to represent them. How proud they must be..NOT.. Wow..
    WebMedX is a good company. Decent pay for high level acute care
    They have excellent account managers and a great QA dept. The platform is really quite easy with the improvements they have made, and they are constantly working to make it even better. Everything is geared to making the MT's job easier. I have been with WMX for over a year and I am quite pleased with them.
    Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
    Wow! That was well written!!!
    You're a valuable asset to your company!
    Serious. I said that it was well written and
    that I thought they were a valuable employee for their company. ????
    Again, could have written this also
    My first 2 pay periods were on great accounts, made the minimum line count with rave reviews from QA. Then, BAM, started running out of work and put on back up accounts. No more work on primary account and only the hard work on the back up accounts. Harder to get line counts and more job stress.

    I can't work for just one company anymore as this has happened to me more than once now. I think the better an MT you are, the more likely this is to happen to you.
    Wow, very well written.
    I, too, went through same thing. I took job #2. Have been making myself nuts, do I stay? do I go back? I have finally decided that I left #1 for good reasons. If #2 doesn't work out in the long run, I'll go elsewhere.
    OMG, I could have written that! nm
    Some of what has been written.....
    here is not pretty, nor should we be proud of it, BUT I think it does reflect alot of frustration and that frustration can be seen in what has been written. It is frustrating as h#@# to have a career that was respected, paid you a good wage and that people looked upon as something the average person could not do without specalized training. Then slowly before your eyes you watch it start to disappear and then all of the sudden WHAM, almost every group of MT's you talk to anywhere, their jobs are gone, or their wages/hours are not enough to live on. I think that is what is showing through the most in these posts is the absolute helplessness one feels to be able to do anything about it. It is like a tsunami, you are warned it is coming, and you try your best to prepare for it and when that wave hits, it destroys nearly everything that was in place and then it starts sucking everything back out to sea. I think alot of us feel like we are being sucked out to sea and we are trying desperately to grab onto something that will keep us from going under. Pretty NO, truthful PRETTY MUCH. Scary, YES. Make you mad, SURE AS H#$$ DOES.