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Looking for decent company

Posted By: Steph on 2007-09-17
In Reply to:

I'm looking for a decent national company. It's really important that they provide the computer since mine is ancient and they accept satellite internet because I live in rural Maine and that's all available here. I support a 4-person household and really need a company that's dependable. I was looking in Webmedx, Transcript USA, and Transcription Relief Services. Anyone know anything about any of those. Not interested in Diskriter, Transcend, JLG, Spheris, or Precyse. Oh also, are all the companies going to ASR now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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very decent company
Everybody is great and helpful. Wish you the best..
She said she was looking for a DECENT company.
Decent company

They are a decent compay with better than average pay and good benefits.  Pretty flexible as far as scheduling.  Platform is user friendly and easy to get lines with.  Team leads and supervisors are nice and helpful.

Best company to work for as an IC. Decent cpl etc...nm
I work for All Type. They are a decent company.
Check them out. I am an IC but if you live in certain states you can be an employee or SE. Not sure if they need anyone right now though.
and all this time I thought they were a decent company!
Guess I was wrong! I almost accepted a position with them 6 months ago when I was changing companies, but ended up accepting a position with another company instead. Now I'm glad I did! I definitely would not want to be a part of a company that treats their MTs this poorly! I hope that this MTs sues them for all that they are worth! What they did is totally illegal!
Great company other than below. Decent pay, easy

platform, they usually don't pester you to work OT if they have it, they pay for downtime, QA very tough, strict schedule, daily QA feedback, monthly QA score.

If you screw up be prepared to be yelled out like a 5-YO.  Work your schedule, follow account specifics, produce a quality product and you'll never hear from anyone. 

I have been working in-house at a hospital and would like to go home to work, but I am having a hard time finding a company out there that offers decent insurance benefits and PTO.. Any ideas are appreciated..
Who then will hire for part time and is a decent company?(nm)

Yes, they are a decent company. Different personalites, overall good people. nm
Good, decent company. Pay on time. Low on work. nm
I hear you. I just tested for what I thought was a decent company....
After a ridiculously involved screening, passing all, and with more than 10 years exp, I was offered 7.5 to do operative reports! (and did I mention I also said I could work weekends!) Are they kidding?!?!
Decent company, good people, pay on time, work low sometimes. nm
I wouldn't quit a decent company for seasonal low work volume.
I'd hang around and see what the New Year brings. I wouldn't say that if you were working for MQ, but I would for a company with a decent reputation. If it is still slow in January, I'd talk to my supervisor and find out what her take is on the situation.
Can anyone provide a name of a good smaller company to work for that offers decent benefits..
I want to get away from the "nationals". I know there are smaller transcription companies out there looking for a good MT.. Hopefully someone will have some good advice for me.
WebMedX is a good company. Decent pay for high level acute care
They have excellent account managers and a great QA dept. The platform is really quite easy with the improvements they have made, and they are constantly working to make it even better. Everything is geared to making the MT's job easier. I have been with WMX for over a year and I am quite pleased with them.
When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
What would you consider a decent (sm)
line pay? 8, 9, 12 (well, we can dream, right?)
What is a decent
hourly starting wage for QA anyhow, or are we allowed to talk about that here.  I have been doing transcription for 11 years, and like you all mentioned, Im starting to just ache.  I can do about two hours at a time, and then I have to take a break.  I had done some editing here and there, and was thinking this time about going to QA full time, but I get confused with all the pay rates.  Some are offering 3 to 4 cents a line, some are offering hourly rate, and I have no idea what a decent pay rate is for this position.
Decent cpl pay.

Does it seem like escription accounts want to pay less because you can produce more with the editing? 

Never take less than 4cpl for editing.  That's the highest I've seen.  I personally won't take less than 9/10 cpl for the straight typing with those accounts either.

