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It's not the kind of press ya want, honey!

Posted By: I've enjoyed the laugh at your expense, though. on 2007-11-27
In Reply to: Thanks for the publicity. It's much appreciated. - MTRecruiter

Hope you have a happy holiday after this!

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    try 35 yrs, honey, and they ALL say
    commensurate with experience.
    I am not your honey...please be more professional (nm)
    oh honey, not in the same position at all.
    there are things about my company I don't like either but I can deal with the good and the bad and have enough common sense not to stick around a place that I hated so much I had to come here and vent about it everyday! Just like staying in a bad relationship, too many women make themselves martyrs hoping things will change for the better and don't know when to get out. Your job is to type, do ESLs, learn VR and don't be a dinosaur and not expect to have to change with the times....if you don't like your company, move on, plenty of fish in the sea! Or better yet, find something else to do, no matter how much it pains you!
    honey, this could be any given company out there. NM
    Honey, you are running yourself DOWN...sm

    Why do you even bother to come her to try to explain your ridiculous ad, you must not be busy enough either, to be on this board and if you feel you have to explain your job ad, oh well!!!!!!!!  You will only get flamed and torn to pieces with this mess.

    Honey, you go ahead and gripe
    all know they stink and that they are thieves. I hope you can find a new position soon. Good luck to you, but please, please get away from SS.
    Honey, I've been an MT 25 years. I never

    that I post on a message board, but if you look at my work, it is top notch.  That's why I have contracts with local hospitals.  I have my own accounts.  Can you say the same?  No, I doubt it.

    I think the recruiter is WRONG to encourage people to cheat.

    You couldn't be more wrong, honey!
    Mine only show my moniker!

    You're the one answering, honey. LOL
    Honey, I am glad to have a job with ANY company!
    In this economy, I don't date try to pick and choose based on whether a company outsources or not. If I owned an MTSO, I'd probably be outsourcing too because too many American MTs are prima donnas who think that just because they work from home, they should have freedom and not have to work a schedule.

    Nobody is taking a job from me. There are PLENTY of MT jobs for every qualified American MT who wants one. Get over yourself.
    thanks MEMT, hang in there honey...sm
    I won't say it gets better, you just learn to trudge through it.  Some days are worse than others.  My husband and I were very close, and he was such a hands on Dad.  He cooked, cleaned, took the kids out so I could have a break, pick spats with me just to keep it a little crazy, etc., etc.  Because of the situation of his death, which was caused by someone who was supposed to be his friend, I do feel robbed and so do our kids, especially because everybody knows what the guy did, we just can't prove it.  So I am also telling you too, hang in there, it will all work out the way it is supposed too.  Just don't forget to be a mom to your kids, they still have a lot of learning to do.  When you feel like you cannot type another letter, think about those kids, they will get you through anything. 
    Neither honey. Just a grown woman
    who does her job and doesn't act like a child who doesn't get her way. Hmm, maybe that's why I can get my lines in during a regular 40 hour week and don't have to whine and complain about every single thing that doesn't suit me. This board has become the poor me, feel sorry for me, I hate my company but I have no guts to go somewhere else or learn something new board.
    You hae the wrong MDI honey. We use Bayscribe, MDI-FL uses Meditech. nm
    honey, all incentive plans look good until
    they find some reason not to come through with the pay out!  Good luck!
    Honey, I have been an acute care MT for 25 years.

    For one thing, most of acute care is NOT elective.  And acute care does not consist of only surgery anyway.  Also, lots of people DO have surgery this time of year because for one they have time off, and for another if they get it in before the end of the year they can claim it on their taxes for this year, and also if they have already met their deductible they want to have anything they need to get done done before the first of the year, when they will need to meet their deductible again.

    It's not the time of year.  It's that there are too many MTs.

    On a bed of nails, honey... they don't care. Cold as ice! nm
    honey, that's your speed increasing, not the pay scale, and by the
    way...we come from the days of 50, 60, and 70K a year. After that it dropped to 30.

    Yes, you are fortunate. But you do not know.
    you will be hired eventually, then wait at least 3 months if lucky to be put to work. When and if run out of work they will immediately give you a secondary account because they have so many and that might happen within another 3 months....so, if you need a job and $$ income....might want something more dependable. Unbelievable, and not a disgundled person, just stating the facts. They always hire it seems. Just getting to work is not for one really looking for a job right away.

    Thank you.  Radiology only sounds like what I need.  Your time and info is appreciated.



    Need information on X-Press. I found some archived comments about them, but would like something more recent. Anyone work there? Used to work there?  Hate it? Love it? Pay, etc. Thanks for your help.


