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Paid for spaces depends on the account. Good company. nm

Posted By: EMTS on 2006-04-27
In Reply to: Older post says they didn't pay for spaces. nm - Still wandering


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Overall it is a good company. Your paycheck, however, depends on the account SM
you have, and your level. I am currently a level 8 with a high number of ESLs. I like Spheris the company though, but dislike my account.
Still need help on figuring what would be a good cpl if paid w/o spaces.
See my first message above. Thanks
Personally, DSG is a good fit for me. Pay is good and on time, sound quality depends on the account
and I like the platform. There is not much weekend work, although sometimes is available.  I get along well with the management, no major complaints.  There is pay incentive once you get over a certain number of lines in a pay period.  I work as an IC, so can't help with benefits, insurance questions, etc.
depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area
This is not true. I have been there a month and get a good line rate and paid for spaces. ??? nm
A lot of it depends on the account, but a good

It is like a Word-based program, but a lot of the functions from Word were not incorporated into BT.  If you have to change large blocks of text, once you highlight it either takes an extremely LONG time for the program to work or it will just freeze up altogether, in which case you have to back out and relog entirely.  Imagine doing this on every 3rd report and then you'll have a good idea of what it is like on some accounts. 

On some accounts the sound quality is so poor it is either all crackles or volume so low you can barely make out a word.  If you're a person who likes to use the keyboard more than the mouse, it has very few function keys and you can't program your keyboard for your own hotkeys.  Autocorrect does not work with it and most Expander programs do not work with it either. 

On my computer we had to reload the whole program several times because they figured it was just a bad download.  So even if you get an account that some people have no problems with, it's hard to tell what the precipitating factor is that will make it freeze up or not work well with other computers.  There is really no rhyme or reason as to why it works well for some and why it doesn't for others.  That's why tech support is having such a hard time.  They don't know the total ins and outs of the software because they didn't develop it.  It was developed by a company called M-Modal and so whenever there is a problem that tech support can't handle, they have to contact M-Modal.  The problem could be hours or days before corrected.  And there is no downtime.  The loss is YOUR loss, not the company's.  It is by far the worst program I have ever worked with in my 15+ years in MT.

I agree, if you went to work knowing full well that the company paid 7 cpl no spaces
why on Earth did you accept the job?
Wonderful company, but you type letters and look up addresses and you do not get paid for spaces nm
They do not pay for spaces. Other aspects of company seem good. nm
Like anything, it depends on the company. Some good, some bad. nm
So, if not spaces paid, what cpl would be comparable to at least 9 cpl w/spaces, do you know??
They pay for spaces. Rate depends on
test results, shift, and weekend work.   They work from an ExText program which is an easy program.  Right now they are trying to catch up from the hurricane mess because they had to evacuate, but so give them a few days to get their heads above water. 
GOOD GRIEF -Love my company/account, Hate MedRite! Any help?
I love the company I work for, pay, schedule, account.  It has it all.  But they use MedRite.  This is awful!  Was this actually designed for an MT?  This is complicated, SO much mouse-clicking, and so SLOOOW - I am boring myself to sleep.  Typing is easy and quick but moving from report to report - Good Grief!  Is there anyone who has used this?  Are there any tips you could give me? 
I miss YOG also! Good company, great line rate, and awesome account.
I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
paid for spaces
you can bet the companies are charging for spaces; and the buck stops where? not here, anyway.
Cy/Med and No spaces being paid!
MTS:  I applied and passed Cy/Med - they tell me they have over 600 people working for them - why are so many MTs out there working for companies that do not pay for spaces - to get 600 lines you have to work at least 20% longer - why are you working for no spaces - I am told that many clients are doing this now - this is really going backwards in the MT business I think - Your comments please!
We do get paid for spaces. sm
Employee handbook states 65-character line, including spaces and all characters necessary to create the document.  You must be mistaking Webmedx for another company?
You are not getting paid for spaces.
Do you know if we are paid for spaces?

Yes we get paid for spaces.
I think it depends on the account. I have one account that pays sm
$2.25 for specials and one that pays $3.50. I was on one previously that did not pay them different at all, but they were all short and mostly PICC line placements.

I worked for a hospital that went to KS and they were not charging extra for the specials. I know what they charged per report, and there was no way they were getting rich on the difference after taxes and all that. I was suprised. I was in on the bid review and the average to charge was between $1.75 and $2.75 per report or 0.13 and 0.15 per line. There were 15 companies that bid on the account, and all were within those ranges.

I went to KS about 6 months after the hospital outsourced to them. When we were displaced, I accepted a different job in the hospital and hated it.
The account I am on is internet only. I think it depends on the account. nm
Getting paid for spaces versus not...
any good or bad experiences? Thanks
A post from May said they paid 7 cpl with NO spaces. That's all I have. nm
YOU ARE WRONG!! We are paid for spaces. nm
OP did not ASK if paid spaces, SAID didnt. Re your
This is current, no spaces paid for


A response to my inquiry.  Not for me, we make nothing as is or what we should. 

 RE: MTJobs Probity Penn.

The line is a 65 character black and white line.

The line rates vary from 8 to 9 cents per line and will be discussed if you are granted an interview. 

