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Names and personal information not allowed (SM)

Posted By: Moderator on 2008-03-09
In Reply to:

Everyone appreciates finding information on this board about companies.  Whether it's good or bad, it is always appreciated.  However, it is policy that people's names and personal contact information is not allowed, and those will be deleted.  Feel free to name the company and gripe/praise as you see fit, but please do not post specific names from these companies.  Thank you.

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they supply you with everything - you are not allowed to use your personal
computer for their work. Be forewarned - When you get their equipment, do not play or surf the internet for anything other than work related. They do monitor it. Use your own personal computer for personal emails and surfing outside of work related things.
Personal names. How would you like to see your own name
trashed on this forum? If not, maybe you shouldn't do it to this man, either.
Names are not allowed on this board.
How would you feel if you were an MT who was applying for a job and came to this board and saw a message with your name on it. Maybe she does not want her employer to know that she is applying for a job elsewhere....

Why don't you list the name of your company so that I will know NOT to apply there. Very unprofessional. If an email keeps bouncing...just let it go and move on to the next qualified applicant...very simple. Do not post people's name here.
We're not allowed to post names or even
initials here.  Their website might give some insight.  The CEO and his brother own the company, but CEO is active in the company and he doesn't know his rear end from a whole in the ground and is motivated by GREED.  He just kinds of plays it by ear as he goes and after talking with him you feel like you need hip boots and a shower. 
Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
If you cannot follow the policy of no e-mail addresses, names, or phone numbers, you will be banned.

A Reply By E-Mail service is available when you want to provide an avenue of contact.
Posting personal information
invites identity theft. It also shows the poster to be extremely naive. I would want to hire someone with a bit more business savvy.
Are you serious? Would you like my personal information to check to see if I am lying???
Give me a break...I happen to like working at Keystrokes and if someone asks a question about them I will answer as best as I can...
Honest information about KS has never been allowed here. Only successful posts (and there are some)
are you serious? This board is for MTs to get information about companies from personal experience.
Does anyone have any personal information about Silent Type, Inc out of New Jersey, or

Van Belkum out of Michigan?  I posted on w/e, when not many on the board.  Will try again.   Thank you.  

Sounds like a scam...I hope no one is giving personal information...nm
I don't blame you. We have personal information on those resumes, addresses, phone, etc. (sm)
and any fool can access those.

Hopefully they learned their lesson on this and will not post anymore resumes like that.
I would be worried about identiy theft, getting all your personal information, then that weird stuff
then all that wierd stuff.
You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to
Anyone know anything about Global Information Systems? Any information would be appreciated. nm

MedScribe Information Systems, Inc - Information please?

Anyone with information on this company? 

are we allowed to go over the 150 lph?

No it is not allowed
You cannot post names, as well as confidentiality papers have been signed to not discuss or disclose by employees.
Sorry just saw this, was the OP. Not sure if that's allowed????
Are we actually allowed to say the name on here?
Is this allowed?
Why is this person shikhar saxena  posting on the Job Seeker's Board?  He/she is an Indian.
I don't get how ICs are allowed in MT anyway.
From the IRS website:

Permanency of the Relationship:

If you hire a worker with the expectation that the relationship will continue indefinitely, rather than for a specific project or period, this is generally considered evidence that the intent was to create an employer-employee relationship.

Services Provided as Key Activity of the Business:

If a worker provides services that are a key aspect of the business, it is more likely that the business will have the right to direct and control his or her activities. For example, if a law firm hires an attorney, it is likely that it will present the attorney’s work as its own and would have the right to control or direct that work. This would indicate an employer-employee relationship.

