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What jerks! I don't even care about this company anymore...sm

Posted By: are you kidding? on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: They will not give references! - maryk)mamacarolina

I did but I don't now. They don't care about us. We should form together and start a new company and take their accounts! LOL!

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TransTech DOES NOT CARE about their MT's anymore ! ! !

Absolutely no way for ALL MT's to get their same paycheck amounts.  Some of the *favs* of E gets their paycheck/lines. 

Don't listen to anyone who says their paychecks have not DECREASED over the past year or more!  They are not telling the truth!!!   Some of E's *favs* may get close, since they throw in the work into queues, rather than letting the work flow ! ! ! ! 

Why even ask the question.  TT has BADLY OVERHIRED to cover their butts and they don't care if ALL of us have work or not.  You can just wait until December when supposed account is coming onboard, that there will be the excuse of holiday time.  TT is not the same company as it was 2 and 3 years ago . . . downhill, downhill, downhill . . .

I dont' care to read the packet anymore.t
I was all a twitter when the letter first came, email, whatever,nervous that I was gonna lose my bennies, worked myself into a lather...now I don't give a ****. Let the chips fall, I'll survive it. I even forgot it was October, thanks for reminding me. 6 days until D day. Whatever..
Because these companies no longer care about their employees anymore. nm


I feel the same way...at this point, I don't care how my reports look anymore
TT doesn't care about their MT's anymore; just under Dictaphone's direction and OVERHIRE du

knowing that they were going to lose MT's due to the recent strong enforcement policy that every MT going to VR and low PAY.   They hired early to take care of the loss of MT's due to this policy.

Most of their accounts were acquired through Dictaphone and are Dictaphone controlled!!!!  TT has picked up an account or 2 on their own, but most work is handed down by Dictaphone.

Of course, there is always TT mgmt's excuse of it being a holiday, doctors on vacation, low census at hospitals due to patient's not getting admitted due to a new year with insurance new deductible, and of course, that always EXCUSE of new accounts coming onboard (and NOT), but we can't tell you about it !!!!!

They are actually trying to get rid of MT's who have tried VR and did not like it, so are continuing to get paid their normal, low line rate by doing straight transcription, like we get a FORTUNE at TT anyway for straight transcription.  But mgmt has to find a way to keep their paychecks GOING UP AND UP . . .

They are jerks as well,
especially the recruiter. They pull the bait-and-switch - they post ads about easy accounts yet claim they are all filled except for an all-ESL account. They are rude and if they want to leave you go they don't have the b***s to tell you, just leave you hanging. They keep the sorry MTs and let the good ones go when their work isn't 100% perfect after 2-3 days. Then they wonder why when they get a scathing email telling them like it is. I pity the MTs who work for this dishonest callous bunch. I positively hate them.
That's all it ever is to ANY company anymore.
Documed are Jerks
Documed office staffers are rude and are not helpful at all. with new MTs they expect 200% QA from the first day. Piss-poor training and communication too.
Not that company anymore, but yes they do offshore sm
They currently offshore to a company that starts with a D in India. They don't lie about it though, it says right on their website that facilities have the choice and it is the facilities not wanting to pay as much that drove the offshore movement. All of the QA is done domestically though - used to QA it and they did okay, but they still always have plenty of clients not allowing offshore so their is still job security with them. I'm on my own now, but I don't think anything has changed lately since I left last year.
Does any company allow M-F schedules anymore?
jerks or not, MTs are notorious for being perfectionists
of your MT abilities. It is the same whether you post on this board or other MT-related sites and perhaps much less worse than being eaten alive on other sites. Don't enter the MT field being naive about what others think of you at the onset of your postings.
You could almost put any company's name in there anymore. We are all treated like mindless idiot
i have asked for other transcritpionists email addresses to see if we could put our heads together like for example learning speech and helping each other. No deal, was just ignored. Lied to constantly just because we can't see the work. It is an insult. Wish I had never gotten into this profession. I was even excited when we could work at home thinking it was going to be more lucrative financially, and it should be but when transcription companies spend millions of dollars buying each other something is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I am beginning to think that you need a backup company most of the time anymore
because it seems most places just over hire and run you out of work.  I guess you are to be at their beck and call when there is work or no work.  Gets a little old and I am looking at working 2 places to cover this problem.  Gets old and tiresome being on call for someone to snap their fingers. Of course, you realize they have covered their buttinski.
They did the same to me. This company does not care about their MTs at all! nm
Would you care to share the name of the company?
and any other specifics like line rate range?
Care to share the name of the company?

