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No response earlier, anyone getting reply from FutureNet ads? (sm)

Posted By: Just Looking on 2007-12-12
In Reply to:

I submitted a resume several days ago and have had no response yet.  With all the hooplah on the boards about them not having work I didn't think they would be swamped with applications.  I was just looking for PT to supplement my other job so running out of work now and again wouldn't kill me.  I have 20+ years acute care experience so I really was vain enough to expect a response.  Foolish me. 


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If those who have applied have gotten any response back. I was one of the earlier "viewers" an
FutureNet is a Calif. tranny service, www.futurenet-tech.com ...nm
whups - sorry, reply to wrong "who wants to be" reply
if I only had a brain...

Again, sorry to BTDT.
Then as I said earlier.....
Next time leave it for someone who will truly appreciate the opportunity to make an extra $100 - you obviously don't. In these economic times you should be grateful for the extra. Also, it wouldn't matter where you worked, either self-employed or employee, everyone has to have taxes taken out. Even if you made minimum wage somewhere the taxes still get taken off the top. That's not something you can get around no matter where you work. I don't understand your logic of working 5 hours overtime actually equal 10 hours, but even at that it's still $10 an hour and a lot of people in this country don't even make that much. You should still consider yourself lucky and stop complaining about it or don't work extra anymore.
WMX - earlier and earlier

It's 5 a.m. and out of work already.  Seems to get earlier and earlier.    I wish an MT who's been there for years could tell me this is the norm and it's going to get better soon.  I'm very concerned--haven't been able to get 20 hours in, and it's already Friday. 

Here you go...I should have thought of that earlier!!
I took it earlier........got second e-mail
that some were complaining they couldn't get on one file either, so she sent another file which loaded on my media player, but at least I could hear it clear as a bell.
Did they overhire or something earlier. nm
i was with MQ til earlier this year,
and i totally understand. I am using the Bayscribe platform, and yes there are markers you can go-to the same way. Was also able to transfer my MQ Expanders to the Bayscribe platform so i didn't lose years of input. This platform isn't quite as fine as DQS on many points, but it all balances out and i am happier than ever -- i wish you the same!!
earlier this year I tried them...
my computer crashed after weeks of their being in there setting me up. Lost everything, had to reload.

Think about it - virtually everywhere else sets up in hours. Is it worth it?

approach with extreme caution.
There were several posts earlier saying it was the
big Q.
Discussed earlier - DO NOT DO IT
As per the discussion over the last week, testing with them is most likely a terrible, terrible idea.

They're asking applicants to test with 10 LIVE files, which means all they're really doing is getting their backlog done for free.

Think about it - 30 applicants? 10 live files each? That's 300 files right there - no more backlog and no money spent. Yowza.
LOL-I saw one of those at the eye doctor earlier
this week. The gal taking my information just turn 62 on the 12th. She said she still uses the electric and the docs would probably retire it with her. She said it was a great conversation piece. My MIL has an old carriage return. It has 2 keys that rise above the others. Haven't seen that in forever.
Complaining about VR earlier
Weren't you MDIers complaining about MDI work going to VR about 6 months ago?  If it already has gone to VR then what is the problem with that VR work going to Transcend's platform for VR?  I'm not a VR advocate by any stretch of the imagination but I was following the thread a few months ago that your work was already going there and I was glad to have dodged that bullet when I turned down the job with MDI-Carlotta had told me the work would NEVER go to VR but then it did.  I'm sure Transcend does not want another VR platform when they already have their own.  Just an observation.
But an earlier post said
If the pay cuts are taking effect 10/1 then why would people not be getting calls until November?
I called earlier today
Sorry, I had not had coffee when I responded earlier ... sm
best of luck to you too. I'm sorry that you are having to go through all this. I think most of us just want to work hard and do a good job and be treated fairly by our employers. Seems so simple, but in my experience it has been hard to find. I'm moving on and hopefully will have found a better employer.
In refernece to earlier post...has anyone
Just checking to see where this stands. 
Can you restore to an earlier date and get (sm)

the changes the techie made to your computer?  I had 2 different companies set me up with an e-mail addy for their company, and got scam stock e-mails.  I feel your pain.

I posted about them earlier this week. I
received the e-mail with the prescreening form and it was worded so that I felt it was coming from off-shore. 
I was out of work for a short while earlier sm
I baked a cake. LOL
I left that company earlier

They have no communication. I arranged to have a week off as I was moving. This was totally arranged and okayed. Then they took me off the books because they said I did not report to work and had abandoned my job. I explained the situation, and they had to sign me back on with direct deposit, etc. Evidently somebody did not communicate with somebody else in the company. I quit.

