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First of all, have a decent attitude

Posted By: sittin pretty... on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: Since your such a MQ cheerleader - Well then..

Lets face it, working for a living sucks.  Unless you're doing whatever your passion is and getting big bucks to boot.  MT is not my passion, but I still put all I can into it, in order to get a paycheck and stay on the good side of my supervisors.  Simply a good attitude, work when i'm scheduled to do so, focus so the quality is above 98%.  I agree, its getting bad in this industry, you can complain all you want, but some of us are working hard to hold onto our positions...at least until we have something better to fall back on.  I don't have hubby to pick up my slack so I do what i'm told and collect my paycheck.

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When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
Why such an attitude
So take that?  Are you sticking your tongue out too?  I certainly hope you find some serenity somewhere.  You must still be working for one of those "rotten companies" if you are complaining about their pay schedule. 
Your Attitude Says It All
It seems to me by the tenor of your posting that maybe you have an attitude problem. I have been a medical Transcriptionist for almost 30 years and have seen people like you come and go, mostly go. Did it ever occur to you, that maybe you were the problem?
Your attitude
You wonder why you don't get raises or bonuses? Take some time and think about it. You are just plain nasty. Just do your work, follow instructions from your manager and take personal responsibility, Psychic network? Sounds like you're all too familiar with it. Maybe youre watching too much of that instead of working, or maybe chatting on line in the chat rooms, dissing anybody you can for your poor performance. Take responsibility for your work, you own it. Don't turn it back on anyone else. Maybe youre one of those ones that think a tad bit more digoxin is not gonna harm a thing, or maybe if a diagnosis is just a tad bit off, no harm done right? Get off your psychic network behind and get with the real world.
We all get to have attitude ..
To save ourselves from embarrassment we should probably try to make it a good one .. ;-)
Ain't that the truth! I try to keep a good attitude, but sometimes people just knock that right out of you.
That attitude towards others
is uncalled for on this or any other board
RE: attitude is everything..

 I'll be sure to tell my ex-coworkers you said that; I'm sure they'll have a whole new outlook on their situations when I pass on that little piece of misguided 'advice' from you.  Maybe if you removed those rose-colored glasses for a minute, you might actually see the many, many people who used to enjoy their jobs, worked hard every day, didn't say anything negative about SPi and then were summarily fired on a conference call without warning.  Or maybe those people who logged in to work only to find they had been canned - again without warning - should change their attitudes.  Or how about people who were let go because they couldn't meet the standards that were then lowered when those jobs were given to offshore workers?

If you're lucky enough to still have an account you love, count your rare blessings.  Then go ask your supervisor if it's one of the accounts that they're right now changing over to voice recognition, or taking away from US employees and transferring overseas, or getting rid of because it's not profitable enough.

I appreciate that you have a good attitude and, yes, being negative all the time and/or for no reason is not a good thing.  However, the people you're reprimanding and insinuating should just quit their whining and be happy like you are frequently now have to worry about where dinner's going to come from, whether they'll lose their house, how long they'll be on antidepressants since they lost their jobs at SPi, etc.; that's all due to SPi.   And those are just a few reasons people are venting on this board and elsewhere.  They have a right to release a bit of frustration and not feel so thankful and blessed right now, thank you very much.  That does not mean they have bad attitudes. 

And while I'm up here on this soap box, I might as well correct another error you made.  A LOT of the people you're referring to did NOT have a choice in the matter (see above about the firings - and those are just two examples).  Yes, there are people who quit, but many of them that I know were virtually forced to do so by the circumstances they were forced to work under.  And others were told they'd better move on before they got fired.  I personally know people in QA, MT, tech support, supervision, and management who have felt the ill consequences of working for SPi specifically.

I'm glad you're happy at SPi, and I'm not suggesting you shouldn't be or even that you're wrong in your idea that attitude can make a difference; it certainly can.  What I am saying is that not everyone has had the good experience with SPi that you seem to have had; in fact, you may even be in the minority, believe it or not.  And you should be aware of how condescending your message sounded.  You might have a good 'attitude' but you certainly don't have good manners.

Attitude is everything...

I have personally been with SPi four years.  We have gone through a lot of changes.  What company doesn't?  It is really unprofessional and concerning when you see negative posts about SPi.  I started as an MT (15 years experience already), and I now work in QA.  I love my job!  Attitude is everything!  People choose to have a good or bad atittude.  People also choose where they wish to be employed.  Could go on and on but won't.  The positives for which I choose to stay with SPi consist of working an account I love and am committed to, direct deposit every 2 weeks (they have not missed one, can't say that for some others); and awesome benefits package for all employees.  This company is here to stay.  It is financially strong and structurally solid.  I'm sure everyone has heard the saying, If you can't say something nice....then don't say anything at all.  It really is a bad reflection toward those who choose to be negative.  Life is too short!  : )


attitude is 90% of everything
I know, attitude doesn't pay the bills.  but with the right attitude, you will be patient for an hour or two if work is slow, or talk to your liaison about any concerns, and i per my experience, he/she will do all they can to work with you to overcome any obstacles.  I researched this job/company before i started and in 33 yr of MTing, i've never been happier.  Again, it depends on what you are looking for in a job, and the attitude you have.  Don't let the naysayers worry you. 
What we take offense at is the general overtones of contempt of MTs by QAs on this threat and the transcription industry in general.  The QA is above having to look anything up because now most are paid on production.  Well, what do you think the MT is being paid on?  We don't get paid to look up Dr's name, unfamiliar names, terminology, etc., only what's actually down in black and white.  QA is asked to perform this job because it is assumed she has more experience with a particular doctor in that hospital, medical term, etc, that's why she's a QA instead of MT.
The only one with an attitude here...
:-( Feel better now after being nasty to someone looking for help? Pathetic!!
That attitude by most (it seems) SM

at KS really puts me off.  She is sitting there bragging about doing CLINIC WORK, for Pete's sake - and then implying that someone whose work pool runs out is a slacker.  I guess she has to put her brain to use typing meaningless implications on this board because she doesn't use it typing clinic notes.

Sad as it may be...it is not MY attitude
Just the way things are, so I am told.  Can't say that I agree with it but I do have to live with it.  I am paid at the top amount for my skill level and I am told that the industry standard has not changed, so I cannot receive a pay increase.  I guess I should consider myself lucky that my pay has not been decreased because that, in fact, seems to be the industry trend.  My production is at least 2000 lines a day, will work overtime, good audit scores, and I am very reliable also.  Still does not constitute a pay increase.  I guess it is what it is.  Having said that, I am still pretty happy with my company, my work, and my pay.  It is better than most and for the 6 months I have been here, I have never felt mistreated, over-worked, and management has actually taken complaints to the doctors on behalf of the MTs.  I really cannot complain.
I think you just have a negative attitude. Why
Actually, you sound like one of those people who complain about everything. I am really sorry for you. Wish you could be happy too!!

And on top of everything else you have no idea what you are talking about. You have been proven wrong on here at least 2 times.
Please don't think we all share this attitude. sm
First of all, I'm not saying I'm in favor of offshoring MT work. On the other hand, Kasmir, it's not YOU that any one of us should be angry at. I've talked with many MTs from India, and they're basically the same as us. They're nice people, trying to do their job and provide for their family. I don't have a problem with that. And out of all of my dealings with people from India, and I've worked with many at a previous company, I have always found Indian people to be very polite and respectful, with never a bad word to say and always a positive attitude.

I just thought maybe you needed to hear some encouraging words in the middle of all of this. :)
YOU have an attitude problem, not me
I have found other work and am happy. You really should watch judging others. I have been an MT for 5 years, and I have never encountered a judgmental attitude like YOU. Walk in MY shoes first before you go saying that I am a problem, which I am NOT.
Now that is the attitude I would hire in a second ...
Great perspective you have!

(No, I'm not an MTSO or employer yet; just a worker right now.)

What a sad attitude about professionalism.
I hope you mean a laidback lifestyle. You should ALWAYS be professional with your work, regardless if you are working from home in your PJs or working in an office in a business suit.

Professionalism is what is expected. It is how you will get rewarded.

AAMT sets the standards, whether you like them or not.

Sounds like you generally have a poor attitude toward anything that takes effort or education.

No. Guess I have the been there, done that attitude!
I figure if I left, I must've been pretty unhappy about something. But I know things can change like new management or a better platform which could make a big difference.

I suppose it's something worth considering.
Your attitude is exactly what I have an issue with...
Healthcare should be about humanity, in my opinion. It should not be a business.

The only thing QA is for, is a place to go in between management for MTs to make more money.

You are making the salaries MTs used to make.

If I am burned out, it is from your kind of attitude that it is happening everywhere and we just have to deal with it.

I know better, I know I am a worthwhile human being and not just a grunt for some corporation who makes millions off my hard work, and then expects me (as you echo) to just shut up and type, and be ever so thankful I have a job.

You sound burned out to me. You sound like you do not care a bit about humanity or people. You are only interested in yourself, and you found a way to make more money rather than just do MT.

Some day the trend will change, and people will matter again. Your little digs to me do not bother me. It only shows your character.
Editor attitude
MTBucket wrote: How easy it is to sit through and listen to an already typed report, and make corrections. That does not even take a lot of skill, if you ask me.

- You’re absolutely right, sitting and listening to an already typed report is easy...easy on the wrists that is…BUT…as far as an easy job - any Editor would challenge you to go out and get a QA/editor position and then come back and post a truly insightful comment. You would quickly realize all the researching skills, patience, tolerance, time, and knowledge an editor actually needs/uses. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of time it takes to figure out and look up all the blanks MTs can leave because they couldn’t find or hear something, all the doctors we have to look up because the MTs couldn’t find them, all the terms we have to “know better” to correct because the MT mixed them up (left instead of right, hypo instead of hyper, clonidine instead of Klonopin, etc.), all the different format and styles we need to keep track of for the many different client preferences, etc. Not to mention the feedback we have to send back to the MTs, etc.

Despite what you think, there is quite a bit of skill involved in being an editor.

Both MTs and editors in this biz require skill, knowledge, etc., so it’s not fair to assume one side has it easy.

Worry about your own attitude
MTs raises, bonuses, TV-habits and/or chat room time are between her and her supervisor and none of QAs business. And if MTs want to share on an MT board their positive or negative, past or present work experiences/pet peeves that's also no business of QAs and neither is it their place to ''approve'' or ''disapprove'' with their condescending nasty tirades. Get off your own behind, worry about your own nasty attitude, and go ''check'' something.
Terrible attitude
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why our profession is going down the skids. Bring suit? Pulleeeze.
You have an excellent attitude - sm
I will remain anonymous but I am a supervisor with another national MT company. Your attitude is AWESOME. You've hit the nail on the head about ASR, changes in pay, etc etc. I only wish more MTs would see it your way.
Fix your resume and attitude
If all you really had was hospital MT work, (your words) then you were very vague. Sure, one would think you were probably exposed to a number of work types in different specialties, but why should they have to guess at it? The recruiter does not have time to play games with you and only asked a simple question. It would not have hurt you one bit to just answer the question. If you get your panties all bunched up over questions as minimal as that, I'd hate to hear how you handle any REAL questions. Yes, get off your high horse, fix your resume to appear professional and do something with that attitude.
Attitude is everything/Ontogreenerpastures
Thank you, Thank you!
You hit the nail right on the head...I left SPI because I was on the verge of bankruptcy because they lost my account and then put their compensation plan in place. I had no choice!! A good attitude is very hard to have when you can't pay the bills!

I now work for a great company and am so happy...I hope those that aren't happy with SPI find other work and those that are happy, good for you!!!
Honestly, you have a bad attitude...

The company offered to pay you after 1 week's worth of work.  You should be grateful.  They even offered to wire transfer the money to you, yet you are complaining about *the bank's fee*.  I surely hope the name you posted is not your real name.  If it is, everyone will now know your true nature.

