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Minimum lines for FT used to be 60,000 keystrokes a day, about 925 lines. Pay was good. Just not a

Posted By: good fit for me accountwise. nm on 2006-04-27
In Reply to: Would like DRC info - - pt


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Think it was a minimum of 60,000 keystrokes a day, equiv. to about 925 lines? That was a while ago.
FT/PT? Minimum lines? Thank you. nm
minimum lines for ICs
You have to watch it with MedScribe. I am not a lazy person, just a single dad, but when my production dropped a little low for just a short time last month they ended my contract like BAM! And no second chance. So after half a year of high quality Rad work for them now I am looking again.
Very difficult and they raised the minimum lines per wk. nm

With Transtech, how easy is it to get your minimum lines
You pay more for insurance if you don't make minimum lines also sm
I left there because of this exact issue. I started having a harder and harder time getting my lines, meaning I got a reduced line rate and had an extra $95-100 on top of that taken out because they didn't pay the employer matching part of the insurance.
They have the accounts set up so that we can BARELY get our minimum lines required in.
If I want to camp out for 15 hours a day as I wait for work to trickle in I can make more. :-(
Does anyone know the minimum lines required part time for Amphion? Thanks. nm
Told minimum PT was 3500 lines a week; requires 2 weekend days a month nm
DRC used to be 60,000 keystrokes/day for about 925 lines for FT. Will
Keystrokes lines
I worked on an account that paid by the minute of dictation.
1800 lines is easily achieved. I average 300-340 lines per hour. nm
Does Keystrokes provide 800 lines or do you
10 lines per minute = 1500 lines for 150 minutes - average. nm
I average 1200-1400 lines per day with a national, and am only getting around 600-800 lines per day.
It's been this way since the day before Thanksgiving. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now, and more often than from Thanksgiving until the new year is the slowest time of the year. I have some months where I am swamped with up to 2000 lines per day. I stash that little extra money, and take advantage of a handful of extremely slow days this time of the year to actually cook dinner, decorate for Christmas, or do Christmas shopping. I actually anticipate this slow time every year and have grown to enjoy the breathing time. Any time I have attempted to pick up extra work with another company to supplement these slow times, the minute I get adjusted to the new accounts, etc. I have no time to finish all of my work because my full time job with national gets slammed again. Hang in there if you can, and hopefully your work will pick up significantly around New Years.
They work with you to make sure you get the lines required or the amount of lines you want...
I have never had a problem getting more work
That many keystrokes worked out to 925 lines +/- a day. You have to stick to 8 hrs a day, though. St
my company, not Keystrokes, 1020 lines/day
keystrokes vs. lines doesn't really matter
If they stick to a standard 65 character line and include each keystroke as part of a line it won't make a difference. I made a mere 7.5 per line at a previous job (counted headers and footers) and made much better money because I was put on good accounts and kept on them. I've read some companies do not pay for spaces. My thoughts on that is fine, Iwouldn'ttypethem.

If it's not a trick line then counting by lines is okay.
Is there anyone working for Keystrokes that has not been able to get 12,000 lines per pay period? sm
If so, how is that handled by the company?
How do you get your required lines if there was no work at DSG or Keystrokes. Is
that a problem with them if there is no work or what do you do.  Thanks!
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
Yes it is possible to double your lines. I cant type 460 lines an hour but I can get those with VR
It's only good if it's for about 10 lines. nm
Good luck getting those 10,000 lines
Regular lines, not weighted lines
was what I got paid for....
12K lines payperiod is 6K lines a week.
0.8 x 1000 lines = $80.00 - 0.8 x 1500 lines = $120.

Along the same lines, has anyone ever left TH and gone back with good results?
I love the K. Long reports, good lines.
Question for anyone currently with DSG. Do you find it is difficult to get good lines there.
I started recently and seem to find it rather difficult to get a good line count for some reason.  Help appreciated.
Saw a 33% QA submission rate - good # of lines. Hummmmm. nm
Keystrokes does not go by keystrokes, we go by lines. sm
1200 lines per day comes out to 150 lines per hour. Most transcriptionists are able to do 200-250 lines per hour, so this is not unrealistic, nor is it unreasonable. The hospital that I used to work at prior to coming to Keystrokes had a minimum of 185 lines per hour. The service I worked for prior to Keystrokes had a minimum of 200 lines per hour.
Only require 400 lines completed within 24 hours....good company...
Good luck, I think everyone enjoys the lines from psych work. (nm)

Incentive tier isn't so good when it's hard to make lines. I'm about
It's not 1600 lines -- it's 16,000 lines...and
I've got my contract right here and have already gotten 2 checks and YES, I am getting 9.5 cpl base rate.

I don't know what other people are getting. Don't really care. I work for MY paycheck. Gosh.
Why would they "fix" lines? The more lines you
transcribe, the more you make, the more you make, the more you make. It wouldn't profit any company to put a lid on line counts.
NO WORK at Transtech -- did no good to work the holiday for 1.5 lines, did it?
I am sure the office staff will share their PAID HOLIDAY MONIES with us who sit here with no work.  This has gotten to be such a frustrating profession.  I guess I need to relocate to Houston so that I can work in the office, too, and reap those wonderful paid benefits that us at-home piecemeal workers do not get.
My lines have dropped too and I thought it was because I was slacking off or something - my checks have been 300 dollars less for the past 3 pay periods....hmmmmm
300+ lines?
can you email me - I want to know HOW you do it? tanks! myfingershurt63@yahoo.com
Like I said--how many lines do you do?
A whole lot of people don't like it--a whole lot more than do.  How many lines are you able to do?  Care to share since you love Transcend so much.  Is it more than 400 lines an hour typing and more than 600 lines an hour editing?  If not, you can't understand my situation at all.
How do you get 1-1/2 lines?
On my account, I never get that, the most I'm offered is 0.05 a line extra.
they are saying 250 because I want $15 per hour,but honestly..I'm having a hard time keeping up.....I can do the 250, but it would take time to get used to the dictators and get all templates/abbreviations on the system. I was offered a job with Medquist for 8 cpl, 8.5 if you go over a certain number of lines.... however, they get such bad press I haven't sent in thep paperwork and was thinking of only trying them part time to start.....anyone with any advice? TIA
8 cpl for 11,000 lines a pay, 8.5 for 14,000 lines and over. nm
From what I hear it all depends on the MQ office you work out of. I understand Amherst has a fit if your off by 15 minutes.
UGH, I think it should be either or lines or hours, not both. They just want to get the max out of us!!!
3 lines
I have 3 lines. My long distance is through AT&T from a long time ago. It is unlimited and it covers all three lines.
Yes, I have to say how many lines I will do but
I don't have to work a set schedule.  If you read the post above mine, you will see that the poster says she thinks it's because people just get on 24/7 whenever they feel like it and type and that's why there is no work, and it sounds like she thinks it would be better if we worked within a certain time frame so we could get our work in during those hours.  I don't think that is the problem at all.  I have been with MDI for several years and having access was never a problem before; when I was ready to work there was work.  I think the problem now is that there are just too many people and not enough work to go around.
usually around 5000 lines per pay period.

It depends on the company.

dsg lines
Can anyone share how many lines per hour you do approximately at DSG.  I work there and just seems like it takes me forever to get lines in....