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My company has been low on work for months and months..sm

Posted By: DS on 2008-09-22
In Reply to: Do any of these places have enough work any more? - gma2gabby

Tired of getting the same ol' message that things will pick up.  I remember the days of bonuses, making money and being able to pay my bills!  I am also wondering what is going with these companies not having work.  Is everybody sending work overseas?

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TransTech and low/no work for months and months _ don't think there are continous holidays LOL

This HORRIBLE low/no work situation has been going on at TT for almost a year now.  You can't convince me it is due to Memorial Day.  Are holidays now assigned in this world to being daily. 

That is an excuse these companies use in these no work situations, but it is due to their OVERHIRING.  Holidays just come on a daily basis, but LOW WORK/NO WORK is happening and has happened going on a year now at TransTech.  Always asking to flex into the middle of the night, EVERY weekend, etc. 

The TT mgmt checks are NEVER affected, tho, so they can continue to HIRE EVERY MT who gives them a call, and create a NO WORK situation for all of us.  The newbie MT's are cheering at first, but then realize that it hit them in the paycheck, too, and very soon it did!!!!!!!

The company I work for went to VR a few months back. I was as terrified as you are. sm
It has been OK. I like doing the VR work, and my check is really no different than it was before the change. I do a lot more in terms of production in the same amount of time.

The downside is that the increased production, even though in the same timeframe, is taking its toll on me. It is stressful.

If you get an easy report that has very few edits, you will fly through it. If you get one that is full of errors, it will take you longer than typing it from scratch.

It's a catch-22 in that we really don't have a choice but the good news is that my pay has not suffered and my hands are not as tired.
After 7 months with a new company...sm Former

I made $3,000 more in 7 months than I did annually with Transcend after working with them for almost 4 years.   I can't say that I'm surprised that Transcend has now gone the way of offshoring because they are the kind of company that will stoop lower than low, but I will say I'm a little surprised that everyone was so up in arms on their company board when finding out about it.  People were warned about this company over and over and over and over.  The ones who tried to warn others about it were called liars, inferior MTs, troublemakers, the list goes on.  Yet, here it is 7 months after the last exodus, which was only 6 months after the previous exodus, and the proverbial stuff is STILL hitting the fan with this company.  It was once said that time would tell if the troublemakers were telling the truth or not.  Aren't you guys at Transcend tired of being shocked yet? I'm curious to see how many left this time.

RE: After 7 months with a new company...sm Former
If you do not work there anymore (7 months), why would you even care what happens to Transcend? Continue to move on and care about the company you are working for presently (which I think probably will not be for long, either). Transcend is not your concern, so why inquire?
I provided several months for a company
as they appeared legit - offered me position and then never contacted me again.  Will never do again. With today's identify theft being #1 crime in the nation - way too risky.  I was told it was needed as they were going to do background.  I should have done more background on them!!
I was hired by a company 2 months ago.
They downloaded everything they needed on my computer, sent me pedals and now just waiting for training. My question is this - How long does this normally take. I have never had to wait this long to get started (not even with Keystrokes). I have sent several emails and have called the office several times and am told the same thing ---- still waiting on the hospital, we are extremely busy, etc.

I'm seriously considering sending their pedals back to them and chalking it up but I would like to know your thoughts on how you would (have) handle this. TIA

I applied with one company several months
ago and was told that they do not have permit to have employees in my state. Maybe that is the reason.
You can buy XP from Dell. I started with a different company about 2 months ago and sm
had to buy a new Dell as Vista did not work for them either. Most of the companies do not take Vista. It just doesn't work with everything yet.

Why would you keep working for a company for 3 months without being paid? sm

I'm sorry this happened to you, but when the first month's check didn't arrive, that would have been it.  I still enjoy transcribing (most days) but not enough to do it for free. 

Good luck to you in getting your money   That's an awful thing to happen to anyone.

Oh my gosh yes! I started at a company about 6 months ago,

starting out right out of the gate producing around 2200-2500 lines in 6 hours, best I have EVER done since leaving my local clinic and going with a huge company.  However, it seems that once the honeymoon was over, things started to change and now, on the same dictators, I barely get 1600 lines in a day.  It is a Word-based program and in the beginning I had no problems with the programs opening or typing in them and now they seem to freeze all of the time which, of course, slows my production tremendously.  I cannot figure out if it is my computer or something that they have in the program to keep you from doing over a certain amount in a day, which I am not sure why they would. 


My company ups the line rate for several months SM
while we learn. Then on our own. This all really relates to how good a system your company has and how smooth the progression is with your account, which also relates to how good a supervisor you have. Mine is very good.

