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Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near

Posted By: me on 2009-07-31
In Reply to: recent Softscript Info-sm - just me MT

the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 

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see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
Read the archives or open your original post and
click on related messages.  
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
Tons of stuff in the archives. If you will open

your original post and near the bottom click on the blue related posts (or something like that) you'll get the most recent posts.

I worked for them for a few months.  It wasn't a good fit for me, but there are many happy MTs there and I think there have been positives than negatives posted about them. 


Posts from April said everyone gets 8.5 cpl/newbie or experienced. Recent posts said
THere is a TON of posts about them recently. Open your
post and near the bottom click on the blue related posts and you'll get the most recent posts. 
right, and recent is the key, archives not always but mostly too old.nm
you know, you don't have to open posts about topics that don't interest you.
Already checked out archives, nothing recent
Well, had an interview scheduled today with Amphion at 9:00 a.m. - they called and set it up - I'm still waiting for the phone call and it's 9:47 a.m. TransHealth called, now I called back and they're all in meetings. This is very frustrating. I think I will accept Oracle for the time being, since they are IC and TransHealth and Amphion are FTE, and keep waiting. Someone has to be a good match. I thought TransHealth or Amphion would be great choices, but now - set up an interview and not call? I didn't call them, they called me, but now after scheduling the interview - no one called? TransHealth sounds great - now if I can just connect with the guy who called me. If not ... who's next?
all OSI info is old in archives. Anything recent good/bad?

mostly -- are the lines an absolute bear to get; i.e., will I have to work 12 hours a day to get 1000 lines?  Or do they seem fairly fair won?



Searched archives, but found nothing recent on Q-Med... anything out there?
I've also asked before and got no replies so I'm trying one more time.  Anyone know anything good or bad about this company?  THANKS!
TTS, Inc - New Hampshire - any recent opinions appreciated, not much in archives. Thanks nm
OSI. No luck finding recent info in archives.

Answer to any or all of the 9 following questions would be much appreciated:

1.  What platform do they use?  User Friendly? 

2.  Benefits.  Which health insurance carrier?  PPO?  HMO? 

3.  What is the deductible amount (employee coverage, no family). 

4.  Accounts:  High ESL?  Enough work?  Back up accounts?   

5.  QA:  Too much?  Too little?  Constructive or too critical? 

6.  Email communication timely? 

7.  Is hiring process drawn out?

8.  Equipment arrive in timely fashion?

9.  Pay on time? 


Any recent info on TransPortal? I have searched archives
And I haven't really found much.  Any recent experience, good or bad, would be great.  Thanks!
Any NEW information about Interpro? All I find in the archives arent very recent
Any recent info on Landmark? I've already checked the archives. Thanks!

Opinions on Focus. Please. I read all archives. Please most recent info. Thanks. NM
here's an open post for you
you are an idiot
recent posts...
Pay is late. Recruiter takes forever to get back with you, if ever.
There isn't any good, but if you will open you post and down
near the bottom in blue is related posts or comments.  Click on that and you can read the most recent posts about them. 
there are recent positive posts; look below
they pay on time, direct, I have had the same supervisor and QA for 4 years now, they are helpful and nice, insurance not so great, large deductible, all other benefits are good, they have productive and weekend incentives. They do expect you to meet your quota and keep a close on that. Help desk is there 24 hours.
I have read all of the recent posts that came up
when I searched, was wanting more information as it did not answer all the questions I had, that is why I was asking someone to email if they could give me more specifics. Thanks.
Recent posts about them are VERY negative. Might want
Read all the recent posts about TT and KS but..

if some of those who work at these companies could email me I would appreciate it.  Looking at possibly making a change soon and just wanting to ask some specific questions and chat about your experiences with them.  Thanks!

Check recent posts about J&J.
recent posts below are all negative.
You have to open a post & click on the name after Posted By to get it to someone's
Open your original post and then near the bottom

of the page you'll see something about see related messages.  Click on that and it will bring up info.  You'll have to click on the posts.

Most recent posts show bad as of late. nm
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!
Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there?
Odd ... I did a search and most recent posts from 2006.
Thanks for responding anyway. Not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of the search feature.
Check thru the recent posts here that have them running out of work. nm
If you've read the recent posts about them, how could you even think of applying? nm
I left there several years ago, but from reading recent posts, SM
it seems to me that if it's the MTs who have been there for a couple of years or more that are are liking it fine there and sing the praises, and that it is the new hires or recently hired people who don't like it and don't seem to get work or at least get bounced around.  Just an observation from what I've read.  HTH.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
I have posts in the archives, none of which SM

are favorable toward Diskriter, but not for the supposed reasons stated above.  This person is seriously misinformed about Diskriter offshoring at this time.  It is my understanding that a long time ago they offshored to the Caribbean islands but that is not happening any more and all the work is kept here in the U.S. now.

Whoever wrote the "Beware" post is not telling the truth.


There are some posts in archives...sm
If you do a search above, you'll find some posts about them, but all from last year. Some confusion in the posts about whether it's a franchise co. or not, but info about pay, platform, etc.
Anyone have any recent info on Sten-Tel out of Massachusetts? Old posts were rather confusing sm
as to whether the company was Indian or not.  There is an ad up on another board for editors.  Are they offshore?  TIA.
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
Several posts in the archives stating this. nt
All that information is in the archives. It may even be 3 or 4 posts

down from where you are asking.  Maybe how many years of experience they have isn't listed, but then there are no guidelines which we are told to follow about posting about a company.   I know I worked for SoftScript and it was horrendous and I didn't have any non-ESL dictators.  Someone else will post about how wonderful a company it is, but all of the Ex-SS have figured out it is probably management because we ALL know better.   I figure there is there are at least a dozen posts and 11 of them are negative then it is a bad company.  I do agree though that a newbie doesn't know there is anything better out there. 

Many times people post read the archives and I'm guilty of that, because a company has been discussed so much and the very same questions asked again and again and again.   I tihnk it is up to us to do our own research, just like the word boards aren't for those too lazy to Google something. 


There are many good posts in archives
They seem to have a good platform and plenty of work.  I just applied myself after looking in the archives and reading the most recent posts.
nm, found several posts in archives saying
it was Magic version. 
They have been discussed a lot lately. Look through old posts and archives.
If you read the posts in the archives you

will run as fast as you can.  They are not are reputable company and I'm not even sure they are a transcription company at all, but a front just to rob you blind.  We call them TransScam. 

There are multiple unresolved complaints with the BBB. 

there are a couple of recent posts on the main board, bout halfway down...
Also check the archives, you could do much better for yourself...
Recent posts show them with late or nonpayment issues. Do a search. nm
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA