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My understanding is that the accounts you are currently on go with you and you stay on them. Why do

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-16
In Reply to: Buffola/Amherst - LQ

people stay if they dont have any work there. That is silly. When the offices close, what happens to the accounts they were on when the office closes. I dont think they lose those accounts.

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    It is my understanding that when an office closes the accounts that do not want to go on DQS are not
    still serviced by MQ so that may also be what is going on. All accounts I believe must go on DQS or find another service.
    Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
    heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
    I'd stay away, losing accounts, going under fast...sm
    I used to work for this woman and at best it was shaky, but now it's really bad. She just lost 2 large accounts due to the problems with her work coming in from India and the Phillipines, so now she's down to one account left and everyone I was working with has left already, shortly after I did. I'd stay clear of someone so insistent on using the offshore people and who doesn't seem to know how to employ US MTs successfully. This is a losing proposition and not a good company.
    I hate to say it, but ESLs are here to stay and being able to transcribe accounts...sm
    that are heavy ESL is a necessary skill.  Especially in acute care. 
    I can't afford to stay with VR. If they paid more, I'd stay.
    The situation sucks. I really liked this company when I started there. I know they read these forums, and they are aware that we are unhappy over VR line rates. They stroke us with cute emails and say we're the best, but I can't feed my family on praise. They're turning into another MedQuist, and so I'll be leaving.
    From my understanding...
    It is because they merged with SPI. I used to work for them a couple years ago and am going back here pretty soon. Which one do you work out of? I previously worked Cymed Ohio but now i am going to Cymed VA.
    If I'm understanding you,
    Now that you have figured what the 65-character count template lines already provided are, what you need to do is get the total characters in the document (with spaces if you are allowed to charge for those). You will then divide that total count by 65 and will have a total document line count, after which you will just need to subtract your new standard template 65-char line count (the count that every document using that template has before you have transcribed anything) from your total lines.

    Does that make any sense, or have I thoroughly confused you now? LOL

    I hope it helps.
    What I'm not understanding is... SM
    If it was known by the Powers That Be that this account's contract was terminating, WHY ON EARTH didn't someone hustle up other clients to replace this one???
    well its my understanding
    that there is generally always a probationary period with a company, oftentimes up to 3 months, when either party can say 'this isn't working out' and terminate the relationship. As I recall, nothing was ever stated outright to me, but was implied, so I just looked at the QA period as the probationary period.
    My understanding is that (sm)
    Word does not count returns and possibly other keystrokes.  Maybe others have more information.
    My understanding...
    I'm a former DVHPer..now Transcender. I was per diem. I am now considered part-time since Transcend doesn't do per diem. We were asked to come up with a schedule with our DVHP people. Since I get to keep my same account, I just scheduled the amount of hours I needed to get what I want tobe paid. It isn't 40 hours but I will be considered full time by my pay.
    I think we have our understanding now
    I was not calling her management- I was saying what others would call her. We are ok now.
    My understanding
    From what I gather, our primary determines our line rate, regardless of whether we're typing levels above or below that. Although obviously they do what they feel like and that's probably subject to change, too, much in the way they reassured us there would be no pay cuts to begin with.
    Understanding VR/SR

    Google front-end speech recognition and/or back-end speech recognition and it'll help you understand how some of this stuff works.  The site below was interesting and helpful to me. I found it by Googling back-end speech recognition.  One is when the Dr doesn't even know he/she is on a VR system and dictation is run through speech server and we edit it.  The other is where the Dr does most of the training/editing of the VR machine, which in a so-called perfect world for docs, MTs would become obsolete. Some radiology and pathology groups are going toward this option, darn them!

    My understanding
    The way I am understanding it is that Enterprise will be going to the platform that ChartMatrix (me) has been using for a year. So, it will be new for you, but not for me. I already know the good and bad of the platform and what I am capable of producing with it, so its pretty easy for me to calculate my future earnings. I use Instant Text, also. PLEASE tell me any tricks you have. That would be great!
    Having trouble understanding

    your post, but if it was supposed to mean that we "could" have the option of transcribing and/or using VR, perhaps at this very minute in time you do, but that won't last much longer.

