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Incentives? Anyone who works there getting them?

Posted By: Confused? on 2009-04-28
In Reply to: I see that CardioScribes is now advertising as a "Kentucky-based" company. sm - News to me

I just read the ad and saw that they offer production-based incentives? I've worked there for a little while, and I have yet to hear anything about this. Does anyone get them? If so, what are they?

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Bummed!!! Apparently the MDI-FL side doesnt get incentives. It seems like the benefits/incentives
would apply to everyone. Oh well, wouldnt be the first time.
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
What about incentives? Are there any at all? nm
How is pay at KS? Incentives? nm
Incentives - who has them?
I've read a couple of posts where MTs mention incentives, goals, bonuses and I'm interested in finding out which companies actually reward or motivate MTs to do more than just the minimum required, aside from just getting more lines. Thanks!
TT incentives
Does anybody know how TTs incentive tiers work? I know that if you type 13,000 lines, you get 0.25 cents more for the entire 13,000, and if you do 20,000 lines, you get a penny more, but what are the in between amounts?
I have seen accounts that run incentives based on minutes of dictation, but they also do it on number of reports done or lines typed. Just depends on the account I guess.

Don't be afraid to ask for a backup account, by the way. Some accounts have lots of work.
AND if you maintain under 10% QA another 0.25 cpl back to the first line!!!!  They also have a great benefits package.
Pay better than most, no incentives, but
lots of OT available, 6 pd vacation days, a week PTO, get paid for down time, though there hasn't been any of that lately thankfully.   They provide all equip/software.  $500 sign-on bonus, $500 every year on anniversary.  QA fairly strict, minimum score 98.5. 
10cpl plus incentives
I have 13 yrs exp and with MQ I am getting 10cpl plus incentives but before my office closed, raises were given out all the time, all you had to do was asked. We were never given a yearly review, I learned that by calling every year, that was the way that I got a raise.-HMMM-maybe that is why my office was one of the ones to close
Just found out after much prodding and after seeing a recruitment ad for Focus that they have put an incentive plan in effect for some employees and not others. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.   
Focus incentives
Well, a while back I saw an ad from Focus trying to hire new MTs. It stated there were incentives being offered. I have worked for Focus for 9 months, no incentives, work weekends, eves, and holidays, too. Emailed office and asked. Was told they were discussing this. Kept prodding and emailing and find out tonight via email the MTs working on Netcare only will get incentives. Not sure what they will be or even have been.
MQ incentives/bonus SM

I was told the following:

$1,000 bonus after three months....have to meet standards (full time, 12,000 lines per pay).

$1,000 after three more months, same as above

Lines are 65 characters including spaces

14-18,000 lines in two weeks = .5 cpl bonus

18,001 -20,000 lines in two weeks = 1 cpl bonus

23,000+ lines in two weeks = 1.5 cpl bonus

Also...after 15,000 lines I get .5 cpl retroactively added to my original line count pay of 8 cpl.

Also...$50 bonus for anything over 20,000 lines

Let's hope this is all true...I'm not quitting my other job yet for them due to all of the bad press, I'll work two, the money will be nice for X-mas.

Spheris incentives?

Does anyone know if Spheris offers any incentives/bonuses?  Do they pay for spaces, headers and footers?  What is their base line rate range?


MDI incentives/holidays
Unfortunately there is no holiday pay/weekend pay. There are sometimes incentives offered when accounts get behind.
Incentives Which Companies Offer Them?
and which companies used to offer them but are changing their policy now?
Not even with incentives are you making .12 a line
It is impossible to make .16 a line at Transcend. Typing more than the max incentive of 23,000 lines per pay period will only add 1.5 cents per line.
Maybe since work is low they should offer some incentives..sm

Maybe offer more on their line rate.  Maybe that would keep people around since nobody can get their line counts in.  I am barely making it.  My house payment is 2 behind, my bills are behind....Just because I am TRYING to have faith in them and hope things will turn around.  I like the company and 95% of the people, but it is really getting hard - too hard to live with these little paydays.  I just hope something turns around fast.  Maybe the ones that really don't have faith in them will leave and there will be more work for the ones that have the faith. 

I am getting frustrated but I am hanging in there....

spheris incentives and bonuses.....
When I worked there, they did not offer actual monetary bonuses or incentives. I did get a drop in pay from $12.50 an hour to $10.50 an hour and never understood that one, especially being a four-star quality employee. BUT...when I worked there, they did, especially around Christmas and New Year's, offer such things as Home Depot cards, etc. It was almost like having your name drawn out of a hat or playing the lottery. If you were online when they were ready to pick a winner, you just might win that card. I won many, many times..very easy (and fun). They used to pay for spaces, but I don't remember them paying for headers and footers. Base pay was not that great and never a raise. I got the raise when they were Edix, but they dropped me back when it became Spheris. Hope that helps.
Is it legal if there are production incentives?
They will go a bit higher than that for second or third shift. That, along with the incentives,
makes it a pretty darn competitive line rate when you also take into account the rich benefits package. JMHO.
Answer about TransTech incentives
No if you are scheduled work on Saturday or Sunday you get extra added to your line rate all the way back to line 1. Same goes if you are scheduled to work evening or night shift.
More money/production incentives only.
They are extremely flexible with my schedule and everyone is very nice. They were also very understanding when we had personal issues this summer. I also think their insurance is pretty reasonable.

I pass along pay I'm offered when it is higher to encourage them to pay more.
$30/hr probably hard to achieve despite incentives. NM
how does line incentives work?

If your company says they will pay .01 over 2000 lines daily, does that mean if you type 2100 lines you get the extra .01 for ALL lines or just the 100 you went over?  

