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Not true. Bonuses and incentives do exist

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: They are NOT what they represent - Just be careful

and are paid out on time as earned. Have never had any mess-up on my per check incentives nor my quarterly bonuses.

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spheris incentives and bonuses.....
When I worked there, they did not offer actual monetary bonuses or incentives. I did get a drop in pay from $12.50 an hour to $10.50 an hour and never understood that one, especially being a four-star quality employee. BUT...when I worked there, they did, especially around Christmas and New Year's, offer such things as Home Depot cards, etc. It was almost like having your name drawn out of a hat or playing the lottery. If you were online when they were ready to pick a winner, you just might win that card. I won many, many times..very easy (and fun). They used to pay for spaces, but I don't remember them paying for headers and footers. Base pay was not that great and never a raise. I got the raise when they were Edix, but they dropped me back when it became Spheris. Hope that helps.
"receive all of my bonuses and incentives, which are plenty by the way"
Thank you.
Can you elaborate or is that top secret too. Do people really get incentives and bonuses there??

YIKES... I guess I knew it sounded to good to be true. I wonder if anyone ever gets sign-on bonuses
at any company. Maybe we should take a survey on who actually gets a sign-on bonus. How depressing is that. Now I'm bummed.
Bummed!!! Apparently the MDI-FL side doesnt get incentives. It seems like the benefits/incentives
would apply to everyone. Oh well, wouldnt be the first time.
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
Does it exist
I am wondering if there is really a company out there that will train or test if someoe has not had any MT classes.  I learned how to be an mt long before classes were ever required to do the job.  I have experience transcribing and with medical terminology.  Have done live transcribing for some doctors offices.  If there isn't anything like this does anyone know how to get a job doing standard transcription?? Please help, need a job working at home.  The sooner the better.  I am tired of scams, I don't have the time to waste.
They do exist ;-)
I just wanted to reply to this and let you know that I am currently working for MRC and totally enjoying it. I think there was an MRC that was bought by Medquist a few years ago, but there is a Medical Records Corporation of Maryland. Hope this helps!!!
Does this exist
Does anyone offer a full-time employee status position with a 24-hour TAT rather than an assigned shift?  Thanks in advance for your help.   
So, IC does not really exist?
When they employ you with benefits, they think that you are owned by them. And so I thought IC meant working for yourself. That they could not demand hours, that you were a vendor. They could have a turn around time, and quality control. They don't pay benefits, taxes, SS. What's the deal? If these IC companies treat MTs and experienced MTs like this they will soon find none of us working for them. This is crazy. I wish you all luck, because I never realized there were so many controlling companies out there. Why a good manager does not control, but trusts and then the labor will do well in return. Intelligent MTs same thing! What do they think MTs are... brainless? Why our skill is worth money and is rare, good luck to them finding good people after a while...
They exist (sm)
There are companies out there who understand the true meaning of Independent Contractor.  I currently am an IC.  I have 24-36 hour TAT depending on how busy we are.  When I accepted this position, I chose which days I would work each week and I commit to a certain number of minutes daily.  If extra work is available, I choose whether or not I will accept any extra work.  When I want to take time off, I notify the owner of the company in advance since I have commited to complete a certain amount of work; obviously, if I am not there that work will not be completed.  I have worked with other companies who treat their ICs as employees, so those types do exist as well.  I know basically from a telephone interview whether or not a position will be a true IC position or whether I will be treated as an employee.
They do exist sm
I have had 2 offers this very week for straight OPs. One is a C-phone thing and the other platform. One is high pressuring me to take the job, the other offered me 9.5 cpl. THEY DO exist.

The problem is that so many of these gals out there think they are OP note specialists and they are not. The crapola they turn out is incredible (I see in old work, in samples, in my editing capacity because I edit OPs). I think it takes away from those of us who can do it properly. Some companies have gotten to where they won't hire a diva because the standard Basic 4 MTs are better at it. This puts you at a disadvantage, guilt by association.

