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Need new info on companies that pay weekly

Posted By: ExpMT on 2008-10-02
In Reply to:

I am leaving my in-house employment and would love any information that can be given to me regarding companies that pay weekly.  I have a done a search, but haven't found any recent information.  I appreciate any help you can offer. 


Thank you!

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Any companies pay weekly? nm
Does anyone know of any companies that pay weekly? sm

I am in a bit of a financial jam and need a quick fix until I get paid on Nov. 27.  Any ideas?


There are companies that pay weekly sm

EFD in Texas, New England Medical Transcription (NEMT) and a company called On-Call, although neither of these companies have had ads posted recently.  Hope this helps. 

Also, have you ever thought about working for a temp service.  They usually pay weekly.  I don't know where you are located and how many temporary services are in your area, but I think this would be worth a try, considering your circumstance.

Any companies that pay weekly?
Thanks for any information!
Any companies that pay weekly? nm
Companies for IC/SEs that have just a weekly or

Thanks for any info!

Which companies pay weekly?

Are there any companies that pay weekly?



Any companies pay weekly?
I would prefer weekly pay.
Any companies that pay weekly...
I know this question has been asked before, but info in archives is scarce/old and I'd love some current input if available. Feel free to e-mail me if you don't want to post.  TIA!!
Looking for companies that pay weekly ...

I am recently divorced with 2 small children and I am desperately looking for a company that I can work part-time with that pays weekly to help make ends meet.  Does anyone know of a decent company that offers part-time work and weekly pay?  Thanks so much in advance!!!! 

Companies that offer weekly pay?
Which MT companies pay by the week?
Any good companies that pay weekly?
I am an experienced MT with 10+ years under my belt.  I need to find a position that pays weekly if at all possible.  We have relocated due to my husband's job so I am on the hunt.  Thank you for your help and time.
Any good companies who pay bi-weekly

I am looking for a good company that pays bi-weekly - fair pay - good platform - decent accounts!

Thanks everyone!

Companies that pay weekly or every other week
Anyone have a list of decent companies that pay weekly or at least every other week? TIA.
My take on weekly paying companies...sm
I have worked for a few weekly paying companies. the dictation was either horrible or they had horrible complicated formatting rules/issues. They seem to want you to jump through hoops for that weekly pay. But that is MY opinion only.

There is one on one of the job boards that pays weekly.
Lots of info, posts weekly about them.
They offshore, pay is average.   Didn't accept position so don't know about platform. 
Considering some companies do give a weekly quota, maybe you shouldn't speak
Total Crap -- Business Weekly has no such info. sm
I've done an extensive search of Business Weekly (and even Business Week in case you had made a typo) -- there is no such news article or info available. Again... don't believe this sort of rumor from a poster who doesn't back it up with some sort of verification.
I appreciate info on different companies...

There HAS to be SOMETHING to what they say about these companies.  If not, then why so many unhappy MTs?  Like another poster stated, deleting the posts from this forum does not delete it from our memories, and someone will be back on here complaining about the same or new things as long as they are not being heard by the company.  If it bothers ____'s management team so much, then maybe they should listen to their MTs and treat them with the respect that they deserve.  These MTSOs wouldn't be anywhere without its MTs, so why not try and make them happy.  I am so glad we have a forum like this to share our good/bad experiences.  You know the MTSOs can't stand it because they cannot take complete advantage of us, which is what most of the companies I have worked for tried to do to their MTs---as long as they are making their money off the sweat of our backs.  It seems like KS can dish out the misery but can't take it when people start talking about it...just my opinion.  Keep talking and sharing experiences, good and bad.  Maybe this forum and others will force them to do right by us, especially regarding compensation.  We have to work together and try to make the MT profession better. 


Need info on 3 companies please (sm)
Archivus, AllType, and TRX.  Opinions on each please and if not good, please say why.  TIA
any info on these companies..


Can I get some feedback from anyone who has in the past or is currently working with Keystrokes Trans. and/or Transolutions?  Thanks!

TN companies I'd like info on...
If you'd take the time to give me any info you have (good or bad) about the following, I would greatly appreciate it!

eTrans Plus, Hand Sten-Tel, Medical Linguistics Transcription and Consulting, Med-Type LLC, ProScribe, TransHealth, and TransPAT & Associates.

If you know of any other companies in mid-TN region, please let me know.

Thanks much!
Does anyone have info on any of these companies?
Cbay?  Nicholas Trans.? Mx Secure? MedLinks? Chronicle? Diskriter? Oracle?  Anyone have any info you could give me regarding any of these?  I am getting overwhelmed with all the different companies and would appreciate any input on these, good or bad.  Thanks!
Need info on 3 companies.
Anyone have recent experience with RI Unlimited, Inc.? I read the posts in the archives, but they’re back in ‘74. I appreciate any info. Also, what about MedQuest, LTS Inc., and C&C Transcription? I’m involved in testing for a job and have tested for all three.

