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Leads actually are expected to meet

Posted By: summerfun on 2009-07-10
In Reply to: I was a lead at KS 2 years ago...sm - ex-KS

a certain quota like everyone else. Otherwise, they'd starve. Leads have to pay their bills like everyone else.

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Leads with ANY company NEVER run out of work; that is why the MT's do, because leads pick and cho
for themselves!  TT has so many leads it makes me sick!  We have absolutely no work, but I know those leads and QA are picking out plenty of work that they like to do !!!  FACT !!!
That is exactly what I expected --
unlimited accounts and unlimited available work like it used to be. Seems to be getting some better though, so maybe it will work out.
Yes, but it should be expected...

that when you hire on as an MT, your skills will be evaluated.  I'm sure their clients have certain quality expectations that must be met.  The company is better off finding out whether those expectations can be met sooner rather than later.

But not this year, although not really expected. nm
Precisely what I expected, nothing more, nothing less
At least we'll have plenty of work this summer...Cheers, fellow VR'er!
MTs post here often they are expected to be avail.
What a shame! As an employee I would have expected some
job security! I thought only ICs like me had very little security net. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Makes me think I should still stay IC because I was going to sign on with another company (not Webmedx) just for the security of having work. Uggg. I hope you get work soon!
Probably because most of us are expected to do our share and work at least one sm

day of the weekend, at least once or twice a month.  It doesn't bother me to work weekends.  I grew up with my mom in the medical field so the idea that I would be off on weekends never really occurred to me.  I do not have a family or anything, so I only have me to consider.  I usually work holidays too so those who have families can maybe spend some extra time.  Still, that is me.

If that schedule works for you and the company is happy (which would seem to be the case here), that's great.  I wouldn't mind working 10-hour days and having an extra day off, but not sure that is possible with all of the jobs I am juggling right now.  Still, we all can dream. 

Again, I am glad you have a good situation for you.  Congrats! 

In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
She didn't say she expected to be thanked back
She just said they didn't respond. I think Miss Manners would say that the proper response to thank you would be you're welcome.
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
Too low even at that rate probably still expected to work many many hours
Really? I just came from a company that expected 2000 minimum!
Per day.  I guess I was getting screwed, but at 5 cpl, 1200 lines a day (if you work only 5 days a week) is only 1200 a month!  How can you live on that?
I was told when they needed help and that is when they expected me to work
so it is possible she was told what days and times, as that is pretty much what they said to me. Then work was never available during that time slot and so I opted to move on.
from IC to Employee status, pay cutis expected.
Heck no. You're expected to work the holidays, even the big ones! nm
Can someone tell me the difference between IC and employee and what hours are you expected to work
as an IC. Are your hours flexible as an IC.
What happens if you don't meet your
I meet
and some days exceed the minimum line count. As with any job, there's a learning curve. This is not a place where you can have a day of training and be up to speed. It will take 2-3 weeks before you are likely meeting production lines. You are, however, paid hourly while training, so it takes some of the pressure off.
I have 4 "criteria" to meet to get it....(sm)
I have to have 98% on QA;

I have to type the schedule I committed to or arrange for;

I have to type 1600 lines on weekends;

And agreed to the incentive plan (which I signed and sent in when I started).

I had 13,823 lines this past payperiod. I had to work for it, no doubt about it. I really want to get to the 16,000 and even more but I don't know that I can do it consistently. Of course, I'm still learning my accounts so I'm sure it could get a bit easier or faster. It's no walk in the park, though. I have to concentrate and just really stick to it.

A friend of mine who referred me to MQ, she types 18,000 PLUS every check. I kid you not, she is the fastest thing on the keyboard I have ever seen. When I'm at her house, I just sit and laugh listening to her type -- she sounds like some kind of machine gun in there! ROFL

Now I would LOVE to type that much but I doubt seriously I EVER get it!!!

Too bad..I could really spend that money really well!!! ROFL
as long as I meet TAT on my ....
doctors. I have a responsibility of a few doctors and as long as there work is all in within TAT I get to pick when I work. I think these kind of jobs are more IC jobs, so keep your eyes open on the board for IC jobs were you can make your own hours. I am sorry for all the rudeness on this board. I think people look for any way to cut or degrade or turn around anything anybody posts here.

Good luck!
as long as I meet my TAT
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. That's basically what I'm looking for and basically what I do now. I guess it must have come out wrong because farther down in the posts I noticed one similar to mind worded differently and there were no rude emails in response to that post.
Yes I cannot meet my quota
Hope we pick up soon
They want you to meet your daily
lines counts. I don't think that is asking for too much.
How easy or difficult is it to meet your
line requirements with their accounts and typing platform?
I don't see it as a conflict of interest. If you meet your

obligations to each company it isn't anyone's business what you do. 

When you sign a contract with a company rarely is there a clause about not working for oneone else, only a noncomplete clause.

Now if you are using their equipment for the other company I see a major issue with that, maybe not illegal, but certainly not ethical.  I


No, it's per pay period and relatively easy to meet!
I'd be happy to answer any questions.
I did not meet my line count...sm

and I worked a few extra hours on my days off to try to get more lines, but there wasn't much work then either. 

