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You pay more for insurance if you don't make minimum lines also sm

Posted By: anon2 on 2009-06-18
In Reply to: Etransplus.........sm - anon

I left there because of this exact issue. I started having a harder and harder time getting my lines, meaning I got a reduced line rate and had an extra $95-100 on top of that taken out because they didn't pay the employer matching part of the insurance.

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Minimum lines for FT used to be 60,000 keystrokes a day, about 925 lines. Pay was good. Just not a
Bare minimum? I make over $50,000 a year in 40 hours a week. That is not bare minimum. sm
Bare minimum would be $8 an hour which is $16,640 a year or $10 an hour which is $20,800 a year. I make more than twice that and that is NOT bare minimum.

I worked to get my typing speed to 80 wpm. I worked to get my Expanders user-friendly and plentiful. I am not the fastest because I look up what I do not know, but I am lucky to have a very good memory so if I type it a few times, I do not have to look it up. I keep notes when I run across something I do not know. I am interested in my profession and read the magazines for our profession and network with other transcriptionists during my free time, devoting a minimum of 2 hours per week to networking and learning new things.

I am not the fastest MT, but I am accurate and boiled it down to simple math. I need to transcribe 250 lines per hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. At 10cpl, that is 2000 lines a day x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year. I take 2 weeks off per year during July to visit my grandchildren (unpaid), 1 week a year to vacation with my husband (paid) and 1 week a year to spring clean (paid). I have worked for the same company for 4 years and 8 years for the one before this.

I treat my work hours as work hours and take 1/2 hour for lunch which I do not include in my 8 hours. I pretend that I am working outside the home and do not answer the door, get the mail, do laundry, etc. If I have a good day and go over the 2000, I bank it in my mind for days that are not as good and make sure that I get 10,000 lines each week.

My W2 each year is consistently $50,000. A few years it was higher, but I worked a few weekends, which I no longer do.

It IS possible.
FT/PT? Minimum lines? Thank you. nm
minimum lines for ICs
You have to watch it with MedScribe. I am not a lazy person, just a single dad, but when my production dropped a little low for just a short time last month they ended my contract like BAM! And no second chance. So after half a year of high quality Rad work for them now I am looking again.
Think it was a minimum of 60,000 keystrokes a day, equiv. to about 925 lines? That was a while ago.
Very difficult and they raised the minimum lines per wk. nm

With Transtech, how easy is it to get your minimum lines
They have the accounts set up so that we can BARELY get our minimum lines required in.
If I want to camp out for 15 hours a day as I wait for work to trickle in I can make more. :-(
If you cannot make minimum wage with this, then
get another profession. I make over $20 per hour. You are a poor excuse for a Transcriptionist if not able to do. End of message and end of talking about something apparently not everyone is able to do.
Does anyone know the minimum lines required part time for Amphion? Thanks. nm
I dislike the platform and am struggling to make minimum

line counts.  The IT department said platform issues are being worked on but won't be resolved anytime soon.   Work is sporadic on many accounts, may not be work during your shift, but you still have to make up the time and you're expected to accept it.  You may/may not get a backup account.

You get e-mails that threaten they will have to offshore if accounts can't stay within TAT, which makes me think it is already in the works. 

Benefits are good, but they don't make up for not being able to make lines. 

I think they are definitely better than some companies I have worked for, but every breath I take I'm in tears because I hate it so much. 


Told minimum PT was 3500 lines a week; requires 2 weekend days a month nm
They work with you to make sure you get the lines required or the amount of lines you want...
I have never had a problem getting more work
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
Insurance way too high. 12,000 lines per pay period.
All they offer are the few days of PTO. That does not include sick days or personal days and if you take a holiday off you will also have to use PTO to get paid for it, only pay for holidays if you work um.

My friend told me that there is no way she will be able to make the minimum line requirement after being switched to a VA account. She also said that on a whole their accounts are lousy and QA is very inconsistent.

