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On a bed of nails, honey... they don't care. Cold as ice! nm

Posted By: HISunemployed too on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Supervisor? He isn't on our side! No wonder he kept - HISunemployed


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Honey, I have been an acute care MT for 25 years.

For one thing, most of acute care is NOT elective.  And acute care does not consist of only surgery anyway.  Also, lots of people DO have surgery this time of year because for one they have time off, and for another if they get it in before the end of the year they can claim it on their taxes for this year, and also if they have already met their deductible they want to have anything they need to get done done before the first of the year, when they will need to meet their deductible again.

It's not the time of year.  It's that there are too many MTs.

My Lee Perfect Nails keep falling off. nm

You must have a cold then. I am not now, nor have I
ever been an MTSO.   When I first joined the work force I worked for a company that was part of 2 different unions.  I did the payrolll and saw how much money the men paid in union dues.  I also saw them be involved in a strike and saw how little money they got from the union.  I also see the company bring in nonunion people to work.  The strike continued long enough that union benefits had run out, so the men had no source of income at all.   I don't call that progress. 
found them to be hot and cold -
Do not have time to play head games with people. Waste of my time and energy.
Aside from the fact that you are right, was it necessary to be so cold?
If you have never experienced infertility, you should just keep your mouth shut. Sorry, just my opinion.

What makes you think think I am suddenly trying to fix it?  You must have a pretty hard life, or maybe too good of one to have that kind of heart.  This isn't new, this is something I have been working on for some time.  And, you know, I could tell you about the fire and the parents and all that, but you don't deserve it!!!!

Wow! That was Cold and Heartless
I am not in any way, shape or form a supporter of AHDI. In fact I despies them. I think they have sold this entire industry down the river.

I should be surprised that they treated you in this horrific way, but sadly, I'm not. They are all about money and padding their own pockets.

I did happen to get a very small raise when I got my certification, certainly nothing to write home about and certainly nothing to compensate for the expense of maintaining their credentials.

I just did it to see if I can accomplish it. I don't know if I will bother to keep it up either.

I'm sorry you had that experience at such a hard time in your life. I think we both agree that AHDI sucks...as in the loud sucking sound from dollars leaving your wallet...
Yep, it was cold and heartless
which was pretty much the tone set by the original queen bees who set the organization up eons ago. As a Californian, I saw first-hand the shenanigans. I once went to one of their daylong seminars at a hotel in Berkeley just to give them a fair chance. Guess what the presentation was? Some plastic surgeon who gave a thinly-veiled infomercial for getting your boobs done. That lack of professionalism, coupled with the coldness and heartlessness they showed to a friend of mine, was enough to convince me that this was not a group I would want to give any time/money/loyalty to. I didn't, and I have been just fine.
It'll be a cold day in July when that happens.
Groan. MT'ing has become such a cold racket. nm
Just be sure to also get therapy for your cold and thoughtless nature. nm
They will pry my expander out of my cold dead fingers.
And THEN they'll find out what Cranky REALLY means......
try 35 yrs, honey, and they ALL say
commensurate with experience.
I wasn't being cold, simply matter-of-fact. sm
My own reproductive history isn't a factor in my opinion. In the list of medical procedures, some things are necessary for life, others are not, they are elective.

Medical insurance exists to protect you against catastrophic financial burden due to unforeseen medical expenses. IVF is personally chosen, it is 100% elective, and it is done only to satisfy a personal want.

I am not your honey...please be more professional (nm)
oh honey, not in the same position at all.
there are things about my company I don't like either but I can deal with the good and the bad and have enough common sense not to stick around a place that I hated so much I had to come here and vent about it everyday! Just like staying in a bad relationship, too many women make themselves martyrs hoping things will change for the better and don't know when to get out. Your job is to type, do ESLs, learn VR and don't be a dinosaur and not expect to have to change with the times....if you don't like your company, move on, plenty of fish in the sea! Or better yet, find something else to do, no matter how much it pains you!
honey, this could be any given company out there. NM
Honey, you are running yourself DOWN...sm

Why do you even bother to come her to try to explain your ridiculous ad, you must not be busy enough either, to be on this board and if you feel you have to explain your job ad, oh well!!!!!!!!  You will only get flamed and torn to pieces with this mess.

Honey, you go ahead and gripe
all know they stink and that they are thieves. I hope you can find a new position soon. Good luck to you, but please, please get away from SS.
Honey, I've been an MT 25 years. I never

that I post on a message board, but if you look at my work, it is top notch.  That's why I have contracts with local hospitals.  I have my own accounts.  Can you say the same?  No, I doubt it.

I think the recruiter is WRONG to encourage people to cheat.

You couldn't be more wrong, honey!
Mine only show my moniker!

You're the one answering, honey. LOL
It's not the kind of press ya want, honey!
Hope you have a happy holiday after this!

Honey, I am glad to have a job with ANY company!
In this economy, I don't date try to pick and choose based on whether a company outsources or not. If I owned an MTSO, I'd probably be outsourcing too because too many American MTs are prima donnas who think that just because they work from home, they should have freedom and not have to work a schedule.

Nobody is taking a job from me. There are PLENTY of MT jobs for every qualified American MT who wants one. Get over yourself.
thanks MEMT, hang in there honey...sm
I won't say it gets better, you just learn to trudge through it.  Some days are worse than others.  My husband and I were very close, and he was such a hands on Dad.  He cooked, cleaned, took the kids out so I could have a break, pick spats with me just to keep it a little crazy, etc., etc.  Because of the situation of his death, which was caused by someone who was supposed to be his friend, I do feel robbed and so do our kids, especially because everybody knows what the guy did, we just can't prove it.  So I am also telling you too, hang in there, it will all work out the way it is supposed too.  Just don't forget to be a mom to your kids, they still have a lot of learning to do.  When you feel like you cannot type another letter, think about those kids, they will get you through anything. 
Neither honey. Just a grown woman
who does her job and doesn't act like a child who doesn't get her way. Hmm, maybe that's why I can get my lines in during a regular 40 hour week and don't have to whine and complain about every single thing that doesn't suit me. This board has become the poor me, feel sorry for me, I hate my company but I have no guts to go somewhere else or learn something new board.
You hae the wrong MDI honey. We use Bayscribe, MDI-FL uses Meditech. nm
honey, all incentive plans look good until
they find some reason not to come through with the pay out!  Good luck!
honey, that's your speed increasing, not the pay scale, and by the
way...we come from the days of 50, 60, and 70K a year. After that it dropped to 30.

Yes, you are fortunate. But you do not know.
The above post is the most inconsiderate, cold-hearted, not to mention ignorant piece of work I'
Do you even have a clue as to how much one cycle of IVF costs? Try 15K to 20K and it takes on average three cycles to achieve conception...if at all. How many people do you know wait until they have $20,000.00 saved before starting a family? Get real.

Not that it's any of your business, having a child was not a mental issue for me. I initially didn't feel that it would be necessary to share the details of what led up to our infertility because I didn't see the relevance. Infertility is what it is. However, if sharing the details will prevent you or anyone else from drawing conclusions and posting abrasive half-truths, then here goes:

My husband, against my wishes, had a vasectomy when our only daughter was 3. Coming from a big family, I always wanted at least two children. Long story short: We went to Texas for the first reversal and Arizona for the 2nd (5 years ago). We spent our entire savings, which was close to 20k and both surgeries failed. My daughter prayed for a baby brother or sister every night. I had this tremendous burden of guilt because our infertility was self-inflicted. I knew she would never be a big sister or even an aunt because of our selfishness.

Infertility in and of itself is traumatic enough, but when it's self-inflicted, the guilt can be overwhelming. At least it was for me.

There, now you have the facts. However, if you find it more entertaining to post over-the-top fabrications about my complete lack of control and severe mental issues, as you called it, knock yourself out.

I have been pretty honest about my personal life and would appreciate it if you could just answer 2 simple questions.

(1) Dou have any children?

(2) In your opinion, do you feel that insurance companies should cover the cost of elective abortions?

You can just answer yes or no. I'm not posting anymore on this thread so you won't get any arguments from me.
Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
Of course they care. They care you make just a tad bit
this way they don't have to shell out the sign ons, the full-time benefits. Oh, they keep watch on how you are doing and their budget. THey will use you til you drop and try to tell you that it is your lack of skills or speed keeping you from the full time pay which a person can't even pay bills with to begin with. Imagine that.. Use your skills, work hard, try your best, do well on QA, but make short of full time so no benefits, no extras, and no paying bills. This adds up to you broke, them rich, and a no-win situation... for the MT that is...
They don't care (sm)

They know they can replace us in about a minute or just send the stuff to India.

And we'll never get a union, there are still people who will defend these horrible companies who cut our pay, etc., so that we cannot do anything.

There are a few MTSOs complaining they cannot find good people, probably because they pay so poorly that nobody will work for them.