    Always weigh the information you receive from MTStars.  If you hear bad reviews, make sure they can back it up, as well as the good ones.  Best of luck!
    ??? X-PRESS???

    Anyone working for this company?  I checked out their website but wanted to hear from present or past employees. Anybody? If you have info good or bad would appreciate it. TIA. 

    Thank you all!!! You saved me a lot of time and effort. THANKS!!

    MQ pays per report.  How does x-press per line rate compare with MQ per report rate?

    Worked a while with X-Press. Some say the testing is tough. That is because main account is tough, which is why they pay more, too. So many dictators (all students) you cannot macro or shortcut much of anything, hence a slow account and not exactly a money maker.

    As for Mr. David, with every volume slam came 2- to 3-page emails of screaming and fuming over the account falling behind and how 'bad' and 'inconsiderate' we were professionally; threats of overhiring with 'girls who will work and appreciate it,'...yawn. Stange is right, the next morning - a long apology with praise. The man cannot handle stress and he's working in transcription! You learned to blow the behavior off because it was abusive and, well, hurtful. Added up to both he and the account not worth the effort it took to get through the day.

    My experience, a pressure cooker.
    How big is X-Press? No one seems to know. nm
    Just heard through the grapevine that X-press? is hiring radiology MTs.  Does anyone have a link or contact for them?  Is anyone hiring for rad MTs now?  Thanks. 
    I worked for them for 12 years - be very careful!!
    X-Press Transcription

    Just wanting to get in touch with anyone who works for this company. 

    X-Press transcription
    Anyone out there work for this company?  Looking for some feedback.
    X-press Transcription, Inc.
    Have you checked into X-press? They are a strictly radiology only service.
    X-press Transcription, Inc.

    I think you contacted the wrong company.  The X-press I'm talking about is based out of Long Beach, CA and Virginia Beach, VA.  Here's their website:  http://www.x-presstranscription.com/home.html

    x-press trans

    Can anyone tell me of any experience they have had with this co?? Thx

    X-press - be careful
    Pay well, but many problems. Be careful with them.
    X-press Transcription
    x-press transcription...
    in a post last year, a lot of us stated that we didnt pass their test. they send you an email asking what kind of tape you would like to test on (standard or micro). you receive instructions and sample formats with this tape.

    most of us received our results between a few days and 3 weeks. a lot of us failed the test (in the instructions, it is stated that they purposely picked dictations that were undesireable). sure enough, a lot of us failed, but you are able to test again after 6 months.

    someone did post that if you do get hired, you are required to purchase expensive equipment, and work is always low.

    sorry, i dont know anything about the pay.

    I've worked for X-press Transcription for 10 years now...  They are awesome!  I've been on only one account for the entire 10 years.  They pay by the line, they ALWAYS pay on time and we have direct deposit.  I have nothing but great things to say about X-press.  But they do wan't very experienced Radiology Transcriptionists only. 

    RE: X-Press Transcription
    I was wondering if you could give me any information on how they test potential employees to see if they qualify to work for them? I have been in medical transcription for 10 years of which approximately 6 or more years of that has been in radiology. I am very confident in my abilities but get very nervous when it comes to interviews and testing for a new company. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I work for X-press

    I have worked for them for a little over two years now.  They only hire the best of the best.  The downside is no benefits whatsoever.  I work part-time.  I made just shy of $30,000 in 2005.  They have a good reputation as far as their workers go.  I thought the test was easy.  I was contacted shortly after I sent my test back in and was hired on the spot.

    X-press Transcription, Inc.
    X-press Transcription, Inc. does only radiology transcription, but I don't know anything about the company itself.  They do have a web site though.  
    X-Press Transcription
    Does anybody know if they hire for part-time?  Any current info would be appreciated.  TIA. 
    I work for them, they get a lot of bad press
    here, not too sure why. I have been there about 2 years, pay on time, no micromanaging, no problems that I have had.
    X-Press: The good, the bad and the ugly?
    Any recent info appreciated.
    Any info on X-press Transcription ? Anyone? TIA - nm


    Any information about X-Press Transcription?
    Wondering how they do their pay structure?  Do you have dedicated accounts?  Are they a good company?  Their website doesn't offer very much information regarding this.  They do specialize in radiology, so I would like to have more information if at all possible.  Thank you in advance. 
    Current information on X-press?
    Does anyone have any current information on X-press Transcription?  I am currently seeking new employment typing Radiology and would appreciate any and all information available. 
    Is X-Press Transcription still in business?
    I don't get any response to emails and phone number is no longer valid.    ???
    associated press story - not my opinion
    no debate on facts
    Where did you read that press release?
    I would like to read it too. 
    We just had a press release emailed to us. nm