Last I heard 10,000 lines PPP gets half your insurance paid.
Yes, I make 9 cpl too, but the insurance
Is there anyone else struggling to get the lines needed at Transcend for medical insurance? sm
Or is it just me??  TIA
Also make sure the hospital insurance covers you if
How does one count one's lines on DQS to make sure one's

Hard to make lines
Love Ops, make more lines on Ops than

anything else.  If you haven't done it in a while may be slow going until you're familiar with equipment/procedure terminology. 

Slow way to make lines
A friend has and it was much slower at line production but she had severe carpal tunnel syndrome... so it enabled to her to work is about it.
Now you can not make your lines in 9 hours!
There is an announcement coming out on the 13th that will make the insurance sm
more affordable for everyone AND Keystrokes will be contributing a large portion of the premium.
If you can't make 1000 lines in 8 hours,
in the wrong profession.
They don't expect U to make lines during first 90 days
Hang in there, it will get better, it takes time.
I am able to make 10,000 lines M-F every week at eTransPlus - nm
EDMAT is very hard to make lines.
I make a lot of money/lines at Transcend.
It probably depends on the platform. I love the company; have been there for a while but also worked elsewhere. This company is the best. E-mail me if you'd like
Now you can not make your lines in 9 hours! More time for 2nd Job.
I've been able to make my hours. No, you do not lose insurance if work should run out. nm
Can you say where you work where it's so easy to make your lines? All I come across is crap out
weird pay scale, hard to make lines, can't
make money, currently training women in Trinidad to do our job. 
Just wondering - how many hours do you normally have to work to make your 500 lines? Thanks! NM
You can make up your lines whenever you like. Just drop them and email letting them know that you ar
Keystrokers do you find it difficult to make lines? Almost

a year ago I was offered a position with KS.  There were lots of rumors going around about my company so I started looking, but I fell for the lies my MTSO told and stayed put.  The rumors became fact and I had to find another job.  I just cannot make decent lines with new company.   I went from gross line to 65 characters, which by itself can make 100+ lines a day difference.  The platform is boggy and I prefer to do Ops only, but doing everything but due to my scheduled work time and the tight TAT of Ops and I'm just not happy.

I  was hired for an acute care account doing Ops at KS, but I can't remember any of the other details (other than of course pay).   I'm thinking about calling them to see what they may have to offer (they said call if I changed my mind), but don't want to have to start all over again only to find myself in the same situation I'm currently in with no able to make lines.

Also, what kind of Expander can you use.   New job uses SH and I really don't like it. 



New TTer, struggling to make lines. Are they flexible on this
Uhoh .. does that mean it is difficult to make the 1300 lines per day sm

required for the 10 cpl?  I was in high hopes ... sigh. 

Thanks so much for your help/input.

Very neg. posts about TH - running out of work, getting nasty when you don't make your lines. TC
Make sure you ask what the required lines per day is. Could be 1200-1800 or higher. nm
Incentive tier isn't so good when it's hard to make lines. I'm about
When you run out of work doyou have to make up lines/hours to keep bennies? (nm)
Low line counts - difficult to make 1200 lines in 8 hours. sm
25 years of experience as an Acute Care MT and I had a difficult time getting 200 lph with Bayscribe. Any other accounts with other companies, I could easily transcribe 350-400 lph. Not at MDI - very difficult. I loved the account, but again it was difficult to get a decent line count.

It doesn't matter if you pay me 11 cpl if I can't get a decent line count. Couldn't take the 3 x day e-mails either.
Bayscribe stinks!
I also got put on 2 atrocious ESL accts with them last year. Couldn't make any lines. These dudes
It's longer than the "standard" 65-char. line so will take you longer to make those lines!
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
Webmedx - low work ? Can you make up lines when work available (sm)
or do you have to schedule a make up time or just do without the lines? 
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
The insurance plan in my opinion is excellent insurance. I am not sure if it will change when it'
time to renew or not. I really hope not but I know that a lot of companies change every year in an effort to keep costs down because most insurance companies start raising rates after you have been with them a year. The insurance is Great West and they also have excellent dental and vision plans. I believe the cost is less than $70 a pay period for the employee.