4.5 with shift & weekend incentives
while everyone else is struggling - or are only a select few getting offered bonuses? Rest of us are asked to Pleeze help before the account goes out of TAT. Lot of MTs out on PTO. Some of us would like to get in on that PTO (lots are ineligible) as well as the bonuses.
Not true. Bonuses and incentives do exist
and are paid out on time as earned. Have never had any mess-up on my per check incentives nor my quarterly bonuses.
Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production??
I have an offer to go shift lead at $15 an hour or another company is offering me 0.9 a line with production incentives on a fairly easy clinical specialty account with what looks like a lot of normals.  Would most of you go for the certain money or take the production in hopes that you can work up speed and eventually make more?  Not sure what to do here.  Thanks
4 cpl editing/8 cpl transcribing + incentives (New Plan). nm
Seemed really low to me, on the incentives. Maybe 1 cent per line for a lot of lines.
Does Keystrokes offer production incentives or...sm

maybe cost of living raises or performance raises or ANYTHING like that, so a person knows there is a chance for income advancement over time?  TIA!

"receive all of my bonuses and incentives, which are plenty by the way"
Thank you.
Line requirements, production incentives

Does Keystrokes offer holiday pay/incentives?

I'm an in-house hospital/Radiology MT who is considering working at home full time; just exploring my options. 


and good tech support and incentives
Spheris line rates & incentives
Some employees at Spheris are now being told that production and QA incentives will be eliminated. The line rate is variable, but in general, the very least you will accept. This used to be a wonderful company. Very little concern now for either employees, quality of work, or serving best interests of clients. Many are leaving.
Can you elaborate or is that top secret too. Do people really get incentives and bonuses there??

Close to 9 cents not including multiple incentives
Webmedx has BCBS and some accts pay that rate, more with incentives. sm
Plus we have shift differentials too.
The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
What incentives? What skewed raise policy? Give details!
Most every company gives sign-on bonus (is this the incentive that you speak of?) depending on need. It's the nature of the business. However, there haven't been any for quite a while at Transcend that I know of.

Shorter time for raises? How so? Show me the raise tier structure for long-time employees versus newbies, and how it differs. The raise tier is posted on the MLS website for all to see, and I certainly don't see anything that could be construed as shorter time for raises for newbies. If you have inside information, please ante up.

What enticements, specifically? All I can recall in the past is that people who had left recently were told they could come back and retain PTO seniority, or something along those lines. I don't see enticements being posted on job boards. If you do, please ante up.

Again, you won't give specifics, despite repeated requests. Vague comparisons aren't facts.

I will agree with you on one thing. Every company should value their dedictated, loyal employees. Your loyalty and knowledge is rewarded by the fact that you get a paycheck that is probably higher than a newbies because you aren't struggling to learn a new account rules, new doctors, and a new system. There's your personal reward. Experience.

This is a very competitive field and when employees are needed there has to be room for negotiation. MTSOs are not hiring on Wal-Mart standards.
I think they start you in the 8-9 cpl range and with shift diffs and production incentives
you can make another 1.5 cpl or so. I work second shift and my base is .09 plus I always earn at least another half cent on production bonuses and a quarter cent for the shift diff.
Much more flexible than MQ. 12-hr window to do your work. Rate is lower, but they do have incentives
Haven's started yet, but E-mail me if you'd like and I'll tell you what I can. The Q was just unbearable to me.
Probably someone who works on...sm
a variety of (or all) accounts and interchanges regularly to help with backlog.  I previously worked for a company and they called it something else but basically the job description was someone who could work on any account at any given time and worked on accounts as needed (no specific primary/secondary, etc.).  The place were I worked paid these MTs a higher rate.
yep, works well. nm
Here is how it works
Review resumes as they come in. Separate into two piles. Immediately respond to all unqualified MTs with a simple email. Even if it is 100, it will take about an hour - no need to respond to follow ups to those, if any. Next, reply to qualified MTs with a simple email telling them resume was received and the next step and to email you when that step is completed. This may take a couple of days, tops! Everybody deserves a response, even those not qualified. It is called professional courtesy. Please. All recruiters do is recruit. It's not that difficult!
I know someone who works for them
From what I understand she is very happy there. If you have the experience, you probably can ask for 9 or 10 per line. They will negotiate with you. They are a growing company, management is nice and helpful, but a little slow getting everything off the ground, it took a bit of patience on her part to actually be up and working. They do outsource but never has run out of work.
What works for me is this:
1. I tell people who know I work from home that I am not to be disturbed unless someone dies or the house catches on fire, NO exceptions, NONE.
2. I screen every call and NEVER answer the phone until I am finished for the day. I also pick up any messages at that time. If the school needs to call you, can they call on another line? If you answer the phone every time it rings or even listen to the messages you will never get any typing done, trust me. :-) I have found VERY few phone calls are true emergencies.
3. Explain as best you can that you are paid on production and when your fanny is not in your chair you are making nothing at all, so you can you borrow some money when your bills come due?

The bottom line is that if you do not treat this as a *real* job then no one will respect your wishes. If you had a job outside of the home and were on the phone all day long or had people dropping by to visit all day I sure bet you would be fired! It really is tough to put your foot down, but you can do it!!!
Who works for TTS currently?

I have been offered a VR editing job with TTS and would like to here from people who currently work for them.  Yes, I did see the postings further down on the board about TTS and that is why I want to hear from current TTS VR editors. 

What I want to know is how many lines do you get a day and many of those lines are actually VR lines and not typing lines?    Also, how many lines do TTS require their MTs to have a day?  Do you use a 9-pin foot pedal with the sticker on the bottom that reads IN-DB9?  Do you have dial up internet connections?   Lastly, do you feel that you are making more money with VR editing and saving your hands/wrists/arms too?