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It is true - I looked at my manual

Posted By: not looking good on 2009-02-06
In Reply to: That's simply not true - the policy is if you are documented OOW sm - WebHead

Manual states PTO hours are to be used for vacation, illness, family or personal matters, periods of low work volume and computer downtime.  Employees are required to use these PTO hours to ensure a good personal balance between leisure-time, periods of low work volume, and those unexpected absences that affect everyone from time to time.

So yeah, they DO expect us to take PTO for OOW, per the manual.

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Why don't you ask for a VR manual &
Learn something new every day!
Great manual! One should never say never, about anything......nm
Great manual! ......nm
What does manual typewriters have to do
I was 15 on a manual in high school....sm

And that was in 1964 - learned to type real well in that class on a manual......but I began MT'g with tapes and privately I still pick up tapes from 4 surgeons twice weekly, but I transcribe those tapes on the computer *lol*....

Good thing about the web is that most of us now find all we need to know today online and rarely reference our books anymore......I like that!!  Saves some time....time is money!! 

No, it is a manual time sheet (sm)

Bonus is paid on total for pay period, not hourly bonus. I never put potty breaks on it, just my lunch break, cause that's longer.

Found Answer in the Manual
Should've looked there first, but love the forum here.

I hope I live to see the day that our industry turns completely back to the way it should be - without somebody else making money off of our skills, training, and experience.
Keystrokes manual says 32-1/2 for "adjusted FT" (sm)
which looks like it qualifies for insurance. I think in acutal practice they go by the lines, though, as we don't clock in. It looks like that level is 10,000 lines per period and full time 15,000 (which is odd, I was told 12,000. I may need to ask about that!)
You are still wrong, I'm sorry; that manual is from 2005 sm
All the managers sent out information saying it was at their discretion. Instead of posting here, why don't you just ask your manager if it is true?
In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
Webmedx's new policy manual?


Is there an ExText manual available online?
No, I was referring to the Webmedx Policy Manual. sm
Check the back where it lists privacy rules regarding the platform. I think what you posted crossed the line. Just a tip. You know, the bosses read these boards, too.
Dictaphone C-phone model 0422 manual sm
Does anyone have this user's guide/manual in pdf format they are willing to share?  I went to the Nuance site, but I just do not have the Moolah to buy a manual right now as I am just starting a new job after being without a job for 4 months.  Thanks
Worked for an MT service that had a mistake on the cover of Employee Manual (sm)
That is bad. 
you fill out a manual report and email to payroll at end of pay period.
Pick a relatively short report and do a manual count of characters

including spaces if your company counts them.  Then divide the total by 65 or whatever your lines are defined as. If there is a discrepancy between your manual count and their systematic count, you have a problem. 

I did this recenty on ExText and find I am getting shorted about 1-2 lines per report. 

Are you kidding and hoping htagt MTing will go back to manual typewriters again?...nm
Maybe the one you got looked better
The one I received appeared childish and not at all professional.
Looked them up.......
and it said there was 1 employee. Maybe it is a 1-woman business and she needs help for a while. That would explain not paying on time (she has to wait to get paid before she can pay anyone else). I would proceed with caution.
have you ever actually looked into this??? SM
YES, you can't get benefits for half, but the coverage is all but worthless! Basically covers a disaster and nothing more. HUGE deductibles, etc. So yes, you can get an insurance policy for half the cost, but for what? Trust me, I have spent hours researching this for my own family when we needed our own benefits. It was awful.
Just looked
At their hospital list and they definitely ARE NOT hospitals that they service, they couldn't possibly, as a lot of the hospitals are accounts that I work on for Medquist
yea i looked
yea i have looked an the job seekers forum but did not see anything. i have no idea where else to look. i really want to find something online though.
Just looked
Don't know anything about SS, but I looked at the posts and they are really stupid and very immature. Also served no purpose whatsoever.
I never really looked at it that way....
Have you looked in the............. sm
yellow pages at the physician listings lately? The Indian physicians are coming to the US where they can make money off of insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid.

I worked for an Indian physician in the 1990s and he told me that he was thrilled to be able to come to America to do his residency where he made $5 an hour reading telemetry strips and EKGs while completing the residency program. He told me that doctors in India make so little because there is no insurance program there, and even if there were, the majority of Indians are so poor they couldn't afford it.

We Americans tend to forget that not every country in the world is as highly developed as we are in terms of health care, technology and even general living conditions.
Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
Well, DUH! Guess I could have looked that up, eh? (LM)

(Smacking myself for being not so smart.)  Thanks!

Well, I DID look it up, and this is what I found for my state.  (I would think that working on a platform that is unreliable and defective, in addition to losing more than half of what I had been making, in addition to management's knowledge for several months now that the program doesn't work and refusal to fix it -- might fit into one of these categories).


UC Law provides, in part, that a claimant shall be ineligible for benefits for any week in which his/her unemployment is due to voluntarily leaving work without cause of a necessitous and compelling nature. A claimant who voluntarily quits continuing work has the burden of proof in establishing good cause for quitting; and, that such cause was real and substantial, leaving the claimant no other alternative. The burden is on the claimant to show that, prior to quitting continuing employment, he/she made every reasonable effort to maintain the employer-employe relationship.

Following are examples of some common voluntary quit situations.