Keep looking and applying for every job that says OPs in the title and you are bound to come up with something. I share your pain.
11 cpl--Nationals exist!!
Check with MDI in Gaithersburg, MD. If you are absolutely top-notch, they will pay you 11 cpl and you work 2 weekend days per month. You have until 11 PM to complete your lines (at least 1000 for full time and that may have changed) each day, after that, it is a "new day." You certainly can work from 11:01 to 7:00 AM but you don't have to. They are lovely people to work for. Pay is always on time--direct deposit. You would be a statutory employee.
You are right, but do all these things exist
I agree with you but I also agree with the poster above. I believe that person was trying to say at least this company gives a person a chance to make up for something they do not pay for. Most companies that I have worked for including hospitals do not pay for headers and footers where the demographics are mostly already filled in for them by ExText. Unfortunately that is the way the hospital pays and the CFO of the hospital is already outsourcing, so chances are these services are bidding against each other and the MT is last in line on the food chain.
I have not been with TT, but I have worked for 2 years with a reputable company where they are very nice but I saw my line count decrease amazingly. I a transcription who always made at least 1800 lines a day for years was struggling to get 900 a day. Come to find out this place had not been paying me for spaces for almost 2 years and I did not even know it. Also, I believe they have not paid me for Expanders and expanded phrases I created. It was nice to know I was not losing my skill, but awful to have been felt so ripped off by these nice people. I am looking too for a position with everything. And I would be upset not to be paid for headers and footers. The poster above however mentions tiered incentive, quality bonus (which I have never heard of anywhere) and a company which pays for expanders. I guess it sounds good to me. So, have I been conditioned to expect the worst? Maybe. But perhaps you are conditioned to be unhappy in a place you are paid for everything but headers and footers. At least they were not like where I have been ripped off for not even being paid spaces, and all my macros. Good luck to both of you! I hope you find where you are happiest :)
Says does not exist on that site. NM
Because the shortage does not exist. nm
Does such a thing exist?
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a sort of temp agency for on-line work, where you get paid immediately for a day's work? I've had some personal 'drama' in my life and find myself in need of quick cash and payday at my FT job is not for another week. I've looked around the house, but so far the offers are not rolling in for my ScoobyDoo Happy Meal Collection, my half-burned candles, or my Yani cassettes.
Can someone list all the MT companies that exist?
I've tried to find a complete listing of every MT company that exists, but no luck. Can anyone here provide me with that or at least tell me where to get it? Thanks
If such a place does exist....I hope someone will

just post a name....I've left my e-mail before with a couple of valid questions and can't get an answer that way either so not sure what to do...Also, as in post above I'm wrestling with employee versus IC.  I always been an employee but it truly does seem all the good jobs are as an IC..

New COO at WMX. Job created just for him, didn't exist before sm
Lots of new hiring at WMX.  Me thinks JC is probably behind this, recruiting Spheris/Edix people over there.  I will always thing of that scum bag service and Edix, one of the worst, ever.
Wow. Do you at least get a card or any acknowledgment you exist???

If those opportunities truly exist in this co., then it will be a good thing. s/m
But I've been around long enough that I've heard this all before, and the statistics are not on our side. And even when the MTs DO see an improvement, it can sometimes take 5-10 years to finally trickle down to them, as they are usually at the bottom of the do-do list. I do sincerely hope that I am wrong, and that this company is truly different. Only time will tell.
Does Gibson Medical Transcription in FL still exist? SM

I have tried looking for it, but I can find nothing. 

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Does Transcription1 in Florida still exist? Any comments
Does Get Back Jack Productions still exist?

Don't know if they even exist. I live right here in NY and they've never responded to my resum
Do they still exist? Haven't been posted about in a long time. nm
A typo does not make it unprofessional. Perfect doesn't exist.

We all do our best, but typos will happen from time to time.   Won't matter tomorrow and certainly won't matter next year.

What about incentives? Are there any at all? nm
How is pay at KS? Incentives? nm
Incentives - who has them?
I've read a couple of posts where MTs mention incentives, goals, bonuses and I'm interested in finding out which companies actually reward or motivate MTs to do more than just the minimum required, aside from just getting more lines. Thanks!
TT incentives
Does anybody know how TTs incentive tiers work? I know that if you type 13,000 lines, you get 0.25 cents more for the entire 13,000, and if you do 20,000 lines, you get a penny more, but what are the in between amounts?
I have seen accounts that run incentives based on minutes of dictation, but they also do it on number of reports done or lines typed. Just depends on the account I guess.