I'm trying to understand, is everyone upset over VR or drop in pay due to VR? I assume it's the later.

I would really say to at least give it a try. I'm not management.

I'm not even sure how much longer MT will be in existence. If you want to ride this thing out, get used to VR.
500 emails in two months?!?! Not my idea of an organized company. No thanks. LOL
I work for them and have for about four months. They are sm
absolutely wonderful to work for.  The kind of company that really cares.  And the pay is always on time.  I can't say enough good about them.
I have had no work for months.
They keep saying they will e mail me about more but never do. I wrote several times and asked if I should give up, is there anything wrong, they say no, but then there is still no work. I am supposedly working there but have had 0 dollar paychecks many many paycycles. Sorry yours is so low, but at least they are giving you something. Good luck to you.
low on work since Nov.? 9 months,
Wellll something is not right. Surely they keep track of lines done by the MTs, I'm sure they have seen a drop (if no work as is reported) Where is it then. Something missing here. One poster said asked and was never responded to? Something wrong.
Work now but there won't be in a few months...sm
They do their annual overhire this same time every year while there is work.  In about 3 months there won't be enough work to meet minimum line requirements.  You only receive PTO if you meet minimum line requirement, which has been very hard to do lately.  No work, no PTO.
I've only been with present company for months and don't have counts where I'd like, otherw
maybe - there was lack of work when I was there 4 months ago
also, ran out of work a few times in those 3 months
I have plenty of work, too, and been there 6+ months.
I've rarely, if ever, run out, and if so, it's only been for an hour or two.

You the person that goes around trashing them on the boards, periodically?
Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
I left due to no work for 2 months and they were STILL hiring
when that was going on.  I would stay clear for a while unless you can survive off of 200 lines per day and want to work 24/7 and fight over the lines as they come in.
2 Months There--ENOUGH! Only work you'll get plenty of there..sm
 Was there less than 2 months.  The only work you'll get plenty of there is unpaid work, demographics, looking up names the dictator won't spell... if you complaint about the above, they'll terminate your contract.  Thus, hard to get line count...there is little of that!
Left 3 months ago for lack of work
and haven't looked back.  It is just the nature of the beast than when a network of accounts change to VR and MTs are doing more lpd now, there will be less work to spread around.  There were already problems with not having enough work, so I did not wait for the transition to VR  I had already moved down over the previous year from full time to part time because of lack of work.  Glad I made the move because I am also the sole breadwinner for my household and can't afford to go without work.
Doesn't explain why the work has been so low for 6 months.
It only makes sense in the context of this week. Hope WX is not about to MDI us.
I have worked for them for about six months. They're great! Work is always there and sm

pay is always on time.  They're very nice to work with, too. 

I did not continue to work for them, but have not recieved a check and it has been 2 months already.


But overhire/lack of work for the past few months . . . nm
They will overhire and in 4 months you will have no work and will be broke - happened to me..nm
Transtech has great people but work has been low for 5 months...nm
Not for people on my team. Slow work for months. nm
Probably because they love to overhire! We will all be struggling for work in a few months..nm
You will be hired fast and then wait weeks or months for work...SM
You may be asked to invest in expensive equipment, likely to run out of work regularly and not have your calls returned when you try to contact them. They do pay well but the work is NOT there more than it is, so great pay doesn't mean much. They sell it to you great but they don't deliver.
I stayed 3 months and then bailed out. Ran out of work, lack of communication, etc. nm
I love Keystrokes...been there for 3 months and couldn't ask for a better place to work...
I've been on OT all but 2 days the past 4 months. If work is slow
that just means we get a chance to get caught up with TAT.  Get paid for downtime too if no work. 
Hmmm... Work 4 months, get 4 weeks paid baby....sm
vaction - quite a sweet deal ... while the rest of us are struggling with monumentous premiums (financing a newbie's love/sex life not my idea of fair play).  Many of us haven't gotten a single day of PTO, (thanks to the line requirement to meet when there is no/low work) and most of have been here much longer than 4 months. 
TransTech LOW and NO WORK consistently for many months now, especially within the past couple

of months when they thought they were getting a new account and hired everyone who called or submitted a resume.  There is just NO WORK for all of us anymore.  Lost account, so what did they do -- put those MT's piled on top of us on our primary account. 

TT is in serious trouble, I do believe, financially.  If they are having to pay MANY MT's, but have few accounts, they won't last for long.  Who is TT's financial backer?????   Do they have one????  Who owns TT???  I once heard a real estate broker owned them.  Wonder how much rent they pay on their office in Houston???  Wonder how many $$$$ in bonuses they are giving out to mgmt-type people????

