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OSi coordinator

Posted By: delphi1164 on 2007-02-06
In Reply to: OSi coordinator job opening again? Another - coordinator bite the dust?? nm

If OSi is so bad why don't some of you take those jobs and straighten it out?

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The coordinator sent out email to her MTs. NM
I would say you can thank your account coordinator
She has seen that you will do them so girlfriend you will get them right and left. She doesn't care about your line count, just work and get the repors out!
Their is an account coordinator who still does it. Also
the folks in ops are real bad about calling when it is not appropriate.
I miss my coordinator...
Only coordinator that doesn't do it is
She should have stayed gone the first time, she is the best, she does not allow cherrypickers.
Are you talking about the coordinator who
could not get a job any place else because she has no experience? So, she asked for her job back at OSI! I hope that is not the one you are referring to, and surely it isn't. You might be talking about the one who was once a trainer??
OSi coordinator job opening again? Another
I too am an ex account coordinator
Agree with everything you said.
She was my coordinator....She was there as of Sunday...

thanking us all for the hard work with TAT! I had my last day thank goodness, my head was spinning from the revolving door of ACs, TLs, etc!

account coordinator
coordinator quit
She still works there - so OSi cant be that bad
Coordinator Position - Good/Bad (SM)
Was just offered a workflow coordinator position and am wondering if this would be a good move.  Pay would be about what I make in an average month of MTing.  Anyone been there/done that with reference to this type of job??  Any input would be much appreciated. 
What makes a great coordinator?
I was wondering what makes a good coordinator? Like, what did she do that was different from the others? I've thought about trying to advance (not at OSi), and I'd like to be the kind of person that people say these kinds of things about? What did she do to make you look forward to coming to work?
Another coordinator bite the dust at OSi?
If you do not have a lead, then the coordinator is in charge. sm
You can call the office (someone is either there or gets the messages and returns calls) or email or call the person who trained you. There is someone in charge of every account, even if not an official lead if the account is new.
Yet another OSi coordinator bites the dust...
I'm tellin ya, the turnover for those positions sure makes it seem like the perfect dream job eh?
Another coordinator bites the dust at OSi
There seems to be a lot of turnover with coordinators there.  The one that just left was great.
Wonder if that's why a coordinator recently left abruptly
That happened with a day or two notice, and the leads were dumped with no notice at all. Wonder if she knew what was going down or what is about to go down and decided to leave because of it?
I told the coordinator about it long ago, and she didn't have a problem with it. sm

As you said, though, the new handbooks are coming out, so we'll see.  I would think that would be a tough rule to enforce.  I have worked 2 jobs almost all of my life.  What I do on my own time when I am off the clock is my business as long as it is not in direct conflict with my full-time position.  That's just my thought, though .....