When the day comes where all MTs adopt the attitude (sm)
that I don't get paid to research doctor's name and keep up with new terminology (drugs, surgical equipment, procedures, etc.), then, sadly, that is the day when we really will be nothing more than typing monkeys.

I'm not saying spend so much time looking up a doctor's name, drug, or term that you get kicked out of the system. General rule of thumb at all companies I have ever worked for is don't spend more than 5 minutes on research. I think that is a reasonable expectation. If you find what you're looking for, great, make a note of it so you don't ever have to look it up again. Better yet, pass it on to other MTs. I have done this on occasion, if I think someone else might come across the same thing.
No, but you can because your attitude is not nice and
Like the poster said, there are people who DO want to, so let them do it. Don't force people. Sorry you have to work Christmas.
Maybe it was your attitude as well as your crappy sm
transcription skills that got you let go from there.
Attitude check, please....
What's MY compensation for doing the best that I can do? Well, pride and self-respect are the first two responses that come to my mind.

To my knowledge, all MTs are MDI-MD are paid very decently and have a top-notch QA team to turn to in the event we need help. Apparently, unlike many other MTSOs, there is no MT-versus-QA at MDI-MD. We work hand-in-hand and share a mutual respect for our jobs. I refuse to believe any MT working with MDI-MD would strive for the elimination of QA in exchange for another penny or two per line. I just don't believe that's the way we operate at MDI-MD.

MDI-MD is not like many other MTSOs posted about on these boards. In my experience, we at MDI-MD truly are a 'team' and work together as such.

With the attitude that permeates your post, I'd say you're likely not even an MDI-MD employee, just someone out to rattle some chains and see if you can start a cyber-war.

You need the attitude check...

Sorry, but your post came across as very snarky.

chicken little attitude
The sky must be falling if they have a job or two out of TAT. 
If this is your attitude, I would suggest sm

that you not move forward with Webmedx.  Nothing against your point of view, you are within your rights to have your opinion about VR, but it is not the right attitude to have or to display with this company.

The CEO is full bore, gung ho for VR.  You need to know that.  Most every account that I know of is VR for the most part.  If you are resisting it, you will not fit in with this company. 

It's very obvious to me who it is--all the secrecy and attitude....nm
attitude. I also think it makes a HUGE
difference if you like the account your on. I hate my account and have requested to be moved on numerous occasions. I work my schedule. I work when they call for OT. I don't call in. So please don't preach to me, I have worked the worst accounts and the worst shifts without one complaint. However, I would like to be treated with some respect. The office I work out of has totally changed in the past 3 months and not for the better. I used to be just like you - all was good. I hope your good fortune with them continues. Just don't be so quick to judge others and say they suck as you really don't know the whole picture of their situation. And by the way, I don't have a husband to fall back on either, but I do have a child to feed. We are not bad people because we share a different opinion that you do - that is our right and as I said everyone is different situations.
That is certainly a selfish attitude isn't it? There are more in the world

Guess someone got up with an attitude this morning.

You know, I rarely do visit this site, but when I do and I have something worthwhile to say to clarify for someone that really does have a question to answer.  I like to answer it.  One would wonder if you would be so bold if you were not afraid to use your real name and stand behind your bold statements.  There are many great MTs who really would have pertinent questions.  One person's experience with a company may not be the same experience that another MT might have.  As for my snobby nose, I think you can ask anyone that really knows me and you would find that I am probably the most caring, professional and strong advocate for the MTs that you are ever going to run across.  Thanks for your time and you have a wonderful day.

If you had an attitude that she should be falling all over herself to hire you......
maybe THAT's why she didn't call you back!   
It's your attitude that bothers me. I have just as much experience as you do and I also
am much in demand, yet I do not happen to carry the attitude you have. This profession has enough prima donnas.
Good for you!! Wonderful attitude! nm
Your post illustrates the attitude of the SM
management and ALL of the long-term employees of that company.  Thanks for showing the world.
maybe they caught on to your attitude and decided against it.
No violation. Told to do it. I don't get attitude with

them either.  I comply as best as possible.  It's difficult when you do things their way you are being corrected to not do it when you were told to do it all over again. 

