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Nice company, but they use the DocQScribe software that MQ uses. Lost too many lines with it, so

Posted By: I left. nm on 2005-09-27
In Reply to: any info DSG out of Georgia? - ljw


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They use DocQScribe software, like MQ, that a lot of us say eats your lines and gives a lousy line
You can thank DocQScribe for that. I left because of that software. Others say it's fine for them
docQscribe is the easiet software to learn sm
You just type. They have headings you can use but I just put my own in my expanders. They have Expanders built in but I again use my own.

If I get decent reports for DSG doing 1000 lines is not hard. What gets me anymore with MQ and DSG is that in 8 hours we should be doing 1400 lines a day, so I question the software but it checks against word so I don't know. Heck with one account on MQ a few years ago I was doing 300 lines an hour with standards built in. Those days seem to be gone and I don't know why.

I would certainly think about being paid for spaces.

Hope this helps.
That I get more lines per hour on Scribe than I did with DocQscribe...
They have been really nice, but software..
is not so easy to use so far.  I agree with other poster.  There are a lot of times the patient names are not in the software, so you have to guess them.  There are some docs who you don't even get the patient information for and you, once again, have to guess it.  The dictionary is horrible and the autotext leaves much to be desired.  There are a lot of headings that come up automatically and have to be deleted when not dictated, so you don't get paid for those.  It is very time consuming as a whole.  But, they pay on time...8 cpl.
I also have lost a lot of lines when we switched to DQS. SM
It seems like everyone else loves it and makes big lines but I haven't had that experience at all. I think it bites in a big way.
Yep I have been using the guidelines also and lost a lot of lines and now ME loss and what next.

Who knows but it will be less for sure or something that we will all be fighting for that line incentive every day and everyone will be running out of work. Yes, I am looking also and upgrading all my equipment to go part time with someone else if this looks really bad with THE PACKAGE.

I went through this. It is a big difference. I lost about 30 to 40% of my lines w/no spaces.
Plus make sure your Expanders and normals (personal ones too) are included in the line count. I spent a couple of years realizing that I could not get over 1K lines a day and I always did around 2K. Thought I was losing my mind until I found out it was the no space thing. For me, it is better morale to see the bigger number, that is with spaces. LOL.
LOL. What teeth? Lost them when I couldn't get full time lines
Just gumming whatever I can! LOL.
too many platform probs, lost lines, IT support is virtually nonexistent, I'll be saying
Does any company besides MQ use DocQScribe?
I LOVE that platform and would love to work on it again, but I don't want to back back to MedQuist.  Just wondering if that platform belongs to them only or if other companies use it.
Lines to type would be nice for MT week.

I never worked for MQ...another company with DocQscribe...
Yes! Nice lady, nice company. nm
Nice people to work with. Lines never added up though.
I couldn't tell you about the benefits because I was part-time and didn't need them at that time. They use Dragon MT as their platform. I personally didn't like it.
Which is the reason my company lost a major account.

The quality of the work was so poor they didn't renew the contract.   

My company lost the account I had worked on for 5 years. Webmedx got the
account so I followed it.   I have interviewed with about a dozen companies the last year and out of all of them the only ones I considered were Keystrokes and Webmedx. 
I worked for an all US MT company, we lost to offshore. Couldn't compete with their bids, and th
If the company wants $$ upfront for software, etc.
run.   There are other companies that actually hide behind another company and refer people, but it is all a scam too.  If you know company names please ask about them here so you can get the experience of our knowledge to protect you from getting into trouble. 
How is software usually installed from the company - sm
Any help appreciated.  Trying to figure out how companies usually have you install their software on your computer.  Do you usually have to give them access to your computer and have them do it themselves?  Please help if possible - Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Company with good software

  I just had training for my new job.  I am very excited because the software is as good as I thought it was going to be.  You don't have a to use a mouse!!   You can use it, but there are control functions for everything, which is how I like it. 