Don't be afraid to ask for a backup account, by the way. Some accounts have lots of work.
AND if you maintain under 10% QA another 0.25 cpl back to the first line!!!!  They also have a great benefits package.
Pay better than most, no incentives, but
lots of OT available, 6 pd vacation days, a week PTO, get paid for down time, though there hasn't been any of that lately thankfully.   They provide all equip/software.  $500 sign-on bonus, $500 every year on anniversary.  QA fairly strict, minimum score 98.5. 
10cpl plus incentives
I have 13 yrs exp and with MQ I am getting 10cpl plus incentives but before my office closed, raises were given out all the time, all you had to do was asked. We were never given a yearly review, I learned that by calling every year, that was the way that I got a raise.-HMMM-maybe that is why my office was one of the ones to close
Just found out after much prodding and after seeing a recruitment ad for Focus that they have put an incentive plan in effect for some employees and not others. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.   
Focus incentives
Well, a while back I saw an ad from Focus trying to hire new MTs. It stated there were incentives being offered. I have worked for Focus for 9 months, no incentives, work weekends, eves, and holidays, too. Emailed office and asked. Was told they were discussing this. Kept prodding and emailing and find out tonight via email the MTs working on Netcare only will get incentives. Not sure what they will be or even have been.
MQ incentives/bonus SM

I was told the following:

$1,000 bonus after three months....have to meet standards (full time, 12,000 lines per pay).

$1,000 after three more months, same as above

Lines are 65 characters including spaces

14-18,000 lines in two weeks = .5 cpl bonus

18,001 -20,000 lines in two weeks = 1 cpl bonus

23,000+ lines in two weeks = 1.5 cpl bonus

Also...after 15,000 lines I get .5 cpl retroactively added to my original line count pay of 8 cpl.

Also...$50 bonus for anything over 20,000 lines

Let's hope this is all true...I'm not quitting my other job yet for them due to all of the bad press, I'll work two, the money will be nice for X-mas.

Spheris incentives?

Does anyone know if Spheris offers any incentives/bonuses?  Do they pay for spaces, headers and footers?  What is their base line rate range?


MDI incentives/holidays
Unfortunately there is no holiday pay/weekend pay. There are sometimes incentives offered when accounts get behind.
Incentives? Anyone who works there getting them?
I just read the ad and saw that they offer production-based incentives? I've worked there for a little while, and I have yet to hear anything about this. Does anyone get them? If so, what are they?
Incentives Which Companies Offer Them?
and which companies used to offer them but are changing their policy now?
Not even with incentives are you making .12 a line
It is impossible to make .16 a line at Transcend. Typing more than the max incentive of 23,000 lines per pay period will only add 1.5 cents per line.
Maybe since work is low they should offer some incentives..sm

Maybe offer more on their line rate.  Maybe that would keep people around since nobody can get their line counts in.  I am barely making it.  My house payment is 2 behind, my bills are behind....Just because I am TRYING to have faith in them and hope things will turn around.  I like the company and 95% of the people, but it is really getting hard - too hard to live with these little paydays.  I just hope something turns around fast.  Maybe the ones that really don't have faith in them will leave and there will be more work for the ones that have the faith. 

I am getting frustrated but I am hanging in there....

Is it legal if there are production incentives?
They will go a bit higher than that for second or third shift. That, along with the incentives,
makes it a pretty darn competitive line rate when you also take into account the rich benefits package. JMHO.
Answer about TransTech incentives
No if you are scheduled work on Saturday or Sunday you get extra added to your line rate all the way back to line 1. Same goes if you are scheduled to work evening or night shift.
More money/production incentives only.
They are extremely flexible with my schedule and everyone is very nice. They were also very understanding when we had personal issues this summer. I also think their insurance is pretty reasonable.

I pass along pay I'm offered when it is higher to encourage them to pay more.
$30/hr probably hard to achieve despite incentives. NM