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People Support Rapid Text versus Keystrokes for radiology

Posted By: decisions decisions on 2007-08-31
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Any info on People Support Rapid text? tia nm
Rapid Tran-Script, LTD versus Rapid Transcript, Inc

Is Rapid Tran-Script, LTD and Rapid Transcript, Inc both are same companies? I will really appricate any information regarding this.

Rapid Tran-Script, LTD  using Demesys as their workflow system name.

I am working for them from the last two months but not have getting paid till now...........Thanks!

Rapid Text
Very good
It's Rapid Text-a Word-based
program. It has most of the templates built in. Very user friendly. Pretty much, if you can type in Word, you can use this platform.
Shorthand versus Instant Text
I was wondering if someone could tell me if there is a big difference in these 2 Expanders please.  Any info is greatly appreciated.  TIA! 
Instant Text versus PCShorthand, etc.
I am looking into purchasing an expander. I posted somewhere on the board yesterday, but can't find my post or replies.  Are there any pros/cons to either of these expanders?  How hard are they to learn? I have been an MT for 20 years; would it be worth it for me to use one? Are they better than the expansions I would use with Dictaphone ExText?  Thanks for any advice!
Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

I know two people who work 3rd shift for Keystrokes on radiology and have a lot of work. Maybe you
on an account that has enough work. I hate to hear that someone doesn't have enough work or that they have a problem because I know that Keystrokes works to find the right account for every person. They do a lot for us but you have to talk to them until you find the right account or volume or hours for you.

I think that a lot of companies are that way but there is a lot of job-hopping in transcription. Everyone is looking for the perfect job but the grass is not always greener on the other side. There are a few MTSO's really are not good but for the most part, the others don't intentionally drive people away. That would not make sense. They need us to work as much as we need them to have the work there for us.

WebMedx versus MedScribe--Opinions? Can you use Instant Text?
Don't want to go to a situation
Keystrokes has the best radiology accounts IMO. I have plenty of work and radiology only. nm
I make a good living and rarely run out of work. When I do, it is for a few minutes at a time and usually because the rads have not started early enough. No other complaints!
Keystrokes for radiology. They are the biggest for radiology out of all of the companies out there.
I have been there 2 years and have been very happy. I make a lot more money than when I worked for Edix/Spheris.
radiology line versus report
I think the answer is to ask your recruiter at the start about the account you will be on and hope she will be truthful. I was outsourced from a hosp. not long ago, offered a job with the company hospital was going with so already knew the docs and reports. These were very wordy docs and the new company was going to pay us by report. Didn't not take the job because I knew ahead of time the reports were much too long to be paid by report.
Would have taken the job if
only they had paid by line.
Asked up front next time about account and was told
reports were mostly short
and normal. I was lucky
enough to find truthful recruiter. Hope this helps.
MDI versus MedScribe versus SoftScript versus Transsolutions versus TransHealth. SM

I'm getting ready to start applying and these are the companies that I'm looking at.  So give me the low-down.  Good, bad, India?

Here are my criteria:

9 cpl or better

Does NOT send work to India

Good accounts with at least 50/50 of ESL versus American dictators

Consistent work flow - no downtime or time spent waiting for work

Upper management should be professional, positive, and encouraging.

Pay for lines WITH spaces.

Is there such a job out there or am I just dreaming?  If there are other companies other than the ones I listed that would fit the bill, please feel free to let me know. I tested with TransHealth and I felt like I tanked.  It was a hard test and I had to use the mouse to stop and start the dictation as it was online test and you couldn't download the voice files.  So that made it a lot more difficult.  One of the dictators was cutting himself off through the report and I had to leave some blanks.  I'm very frustrated with this whole process of looking and testing.  Are all the tests like that?  Or are there companies that allow you download the test files and transcribe them using your pedal and software?  Ugh!  I am just so frustrated and discouraged.

Thanks for any helpf.

Keystrokes has a radiology division. They used to be radiology only but their sm
customers started referring other departments to them.