Don't know about decent, but here are some

Accurate Typing of Suffolk, NY - use Word and Hyperterminal.  Dependable Transcription of Florida - use Word, FTP, DSS files.  Documed of NJ - Word and email of files.  EFD of Alabama, but you need a Lanier or Cphone. Use Word and PCAnywhere.  First Choice - use Word and FTP.  Heim's in Pennsylvania - use Word Perfect 9 or higher and FTP.  LML Transcription in Illinois - use Word with DocShuttle and FTP.  Medscribe in Pennsylvania - only 7 cpl, use Word with DocShuttle.  Metro in Georgia - use Word and FTP.  MRT Services in Georgia - use Word and FTP.  MTs in Mass. - 7 cpl, pay weekly, use Word and FTP.  PRN Transcription in New Mexico - use Word Perfect and email, 7 cpl.  Transcription Connection in Ohio - 8 cpl, use Word and maybe ExText. (posters don't have much good to say about them, though).  There may be others and some of this info may even have changed in the interim, but it's a place for you to start from. Good Luck! ... Wanderer


A decent MT should be getting off QA sm
by the third full day of work, an excellent one sooner.  Congrats to you.  And yes everyone, I am saying that under most circumstances (unless the company has a strict QA time period of a week, 2 weeks) you should be off!
Decent job
Just changed jobs, went through a Med Tran headhunter type of service.  This has turned out to be a total disaster.  So, looking for new employment and am very interested in getting hooked up with a company that uses EditScrpt platform by eScription.  I have two years experience in that platform and love it.  Any suggestions?  Not willing to try this headhunter service again as they were less than truthful with me.  Actually just looking for a job with a decent company that pays more than slave wages.
Is there a decent IC job anywhere
Cannot find 1 IC job that pays decently with 24 hour turn around, and only 1 day on the weekend required. Scoured the ads left and right.  Any ideas? Not MDI-MD please (BTDT), anywhere else would be appreciated.  TIA 
First of all, have a decent attitude
Lets face it, working for a living sucks.  Unless you're doing whatever your passion is and getting big bucks to boot.  MT is not my passion, but I still put all I can into it, in order to get a paycheck and stay on the good side of my supervisors.  Simply a good attitude, work when i'm scheduled to do so, focus so the quality is above 98%.  I agree, its getting bad in this industry, you can complain all you want, but some of us are working hard to hold onto our positions...at least until we have something better to fall back on.  I don't have hubby to pick up my slack so I do what i'm told and collect my paycheck.
spell decent!
I like it a lot. They are really decent people.

My first paycheck was in the bank ON TIME and for the correct amount too!

Is 8 cpl a decent rate for an IC who SM
just graduated from school in October, only my 2nd MT job and a fairly easy clinic account with no ESLs? Quite a bit of 'normals' info in our reports too.

Am I getting the shaft or about normal for a newbie?
The OP is saying she has no decent work, which
obviously seems lack of work. Your post sounds more like a confessional to clear your own guilt - apples and oranges! You have oodles of work, and the OP doesn't! Get it?
Decent living..

In short....the answer about Is it possible to make a decent living with them, without having to work 40 or 50 hours per week?.... NO 

All the decent docs have

TransTech did a big hiring blitz back in October last year for a new account, but the account almost immediately started going to VR, so the doable dictators left in a hurry!

The jobs that get sifted towards the MT's out of VR machine, thus, are the very difficult dictators that should be warned about their dictation habits.

The ExSpeech (editing platform) is very awkward and time consuming, so it is a catch 22 for the MT's. ExText has a good spell check and is easy platform to learn.

TransTech does not allow the MT's to check/verify our lines in the manner in which, in my opinion, we should be able to do. The CTRL I function does not give even a close line count and our pay stubs do not show it either -- just the word *piecework*. We can go to iChart; however, it does not show an immediate line count nor the jobs or line count per report -- only a total line count for a period of time per TransTech's counting method. It is a lot of trouble to go to iChart to get an immediate line count each time you choose to check your pace. We should be able to do this right from the platform/software that we are working in, IMO.

It seems our lines have been much harder to obtain in the past several months -- I suppose more to the dictators shuffled our way from VR, than anything that Transtech is doing with the line counts. I can't imagine them messing with our line counts in any form or fashion, as some companies have been accused of doing.