Aren't we as MTs providing the key activity of the business? Also, none of the IC contracts I have had ever specified a length of time. We as MTs are contracted for an indefinite amount of time. These 2 things to me make it seem like all MTs should be classified as employees and we should not be having to pay additional self-employment taxes.
you took this quite personal
you are really sticking up for MQ here, I don't understand your anger at this poster
Nothing personal
Just responding to a condescending post. You're also way off about ''major quality issues''so the LOL is on you--Sure hope you're more accurate in your QA duties.
Not personal
Of course our anger is directed towards the companies and not toward any worker trying to make a living. This is an emotional topic, but we have a right to make a living too. These companies started in the USA, benefited from Americans and then decided to go overseas not to provide a better service but just to make more money.  And not only are jobs are affected but also the loss in tax revenues. 
Sorry, but personal or not

You have set a double standard by saying keep the personal remarks out of it when you opened it by making IMHO a snide remark about MTs who want to keep American jobs in America by working at times that non-Americans workers normally cover.  In the middle of an otherwise very well handled discussion by those affected by the merger, IMHO I do not believe you did service to Transcend by having made the remark you did.  Even other Transcenders have posted that it did not prove useful to cover other shifts and had difficulty finding enough work.

Indeed you have a right to your opinion, but if it is respect and support you are looking for, perhaps consideration to what you have to offer would get different results.

Are you allowed to say Christmas?
Pretty soon, everything is becoming so politically correct, we won't be allowed to use the word Christmas anymore. Maybe they were insulted - you should have sent a holiday card instead.

But, no - I don't think I've seen a Christmas card or bonus in years. Boy, in the good old days at MQ, a few years back, we actually used to have Christmas parties - imagine that!
It is not allowed at my company
they never allowed me to test
They just called me asking how much experience I have. I guess it was not enough for them to allow me to test. There seem to be a lot of those. They want a lot of experience, but what about those MTs who can pass with flying colors and never be given a chance. grrrrrr!
Deductions are still allowed
Even if you are on employee status, you can still take deductions for your at-home office. I didn't think so either until my accountant told me that absolutely, you still can. It isn't as much as if you are totally self employed, but there are still quite a few allowed. The best of both worlds is statutory employee. That means you do not pay both sides of the SS Tax but you still send in quarterlies. This way, you can take all deductions for your home office, etc. Hope this clarifies it a bit better.
If they allowed use to use Control-I,
they wouldn't be able to manipulate the line count!!!
Why are we allowed to discuss MQ's

pending lawsuits but not KS's?   

This is not allowed, the usage of all
reference material is allowed, but not asking other people for help with the tests.

Why don't you stay with your employer?
That's what QA is for. No one is allowed to push
are you allowed to use your own expander?

Irrc, when I used to work in meditech, I used to copy/paste from WORD  into my personal Expander then expanded it into Meditech ... The use of ShortHand was compatible.

It's been about 5 years, but my recollection is that SOME versions of Meditech incorporate WORD as an overlay and so things are compatible ... other versions (cheaper/smaller companies) do not, and so direct copyd/paste is not compatible.

The problems are embedded codes in regular word documents.  copy/pasting into my expanded eliminated apparently removed the embedded codes ... I recall my copy/paste file in Shorthand was named Kinko for just that process.

good luck 

Are you allowed to say the company name, cause
Didn't know anyone at TT was allowed
to straight type only anymore.  Wouldn't be fair if some didn't get to partake in the joy we are all feeling with HAVING to do VR, now would it?

I did not get downtime even with a ticket# and having to wait 2 days for another computer. All I got was a BS stating reasons not to give me downtime and that I could take PTO or not get paid for those 2 days.

Thank God I have next week off. I don't think I can stand much more of this BS.

No. I have 2 personal systems --
one desktop and one laptop. I can do whatever I want with those systems.
My personal advice to you
Don't give up!

Since you are just beginning there are many factors that are probably preventing you from doing more lines. For example, do you look up words and/or medications frequently? If so, for obvious reasons, this will slow you down. Second, if you are not quite used to DQS, then that too, can slow you down. Also, take into consideration how many words you type a minute. Everyone is different. Some people can type 65-70, while others, can type 80-90 and that can also effect what you make. It also depends on your accounts you are on. There is no doubt when I type for ER accounts and use their standards, I get more lines - bigtime!