    From the wording of your post, I'm having trouble believing you're a living, breathing human being.  Are you instead a VR program looking for a home?  If so, maybe you'd better fine-tune your voice-recognition ability to correct that "good" versus "could" voice conflict you've got going on.  If you are a human being attempting to convey a thought about "bad" MTs, take a good, long look at your own post and tell me where they should begin the "weeding-out" process. 

    I personally think they should start with MTs who type sentences such as, "I was under the impression that we good straight type, do VR or both!"

    My understanding was that the bonus
    you fulfilled ALL the criteria:

    a. It begins at the end of your first 90 days, if,
    b. You are an MT in good standing (whatever that means) and,
    c. It was to be paid out in equal installments over 12 months, however,
    d. If at any time you lose your good standing (whatever that means) your bonuses stop.

    Happy typing!
    And another understanding person...
    I'm not dumb, I do have common sense, I had just never posted on any of these forums. Why are you so offended and rude? I've read the rules now and people like you just can't back off.

    And I might NOT just be quiet. I can post my opinion like everyone else and if it comes to not being able to, who cares? I see there are only a handful (1 hand) of decent people here anyway.

    For the love of God, give it a rest already or I will post my street address and you are more than welcome to come visit me.

    I came in peace, but I'll put up a fight if I have to after I've already apologized and read the rules. There's absolutely no reason to act as immature as some are.
    Are you really understanding what you read?
    Same client, different company, no problem with QA now.

    Hoping there is no language barrier on your end.

    What don't you understand?
    Thanks for understanding and for doing that report!
    You have at least 1 coworker (in me) who appreciates your attitude. I'd do the same thing and type that report. So at least the 2 of us are there, and maybe others so that we all don't get stuck with the junk the bending over backward cherry picker leaves behind! Thanks for cheering my day with your story. And again thanks for doing that report!
    None hired yet, per my understanding.
    From what I gather, this is a new thing and none have been hired yet. Maybe you can be the first one and let us all know ...
    If I am understanding you correctly,
    companies have no business wanting an accurate report?? There is nothing wrong with requiring 98% quality in a report. If you are a good MT, it doesn't matter how long or short the report is, it will be accurate and meet the standards for you company or facility, that is, if you want to keep a job anywhere.
    I fail to understanding NOTHING
    I have no idea what you're babbling about in your post. I WAS proactive and did immediately seek employment elsewhere. That doesn't mean I'm incapable of having the human decency to understand my fellow MTs plight.

    You've got quite a hard shell.

    Just like a NUT, now that I think about it.

    You would be pleasantly surprised. They can be understanding. sm
    I backed out last year, also afraid of change. The company I stayed with lost the account and I contacted KS again. They hired me (again) and I love it there!
    Wait, am I understanding you correctly? ... sm
    Are you saying that the work flow is up and down like this a lot? I'm a relative newbie to the company and I was told that they always had an abundance of work. I'm a little in shock right now.
    I understand. I don't think you're understanding
    the thread from below that I am referring to.  We are all new hires and understand that we can only transcribe 5 jobs a day. I agree and understand completely. But several of the MTs posting below are very upset, as they do not have the work to even complete the 5 jobs a day. They are apparently being told there is no work on various accounts.  That is what is freaking me out.  I understand the logic and reasoning behind 5 jobs maximum while training, but I do not understand that those in training have no work to get just 5 jobs. That does not bode well for the future. 
    Oh, I read very well, have no problem understanding
    what you are saying. Probably good you have job where you are because at my place you would not work there very long. We NEVER delete and retype reports. Oh, by the way, I never go back and read something a second time. Not in my work and certainly not on this board.
    My understanding is that Ascend is making efforts
    to pay those who have not received a check as yet.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me as I have been working with the owner regarding non payment issues.  Thanks, Administrator.
    I love working at TT. They have been very kind and understanding with me sm