I am in a wonderful job now and am glad I went elsewhere. 

i hope u are the one that contacted me earlier
if not, plz reply to me by sending an email.
I heard this earlier today...
... Are we worried yet? I feel worried.
I worked for them earlier this year (sm)
They are very nice people and paid on time DD. Platform was easy to learn as well. I had to quit because my daughter was very ill, but had that not happened I would still be with them. Good luck.
I think you are referring to my earlier post

and I am not in an illegal situatuation, though the poster who answered me tried to suggest that I am, or that I am somehow making the world less wonderful for other MTs. 

If you feel used and abused, if your MTSO treats you as an employee when it comes to scheduling and as an IC when it comes to pay and benefits then you are in an illegal situation.  I have been in similar situations and have simply chosen to move on.  But I would not discourage anyone from slugging it out with their boss over the issue if they want to keep that job.

I simply don't want my personal very seaworthy boat sunk by somebody who has a hole in her own boat.  'kay?

Sorry, I didn't see the earlier posts at first.
It just shook me up with GP's original post, because I like GP.
I called earlier and hung up from being on hold so
long.  Apparently lots of calls today.  Wonder why?
This is exactly why I told a poster earlier to get her degree! nm
stay far away from Alltype...see earlier messages.
 far far away.
What happened to post earlier today regarding MD-IT?
I read this thread earlier today and I was

amazed that nobody had called you a liar yet.  I knew it was coming.  It is human nature to be envious. 

I for one believe you, and I'm glad somebody is still making some money in this field. It gives me a little shimmer of hope. 

They posted earlier for an account starting on the

They can't control the one they started on the 15th.  It's total chaos!

Yes I do. I accidentally emailed you earlier. Instead of hitting
the post reply button, I hit the email button.  Feel free to email me.  Maybe we can add each other to the messenger and talk that way.
It was on the Main Board earlier this morning but
was apparently deleted. 
Fatcat...I sent you a private email earlier..sm
and am not sure you got it, but my basic question was that the jobs I am being offered are about 8 cents or 9 cents VBC as an IC or employee. After 30 years in MTing I hate to take such a paycut, but I don't want to be turning down jobs if that is the best I can hope for! In your experience in job searching was that about the rate you were encountering? You can email me privately if you like. Thank you!
Seems like the handiwork of the one who was asked to leave earlier than she planned. Just go

No. Did you miss the earlier-this-week threads on this? Check pg. 2. nm
Good point! I forgot to mention that earlier!


wow, good thing i turned them down earlier this year, thanks
Time change is earlier this year so computer
probably will not ask you to change now, may ask you  at the usual time. 
I left the field for good earlier this year
after 15 years. I'm now an ACSM certified personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness, and also have a private client. Thanks to everything I learned as a transcriptionist, I passed the very tough certification exam on the first try.

I'm still networked with my first MD client, and we refer people to each other.
My body also thanks me for not spending hours at the computer anymore. I enjoyed the work, but don't miss it at this point.

There are many ways to use what we know. If your instinct is telling you to do something else, I encourage anyone to at least explore your options.

Look down just a couple posts to earlier today for info about OSI.
Saw posts about this earlier with suspicion their testing was jacked up. (sm)

I figure if people who have lots of experience and have obviously tested for other companies and came off okay there must be something wrong 

Sorry you wasted your time.  Another, more reputable company deserves your attention.  Go for it.

See earlier thread's Good News answer SM
of 9/15 to a question about WebMedx. It looks like a large new account has opted for accommodating cliinicians by choosing a back-load system, i.e., us.
There was a lot of trouble with this company earlier this year - see archives -- Mediscript

How did you find out about them?


to clarify, not a cmomplaint about being asked to work extra earlier in the
MAG Mutual--Earlier posts state 8 cpl but does anyone have any information to share??
Such as quality of work i.e. many ESLs, work load as I am tired of running out of work with my present company. I am seeking more stability than work today.. gone tomorrow scenario, every other day. You can also email me if you do not wish to post on the board.
um, only 1 harsh reply; the other 3 were in reply to the 1
Do any of you know of any MTSOs using Futurenet software...iType, iPlayer, iSeries, iText?
Futurenet uses it.