So it is not my attitude or my unwillingness.  They are happy with me as far as I know.  Never had any complaints about my work, except for petty style issues.  I am very willing and eager to learn, and have been with this company since April and everything is always fine and dandy until you need a 4th account because work is slow and you get thown on QA all over again.

I just wish people wouldn't automatically jump to conclusions.  I was half leery about posting because of that.  I can tell you..I am not in any kind of HIPAA noncompliance, as we are told to look up samples.  Otherwise where would I be getting this information from?  I wouldn't have regular access to MTs reports unless allowed by this large national, right? I am certainly not smart enough to magically pop into a system to see anything.

I also need to add:  I proof and relisten to almost every single report.  Overboard, yes, but that's just how much this uncaring MT cares about the work she puts out.  So, after being an MT for 3 years my line count = 100-120 lines per hour because of it.  I would rather myself suffer than my quality or a patient.  I am not one of these people who flings out 300 lph just to throw them out not caring about any mistakes.  I guess that is why I beat myself up over this?  Because I strive to be the best MT that I can be to only be corrected on someones personal style preference that is new to the QA in the company I work for anyhow?

Actually I have a really good attitude towards everything..im just REALISTIC!
Yes you are right the AAMT sets standards then changes them..to make money.

I am a very happy upbeat person and people like you drag the happiness down ... BORING PEOPLE...that is what I would consider a poor attitude LOL.

I was expressing the way things are...realistically...not saying people SHOULD NOT be professional, but you CAN be professional and LAID BACK AT THE SAME TIME..unless you have difficulty with multitasking LOL.

Don't be such a drama queen about it..i'm entitled to my opinion. Don't worry BE HAPPY SWEETIE!! Life is grand...live it to the fullest..arguing makes ya old!
If I am burned out, it is by this attitude inside...
I think MTs should actually take a professional attitude to heart. All of the message boards are full of the most hateful, catty, snotty, judgemental, whining people but they want to be recognized as professionals. We don't appear to be a professional group because we are not acting that way, speaking that way...

Then, We have to learn to adapt, change, and make ourselves necessary for the future. Doing the swollen chest/head routine won't get it. Complaining won't get it. Threatening to quit or unionize won't get it. Making a dedicated effort to be better at our work, difficult dictators and all, WILL get it.

That is belittling, to incorporate all MTs as complainers, whiners, unable to change or adapt.

Mostly I see QA whining and complaining about MTs -

I also do not care to be called burned-out because I have certain opinions...that is condenscending (Assuming a tone of superiority, or a patronizing attitude).

Where I work there are mostly (or used to be as they are now transitioning to the trends of utilizing QA to lower pay/benefits) awesome QA, who keep their comments to themselves and are 'professional.'

I have, however, been subject to comments over the years from people who appear sadistic when they approach MTs. Unfortunately, these more than outweigh the people who keep it business and to the point.

Constructive criticism? You bet I welcome it, and appreciate it, and learn from it, as do most MTs I believe. What is difficult is to get comments like above, and the general attitude than can infiltrate throughout a company that the MT is not professional or worthy.

The divide is wrong. QA should be no better than an MT, and my comments about MTs - bottom line, QA would not have jobs without us, period. What would you have to critique?

How easy it is to sit through and listen to an already typed report, and make corrections. That does not even take a lot of skill, if you ask me. Even re-reading my own reports I can find minor errors every time. That is why I try to quickly do a once-over before I send a report, if time allows and I am not pressed to get my lines or hours in so that I do not lose my benefits...

Maybe it is different where you work, and it used to be where I work, but it is quickly changing.
It's exactly this attitude that is allowing the MT field to go -
It's also their "holier-than-thou" attitude..sm
Who are they, with their condescending remarks and rudeness?  Their just employees, same as MTs, just with different job duties.  Their nitpicking just shows that they don't have enough work to do to justify their salaries, which the MT is paying, by the way. They can't find gross errors so they micro-manage, or nitpick, to show management that they are on the ball. 
Why the snide attitude? How do you know who this person is? sm
I get so tired of people bashing or doubting others, just because their experience doesn't match yours at a particular company.