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Any info on ASAP Transcription in TN?

Posted By: (nm) on 2005-11-12
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Need info asap if available on RX: Transcription, LLC
General info needed, such as their general pay rates, flexibility in schedules, direct deposit, pay on time, and anything else that may be helpful.
ASAP Medical Transcription

Anyone hear anything about this company - good or bad?


need help ASAP! anybody sm

ever heard of CTS (Central Transcription Service), I think they are in Trenton Michigan.  They have an ad on the Job Seekers Board that I answered.  They sent me a link to type a couple of files but when I try to download them I get unknown windows media error.  I don't know what is going on.  Anybody ever heard of this company?  They don't have an address on the site where I am trying to download the work at or anything.

They have a T-Sat ad for someone with five years doing OPs.  If this is legitimate I would like to try this but can't get the files to play.  Also when I try to download them, the information (writing) next to them is in all garbled letters so I am wondering if there is a problem on there end anyway.  I sent an e-mail but didn't get a response back yet.  I would like to take this test.



Leaving ASAP
Not because of pay...ESLs are getting worse and I rarely make my line counts anymore without working 12+ hours a day.  Getting ridiculous.
I need a PT job ASAP employee or IC
ASAP in Tennessee
Anybody worked relatively recently for these people?  Any info on company, how they pay, etc?
Save yourself and get out of there ASAP.
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Maybe they have new accounts and they wanted MTs ASAP?
And I will be ending my membership ASAP.
I currently work for MQ and I am doing everything in my power to get away from them ASAP. sm

I have feelers out to about 5 companies right now and will be sending out another batch of resumes this week also.

Working in the cesspool has taken its toll. I am fortunate in that I do not need health/dental insurance. One of the things that has kept me at MQ was the 18 days of PTO that I earn (yes earn) a year. Unfortunately, I wind up using a lot of that to make up for being out of work, etc, so it winds up not being truly *my time off*.

I just wonder if it is best to look for an IC position and just take time off without pay or try to find a company that has a good PTO plan.

Are there any companies out there that have a good PTO plan (definitely more than 5 days off a year) and how do they calculate PTO pay?

Thanks in advance.

I would call her ASAP rather than sit without work. nm
How soon do we apply for unemployment? ASAP or after our layoff date of 7/7? nm
ASAP Medical Trans - Same as Alliance/Documed in Tennessee
Don't be fooled.  NOT a good payor.  Pay consistently late, late, late.  I believe she is trying to change the name since the word has been put out about Alliance and Documed.  This has been going on for some time and should be stopped.
Need info on MRC transcription
I just got an offer from a company called MRC.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  I need some feed back.  I am currently working with Spheris, but unhappy with my current schedule which conflicts with my school schedule.  I have put for different radiology accounts, but never received any feedback on from them. 
A to Z Transcription info
Does anyone have any information on A to Z Transcription, good or bad, thinking about applying.  Thanks.
Info on Cy-Med and p.r.n. Transcription
Would appreciate any new info on these two companies, they both are advertising for an oncology account.  Would like to know about their platforms, their staff, pay on time, starting rates.  TIA.
Looking for info on ABC Transcription.....sm
They have an ad on the job board for a part-time ortho editor. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Any info on RX: Transcription, LLC??
Any info on C&E transcription?

NU transcription? Any info? nm
Any info on NU Transcription?...sm
I didn't find anything on a search on this board or even some others... their website looks good, but just wondering if anybody has heard anything, good, bad, pay rate, bennies, etc.  TIA 
Any new info on prn transcription?
Looking for info on Transcription MD out of FL
Any info on ABC Transcription?
I did a search but didn't find much regarding them.  Thanks
Any info on MRC transcription?

 I have looked in archives, but can find nothing - anyone work for them now or in the past?  Have a job offer from them, but I reallly know nothing about them - whether they offshore work or if they are a good company to work for.. any information please....!!!  TIA

Anyone have info on DIT Transcription?
Thank you!
Info on AMT Transcription?
Anyone have any information on AMT out of Georgia?  I have searched and cannot find any.  Thanks!
Looking for info on SM Transcription, LLC
Any info on US Transcription, Inc?

Can anyone give me any information on the MT company US Transcription, Inc?


Thanks in advance.

Company info on OSI Transcription

Has anyone ever worked for OSI Transcription?  If so, are they decent?  I just did the online transcription test and am awaiting their answer. I would hate to give up my local jobs for this one and find out they are not a decent company.



Company info on OSI Transcription
I've only been with them a few weeks, but so far, its been okay. Have had some minor issues regarding equipment and work, but these were resolved to my satisfaction by my manager. First pay was on time without any problems. If things continue as they are, I will probably be with them for a long while.
TC Transcription. Any info appreciated...


CortMedical Transcription, anyone have any info

Has anyone worked for or does work for CortMedical Transription.  Does anyone know anything about them and how they are to work for?  Please let me know. Thanks

Any info on Moretti Transcription?
Transcription Solutions Info

Has anyone ever worked for this company before?  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Info on Moretti Transcription? Such as
Pay, platform, accounts?  TIA
Any info on Landmark Transcription?
Any info on S&W Transcription out of Nevada.....nm
Any info on Regal Transcription?

Any info on Chronical Transcription? sm

Bennies, employee status line requirements?  TIA

Any new info on Cobb Transcription? sm

They are hiring IC's for VR editing and also for transcription.  I am thinking of giving my hands a rest and doing editing.

Info is appreciated!

Any info on Davis Transcription....
I looked through the archives and only found messages from about a year ago and wanted some new info. I want to know good and bad and mainly if you can make any money with them and if they pay on time. Thanks.
Any info on X-press Transcription ? Anyone? TIA - nm


Any info on Advance Transcription, NJ???
Anybody know what they're like to work for?
Does anyone have info on Northeast Transcription Inc? TIA
Any info on MedLinks transcription
Any info on Precyse Transcription? nm

Any info on DW Medical Transcription

Any information on this company would be helpful, I'm considering a job offer from them.  Thanks

Any info on Greenlight Transcription in OR? nm
Any info on PRN Transcription out of Ohio? nm