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On-Time Transcription

Posted By: Stacy on 2007-07-30
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Anyone working there or have worked there?  What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!!!!

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Anyone know anything about On-Time Transcription?

They contacted me today from an old resume on a job board.  They gave no information as to line rate, platform, equipment, etc.   I did a Google search and their website is not very professional and provides no information at all.   I've done an MT Stars search and after going through several pages don't find anything, though I'm sure I've seen at least a post of someone asking about them in the last few months.

I'm not really looking for a position, though I'm always open if a better situation came along.   I received their e-mail too late to contact them back today to ask them these questions myself. 

Transcription time
Hi Guys!  I know this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find the info.  Can someone again please tell me approximately how long it takes to transcribe an hours worth of dictation assuming the dictation is H&Ps, consults, etc.. for family medicine, OB/GYN & ortho.  Thanks for any info you can provide.  I am slowly getting back into the business but don't want to take on too much. 
Transcription Time

Thanks guys!  That helps tremendously.  Lucky for me, no ESLs. 

transcription time
I agree - depending upon the Transcriptionist speed I find that an average audio file with good dictation audio quality can take somewhere between 2-1/4 and 3 times the size of the audio file to transcribe - thus often a 45-minute audio file can take between 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2-1/4 hours to transcribe. Of course, though, more difficult specialties, ESL dictators and bad audio recordings can account for longer production times...
Anyone know anything about On-Time Transcription?
I think they use Emdat platform but not sure.  Wondered if anyone knew much about them, i.e., nice to work for, plenty of work, decent accounts? 
Can anyone tell me anything about On-Time Transcription?

I've searched the archives and cannot find a thing.  I know they use Emdat/Inscribe.  Anyone know about pay rates, management, etc.?


That is Turnaround Time Transcription - sorry! nm
TRS - Part-time transcription?
Hey, does TRS hire part-time transcriptionists?  Someone told me they had a hard time making lines with TRS...anyone have any experience with them?
part time transcription
I did check there - thanks
Turnaround Time Transcription? sm
Does anyone have any information about this company?  TIA
Every time Davis Transcription has

been asked about on this board over the last 2 years, there are always warnings about working for her.  All you have to do is Google Davis Transcription if you don't want to search backwards.  Archived information is old.  I am not sure why it takes years to be archived but hey, this is a free site. 

Anyway, if you want to know what has been said in the last year or two, do a search going back through the pages.  Some of the information does come up on a google search though. I keep wondering, since the information is so easy to find, why people still keep taking jobs with Davis. Guess they don't believe those who have already been burned. 

Turn-Around-Time Transcription anyone?
This is a very small company based in Glendale, CA with 1 or 2 hospitals. 
Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc., any info???
any info on Charts in Time or US Transcription?....
I cannot find information on either of these companies and was wondering how they were to work for.  Thanks.
Time for Transcriptionists to Take Back Transcription
It is my personal opinion, that we as trasncriptionists are an elite bunch. We have wroked hard, we work hard, our work is technically and physically and mentally challenging. I have a problem with others capitalizing on our skills, knowledge, training and expertise. Not only that, hospitals are closting transcription departments one by one and outsourcing. I am protesting outsourcing. Why give our money to services when we can work directly for the hosiptal under an intentive program and keep our benefits and earn more than the service can earn, and put the money back into our pockets instead of theirs. We are people, not machines, not a commodity, we should not be for sale.
The only time I tried to apply at Diskriter I had to take a transcription test and it was horrible.
The sound quality was so bad that I just could not take the test. Even though I have 14 years of experience in acute care, they would not hire me because I could not do the transcription test. I would have been happy with just a written, or even a transcription test with better sound quality. I wonder how many people were put off by that. Maybe it was just me.
No, full-time only. This is pretty standard whether in transcription or any other field. nm
Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?

Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?

I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
Not what I was told; 3500/wk part-time & 6000 wk/full-time. nm
Precyse Solutions is hiring part-time and full-time right now.
Saw this on their website.
i work 3 part-time jobs now. it can be confusing if you are learning both at the same time, but sm
other than that not a problem for me. best to get one down before starting to other or you might become overwhelmed.
MDI-MD: What are daily line requirements for full-time/part-time? Thanks! nm
I have one full-time job and 2 part-time jobs. It can be tricky at times, sm
but at least I now have plenty of work always. I have some big financial goals, and right now that seems to be the only way to accomplish it.  I can't see any reason why it would not be legal -- why would you say that?  I am cheating no one, except myself (out of sleep and a social life).  Fortunately, I am single with no children or anything.  I cannot imagine doing this if I had a family.  At least my dogige understands. 
I've been there quite a while, pay on time, growth spurt right now, so good time to get on board,
new accounts and lots of work, and before someone says it, I'm not management, just an employee.
per his request I told him Time To Call, he called Not That Time, emailed me
Full time/part time based on # hours or
# lines per pay period, nothing to do with quality. The lower the quality the higher the pay it seems.
Solution: Find another job, part time or full time.
Post your resume, hope for the best.
Depends on how flexible you need to be and if full-time or part-time
They are a little more flexible if you are part-time.  Not so much full-time, where you can be a little flexible within the day (not a strict 8-5), but if you are scheduled for Monday, you have to work Monday unless you request off, and if you are scheduled for a Holiday, you have to work the holiday, unless you request off.  They encourage you to clock out every time you are not typing to keep your lph rate up, which means an 8 hour day can turn into 12 hours at the computer.  If they run out of work (which they do quite often), you have to make the time up.  They are also leaning more towards Voice Recognition, so MTs are getting trained on that, but not sure what percent will go that way.  It does affect how much work you may get though in the other accounts.   
They are advertising for full time HIM now, do they still hire part time? nm
It will get better, I hope. Too much time on my hands means too much time on ebay! lol nm

DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm
Any companies out there where you do not have to fill in a time sheet or on a time clock?
I would like to do my lines and be done, and still get my benefits.  Any companies out there that go by line production rather than hours to qualify for bennies?
OSi with part time health insurance and paid time off
OSi does offer health insurance and paid time off for part time.  Yes, there have been changes.  Yes, there will probably be more changes.  I don't see anywhere that hasn't had changes.  If they don't change they will be out of business the way the economy is these days, just like some other companies.  If they don't make money, then I don't make money.  So, what is so different with OSi compared to other companies?  I see complaints constantly about all companies.  I don't think it is the fault of the company that they outsource or use voice recognition.  It just is life on life's terms these days.  There is still enough work for us, at least for me. 
My thoughts exactly, why waste my time when you know you are only hiring full time? nm
From time to time those paper checks aren't good!
This comes at the same time they are pushing this TAT time. I have no intention of sitting here on a
set schedule for no work. The only reason I get work now is working erratic hours when there is work so I think anyone that works for Amherst better put down on their time schedule they send in they will be working when there is work. The worst thing that can happen is you get canned for working different hours and if there is no work who cares. They surely dont care about SE do they. They just pull the rug out and expect all these people with second jobs to adjust and quite frankly a lot of them wont be able to so I think it tells you they probably dont care about those people. I think with ASR and EMR they figure they can just trim the work force and the first they dont care about are those with other jobs using this as a second income or spending money. Pretty obvious to me.
Its holiday time. I just took a part time job at K-Mart and
it is really quite fun because I get to interact with humans and do not have to stare at a computer. My part time benefits included an employee discount on merchandise from day 1 of employment, can put that on lay-away, and if the item goes on sale before you pick it up, you get it at the sale price as well as with the discount. This is a Super K-Mart, and with kids this will really help with paying for their presents. It sure beats running out of work every day and wondering if I am going to have any money for gifts.
Ugh - well I did all my work on time and I expect to be paid on time.

The phone company doesn't wait, the cable company doesn't wait, and the electric company doesn't wait for their money either - all of which I need to pay in order to do my job.  I work when I am supposed to, I help when behind, and give 110%, and I ask for my check to be on time. 

I think if an MTSO is going to have to mail checks they should do so priority to make up for the delay.

Full time but no work half the time-nm
okay to yell the first time but not correct etiquette the second time?
Question on MDI-MT full time vs. part time
Does anyone know how many lines per week or per pay period are required at MDI-MT to be considered full time?  Thanks.
No, not a time clock. You just fill out a time sheet sm
with your days and times and lines and email it every 2 weeks.

It really seems to be a great place to work so far -- the people are great and the work has not run out.  I have been paid more, but then again, I am an employee and have benefits and do not have to mess with that tax hassle anymore, so I'm happy.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Part-time MT getting full-time work ??????

TransTech should not be giving out work to PT people on their DAY OFF, or any other time BEFORE a full-time MT has enough work    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full time is 40 hours, and yes they have part-time.
OSi pays on time every time exactly what was quoted on job offer.
Someone is getting really confused here. OSi does pay on time. Pay has always been in accordance to my time sheet that I fill out. If OSi pays only if their accounts pay them, then I must be on one good account that always pays. This is not in any fine print of any papers I have received.
TRUST me when I say...It is not worth your time, even part-time..

I hired on with them part-time on or about September 8, kept getting run around as to when I was to actually start transcribing. Team lead emailed to say she had a very very good account for me to start on.  I was trained 25 minutes. Then, there was an issue with my ID and password to get into the system.  After about 2 weeks, got ID and password, but it didn't work.  Then I get an email from another supervisor advising that I would be on another account and they seen the specs. So, I get an email some time around the first of October saying I can start typing.  In the meantime, Focus has a MT Forum, and I'm reading all these negative remarks from the MTs stating a lack of communication company wide, to the terrible QA department being not all on the same page, and being deducted points for blanks and such.  By this time, I was exhausted from waiting, and exhausted from hearing all the complaints from the MTs actually working there, that I sent an email to team lead saying, I had changed my mind about working there.  This is the most chaotic, disorganized, miscommunicated place I have ever seen in my entire 32 years of being an MT.   (If there are any errors in this forgive me.  Don't feel like proofing this)

Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.