Due to unsuitable work - When an employe accepts a position, he/she admits to the initial suitability of the position with respect to its wages and the conditions of employment. When a claimant quits because he/she feels the job was unsuitable, the claimant must show there were changes in the conditions of employment, to which he/she did not agree upon, that made the job unsuitable, or there was deception on the part of the employer with regard to the conditions of employment at the time of hire, or he/she shall be considered ineligible. The suitability of the work will be determined by considering factors such as the degree of risk involved to the claimant's health, safety and morals; the claimant's physical fitness; the claimant's prior training and experience; the distance of the available work from the claimant's residence; the prevailing condition of the labor market; and the prevailing wage rates in the trade or occupation.

Job not the same as what was anticipated - To be eligible, the claimant must show that the monetary expectations of employment were not fulfilled through no fault of the claimant. For example, a claimant takes a job selling vacuum cleaners because he/she has been told he/she could make $50,000 per year through commission sales. After three weeks, the claimant quits the job because he/she was unable to make any sales and the personal expenses exceeded the income, thereby warranting the allowance of benefits.

I looked at it and don't thing that gives
I see 206 people have looked at

this post but not one commented back on a specific. Guess that means all is okay out here in MT land. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.


I looked in the Archives.
its in there.
Have you looked for work lately
Evidently you have not changes jobs lately, you are lucky to get 8 with tons of experience.
Exactly why the business is looked upon as
housewives doing not much of anything except just typing. I guess you put the above on your resume, huh, rearing children?
i looked at the article...
and it still does not clear up the line count issue for me at all. : (
I looked inside...

You are wrong on this one.  There is no problem with a company requiring a certain number of lines from an IC.  They cannot tell you which hours to work, but they can require a certain end result.  Get it?  Go back and read the IRS definition of an IC. 

duh, I never even looked at your moniker

I would ask for a different primary, but I'm not sure I would go into details with your liason at the risk of jeopardizing a good working relationship with him/her.  Good luck.

Look again. I just looked at their website. SM
It states on the homepage in the first paragraph -- all Encompass employees reside in the United States.

Also states under Why Encompass? U.S. based transcriptionists -- never outsourced overseas.

OP said she looked in archives..
But I will take you up on that as I also thought of applying.
I have just looked at their benefits sm
I work for TT right now and the benefits, incentives, etc. are similar. I am very happy and comfy at TT and will stay there. Nothing worth switching for.
I saw that ad and looked suspicious to me.

Anytime there isn't a legit company name or phone number and/or town, makes me wonder.  Maybe his name is Balla Honor;-) AKA no honor involved at all. 

have you looked at the job board

Most you're lucky if you see 8 cpl.   hmmmmm....   this business is going down the tubes quick....

Just had a friend tell me - was offered 5.00 per report for long dictations and 5 cpl for short ones, but need to work weekends as an IC - yeah right.  Are we back in the 80s?????? 

I too looked hard
for awhile, and came up with nothing better or more promising. This is definitely a tough job market.
I just looked at Transcend's forum,
and I do not see these happy people who posted 2 messages today about how happy they are?  Are you sure you work for the same Transcend I am refering to?  I do not see all those posts you are referring to.  I am looking for them now and do not see them--where are they??!!
Correction to my above post. I just looked
and I apologize. I had to wait until the 1st of the next month, not the 15th (maybe it just seemed longer) for that money to be in the bank. So for that payroll from the 1st until the 15th, I had to wait until the 1st (though the payroll was late). Guess all the waiting just seemed longer. That still is the longest I have had to wait for a payday. So when I quit, I also had the same thing. I just went through the paperwork.

In any event it SEEMED like a very long time and particularly with some of the paydays being late.

I do apologize as I certainly do not like to give incorrect info.

When you have kids though it does hurt. In other words, I started on the 1st of the month and first paycheck was not until the 1st of the next month except it was late.

Oops, just looked down the page a bit...
and noticed a comment in response to someone else, missed it the first time through.  Good luck!
Actually I looked in my Medware handbook....
and they DO pay for maternity leave (6 weeks for SVD and 8 weeks for cesarean section)for full-time employees. I am sure you have to work there for at least a year before you could use it though. Anyway, if you work as an employee for a company who does NOT have paid maternity leave, you can file for disability for that time. That is what I did when I had my children. It is not as much as regular pay, but it is something. Hope this information helps!

I have looked all over, but is there a place on the pay stub sm

from Transtech that tells you how much PTO you have?  I have been there 4 months, and have no clue as to how much time I have.  (I realize it is probably not much -- just curious.)  If it is there somewhere and I am just missing it, please tell me where to look.


Thanks! It looked fishy on a job post elsewhere.
Never heard of RBS before. Says they also handle actors as agents. Interesting...perhaps a multifaceted corporation. Thanks for your help.
I went and looked; it looks like the page has some errors
I think the submit button must be down there on the right, barely visible and you can't read the writing on it.

I didn't use the online application; I faxed my resume in with a cover letter when I applied to them and got good results with that. If you have a fax available, I'd definitely recommend that approach.

It just sure looks to me like that page has web formatting errors or something.
I just quickly looked through my info

and I can't find the tuition reimbursement info.  I've not had the opportunity to use it.  I do remember something about the fact that they pay for CMT certification if you pass.

If I can answer any other questions for you please don't hesitate to ask! 

Is this an outright falsehood? I just looked up
Focus/Nuance and there are several press releases how strong their India workforce is, as a matter of fact, a leader of jobs in India. That was dated June. And the website itself says that they rely on their Global workforce. And that VR can cut MT costs 30%. Does that sound like a place which cares about American MTs? I can find nowhere on the web any official announcement that everything is on shore. Unless you have documentation to prove such a big announcement, please don't spread these kinds of rumors. From the press releases on the web, Focus is proud of their India connection and continues to support this style of outsourcing out of the USA the same as ever!