I must DISAGREE. I get paid for spaces!!! (nm)

Yes, not being paid for spaces would reduce your pay A LOT!
Spaces, paid or not paid. Do you know? sm
I just started with a company and when I asked specifically if I would be paid for spaces, they said yes.  When I started using their program I noticed that the line count for each job did not include spaces.  I checked it with more than one program.  I called them and they said there was a glitch in the program that would be fixed.  It has been almost two months now and that glitch is still not fixed.  My checks do not include spaces either.  No one at the company knows what is up.  I can't believe I am the only one at this company who has deduced that they are not paying for spaces.  So, do you check your line counts to see if spaces are included?  You might be in for a surprise.  Man, I am tired of being burned when I am a reliable and honest IC.  Maybe time to do something else.  Thanks for listening.
What I meant by "making up" for not being paid for spaces was this.
I've been paid for spaces before but have had awful software (ex. - unable to refer to past reports, being down constantly, etc.) as well as no work situations and no pay for headers, footers, etc. Also, I've been assured of not running out of work. Based on the above, I accepted the position. Of course, if things aren't as described, I'll certainly look elsewhere. Other than the no spaces, everything sounds great - soo, gotta give it a try!
Yes I am happy, tho I'd be happier if I got paid for spaces - sm
I am very lucky I guess to have a good steady IC job, have about 22 hr TAT and take as little or as much work as I want (with notice). No minimums and can work whatever hours I want. Just have to finish all the work I am given whether it is 30 minutes or 90 minutes by the following mid-afternoon. Except for not being paid for spaces (I lose about $200-$300 a month due to this), it is very good and as close to perfect that you can get.
I just asked. We do get paid for spaces. If QA said that, they are wrong.
Probably not getting paid for headers, footers, or spaces. Do you get
In orig. post; she did not ASk if paid for spaces.
Are you paid extra to compensate for no spaces?
I just went back to my old job, because they are compensating per line the amount I would have made with spaces. In other words, I get 8.4 c with spaces, and between 9 and 10 cpl without spaces. If you are compensated with cents per line, the only difference is how you would react psychologically to seeing the low line totals at the end of the period. I had a time adjusting to this, but just remember 7500 lines without spaces equals approximately 10,600 lines with spaces. So you are not typing poorly, you are on target and if you are paid the extra amount then all is fair. It is how the client would charge, I assume. Talk to the people who offered you the job to double-check, but when I cleared this up, my misconceptions regarding lower line counts with no spaces, and productivity with the difference in cpl, I happily returned to my original company on an account that did not count spaces. Good luck on whatever you decide! :)
Wasn't somebody asking about Probity?? NO SPACES PAID sm

Don't pay for spaces.


Subject: RE: MT jobs ad (Probity Pennsylvania)

0.08 and 0.09 cents per line.... somewhere between there.

 65 character black and white line. 

(black and white means pay only what shows up on the paper as black letters on white paper)

It just depends on how long the report is. Are you paid by
Hired by Cymed and told they did not pay for spaces, but paid for headers and footers. Just did a

check on the line count, and not only do they not pay for headers and footers, they also pay for 2 lines less than I typed.

If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

I think a lot depends on your account...
and your supervisor. I currently work for them, just got a better offer from another company, so I'll be quitting shortly. My account is like 95% ESL, but I do get a 20% bonus for working it. I'm not sure it's worth it, though, because I could more than make up for that bonus on a better account and with far less frustration.

My supervisor is pretty flexible, mostly because she ignores you. I can count on one hand the number of times she has responded to my email on the first try. She won't do a damn thing about the cherrypicking.

I have a friend who works on another team who's happy as a clam, though. But, she has a great account and her supervisor rocks.

They do not penalize you for dropping below on quality.
I think that it depends on the account. I am at sm
$1.10 on one account and $1.25 on another. I think that they come out even though when I put them up hour by hour. I do about 1700 reports a pay period (2 weeks) but I work 6 days for my 40 hours. My hands complain if I sit for 8 hours a day so I spread it out and it helps them because I cover Saturday and Sunday and shorter days Mon, Tue and Wed.
I think it depends on the account you SM
are applying for.
It depends on what account you are on
I dont have trouble unless I have a bad day getting all ESLs. Some days I can get all the great dictators, but then there are bad days.

There are 2 platforms so I am not sure about the other platform.
depends what account you are on

I am on a Smartsource account, hospital employee (not DR employee), and work only on my one account.  I have never been happier and am making lots of $$. Benefits are as good as I had with an in-house job, very affordable.   Management does have high turnover for some reason, but hasn't really affected me negatively.  QA is wonderful. 

If you work for DR directly, it is like any other MTSO out there.  You will probably work on several accounts at a time and get moved around (a lot harder to get in lines and make any $$).   

One plus is that they pay an hourly wage for downtime (computer issues, no work, etc).  Haven't had to use this hardly at all, but it is nice if you need it.


Depends on the account. I think it is
average. One account is all ESL but that is separate from the regular system. Sound quality is as good as any. Company is nice to work for. Work is not overly plentiful though.
It depends on the account that you are on. nm
Depends on the account
Radiology usually has tons of work. The company is has taken on some new accounts lately, and is taking on a couple more in the near future. If you are assigned to a newer account right from the start, you shouldn't have to worry about workload. Good radiology MTs are always in demand.
It depends on what account you are on.
I love the program.  I had very thorough training.  The pay is another thing.  I feel it is low and you don't get paid for spaces.  As everywhere else, there is good and bad.  Pay is always on time and direct deposit.  Very nice people to work with.
I think it depends on your account
and what type of reports you do.  Some are harder and some have more templates, etc.  If you do fewer doctors you can get a better count and not so many different hospitals.  Also, I think the big MT companies don't pay as well as getting your own accounts.  The problem with having your own accounts is you are responsible for everything.  If you have a computer problem, doctor problem, need vacation, whatever, no tech department, no vacation, etc.  Taxes can be a headache also and I always paid more taxes running my own business.  I work for a large national now and if I apply myself, it is much better than on my own.  I don't have to buy my own equipment, if it breaks or I have problems, tech takes care of it.  Also the taxes are easier and I pay less percentage.  I think if you are working for a company, I would approach them and tell them you aren't making enough.  You might need to find another fit, another company, maybe your own accounts, or maybe just in the company you work for they can find you something different that you can make better money for.