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Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of

Posted By: Yep ...to overhire on 2008-08-21
In Reply to: Funny, I've been there 8 yrs and thru numerous new accounts sm - HappyWebX2

as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.

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And it is true...I am so glad I found them! nm
All true for me too.. plus I love my job again...
I am no longer a robot machine, I am having fun again! Makes the money come easier and the bills quicker to pay. LOL
That may be true for some but I have been at MQ 6 years sm
doing radiology and always had work.
Don't think it's true, but in years of using it, there ARE
Yes it is true and if you were there 2 years ago as you claim
as well as the "not so flattering" picture of her that was in the company email newsletter at around the same time.  Nice try though.
I say that because it is true. I've been doing this for 20 years, sm
but 2 kids through college and yes I made more 10 years ago than I do now. If I don't feel like I'm being compensated I move on.
Not necessarily true. That is not a true test of skill.
Do you know how many people get others to take tests for them? It happens and it happens more often than you might think. The only skill that shows anyway is that you can do it.

We are actually more than a transcriptionist. We are specialists in our field and we are supposed to know some things regarding anatomy and physiology as a working base. That's how we can judge if a physician dictates something in accurately and many do because they can't pronounce or just are not thinking. That's why our skills of basic knowledge come into play and that means basic knowledge of body parts. If our job was just to sit there and type without thinking about what we are transcribing, then all patients are in trouble and this is just based on what I see as a QA person.

It's more than just knowing how to transcribe and some of the companies have discovered how to know what your basic knowledge is based on what you have picked up with your experience by utilizing your references etc. Hopefully that utilization of your references has taught you something that does stick in your head.

Beliefs like yours are just so far off base. You have to know what you are doing. It's not just about being able to listen and type. Base knowledge is a very important thing and the services have to find a way to know that knowledge base that is there in your head.

Even after years of doing this, it's NOT true for the majority of MTs these days. Look at how man
Not true - been doing clinic work for 8 years
and while yes, there are things such as px and other things you can make macros for, my docs say a lot of different things based on who the dictation is going to and what the problem is, also personal things pertaining to that patient. I have found OP notes have more of the same things in them than clinic notes and can make you more money.
Very true. I've also found 20-30 years in SM
makes a person resistant to any kind of advancement in technology.  I've seen MTs of 20+ years who don't even use an Expander because they don't want to learn anything new.  Then they complain that they can't make any money.
Not true. I worked at Transcend for years and things have

For years people at Transcend were very friendly and the only time things got really heated on the forum were over personal opinion posts like politics and stuff.  Not any more.  More and more people are to the point of not knowing what to do with this company anymore.  People who have been there years and years have quit or are quitting, and I think most of the peers that are happy are relatively new and haven't seen the downward spiral.  A friend of mine quit a while ago and said she got a letter about a month after she quit asking her to sign a release saying she wouldn't take Transcend to court or be party to any claims relating to her employment with Transcend.  If things were that hunky dory they wouldn't be so scared that they need to ask people to sign waivers when they leave.

With MQ for about 10 years after they ate YOG. With Webmedx now. What K posted rings true for me.
I'm not wild about my STM, but that person is a definite step up from the Q. E-mail me if you'd like. Work is plentiful on the acute care, Enterprise side. OT is available frequently. No place is perfect, but they have decent incentives, although the PTO is a little bleak. Best of luck.
True. Most have less issues than the Q, though. I worked there 10 years before switching.
Webmedx definitely beats them. You can trust management at any of these larger places anymore.
That's not always true. I have been editing a Powerscribe account for 2 years. The work sm
has actually steadily increased due to fewer and fewer radiologists self-editing their own work.

I know of at least 4 other Powerscribe accounts at Keystrokes that are also increasing in volume for the same reason.

