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In info on KMM Transcription Missouri

Posted By: Need info on 2007-10-15
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Anybody working for Kelly Co. Transcription out of Missouri??
She had an ad on Job Seeker's board for a cardiology MT....
SW Missouri
Not sure how close you are to SGF, but I'm pretty sure that one of the two big hospitals there sends their transcriptionists home. Bennies are good (I think they start on your hire date), pay is good too. It's the hospital that is centrally located if you're familiar with the city.
Ameriscript in Missouri?
Anyone ever work with or know of? Any info appreciated. This is a Missouri company.
Eeegads, I mean, Missouri

Northwest Missouri
Ameriscript in Missouri

Would appreciate any info anyone has on this company, IC, pay on time, etc.


Thank you in advance

Does anyone know anything about Transform in Missouri? sm
Anyone work or have worked for Transform in Missouri? Where exactly in Missouri are the located?  Are they decent to work for?  Decent pay?  Thanks in advance
I am in SW Missouri; but doesn't necesarily (sm)
have to be a hospital in my area. Actually anywhere in the US as long as they hire remotely. I have been told that some hospitals only hire within the State they are located in but I don't think this applies to all. Thanks
I saw an add for Transform, INC in Missouri, I thought SM
they were in Wyoming. Anyone know if this is the same company? Thanks.
Transform located in Missouri ???
Anyone familiar with this company?  Need to know pros and cons, etc., including what their cpl rate would be for someone with 10-1/2 years experience.  Thank you.
Transform located in Missouri ??

Would someone who is familiar with Transform located in Missouri please answer my questions:

What platform do they use?

What is beginning cpl rate for experienced MT (10+ years)?  Do they pay for spaces based on 65-character line?

Thank you for any information you provide.

Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Small town Missouri girl very happy at Transcend

I’ve been sitting here in my little corner of Missouri wondering if I could diplomatically address any of your concerns.  At first I was compelled to simply set the record straight and now I’m just compelled to show my support not only for my country…but also my company!  That’s right…bold statement, huh?!  No, I’m not a SUIT, (and BTW neither is Stephanie Campbell) but a humble MLS who was promoted to a TL (Team Leader) and now again to a QAS within MY company.  You see, Transcend loves their MLS and treats them with the respect and the recognition they deserve.  If you want to excel in this industry, Transcend is the only company you should be looking at.  Oh, and by the way, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta and meet some of the SUITS of the company and they’re just like me…patriotic, family-loving, hard-working everyday human beings.  AND they care about my opinion; what works for my region and why other things don’t!


I worked for a large hospital facility in Nebraska before coming to Transcend and loved it dearly, but honestly technology-wise I didn’t realize how far behind they were.  Since being with Transcend I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how they continually upgrade, enhance and automate processes for their MLS; always trying to make things easier and time efficient for their employees.  Who wouldn’t want to be on the leading edge of technology in our industry?


As for sending work overseas…. Transcend does in fact outsource on occasion a very small percentage of it’s volume, but only when there are gaps in turnaround time coverage and ONLY when the customer approves it.  If there are American MLS willing and able to take some of that work from overseas workers, we are more than happy to provide it to them.  That’s why we need your help to keep this company going strong as an AMERICAN company.  Every single day I’m thankful for my job with Transcend and have grown to love the tight-knit family I work with.  Each day we talk and keep each other inspired!  We cover for each other in time of crisis and give each other a pep talk when we need it.  I can confidently say that my life has changed for the better since I came on board.  I really do love it.  Transcend is where it’s at if you want to work at home.


Me in my little corner of Missouri will get off my soap box and let you ponder this:  Perhaps if a small town girl from Missouri can make a CAREER with Transcend maybe you can too?!  The possibilities with Transcend are out there, attainable….you just have to reach for it!

Need info on MRC transcription
I just got an offer from a company called MRC.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  I need some feed back.  I am currently working with Spheris, but unhappy with my current schedule which conflicts with my school schedule.  I have put for different radiology accounts, but never received any feedback on from them. 
A to Z Transcription info
Does anyone have any information on A to Z Transcription, good or bad, thinking about applying.  Thanks.
Info on Cy-Med and p.r.n. Transcription
Would appreciate any new info on these two companies, they both are advertising for an oncology account.  Would like to know about their platforms, their staff, pay on time, starting rates.  TIA.
Looking for info on ABC Transcription.....sm
They have an ad on the job board for a part-time ortho editor. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Any info on RX: Transcription, LLC??
Any info on C&E transcription?

NU transcription? Any info? nm
Any info on NU Transcription?...sm
I didn't find anything on a search on this board or even some others... their website looks good, but just wondering if anybody has heard anything, good, bad, pay rate, bennies, etc.  TIA 
Any new info on prn transcription?
Looking for info on Transcription MD out of FL
Any info on ABC Transcription?
I did a search but didn't find much regarding them.  Thanks
Any info on MRC transcription?

 I have looked in archives, but can find nothing - anyone work for them now or in the past?  Have a job offer from them, but I reallly know nothing about them - whether they offshore work or if they are a good company to work for.. any information please....!!!  TIA

Anyone have info on DIT Transcription?
Thank you!
Info on AMT Transcription?
Anyone have any information on AMT out of Georgia?  I have searched and cannot find any.  Thanks!
Looking for info on SM Transcription, LLC
Any info on US Transcription, Inc?

Can anyone give me any information on the MT company US Transcription, Inc?


Thanks in advance.

Company info on OSI Transcription

Has anyone ever worked for OSI Transcription?  If so, are they decent?  I just did the online transcription test and am awaiting their answer. I would hate to give up my local jobs for this one and find out they are not a decent company.



Company info on OSI Transcription
I've only been with them a few weeks, but so far, its been okay. Have had some minor issues regarding equipment and work, but these were resolved to my satisfaction by my manager. First pay was on time without any problems. If things continue as they are, I will probably be with them for a long while.
TC Transcription. Any info appreciated...


CortMedical Transcription, anyone have any info

Has anyone worked for or does work for CortMedical Transription.  Does anyone know anything about them and how they are to work for?  Please let me know. Thanks

Any info on Moretti Transcription?
Transcription Solutions Info

Has anyone ever worked for this company before?  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Info on Moretti Transcription? Such as
Pay, platform, accounts?  TIA
Any info on Landmark Transcription?
Any info on S&W Transcription out of Nevada.....nm
Any info on ASAP Transcription in TN?
Any info on Regal Transcription?

Any info on Chronical Transcription? sm

Bennies, employee status line requirements?  TIA

Any new info on Cobb Transcription? sm

They are hiring IC's for VR editing and also for transcription.  I am thinking of giving my hands a rest and doing editing.

Info is appreciated!

Any info on Davis Transcription....
I looked through the archives and only found messages from about a year ago and wanted some new info. I want to know good and bad and mainly if you can make any money with them and if they pay on time. Thanks.
Any info on X-press Transcription ? Anyone? TIA - nm


Any info on Advance Transcription, NJ???
Anybody know what they're like to work for?
Does anyone have info on Northeast Transcription Inc? TIA
Any info on MedLinks transcription
Any info on Precyse Transcription? nm

Any info on DW Medical Transcription

Any information on this company would be helpful, I'm considering a job offer from them.  Thanks

Any info on Greenlight Transcription in OR? nm
Any info on PRN Transcription out of Ohio? nm