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On Jobs board, few inches down, AIDS/psych work, then

Posted By: a few inches below that are others. Good Luck! nm on 2007-10-09
In Reply to: People Support - Anon


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Look down the board a few inches, low pay offered. This
JMO - I absolutely despise psych work! Give me Op Notes anytime - NOT psych. nm
you might have more fun on a psych board. sn
we're just not into you.
Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
Psych Work?

Anyone know of a good company that offers psych work - preferrably part-time? Thanks!

PT Psych work
NetMed Transcription Service. If you are in Michigan, then you should check them out. I worked for them and they provide everything you need except for things like ink, paper, etc. It is in Cadillac, Michigan. Good Luck
Psych work
Can anyone tell me if Transtech has psych work?
Take a look on the jobs board.
The Amphion HR contact has her name and phone number there. That's probably your
best bet. Good luck!
There is one on the jobs board....
I would take it in a heartbeat but you need a C phone and I just sold mine on ebay.
They have an ad on the jobs board for rad MTs.
I don't know how they pay. We use ExText but not sure about that position. The ad says Meditech.

Worth checking into though.
Jobs board low pay
Has anyone notice how low the pay is on the jobs board? Can anyone live on this if you are self supporting and have no other income to the household?
IRS gives psych evals to work for them
I worked for them as a seasonal worker for 2 years. It is a written test asking all sorts of questions, but the questions are meant to test your psychological stability and temperament. I have worked for temp agencies giving this type of test also. Whether it is a good tool for hiring or not remains to be seen. Maybe. However, I know people who could fool anyone they wanted to and you would be surprised how they really are at home. Many folks live upstanding lives as long as the public is watching, but what they do behind closed doors would send YOU to the shrink's chair, just out of disbelief. LOL


First Medical placed an add on the jobs board

10 cpl/11 cpl weekends.  I've heard pretty good things about them.

WebMedex pays 10 cpl/11 cpl over 6000 lines - Lots of ESL, you have to clock in.



Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
only jobs post on job board
I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
Their ad is on the, uh, competing jobs board, I think onto the second or third
There are several on jobs board page 2
DocXpress on the jobs board...

Anyone heard of them?

I believe those were on the test for psych work because a lot of children
nowadays are watching shows such as Spongebob and using the X-Box, Playstation, etc., and they just want to make sure that you know all the new stuff out there that they will be using in their dictation. I've done psych. work before and they use a lot of modern jargon in their dictation.
Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs.
Three new accounts that I know of recently and more scheduled to come on. Started here as an MT and then moved to QA. Just like any place, there is good and bad but I can't imagine working anywhere else.
You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
On a jobs board. It is listed as a supervisor.
Many usually ask how to get into companies as a recruiter. This is one chance I guess but you do have to have experience according to the ad if I recall in MT and QA.
Possible offshore company on jobs board?
Apobos2 - looks to be 3 ads same company - all off shore???
Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
I wish I could look at the jobs board and not have to wade through the Focus s/m

job postings.  I know that sounds ridiculous, and YES, of course I can pass them by (and I do), but every time a job title catches my eye, it is almost always Focus Infomatics.  This automatically puts me in the mindeset of India and our jobs going overseas, which gets me grumpy.  I know some of you have had a good experience with Focus, and I am glad for that, but GRRRR.

Rant over :-) 

Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board

* Paid maternity/paternity leave

Get it now ????  That is age discrimination! 

Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
On Job Board, there is a job 5 cpl but you are not supposed to apply after Monday because the jobs
will be all filled.. I'm sure they will be for that rate.
They have weekend Radiology jobs that were posted on the job board May 8..(sm)
other than that, you would probably have to call.  Good Luck!
Psych work is full of modern slang and terminology.
I can see both sides of this issue. First, those are nonmedical terms and wouldn't constitute a serious error. However, it's clear that the test taker did not even do her research on unfamiliar terminology.
Good luck, I think everyone enjoys the lines from psych work. (nm)

You can only access the Jobs Board on MTDaily w/o paid membership. nm
Dictation Services Group. Go to the Jobs board, down 10 or 12, QA and acute
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
There are so many hits on the job board for jobs that I wonder if people are qualified that respond
or just send in a resume if they are not.  Would be interesting to hear from some of these companies what type of response they are getting. 
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

There are a few posts below down a few inches. nm
Some posts about TTS down a few inches on this
not unless margins are 2.5+ inches
I have been paid by gross line at no less than 8 and still found that to be pretty low. I think on average you will find you make about 6-6.5 cents based on the 65-character count. Maybe a little more but I would say no more than 7.
Go down this page about 15 inches or so and see the Warning about
There are responses to this down this page a few inches. nm
On page 2 here, down about 15 inches or so, lots of the
don't know about OSI but I have lost 20 pounds and 25 inches. I am sm
getting ready to quit smoking on 2/14/2008.
That is why I work 2 jobs, 1 FT and
1 PT, so I NEVER run out of work.  If 1 runs out, I switch to the other.  It is working out great.  Ya got to keep ya U-know-what covered. (Hope I'm not banned for that.)
PT IC's who work 2 or more jobs (sm)
What kind of interesting schedules do you keep?  Do you work X amount of lines on X days?  Days versus evenings?  Weekend sometimes?  Just trying to get an idea and be creative with my scheduled and would love to hear how you manage to juggle...thanks!
Would you work two jobs if the first

says you cannot work for anyone else as long as you work for them and that all your transcription time must be for them only?  This includes above a 40-hour week.  Do you think they'd find out if I did?  I am thinking of it because of the account I'm on and cannot make any money with.

My account is very complicated and they are always asking for extra help on it and it does not pay well.  The account specs and headers are very intricate.  You are supposed to know when dictators want stuff that they don't even ask for and the specs are constantly changed and updatead.  The company does not pay for spaces or headers.  I made 5.39 cents yesterday for two hours work.  That's nuts.  I've got two years experience and am not toally new, but can't make any money on this account and the company can't hardly keep anyone on it either.  They don't seem to understand why they can't anyone and keep saying is it such a nice account.  Duh!


Can you work both jobs until you
figure out if Keystrokes is on the up and up.  I have been burned so many times and understand how you feel;however, every time someone posted on this board and said to be careful, I have learned to listen.  I was warned against Precyse, Spheris, Medquist and did not listen and went broke with those companies because I did not listen, but you also have to take what others say with a gain of salt and do what is going to help you.  You said you make good money right now, well you have your answer.  I would stay put or work them both until you are 100% sure about Keystrokes.   
Not everyone is able to work 2 jobs or even 3 sm
due to family responsibilities, personal health issues and/or other commitments. They took a job with TT and have had more or less enough to work to keep them happy. TT is their only source of income and in some cases,they are the sole wage earner, so be nice. Maybe TT should go ahead and lay off some people instead of going with the low work no work issue so people can collect unemployment and maybe food stamps for those who need it. I myself would give take a layoff at TT so someone with children could have enough work to put food on their table, even though I need the money as well. No need to flame me, that is just my own opinion.
No, you should not have to work 3 jobs
I think that if those of you who have to try to juggle multiple jobs were to get an on-site job in whatever field, you would be surprised to learn that nowdays working at home is not all it's cracked up to be.  I never tried it but I think juggling 2 or 3 jobs would leave no time for a life.  Believe me life is short. Too short to put up with the nonsense feast or famine.  There has always been feast and famine but it used to be that the feast times were the norm.  The famines were a welcome relief, not meaning out of work totally, but maybe a sacrifice of a few hundred lines during a pay period.