Thanks for your help, but I don't think I could ever meet the quota needed. sm

I am working all the time editing/fixing and trying to remember all the rules for each account.  I do not see with the way the platform is ever being able to make the amount needed to keep my insurance, and they have already extended my insurance for me before.  I thought when I started doing more editing I might be able to get more lines, but then I would have to do double the lines, and with the way the reports are looking when I see them there is too much fixing to ever get there.  It looks like when the computer does not know what the doctor is saying in plain English it just types whatever it wants.  It is actually amusing how it comes up with a whole sentence of unrelated words.

I don't understand. Even as an IC, there are deadlines to meet for the client.
Got an email wanting to know why I did not meet my production.....

12+ hours a day, 30 yrs exp, and can't make ends meet?
How many lines do you type in that 12+ hours a day? What is your line rate? Get incentives?

Even if you typed 100 lines an hour, that's 1200 lines a day at 8 cpl that would $96 a day.

What in the world are you paying for rent?! lol
You will work many hours over 40 to meet your lines nm
1100 lines a day which is EASY to meet sm
I am fairly fast, but I got that 1100 on MY VERY FIRST DAY!!!

Lines are easy to get and I have so much work, it is unreal. I can and want to go all day and past it. I still have 4.75 hours to make up this week, but the work is holding at a high level and they are so low stress, I am not tired right now after 9.5 hours today, just want a break for a bit and a hot meal, then back to it.

I can't say enough good things about this place, I just can't.
Yes, 10 cpl for the first 6 pay periods if you meet the 1300 lines, sm

8 cpl if you do not.  After the 6 pay periods, if you become an employee, then the rates change.  I think 10 cpl then was only for 3rd shift. 

I just wanted a part-time position, but the 10 cpl sounded rather attractive.  Of course, it doesn't matter how much someone pays if you don't have the work or can't make the lines. 

Thanks again for your input.  We'll see if I even passed the test. 

But if COMPANY is reason cant meet production,
Are the goals hard to meet? How long do they give you to get there? (nm)
Maybe so, her work was bad & she didn't meet line counts
My thoughts exactly. Need an IC job so can deduct equipment, etc without having to meet 7.5% rule.
My normal company gives garbage as equipment, and I can't meet the rule for unreimbursed employee expense because I'm a high producer and don't have the other expenses that you can add to it.
Failure to meet production goals could be interesting...
Since they haven't had enough work for most of us for a few months now.

Maybe we're ALL on that list.

Moving on...
So you are saying that QAs & leads
I am a top notch MT too and was still asked to QA BECAUSE I am a -valuable- MT. Get over yourself.
job leads
This may be weird but I keep a list of companies in a favorites folder to check out if I find myself looking in the future. Going through MT Stars for old posts is a good place to start. Then I would check the company out on their web site, and if I thought I was interested I would either call the recruiter or test depending on their requirements. Personally I would not wait for a company to advertise before applying.
Job leads
Here's a few links to aid in your searching. I've heard a lot of people have gotten/accepted jobs from applications they put in long ago.


At TransHealth, once you meet your minimum required line count...sm

(I believe it is 11,000 for full-timers), there are levels for every x number of lines above your minimum,and you get extra cpl for those lines.  It is incremental, so the more you transcribe above your minimum, the higher your cpl.  It can boost your paycheck by $500 if you really haul.  They also pay a weekend differential of extra cpl for weekend work.

I think most companies work that way.  Bonus pay is usually an increase in cpl when you exceed your minimum. 

I've not had much experience with incentive pay prior to TransHealth - so there may be many other ways that bonus pay is given.  Works for me though.

What about keeping a timesheet? Is that required since you just meet a line count? SM
Do you have to keep track that you worked at these certain hours each day, or do you just log on and work and meet your line count and not care what time it is?

Hi, Thanks for your input. I did get a chance to read it before the deletion. I am searching again __________. I really wish I could find a place, where the pay is decent, with benefits, enough work and where the staff responds to account related questions. I am so tired of testing, thinking I have found the perfect place and then....................... Sorry just needed to vent a little.

Have a good Day!

Why do KS mgrs and Leads do this?
Why do you guys insist on coming to this board in an attempt to defend what idiots type? Then you have the gall to post 'KS MGR' or 'KS LEAD'. Your posts just make you look dumb and seem quite unprofessional when you do this. When you identify yourself as a KS MGR or KS LEAD, whatever you post reflects on the company as a whole. You stated 'you need to stop spreading lies'...is there not a better way to say this? Ignore the trolls. I doubt very seriously that people who are interested in KS will be swayed by these posts.

If you insist on posting remarks to defend KS, don't make it known that you are a KS MGR or KS LEAD. Sheesh!
OSI team leads don't do QA at all
All we do is monitor workflow and assign jobs when the coordinator is off - I get $14 for a few hours a week and then do transcription for a line rate. Line requirement is less than regular MT's.

Not a bad setup for us.
It's so they can hire even MORE leads, CEO's
for some reason that top-heavy management is good management.
With the exception of the Leads SM
Always seem to have plenty of work when work load is light/low.  Pretty unfair advantage, if you ask me. 
With Transtech insurance, do you have to meet deductible before office visits are covered? nm