Is it a National?  How many MTs (educated guess is fine).  You can E-Mail me if you prefer.  I am just curious to find out how many companies have MT friendly QA staff.  Thanks. 

Would anybody care to comment about this company
Steady work, paychecks on time, benefits, etc.  Thanks much.
MBS a company that doesn't care about their MTs
This company doesn't care about their MTs and the owner or the president is very proud to post her picture in her company's website. Check the link and beware of this very deceptive company. I don't want to waste my time running after them, just want to caution all the MTs out there who are trying to earn a living, they might commit a mistake dealing with this company.
Care to let us know the initials of this company?
I took a job a couple of weeks ago, but deferred because they were not ready to start the account. Have recently decided to start again as they phase in the new account, but concerned that you are talking about the same place I have decided to go with. I don't want bad news, but would like a heads up. I am so excited about this job, and was disappointed a couple of weeks ago but don't want to be disappointed again. Thanks in advance for any hint. Good luck to you as well!
Would you care to share the name of the company
What a total rip-off.
It's nice to actually CARE about doing good for the company again.

Can you give us the name of the company and if it's clinic or acute care? Thx. nm
If your current company has an acute care account ask them
if you could try it, at least do a few files a day to see how you do.   If you do H&Ps and DS they won't be as technical as Ops or consults.  You should already be familiar with lots of meds and probably a lot of the diagnoses and labs, so there wouldn't be lots of looking stuff on.   If the hospital is a teaching hospital forget all the above because then you will have lots more terminology than you have in clinic, lots of new labs/tests, etc.  
Any OSI radiology MTs care to share your experience with this company?
If you bothered the CEO of the company, who I personally know does not care what is written here, sm
than you are taking this all way too serious. The CEO (can't use names here anymore) used to come here but does not anymore except here and there to keep up on some industry changes(her words). She does not take this stuff serious and neither should you.

What you shoud be concerned about is the fact that you felt it necessary and OK to run to the CEO of a company on a weekend for insignificant things. If she is laughing, it is probably at you. If she is upset, it is probably because it has gotten out of hand, but I bet she has bigger things to deal with than a public board with anonymous posts. Gheesh. Both sides are out of hand.
If the company handles acute care work,
you can assume the hospitals demand coverage. That's how it's always been. The hospitals are open for business, so so are services.

We aren't much different from nurses or other acute care healthcare workers. If you want guaranteed holidays off, you need to get your work from offices that close on holidays.

I'll never figure out why people are so appalled that holidays have to be covered and we have to take our turns. The nicer places I've worked have split the coverage up so those covering would only have to work a half-day though. And there should be holiday bonus offered.
In Reply to: Care to let us know the initials of this company? - ICMT
it is out in georgia
It was a test for a company and I have no clue if you had to download drivers. I would not care to
do that to take a test.
WebMedX is a good company. Decent pay for high level acute care
They have excellent account managers and a great QA dept. The platform is really quite easy with the improvements they have made, and they are constantly working to make it even better. Everything is geared to making the MT's job easier. I have been with WMX for over a year and I am quite pleased with them.
Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
Of course they care. They care you make just a tad bit
this way they don't have to shell out the sign ons, the full-time benefits. Oh, they keep watch on how you are doing and their budget. THey will use you til you drop and try to tell you that it is your lack of skills or speed keeping you from the full time pay which a person can't even pay bills with to begin with. Imagine that.. Use your skills, work hard, try your best, do well on QA, but make short of full time so no benefits, no extras, and no paying bills. This adds up to you broke, them rich, and a no-win situation... for the MT that is...
Not too much anymore
Generally they don't want you working for another company in the same geographical area, but don't say too much about having other jobs. They know it's hard to make a decent living with one. I work for one national as an MT and for a smaller company as an Editor and either cares, they just care if you slack on one to work for the other.
That was last mo. Before that I used to do okay, but that isn't possible at MQ anymore. nm