I know you probably don't care now,
something happened. You know…things happen in this life that we cannot control. Maybe it was her intention to call you right back and then she was unable to. Maybe if you got down off your high horse for a minute and realized she was only a human, you could have given her a call and gotten a great opportunity. But that's just my take, I'm not trying to flame at you or anything, but when persuing a job, I would think you might have given her another call if you were really interested.
I care too and I do believe that just because
a person works for a company that offshores, it does not mean they are going to lose their jobs. Yes, it would be a surprise that they send ALL their work offshore. Have you seen some of that work?

Well, many of us have to work companies that do a little offshore as a necessity to put food in our mouths so no, it does not generally matter that they offshore as that is a fact of life. All the US MTs losing their jobs however is a surprise and the QA too and THAT is something we should all care about.

I hope all the companies out there open their doors to this circumstance and take a stand against this kind of treatment of our own workforce.

It is totally bizarre.
They could care less.
They don't care. sm

They have a whole new audience in India, Pakistan, et al. When AMERICAN MTs finally started rebelling by dropping out of their *organization* they had to look elsewhere for members and it's clear to see where they are going.  Don't need them.  Never have, never will. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

who am I to say you do not care about others...
read your own posts...you are speaking loud enough for all to hear how much respect you have for other people.

I will let you have the last word, because you have more than proven my point.

Thank you...
They don't care.
If you have ever had in-house escription MTs from the escription company time, then you know how terrible their work is. Our clinic let their MTs work on our doctors all they wanted. TTS is cheap, which is why they got the account. The doctors are also switching to EMR and many are no longer dictating at all. If the clinic had been a decent company, they wouldn't have gotten rid of my department to begin with.
Care to tell us
Think what you want. Don't really care - nm
Why don't we care for the ones already here?
It is 110% my opinion that as a species humans should learn to take care of the children who are already here.  It breaks my heart to hear of children bounced around in foster care and sometimes given back to *parents* who didn't want them in the first place.  I know there are good people doing foster care - but it's not the same as having someone to call mom and dad and having a home on a permanent basis.  There are still orphanages here, maybe not like in Oliver Twist but not a home with a mom and dad either.  There is a whole generation of children in Africa who are being orphaned by AIDS and genocide.  There are orphans being created in the Middle East every day because of war.  There are children in South America living in garbage dumps and being exterminated by the police as if they were vermin.  There are children in Asia tossed aside because they are the wrong.  There are so many beautiful children already here who need permanent homes and people to call mom and dad.  When are we as a species going to get serious about caring for them? 
I really don’t care to do because
i really love the acct I work on and feel comfortable there. I don’t know why I should change when I feel the work being doled out to others not on my acct. Wonder if overhired on some accts and now not enough for them. Do you use VR on your particular acct and do you like the one you are on?
Some don't care if you have a second job (sm)

but they will have you sign a non-compete agreement, including Keystrokes.  But the big ones such as MQ usually won't let you have a second job.  Someone was on this board a while back who claimed she worked for S and MQ, which to my knowledge is not allowed, but that was a while back.  

Anyway, if I was you, I would play down the second job; Keystrokes is hiring full time anyway, so it would have to be your first

I don't care where in the US you are sm
charging a client 0.07 is too low.  Indian companies charge more than that.  Have your friend take a job with a company and earn benes and let those local ones go.  No way can be worth dealing with all the office BS for that wage.  Trust me, those clients will come back and willingly accept a pay hike after what they see is out there.  Even .09 is too low no matter where you are.  Nationals are charging their clients between .15-.17 per line and these are clients from everywhere.     
We don't really care about you and... SM
your experiences anyway.  I figured you hadn't stayed at 1 company, not many of us have that luxury.  And I certainly know that it costs money to hire people.  But my point is just what I said, no different if she tests them all now or tries one and dumps them in a couple days or a week and then starts another one.  Plus, you keep mentioning this equipment stuff, but the OP never said that that was the case.  She might very well be just using her own. 
they care...
I am not sure what is going on with the pay issues, but I used to work there in work flow and I know for a fact that they value the MTs, so it is not intentional.  The VP of the company speaks very highly of the MTs and the wages they pay impressed me, since I remember them starting at 10cpl, and they do straight typing, so that sounds good to me since I am making .04 cpl on VR.  I hope things work out for them soon and that you all will be paid on time.
could care less
I could care less about YOUR work reputation, but YOU should care.
Taken care of. nm

They don't care
Taken care of.