    on many occasions, and I have nothing bad to say about them.  However, I have also come to realize that it is my responsibility to seek out other sources of income, especially with the holidays coming up.  I am single with no children, but I still have tons of bills (my fault), and I doubt the electric company or other places will just let it slide because work is slow.  I am going to be starting an IC position that will allow me to flex my hours around the times I am committed to TT.  I definitely hope it gets better, and I have asked for another account, but sometimes I guess we have to be proactive and take care of ourselves.

    Good luck to you!

    Yes, you could do worse..They are very flexible, understanding, fair..
    and I've been there a few years and definitely do not see myself every leaving. I've tried other jobs but never left them because they are the best out there..in my opinion.
    Its my understanding your pay is based on your primary account sm
    I didn't ask that specific question but that is how I understood it when it was explained to me.
    I am having a hard time understanding why companies consistently overhire when they run an ad.
    They have to know that people that need a certain amount of income are either going to quit or cut back and get a second job.  What does it gain them.  I would think this constant hiring and hiring and training would get very old and certainly has to impact quality.
    My understanding was that in order to receive Medicare/Medicaid payment sm
    providers will be required to have EMR.
    Stay low and stay very, very quiet. Do not
    ask questions, do not talk to the supervisors unless forced to. The answer will always be the same, that you are the only one who has an issue, everything else is perfect. Never mention anyone's name. This place has the mentality of the Borg, everyone has been assimilated, which means if your supervisor does not like you, or does not like your friend, you have no chance. You associate with so and so, so you are exactly like them. That quickly goes through the Borg network and every team lead, ROM, and person in management, including HR, is aware of it. You'll be labeled a trouble maker and your life will not be worth living. Any trial to clear your name will be done in the fashion of the trial of witches. You are in a dunking chair - if you drown you are innocent but it is too late by then.

    Remember, a ROM never makes a mistake and never tells something that isn't true. They are perfect (and nastier than a pack of hiennas.)

    If you run out of work, it is your fault. You are just lazy. Can't make enough to take care of your family? Too bad, you need to work harder.

    And forget getting an answer from management. It doesn't
    happen. So, as before, stay low and very quiet.

    And do a good job? You can be assured that if you do a good job, do what you are supposed to do, and stay quiet, no one will even recognize your name. They have no idea where you work, what your schedule is, or that you even belong to Transcend.

    Because the girls that monitor the accounts in the office were told the accounts either go on DQS or
    move on. All accounts to be with MQ must be on DQS and no more different platforms. ONE ONLY DQS. They can send more work overseas then.
    MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

    So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

    Some do and have good accounts and fully loaded ESL accounts
    Take a look at what is happening in India. For the first time, workers there have money to get themselves into debt by buying high priced items (cars for example). They now protest lower castes being allowed into universities at almost double the previous allowance. Wait until they are highly in debt, begin to feel entitled to a wage equal to that paid inthe US and then, try to form unions, get tossed out into the street and sit back with some Ben and Jerry ice cream and watch the economy collapse and all that dictation come back across the ocean. Timing is everything.
    Find out which accounts they are hiring for. They have some ESL accounts that are extremely
    difficult to do.  I dont know how many accounts they have altogether but as I say, a few are very difficult and I actually dont have a problem with ESLs but these accounts are almost totally ESL.  I dont do them anymore.
    Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
    and their QA. 
    Different accounts have different platforms. Most accounts require sm
    high speed but I am not sure if satellite is OK.