We TT MT's are seriously hurting financially and getting very stressful on our health and livelihood.  We hear absolutely nothing from mgmt about this situation, but *good things* are coming.  You remember when the Q said the same thing to their MT's a few years ago and it was only beneficial to mgmt.  It was a real crock!!!!!

I must say that my job that I used to enjoy beginning my shift every day is now the MOST stressful thing in my life, and we ALL have stressors of one kind of another, admit or not.  TT has become the biggest stress in my life, without a doubt.  A doctor friend of mine and my own personal doctors say that is what my problem is. 

These MTSO's have gotten just as greedy as GMC and all those other HUGE conglomerates!

RE: I've been with Transform for 2 months and so far, so good. Nice people to work with, (sm)
pay is on time, direct deposit, etc. 
Been there 9 months and LOVE it!!! Plenty of work, good platform, great staff.
I finally found a home.
I have been there for almost 4 months..
I have only seen 1 MT leave from my training group, but that was due to a personal health issue.
going on 4 months now
up until last month i had plenty of work.  now none.  it doesnt matter anyway, they will all be going to editing and then you will only get paid 4 cpl.  You will NOT make as much as you did typing. 
Four months ago. nm
seems like it was about 2-3 months
but i'm a slow learner too. Still, it takes time to build the shortcuts, and for things to become 2nd nature...
What happens after 8 months?
I'm an IC, so wondering if they'll use and abuse me, and then at 6 months, when it's time to renew my contract, they'll say no thanks after I worked my rear-end off to get them up and going on a new account.

Actually, reading the MQ thread about the % productivity is making me wonder if MQ adapted that from Transcend. You know, one recruiter I talked to mentioned Transcend buying MQ ... hmmmm.
Is 6 months enough for you?
I did not say they left because of no work. I was pointing out that yet another MT did not like the platform. That makes 4 MTs (and I am sure there are many more) who think the platform is hard to use. I know there are current employees who like it or just have nothing to compare it with. The 3 I personally know about all commited to at least 6 months (one was with them over a year) before making a judgment, and they did not feel they could get comfortable enough with the Amphion platform to make a good line count. These are not disgruntled ex-employees. They left under good terms and all said the people were great, but that does not pay the bills. With all the complaining I read on this board, I just think MTs should get all the facts before they decide. Everyone needs to make their own decision. What is a great place for one person, may be the absolute pits for another. But making it sound like it is the best place on earth is also misleading.
been with wmx about 7 months and..
I'm sorry to hear you guys have been having problems with the lines and hours at WebMedX.  I hate to say it, but oh my gosh - have I been in that boat.  I was at 40 hours but then cut back to 35 because I was literally working 10 to 11 hours every day just to make 8 on the clock AND working on my days off, researching ways to make more normals and Expanders and raise my counts.  Some days I was literally so frustrated I just wouldn't even work.  I am now usually around 175-190 lines an hour but I only work on 2 accounts right now and one of those is the one I was absorbed from and where I had worked for 13 years.  FYI: I am now working twice as hard to make half the money I did before.  The only advice I can give you as a 33-year MT, is to make as many normals as you can - and really, really be creative with ShortCuts.  ShortCut anything you possibly can.  I actually think I type in my own weird shorthand now.  I believe there are so many things which are actually logical to shortcut that people never think of - or at least I didn't until I was forced to... If there's anything I can do to help, actual shortcut suggestions or anything, please email me or reply.  I'd be more than glad to help if I could. 
I have been with them going on 7 months sm
and they are such a wonderful company. There are things that could be better but the managers and the QA staff are simply great. I think they are probably the fairest company that I have known and I have worked with a number of companies. QA does not beat you up; they are more on a mentoring type of level and do not belittle you. The account I do is hard but I know some that have been on 100% for many months and they still treat them very well.

Anyway, would recommend them highly to any good MT.

Naming a particular time for being on 100% would not really be fair because it varies with so many things, but the fact is that the company does not hold it against you if you are on QA for a long period of time. They know the difficulty of several of the accounts.
about 6 months ago...
I was offered 8 cpl, but that was just for the first 90 days. After that you go into their payplan, and can make either more or less. All depends on your lph rate, QA score, how many reports you send to QA and I think something else.
It was less than 6 months ago - sm
Doubt very much that anything has changed for the better since, and I have EVERY right to beat the same drum for what was done to me. Until you have walked in my shoes, you have nothing to say about what I post here.
It took me months. Sorry:(