Like I said, just don't give up. We all started out slower and have only gotten better. You will improve with time!
My personal experience has been...SM
I've been there via Total eMed for over 6 years now. I have never been out of work for any longer than I chose to be.

I also never have had a problem meeting minimum, even if I did change accounts a couple of times within the period. It's not that difficult if you've got the basic entries in your expander.

Good experience with supes overall. They've allowed me to change my schedule and flex whenever I needed to. Benefits and HR teams very helpful.

Co-workers are THE BEST! Helpful and willing to share tips and information.

Pay is on time, benefits are reasonable, and they are working to improve with MT input.

Of course a large national won't make everybody happy and it's not the right fit for everyone, but if you must have benefits, you could do far worse than Spheris.
my personal protest

In honor of my fellow MTs who are soon to be exHeartlanders I, personally, am not going to buy a thing on Friday, July 7, 2006--- nothing, not a gallon of gas, not groceries, not an ice cream cone-- not anything. I'm sure that no one will notice but  I hope you will join me anyway. 

 I think this is outrageous.  It seems to me that if Heartland conglomerate laid off 1 top executive one $71 million salary would make a nice little lump in their profit margin instead of laying off 151 MTs!! How outrageous is that!  Today, in the minds of politicians America is corporate America, working Americans are just a souless, faceless mass.  What's it going to take to change their minds... a revolution?

that's why I would never EVER use my personal equip for any
that's what you get for using your own stuff.
Just my own personal opinion but - sm
I think that the child labor laws that have been put in place in the last 10-15 years has a LOT to do with horrible work ethic youngsters have today.

When I was growing up (I'm 38 now,) my parents put me to work. I wasn't really contributing to the household bills but I certainly was responsible for purchasing my own clothing and paying for any of my personal expenses. I was 12 the first year I bought my own school clothes.

I knew what it meant to work, how to save my money, and how to tell the difference between wants and needs fairly early on.

Child labor laws were put in place to protect BUT they have also hurt us. I think they should be re-examined.

By the time a kid is legally old enough to work in our state (16 years old,) the years have past when you can instill good work ethic in a young mind.

No wonder the kids expect to have everything handed to them. They are used to it and can't handle it when their support is taken away.

Any wonder why so many 20-somethings and early 30-somethings are going back home to sponge off mom and dad? Any wonder why so many of those same people are dumping their kids off on mom and dad to raise? Nope!
Sounds personal
You must have some major quality issues
don't have personal experience with
in an earlier post, they said something like the lines would be longer than usual (meaning smaller margins/fonts), and they only pay $1.50/page. I would want to ask about what the length of the lines and the average length (or lines) per report to make sure the pay is fair.

Say there are 10 lines at 65 characters per line per report, that is 15 cpl; but if the font and margins fit 90 characters per line, then it is not such a good deal.

And how many trained MTs have done phone interviews? Seems they would be advertising to a different work pool. I kinda wonder if they know what they're doing.
personal experience...
Very, very nice people, very conscientious.  Platform all right, but line counts seemed to take longer to make for me.  Had to have unlim. LD and that was the big problem for me.  I also spent a lot of time dialing into accounts looking for work.  Good QA, good tech support.  Wish it was all via Internet.  I also did not want to be responsible for my taxes (just lazy, I guess!).  DId like the flexible scheduling.  If you want to be IC and don't mind the LD, it's a great place.
I don't have personal experience
with Apex, although I hear it's pretty cool.  My account is still on DOS and I have absolutely no problem with that.  We have DOS and internet accounts, so I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't have access to high speed internet.  I've been there over 4 years and do quite well.  There's a new pay structure in place recently as well.  They're worth checking into. I do work a lot of OT but I don't mind since I'm a single mom.  The money is good, and I work extra when my baby is with her dad.  It works for me.
Just personal experience, that's all.
No personal experience with either though
Keystrokes would be my choice based on what I have read on the boards.