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Precisely what I expected, nothing more, nothing less

Posted By: LostCause on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: Want to call you all kinds of management but showing them, no response at all. zzzzzzzzz - Older broad

At least we'll have plenty of work this summer...Cheers, fellow VR'er!

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Precisely why I am there, too!
Very pleased overall and VERY pleased with my line counts. 
That's precisely what I did
I cut to part-time a couple of months ago when things started getting a bit lean at MDI.

Even at that, I haven't been able to get my paltry 700 lines per day, and believe me when I say I check numerous times throughout the day.

My last paycheck from MDI left me with no alternative but to accept a couple of other part-time offers to be able to pay my bills.

MDI used to only have extremely lean times during a major holiday week, such as at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I agree with above poster that something funny is going on. I just could no longer afford to wait around and see just what it is.

Good luck to all at MDI. For a company with fiercely loyal employees, they're sure giving us a swift kick in the teeth for the past couple of months.

So that's a pay cut of 1/3. And we have people on this board who rip you apart if you say anything against VR. Someone here said VR needs to be killed in its crib and I agree. In fact, escription proudly touts that you can edit faster than you can type. If that is so, then they need to bump up the pay so you can make as much as you were making.
Precisely why I posted this.
I am asking the Administrator to confirm it or not.  Or she could inquire.  I trust the administrators of this board to tell us the truth.
PRECISELY. Couldn't have said it better myself.
LOL, precisely what I was thinking too!!!
'Excellend' job...BTW, since when do the CLIENTS of MTSOs blow their trumpets on this site?

This is slowly but surely becoming HYSTERICAL...must be delirium setting in :P
That is exactly what I expected --
unlimited accounts and unlimited available work like it used to be. Seems to be getting some better though, so maybe it will work out.
Yes, but it should be expected...

that when you hire on as an MT, your skills will be evaluated.  I'm sure their clients have certain quality expectations that must be met.  The company is better off finding out whether those expectations can be met sooner rather than later.

Precisely. We have had some very unprofessional people sm
and some who turn their editing back in unedited. I will not say the name of the company because I am not a recruiter, just someone who thought I'd help get resumes for the positions. At last count, apparently some people cannot read and we keep getting resumes, the resume count is 179.

Its not Shapin. It is a small midwestern company located in middle America, Illinois.

You can nag all you want, but I have no say in hiring, nor do I have any say in firing.

If you want, I'll list the names of all the people who applied and then you can see who you can contact to see if you know any of them?
That is precisely why when I needed a new computer
I had one custom-built by an American guy, a neighbor, who speaks English as his first language, is a superb tech, and does not believe in offshoring, either.
Careful now. These were precisely the points
one of the posts under the TTD thread below that now seems to have the reply option blocked. Not 5 minutes after that post appeared, describing exactly the scenario you have here, the poster was attacked for being a miserable, complete and utter failure as an MT for such transgressions as riding the roller coaster of outsourcing, working with no sick time, no vacation time, no holiday pay, loss of benefits, job hopping to get pay raises, working 48 to 60 hour work weeks, training herself in new technologies over and over, buying and replacing her own equipment multiple times, having her marriage cave in after being outsourced again to home where she stayed holed up behind closed doors (unavailable to her family) trying to make mortgage payments and the like.

The ultimate failure (at least according to the mean-spirited responder) was that she had the utter gall to lose her health during the 10-plus-year absence of health care benefits and end up with chronic medical conditions that culminated in a physical and mental collapse and a 7 year hiatus from MTing. She was accused of blaming MTing for her collosal failures and looking for sympathy, which of course, the superior, self-righteous, sanctimonious more successful MT was mocking and belittling and who also forbade the MT failure to criticize the subcontracting practice and instead, suggested she needed to be banished from the profession AL together since it didn't seem to suit her.

It is heatening indeed to see that the sentiments expressed in that post below are recognized and shared back here in the real world. Thanks for your post.
you are precisely the case in point (not OP)
A PROFESSIONAL MT (i am an MT, not QA by the way) will take whatever time it takes within reason to get every tittle right, no matter what his/her pay is. That, IMO, is the difference between people doing MT and a real transcriptionist. p.s. if you'd really LIKE to know what the ESL is saying, you take the time, go through the struggle and you eventually will get good at it. QA is not over-rated, but is probably underpaid, having to fix the likes of your type work. Why are you even in this business if you don't put the quality first? oh, i know, probably you are one of those recruited off a TV ad that wants to get rich quick and work at home. With all due respect, you're the one that needs to find a new job.
Oh, I understood the post precisely and still
the people letting VR just go thru in order to not be docked should be immediately terminated.
But not this year, although not really expected. nm
when you say "for those that work hard," what precisely do you mean? sm
Please elaborate. I'm assuming at the very least, 8 hrs/d, or more like 10 hr/d? 12 days? ??!! Ridiculous.
Or perhaps, 72 hrs/pp?
NO~thing has changed since this past
Inline Attachment i.e. Please Sir. May I please have more work. LMAOOO. Nice post crazyMT. STILL, to this very day, gives me chuckles. The only constant in this business..||\

Anyone? Seen her? My good buddy, Xanax? javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
btw: does/do the spelling police frequent this Community???
Peace. Thanks All You Very Hard-working MTs et al. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
She's a stickler for detail and precisely the kind of MT
MTs post here often they are expected to be avail.
What a shame! As an employee I would have expected some
job security! I thought only ICs like me had very little security net. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Makes me think I should still stay IC because I was going to sign on with another company (not Webmedx) just for the security of having work. Uggg. I hope you get work soon!
Probably because most of us are expected to do our share and work at least one sm

day of the weekend, at least once or twice a month.  It doesn't bother me to work weekends.  I grew up with my mom in the medical field so the idea that I would be off on weekends never really occurred to me.  I do not have a family or anything, so I only have me to consider.  I usually work holidays too so those who have families can maybe spend some extra time.  Still, that is me.

If that schedule works for you and the company is happy (which would seem to be the case here), that's great.  I wouldn't mind working 10-hour days and having an extra day off, but not sure that is possible with all of the jobs I am juggling right now.  Still, we all can dream. 

Again, I am glad you have a good situation for you.  Congrats! 

In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
Leads actually are expected to meet
a certain quota like everyone else. Otherwise, they'd starve. Leads have to pay their bills like everyone else.
She didn't say she expected to be thanked back
She just said they didn't respond. I think Miss Manners would say that the proper response to thank you would be you're welcome.
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
Too low even at that rate probably still expected to work many many hours
Really? I just came from a company that expected 2000 minimum!
Per day.  I guess I was getting screwed, but at 5 cpl, 1200 lines a day (if you work only 5 days a week) is only 1200 a month!  How can you live on that?
I was told when they needed help and that is when they expected me to work
so it is possible she was told what days and times, as that is pretty much what they said to me. Then work was never available during that time slot and so I opted to move on.
from IC to Employee status, pay cutis expected.
Heck no. You're expected to work the holidays, even the big ones! nm
Can someone tell me the difference between IC and employee and what hours are you expected to work
as an IC. Are your hours flexible as an IC.