I am sorry that the account you were on with Webmedx went to total self-edit. I know that Keystrokes had a few that did that too, just not all of them.
Glad you love your company. Hope you stay there - LOL
True, but I don't do VR at my company. nm
Very true, really long weekends at times, but no real vacation in 7 years.I'll travel when retire
NOT TRUE !!! I was a manager at a company that sm
was sued (and lost $450,000) because of a limb that was taken incorrectly based on the transcription. The hospital lost $2.8 million, the doctor $4.2 million and the transcription company $450,000. This was due to the fact that the transcription said one thing and the voice was gone so there was no proof of what had been said.

That error is partly responsible for the hospitals having the patient verify the limb and putting the x on it with the patient still awake and alert.

It was 14 years ago and I would not recommend a service to go without E&O and liability insurance, especially as the public is more sue-happy now than they were even back that short period ago.
Not true. The name of the company and link, please. nm

Not true. This info is on the Company board per Admin's request.
It is all clearly marked "MQ" somewhere in the subject line or name.

The Main board is virtually free of the new MQ posts. Go back over there or just scroll down the page to where you want to read.

No one has forced you to read anything. Admin made a request that the new MQ info be placed on this board and we have complied.

You're not obliged to read if you don't want to.
No, I haven't been. I told my true experience of working for that company.
I don't have a negative attitude.  You're the one who can't handle it when someone disagrees with you.
Is it true Dictaphone is now owned by Nuance (an Indian company)? (sm)

that explains why the downhill slide.

Test dictations are often bogus and not true voice files from the company. Need to ask. nm
This may be true... and that is philisophically true, but
and pay bills while being screwed? This is what I think the OP is scared of... I certainly agree and honestly think it is unfair to put people in this precarious position... on one hand be grateful you still have your job, or a job, and on the other, immediately there will possibly be a cut in pay, for which you may have to give up your home, or medicine or reduce your budget for food. I don't know if I am the only one, but I think the OP still has a good head on her shoulders and that may be the problem...at least for employers out there who are switching to VR.. and their employees
I have used it for the past 2 years through another company and love it!! nm
Why not call them and ask? I've been with them for 2 years and love it. Best company
I have ever worked for.  There is always plenty of work, pay is decent and on time, and best of all I am treated well.  They offer all kinds of bonuses, continuing education pay, vacation pay, reasonable insurance through Aetna, life insurance.  Am I getting rich off this?  No.  Am I paid reasonably well?  Yes.  Would I recommend Transtech?  Absolutely!
It is True
When really negative things are posted the company can request that they be removed from this site and it will be done for them. Take it from someone formerly on the inside. :-) I know.
Not True!
If you are working for CorT then you were invited to the meeting that we had today at 1:00 EST. They told us everything upfront and were completely honest. Focus chose not to have anyone representing them on the call. CorT is not being properly paid for the work that we have done and they are paying us themselves. I'm tired of hearing everyone badmouth this company, especially those that do not or have never worked for them. They are absolutely wonderful. They give every newbie a chance to earn while learning and our newbies are doing spectacular work...I know because I QA for CorT. If you choose to leave the company that is your decision, but they are going above and beyond the call of duty for those of us that work for them and the management is awesome. I plan to stay with them because they have been totally upfront and honest with us. Unlike some companies that I have worked for who never let us know anything until it was too late.
that's not true...sm

I post positive about MQ all the time, but I'm not a recruiter, or even management. I'm just a lowly MT like the rest of ya! So, nope, your theory is wrong!

That's not always true

Some people won't be able to edit as fast as they type.  The CEO said that himself in a conference call when he said that high producers in typing WILL NOT be able to produce as much in editing as those who don't do as well in typing.  If a person is typing 350-400 lines per hour now they're taking a pay cut. In all the con calls they've had I haven't heard of anyone being able to produce 600 lines per hour in full editing.  If you're mediocre in typing you should be able to increase your overall line production per pay period, but even then unless you're able to increase your overal production by 40%, you're taking a pay cut.