I don't really need the ShortHand program I ordered because there is a very good shortcut program with it, but I don't know if my shortcuts for ShortHand will load onto it or not.  So I don't know if I'm going to try to use ShortHand or what, but I just want people to know there are still companies that use good, quick software that doesn't rely on the mouse.  It's my dream come true.  They also provided QLDB & Stedman's Medical Dictionary CDs.  My last in-house radiology job didn't even have a medical spellchecker.  Oy. 


you can given company and software names.
Sure, have lost patience, never lost sense of acting
Company Board Software Upgrade.
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Not a good company. Their pay is low and software hard to work with sm
although now they say DocQScribe which means they have picked up MQ accounts like other companies.  I would stay away. 
Seems like a nice company - sm
Nice pay, nice people, nice account.
They are a nice company...sm
Here lately you never know when you are going to have work, they have some of the hardest accounts I have ever tried to transcribe, but the pay is good, they do pay headers and footer, the people are nice and flexible, so I personally would give them a try.
Nice company
I work for them. Small company. Always pay you on time. Must maintain 98% accuracy on your work. What type of work are you applying for?
Nice company but...sm
if you're in need of health insurance, it is very expensive!
Nice company (sm)
I had to quit due to other commitments but good people to work with. I enjoyed the work. Pay is as stated and I don't remember having any problems with pay being on time. All in all good experience with them.
QT lost jobs lost dreams
webmedx is hiring but they may already have enough people, I got a job there last week.  No matter what kind of bull you are hearing from management or otherwise is a lie.  The account is gone, please look for new jobs
Very nice owner, nice work, nice place - sm
the leave you alone.  I left because they do not budge from their pay which was kind of mediocre.  I would go back if I had to because they were extremely nice.
Oh! That's very nice. We sometimes have gotten a V-Day gift from my company.
Are you a nice company to work for. nm


Nice company to work for. sm
Pay always on time. Weekends are not required. They do not pay for spaces, but do pay H/F. Line rates are better than average to good.
They only hire ICs. They are a nice company.

nice company to work for -----
Mongoose is simple to learn and doesn't seem to have the problems with freezing up and losing jobs that I experienced with Chartscript at my last job.
Yes, they do. Nice little company. Plenty of work.
Pay on a weekly basis.  Internet based platform.  I do think they are still hiring.
I talked with them and she was very nice... the company she wanted to
It's nice to actually CARE about doing good for the company again.

Very nice company to work for... friendly and
good QA. It is sometimes difficult to get a high line rate though. Not sure why, but maybe because headers and footers are not paid for. They do pay for spaces however. Good Luck in your decision.
Good company, nice folks...sm
I recommended a friend and she is one of 70 being hired for a large university hospital in Utah. I heard they landed some other big accounts. No VR at this time, which is important to me. Pay is on time. They have a sign on bonus now. Line rate is better than most.
Just thinking it may be nice for others to know the name of the company IF they happen to hire
again in the future.......
Second the motion.. Nice people.. Best company I have worked for.
They really care about their employees and it shows..
Nice company and benefits but production can be tricky.
Former DRC/Acusis MTs - Have you found a company as nice to work for (sm)
as DRC with good software, pay, benefits, etc?   Looks like REALLY good MTSO are few and far between.
Can anyone tell me who a really good SE company is that is solely internet based and are nice to
work for with decent accounts. Thanks much.
Wow! If you aren't interested that's fine but why bash this company for doing something nice
employees? I really feel sorry for MTSO's in this day and age of constant bashing. They simply can't win. If they try to do something nice and creative, they get bashed. If they don't, they get bashed. How 'bout giving them a break and going back to the rock you crawled out from under?
Different company but no slow down, swamped but we were before holidays. Nice having work..

DSG is a great company, pay on time, nice management, incentive, but SM
occasionally work load is an issue depending on shift and account but if you're willing to be flexible, you should be okay.
I agree also. Keystrokes is a wonderful company with very, very nice and helpful people. I would
like much more work, at least 12,000 lines each pay period.