Yup, most definitely. Can hardly get 200 lph anymore.
Rae are you out there anymore?
Do you have to use their CPU or don't they do this anymore? Thx. nm
I don't think she is there anymore.
RUN....they don't do DD anymore
They don't anymore.
Not there anymore but the same
experience because if you ask a question you get many different answers and you never know what one is right.  I hated the platform and QA was the rudest QA I've ever encountered in my 7 years of doing transcription.
Not anymore. Martha is gone. NM
Don't work there anymore,
so I can't check. Just wondering if it someone who deserved it or someone who was backstabbed.
I don't work for them anymore because (sm)
my phone started ringing off the hook for new local accounts, so I had to leave them, but if that hadn't happened, I would have stayed.  Very nice, very easy to deal with, always pay on time every week, great accounts.
They don't want to pay benefits anymore.

These are all trip ups for you to lose your benefits.  Power outages, emergencies, nothing matters when it comes to adding up to 40 hours, without which, you become a part timer without benefits - only production and PTO time is accountable towards those 40 hours - and about that so called wonderful PTO time most of us just starting accumulating 11 months ago:

In the 2080 hours which make up a "production" work year, you are now expected to produce 2000 of them with no exception other than the 80 PTO hours.  In  those 80 hours you must fit vacation, sick time for you and kids, holidays, personal time of whatever kind (keeping in mind most of us are the glue of our families;i.e. the mother).  It was better when they didn't give any PTO and you had reasonable, practical, human beings in a office to confer with about when you needed time off - and by the way - if you worked in a 9-5 job, your production time would be 6-1/2 hours a day, not 8. 

This, being done to educated professional people who are NOT easily replaced?  I think not .  It's not worth it.  There are still plenty of doctors out there who are willing to work one-on-one with an intelligent person rather than to be slickered by some smooth talking corporate job hunter. So, it's good bye to being a company employee for me.

Same here. It's very difficult to get anymore than 200 lph
Am considering quitting also. Have averaged 300-400 lph at any other place I've worked. I also agree with you about the emailing bit. After every update about how much work is on the system, it's ALWAYS followed by an email from the owner about a minute later telling you to either stretch more or threatening you with their PRN Program or that you'll lose the work to offshoring, etc., etc...

Have nothing against anyone there, but I very rarely ever break 200 lph working on their hospital accounts. Bayscribe definitely gives low line counts.
After 12 years of doing this, I don't need them anymore. I think that KS was being
hard on me because I have had to take a lot of time off, often at the last minute. They just don't care that I am depressed and have a lot going on.

That's the problem with these big companies. We are just a number. When they were smaller, they would cover for a person in my situation and care, but now they just criticize work and get picky picky picky about it. They forget the times that I pitched in on my days off and just focus on the last few months. THAT is why I am mad and frustrated. They treat everyone like a number. I think this industry is in trouble because of the big companies.
I guess we won't see their ads anymore.
Hardworking MTs, if u can't take it anymore

This career has careened into the toilet.  If you are a good MT and can type fast and have good grammar, there is always a job for you as a legal secretary.  This is NO JOKE.  They will hire you without legal experience.  They do pay very well.  Your job will never be replaced by an Indian or other offshore person.  The medical benefits are not always great but sometimes they are.  Just know that you do have another career waiting.  I am not saying lawyers are sweet to work for, but they do pay, they do give generous bonuses at CHRISTMAS, they let you say Christmas even if they are Jewish.  They will become very dependent on you, as lawyers can't tie their own shoes.  Think about it!


Sad as it is, nothing is sacred anymore.
Who doesn't anymore?

Fact of life.  More Editor positions now available, less typing, hourly salaries.

I never hear about QT anymore. Are they still here?