I know that they just got a bunch of new accounts!
For radiology, Keystrokes is the way to go. They seem to have the most radiology accounts. sm
I have been very, very busy since starting with them 19 months ago. No complaints at all other than one or two of the radiologists who speak at the speed of light and expect us to be able to transcribe what sounds to be a mouse on a treadmill!
MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
I just received a job offer from MDI-MD in Gaithersburg, Maryland and an offer from Keystrokes. I'm having a difficult time deciding because MDI is contractor/statutory employee, and Keystrokes is employee. Also MDI wants one weekend day and Keystrokes has a Monday to Friday position. I've heard only positive comments about MDI but conflicting comments about Keystrokes. The job profiles are so different that I don't know which to choose. I could try the MDI because they only give you five reports a day for a two-week training period (so I could keep my current position while I try MDI out). But I don't know how I could try both MDI and Keystrokes on the same computer, and then also stay with my current company (separate computer) and get my regular work done -- that's juggling three balls at once!!! Any suggestions about the way to go would be so very much appreciated.
MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
Do you have any thoughts as to which company is better?
To sm re: MDI versus Keystrokes
Would you please answer a few more questions if you don't mind?
1. Please explain what you mean by Keystrokes convoluted pay scale? (They offered me 8 cpl to start, minimum 1200 lines per day. I was told OT they do not want you working OT unless requested. No line incentive.)
2. Regarding MDI, I don't want to work weekends but was told you could work the minimum (700 lines) on your weekend day and that didn't seem to bad (a few hours of work and it's done). Does that seem realistic?
3. If you need to go away for a weekend or something comes up and you cannot work the weekend day you are scheduled, does MDI allow you to take it off, as long as you let them know in advance? Can you switch a Saturday with a Sunday if necessary? Do they hassle you or expect you to make up the lines during the week? I hate to think that I can never make weekend plans. It doesn't happen often but it would be nice to know you can.
4. How is MDI about taking time off for vacation, or if you need a sick day? I'm rarely sick but want to know what to expect.
5. I was told that generally, you can work as much as you want (although you do not get overtime), and that they do not restrict work. Do you agree?

Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me with regard to the above.

MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
Does anyone know if MDI-MD has a large amount of ESL. One of the first things the recruiter asked me was if I had ESL experience. Also, would like to know about Keystrokes ESL volume. I realize to an extent it depends on the account but any info would be helpful. Thank you.
Keystrokes versus Smartmed

Any opinions.  Keystrokes sounds insanely good, but with everybody going there to work, I am afraid they will be overbooked.  I heard Smartmed was hard dictation. Is this possibly truth?



amphion versus keystrokes
Can someone give me some RECENT info on either of these 2 companies.  I am curious about their new VR platform at Amphion and about the clinic platform, I think it is Allscripts, at keystrokes.  How much are they offering for line rates, etc.  Any details would be appreciated.  Still not sure MT is the way to go here, if you know what I mean.  Thanks.
People Support. sm
I have worked for these guys for 1-1/2 years. Pay always on time, every time. I have had one raise in pay, as was promised when I started. I've never worked with better folks. Please email me with any questions.
People Support...

Does anybody have any information on People Support?  I see they have several job offers available and I have never heard of them.  Any info would be greatly aprpeciated--good or bad.


People Support, Inc.
Are they an off shore company? 
People Support
People Support
Did work there in the past. Pay was a little too low for me.
People Support
Sounds like just what I am looking for.  Are they hiring?
people support
thanks so much for the feedback on people support. Do they provide equipment? I plan to check their website out again as I never heard from the first time.
Anyone hear of People Support?
I checked out their website.  Am I wrong in assuming they outsource to Phillipines and Costa Rica?  I had taken their test and they called me today and the number came up as Rapid Text, so now I am confused.  Thanks in advance for any info. 
People's Support Trans.
Any info on Peoples Support?
People Support Transcription? Anyone know anything about them? nm
AEGIS/People Support

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

AEGIS/People Support
Thanks so much for the info. What is the name of the platform? This account will be acute care, that's all I know.

Do they offshore? In looking at the website it mentioned India, etc...

Thanks for the info...
Any thoughts about Acusus versus Keystrokes? If you had your choice sm

between the 2 companies, which would you choose?  I read very little about Acusis, but they seem to have a good benefit package (which start after 1 month, not 90 days) and they start at 1/2 more per line, although Keystrokes apparently reviews your wage after 90 days (I think) and you are eligible for a raise.  I have heard mostly positive things about Keystrokes but relatively nothing about Acusis. 

Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated. 

Can't you just email or call the DQS support people? My last job let me do it. nm
What kind of platform does People Support use?
Keystrokes is wonderful!! They are the nicest people and care 150% about their people!!
Excellent company!!!!
Not really. The middle class is necessary - to support the welfare people and to pick up the slack f
I love the company -- great people, good tech support, sm

good benefits.  The pay could be more, but at least there is a production incentive tier that is not too tough to achieve.   Overall, I would say this is probably one of the best places I have ever worked.  If the no work situation continues, I guess I will just have to call them and ask for a secondary.  Everyone in the office has always been very helpful and supportive.   I just get nervous when it is not a holiday or anything and no files are available.  That is just my little thing, I guess.  I still would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.


Hope this helps.

Keystrokes Radiology

Wow!  What a web site!  New to me as I have not begun working from home yet.   Hey, Listen .... I am very excited to be taking on a new Radiology Transcription position with Keystrokes in the near future.  I'd love to be prepared for the job and ready to kick out as many reports as possible on my first day of work.  I have received the USB foot control, but am not yet set up to work.  However, if there's anyone out there that could give me some "preparedness pointers"  PRIOR to my first day of work, I'd sure appreciate it.  (Currently still working in a hospital setting).  Thank you kindly!         

Keystrokes for radiology and I have tried others. nm
How does Keystrokes pay for radiology
reports, by the line or report?  If it is by the report, can you tell me if it is above or below $1.45?

Hello out there!  Can anyone provide any info on working for Keystrokes, Radiology Division?  Any info greatly appreciated.


Keystrokes radiology
Can or would anyone tell me the average line rate (or however they pay) for radiology at Keystrokes?  Thanks
Keystrokes radiology?
Hi everyone.  I am looking for a position as radiology MT and have heard good things about Keystrokes.  One thing that was a problem at my old job was running out of work.  Is this ever a problem at Keystrokes typing radiology?  Any input would be appreciated.
To anyone who does radiology for Keystrokes (sm)

Do they pay by report or line for rad?  Are there steady rad accounts where you don't run out of work often?  If you don't want to reply here, please e-mail me, and if anyone responds by e-mailing me, please let me know that you did send me an e-mail.  For some reason, the last 2 replies I got from posters on here, I didn't receive the e-mail so I'm trying a different e-mail address to see if I get replies at that address.  TIA.

For radiology, your best bet is Keystrokes. nm
Keystrokes Radiology, new kid on the block

Hello to my fellow Keystrokes Radiology Transcriptionists!  I just got hired by Keystrokes and really feel that I got blessed to have gotten on with this company although I have no misgivings about the hard work that lies ahead.  I will begin training next week.  I do have long-term experience which is hospital and clinic based, but I am sure that there are many tricks of the trade that at-home transcriptionists use to build speed that I am not familiar with.    I received a "Boomerang and Trans/Net USB Foot Control Adapter" from Keystrokes.  If you are familiar with this equipment, can you tell me a little bit about it, and in addition, which shorthand or shortcut speed typing software will work with this equipment.  I would love your advice and guidance with respect to how I can set myself up in the best way possible to "keep up with the big boys!"   Some day, I'll be there for "the new kid" just as I am asking for your assistance now.  I have a full office set up, but have yet to purchase the necessary software I'll need to make my job run more efficiently.  I also have a library of medical books, but rather than list them, if you would let me know of any absolute necessities you think I should have on my book shelf, I'd really appreciate your letting me know.  I thank you in advance for your helpful hints.  Jayne, from Port Townsend, Washington.  P.S.  Do I even need to purchase a shorthand software program?  Perhaps Keystrokes provides that?  I'll be getting installed the first part of next week.  Thanks again!

Keystrokes is the best I have found for Radiology. nm
about Keystrokes. Do they have a lot of radiology? Do they pay on time? SM

Do they offer direct deposit?  How often are you paid?  How about benefits?  Anyone who can shed some light on this?  Oh, is there plenty of radiology work and how flexible are they?

Keystrokes is the best I have found for radiology. nm