You are so right - everything you said is true!
Communication is nonexistent! They do not respond to questions nor listen to what you tell them. Many cons with this company. I'd say stay away!
That's very true.

If you don't normally type a high volume per hour, you will definitely increase your production in editing.  If you type 400 lines or more per hour, there is no way that you can edit 750 or 800 lines per hour, yet you will still receive the decreased rate for editing.  For some people who have been on the accounts for years all they had to do was pull in their self-made templates with the jumps programmed in and fill in the information.  With editing, some reports need to be corrected almost entirely or at the very least have full paragraphs that need to be corrected or moved.  The people making 2800 lines per day on editing are only doing minimum editing, which makes for an extremely sloppy report.  Ask some on the Forum about their QA scores in editing.  In a recent conference call people got low QA scores even though they followed all the instructions given to them about not changing certain things in the report that they had been correcting before.  They were told they were over-editing.  So when they stopped doing that their production went up, but then they got low QA scores.  Something has to change.  That means that either QA is going to change and allow sloppiness in the reports or people are going to have to start editing more closely to make sure that these errors are corrected.  That means closer inspection and more editing time. 

What is she saying that is not true?
Not true if they are an SE.
Not true......
I calculated my line count for a week, use normals all the time and got paid for everything.
It is true?
When is the takeover supposed to take place? Are the hospitals currently at Heartland staying with Spheris?
Not so true
I am not sure where everyone is getting their info from....I work for MDI-FL and never run out of work.
That's definitely not true....sm
There is plenty of work to be done, including some new accounts. I'm getting e-mails asking for overtime commitment not asking people to take off and stop working!
Very true...

So not true
only production and PTO time is accountable towards those 40 hours
I'm wondering if you have all worked on the new platform?

When you fill in a timesheet, you write in your "down" time, your productive time, etc. If you are reviewing QA returns, DOCUMENT IT, you're paid for it.

Why not wait and see how the new plan (which is not really new for some of us it seems) works out? As I've said, I've watched this company for 30 years and this is a GOOD move.
That is not true. Many use 37.5, I have seen as low as 32
And insurance companies let the employer define "full time" so it is not for insurance purposes.
Very true. I am.
thats true sm
they dont bother you as long as you work your schedule. always work to do also. each time you run out, you let them know and they set you up right away with another account; just gotta learn each hospital's specs.
thats true too dr
and with that said, i also have been looking elsewhere. dang, for a while, i thought it was just me
now - I'm not sure if this is definitely true or not - sm
but I believe the current issue of For The Record does state that TRS does do some offshoring. I haven't read the article, just heard about it in our department today. cover of magazine showed tropical picture so we jumped to the article. Have to finish reading it though.

Heard the QA is good.
That is very true
I base my gross line count on Courier New, 12 pt. with 1 margins. My client can have any font, size, etc., but my fee is based on the above. I also include printing and pick up and delivery of tapes/transcription (and have for 10 years but that may change soon as I believe I may have sold the OM on going digital).
you are right, BUT there are some companies that offer benefits to their PT employees :)
This is very true. Also this is why (sm)
there are a lot of A MTs that are coming to GIMT. I do not blame them at all. The bell definitely tolled for me. Very bad company!!
Not true..sm
I have been there for 3 years and I like there. I have never been lied to about incentives, etc. I have gotten plenty of them over my time there. I don't agree with the offshoring of work, I'll admit, but it has never caused me a lack of work available to me. I say go with them! There are not many companies out there that have mentor programs for newbies and you will certainly benefit from it. I have seen the posts on here regarding some of the people employed there. I have never had a problem with any of the people mentioned...haven't even had any contact with them other than an the emails regarding account specifics. Pay is on time, incentives offered often, and have no complaints with any of the people I interact with there. Good luck on your job search!
Very true
Yep. I was in a situation recently that was soooo demeaning. I KNOW that I am NOT an idiot but these companies sure go the extra mile to make you feel that you certainly are.