    I don't think that they're hiring right now. I spoke with my lead on Thursday, who said they are focusing on making sure everyone has enough work and moving PTers to FT, eventually moving towards FT only with only weekends as PT. Not 100% sure when that is though.
    Hmm..well it goes to show how different it can be between accounts. My "high" ESL accounts s
    at WMX are pretty easy in my opinion as well. I wish I had a better answer for you. Hang in there if you can. You have to do what is right for you.
    Stay away from

    Stay away from OSI then...
    Will promise you the world, but then it crumbles beneath you!
    Stay away . . . stay far away! (sm)
    Not only do they offshore (& offer you the opportunity to earn pennies editing the accounts you worked so hard to develop normals for, etc), but they're one of the companies that docks your lines for the ENTIRE report if you make an error that the client complains about. TRS does that, too.

    Make certain about the pay dates -- the employee handbook said they pay the Friday following the end of the pay period on Saturday (i.e., 6 days), but the pay schedule I received showed they make you wait 13-15 days after the end of the pay period.

    Were you offered transcription or SR? I've heard good things about the Dictaphone platform they use, but the general opinion seems to be the SR part doesn't work. They offered me 8.5 to transcribe (to start) but 3.5 for SR.

    Also do make certain to factor in the several hours you'll spend in uncompensated time printing out all their documents and downloading all the stuff from their FTP site. They don't supply equipment because the recruiter said that 25-50% of the units arrived damaged. Strange -- other companies don't seem to have that problem. I spent 9 years with ddi --> MQ, had probably 5 computers sent out in all that time with nary a problem.

    In conclusion, make absolutely certain what you're agreeing to. Personally I find the huge corporations unpleasant to work for -- why should I transcribe to pay layer upon layer of executives, vice presidents of this and that, etc.?
    stay away

    they have had problems with pay and work load.  I had to find a new job.

    I will stay and see if I can do it
    depending on the requirements of part-time and as long as I can have flexibility to make my schedule when I want it!
    I'd stay away...
    I was recently offered a job with them, it was for a QA position, allegedly, but then it turned out to be editing on a voice recognition account. I accepted and started getting set up with downloading software, I'd email with a problem and not get a response for days, if I got a response at all, then I'd discover that the guy was responding to me via Yahoo Messenger, not email, even though I haven't been logged on to Yahoo for a week and he didn't bother to tell me that I could expect any communication from him to come via Yahoo. I'm not particularly impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by these people.

    Pay is pretty low, I think they start out their entry level transcriptionists at some ridiculously low rate, it was 2 or 3 cents/line, but I heard it's gone up to like 5. I was offered 7 cents/line for transcription and 3 cents/line for editing with five years' experience.

    They claim to have a bonus/incentive program, but I asked for specifics and was completely ignored.

    They require you to work three days doing five jobs a day at no pay as an "evaluation period."

    They were going to sell me a foot pedal at a discount, I sent them a check, and the guy claimed that he'd send it as soon as their shipment arrived and I'd receive it in two business days, but a week and two days after this shipment allegedly was arriving, I still hadn't received it. No email informing me of why, when it would come, etc.

    Apparently there were some issues in the past with paychecks bouncing, which I hear has been fixed, but I don't know. I had an oogy feeling about them from the start, and I only accepted the offer as a "just in case" type thing, in case none of the other companies I'd applied to offered me a job.
    It's been slow but due to them overhiring. I'm still new at this so when the work slowed down I freaked. Do you have any idea what months are the slowest?
    I would stay put- sm
    If I were you, I would stay put. I was doing 250-300 lph at MQ, they have now adjusted my lines and am now doing 130-160 lph. No benies. You are actually doing pretty good and I make 10.25 cpl. I had one day I made $12.40 for one hour. I would stay put if I were you, at least you know the system and the doctors.
    I'm still there, but trying to stay
    Which isn't easy. QA program isn't exactly fair from a money standpoint as they don't give you any context from which to learn from the presumed errors in order to get to 100 percent. They only tell you the word you got wrong, no context, no copy of the report. There's no way to challenge or clarfy what QA says (I've tried). If there is an error that's in a macro or normal, you'd never know in order to change it. QA needs revamping, and QA rules your income potential. As they say on M-TV NEXT!
    I would stay with MQ