Thanks so much!
Need info on companies...
Hi there,

I've got interviews scheduled with several companies, also have offers from a few, but would like the general consensus on the following companies:

ETrans Plus in Nashville.
MDI in Maryland.

Thanks in advance for your help and Happy MT Week!
Info on MT companies
I will be getting laid off in the very near future after 17 years as an in-house MT. We transcribed from tapes and so I do not have any experience working at home, using a wav pedal or software MT companies use. Are there any good companies willing to train in these areas? Can anyone give me information about Deventure, Precyse or MD-IT good or bad?
Need info on these companies please!

I have been offered jobs from these companies and I would really appreciate any input from those who work for them now, or have previously.  I am scared to death of not making the right choice here, and it is very important to me as I am a single person with no one to fall back on for income, I am what I am! 

The companies are:  Axolotl, Keystrokes, Diskriter and Focus.  Thank you SO much for any direction you can give me! :)

Any info on these companies?
Regarding pay, acute or clinic, bennies, flexibility, anything else you care to add. ExecuScribe, p.r.n. Transcription, Probity.

Any info on companies that still use the C-phone and own computer. tia nm
Any info on Diskriter? Other companies FT with bennies?
I keep seeing jobs for home-based MTs with hospital benefits, employed by the hospital system in Florida, etc. I'd sure appreciate if anyone could provide info on this company. I've love to be in a work situation like this again, but know nothing about the company. I'm sick and tired of MQ. Need a FT situation with good benefits and MQs are so expensive and I think the out of pocket is ridiculous compared to what I've always had in the past. Thanks so much.
The archives are your friend for info on companies...
Any info on these companies? Fenton, TRX, Metro (in Georgia), Cobb, etc

Comprehensive Healthcare Service, Keystrokes, MDI-MD, and TSSC.  Would appreciate the following info.

Good dictation quality?

Steady work?

What are the work types?

Good platform?

Pay rate?

Paid for 65 cpl with spaces?

Do you have a flexible schedule?

Weekend work mandatory?

Employee or IC?


Low or high volume ESLs?

Dedicated accounts with the same doctors?

Dialup accepted?


Up to date info on Zylomed? People change and companies do to...(sm)
I need current information from MT's that do or have worked for Zylomed (Naples, FL) in the last year. If you've had a bad experience with them 2 or 3 years ago, don't bother writing. People change and companies do too! I need the real skinny on what's happening now. I would really appreciate hearing from current employees! Thanks so much!
companies change all the time - her info is old, she said. (sm/small message)
A turnover in managers,QA, leads, even recruiters can make an impact and happens all the time, so you never know; old info - grain of salt. newer info more reliable and needs to be found while considering.

Companies that have training for new hires - do most pay by hour during 1-2 weeks? any info? nm
Do they still pay weekly? nm


Looking for weekly pay...

Is there a company out there that pays weekly?  Looking for full time work.  Seventeen years of experience. 

Do they still pay weekly?

Weekly pay

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good companies who pay weekly.  I have a full time position, but I would like to have a part-time position which pays weekly.  Thank you so much

Weekly pay
QED in Arkansas and NEMT do. Have you searched on here because I think others have asked this before, but these are the only two I remember.
Weekly Pay?
Can anybody out there tell me if there is anyone who pays weekly?  Thanks so much!!
There are posts at least weekly, all bad. nm
OTI gives you a weekly quota. sm
You work when you want during the week. They ask you to commit to one weekend day.

Furthermore, I was on only one account, and worked that same account every day. The work was plentiful. Since I wasn't hopping around on various accounts, I customized everything and made a zillion macros. It was very good for money.

It was the best job I ever worked. I had to leave because I needed benefits.
950-1000 weekly?
So I am curious, what company do you work with to make 950-1000 a week? I will be a new MT at the end of May next year, and I would like to know. If you dont mind that is.
Ccompanies that pay weekly?
Can anyone give info on companies that pay weekly?  Leaving mine and kind of used to that in the ole budget now;-)  Just got a call from one company that paid well but MTs were paid from the 1-15th on the 30th - and certainly would not work here. 
QED pays weekly nm
You should be able to see weekly and monthly
below the counts for the day. My understanding is that each day is reset at midnight (facility server's local time), each week on Saturday at midnight, and each month on the last day of the month at midnight (again, facility's local time zone).

So you can see the current day, but only summaries for the previous week and month, not individual previous days.
IC Pay weekly or biweekly

Are there any companies out there that pay ICs weekly or biweekly.  I just lost an account to EMR that paid weekly.  I don't want to be paid twice a month.  Thanks.

Long time MT

I still get paid weekly...
I still get paid weekly as well. - nm