VR is the way of the future in order for the companies to be more profitable for themselves, so this is what we have to look forward to -- those of us who remain in the MT profession.


Well that's a decent amount of $
NOT to walk away from. Depending on how much you need it though I would still consider not taking it... and not signing.

Then you are completely free to do anything u want without any worry.

If you need the money, however, you appear to have little risk with this contract being prevailed upon in court.

I'd say you don't really need to 'panic' anymore - :) you'll be OK with either choice.

Good luck.

and maybe you'll get decent MTs!

The pay was decent and everything was good except
I never knew how much work I would have - sometimes too much and sometimes not enough. That was a while back, though.
Umm - decent insurance? - nm
MT should be getting these things PLUS a decent
Decent for PT work
I worked for them for several months.  It was OK.  The work was pretty difficult and I have a lot of experience with ESLs.  I always got paid, but not always on time.  QA is a b***h, but that was just my experience.  I'd personally keep looking.
R there any decent companies
I don't want to hear from anyone with Keystrokes. Any other companies? TIA
Spheris decent?
Spheris insurance is reasonably priced but horrifically poor coverage; up to $3000 annual deductible. Pay used to be excellent; you know what you would get according to level of account. If you wanted more cpl, you could transfer to a higher level account. No more. Pay is top secret (lower). No more account levels. Flexible schedule not likely but depends on your supervisor/account needs. Most accounts now transitioning to some/most SR (even lower pay). PTO only if FT. Incentive is decent and attainable if FT. Resources are excellent to do your job (help loops, desktop references, training modules, etc.). Direct deposit always on time. If you don't need good insurance and can work for what they offer you, you would probably do okay.
It's known as electronic cherry-picking by the Leads .. as the company claims not to outsource work.  There have been 1 or 2 who are very adept at this.  After 3 years with the company, I know generally the makeup, percentage-wise, of good, mediocre, ESL and dictators who just plain s**ck.  So when I get almost a whole shift of crap that takes me 3 times longer to produce, well, figure it out.  There is 1 lead in particular who likes to pick out the good dictators right out of my queue and replace them with garbage.  I have actually called her attention to this on more than 1 occasion.  I'm no tattletale, but this is my living, and my next e-mail will be cc'd to mgmt and all the Suits I can think of.  The Leads are literally taking food out of our childrens' mouths.  
Do you know if they are decent to work for or anything about them?
It's decent. They are always working to improve it.
You have to click to different pages to run searches and add copies, but the platforms runs pretty quickly. They do listen to the MTs in working towards perfecting it. It all takes time though. I've been with them for several months now and they have upgraded twice. I don't think you'll have a problem with it.
Finally found something decent sm
10 cpl weekdays and 14 cpl weekends,  YES!!!!! what company you may ask, email me privately, she is in need of at least 3 MTs.
Very decent bennies. If you do ESL, you can get 10 cents
a line with bennies.  Check them out. 
I was so glad to hear this!! They are a decent

a decent company despite the posts here.

I'm glad you are getting decent money
but I'm really hurt by this.  I feel used now. 
Any decent companies hiring?

Does anyone know of a good MT company that is hiring?  Here is what I am looking for...

Flexible schedule

Taxes taken out

Differential if shift work is required

Software that allows decent line counts



There are other honest MTs who turn a decent
pull the plug on them before the notice can be fully worked...suddenly you cannot access your account because the MTSO found a replacement and locked you out.

So for whatever ill feelings you have from people who have burned you, there are MTSOs who do the same or worse. To use your obviously bitter thinking, isn't it good all MTSOs are perfect? ~rolling eyes~
Disagree, DSG pretty decent (SM)
I never ran out of work. Uses DocQScribe but must do something different than MQ as I had no prob making 1500 lines/day on day 4. Exceptionally supportive to MTs -- encourages sharing of normals and other info. They offered me top line rate right at the start, plus weekend bonus (IC). Management was wonderful, responsive. I'd be there still, but I screwed up.
You have a decent team leader.
Mine is not that great and is not flexible.