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Searched archives, but found nothing recent on Q-Med... anything out there?

Posted By: NEMT on 2009-06-22
In Reply to:

I've also asked before and got no replies so I'm trying one more time.  Anyone know anything good or bad about this company?  THANKS!

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Any recent info on TransPortal? I have searched archives
And I haven't really found much.  Any recent experience, good or bad, would be great.  Thanks!
JLG - searched archives and only found 2004. I
could swear I have seen recent posts on JLG, but am afraid they must have been deleted. Any current info at all?  Anything would be appreciated. Don't want to go from that BIG OLD FRYING PAN into the fire, if you know what I mean!
I am looking for any info on MD IT. I have searched the archives and
nothing comes up at all. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Any one know anything about Acusis? I searched the archives, sm

but there seems to be no new information since 2007.  Their benefit package looks good, but I was wondering about the basic things, pay on time, what type of platform, etc.  Any information would be apperciated.

Any new information on Transolutions. Searched and found nothing new (sm).

There were negative posts in the past about the DOS system but I understand they have a new internet based platform. 

Anyone willing to reply here or by E-mail who is working there now?  Pay, amount of work, do they match 401? 


Would like to have any info on MWPS out of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Searched the archives (sm)

and found nothing about the company.  Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

Searched archives and cannot find info on MedScript Services, Inc. and Inscribe software...sm
They are also on the web as MedScript Services, Inc. I think that they're based in Naples, Florida. I also believe that they use a platform called INSCRIBE. Any comments on the software or company?
right, and recent is the key, archives not always but mostly too old.nm
Already checked out archives, nothing recent
Well, had an interview scheduled today with Amphion at 9:00 a.m. - they called and set it up - I'm still waiting for the phone call and it's 9:47 a.m. TransHealth called, now I called back and they're all in meetings. This is very frustrating. I think I will accept Oracle for the time being, since they are IC and TransHealth and Amphion are FTE, and keep waiting. Someone has to be a good match. I thought TransHealth or Amphion would be great choices, but now - set up an interview and not call? I didn't call them, they called me, but now after scheduling the interview - no one called? TransHealth sounds great - now if I can just connect with the guy who called me. If not ... who's next?
see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
PLENTY of recent information can be found! nm
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
all OSI info is old in archives. Anything recent good/bad?

mostly -- are the lines an absolute bear to get; i.e., will I have to work 12 hours a day to get 1000 lines?  Or do they seem fairly fair won?



TTS, Inc - New Hampshire - any recent opinions appreciated, not much in archives. Thanks nm
OSI. No luck finding recent info in archives.

Answer to any or all of the 9 following questions would be much appreciated:

1.  What platform do they use?  User Friendly? 

2.  Benefits.  Which health insurance carrier?  PPO?  HMO? 

3.  What is the deductible amount (employee coverage, no family). 

4.  Accounts:  High ESL?  Enough work?  Back up accounts?   

5.  QA:  Too much?  Too little?  Constructive or too critical? 

6.  Email communication timely? 

7.  Is hiring process drawn out?

8.  Equipment arrive in timely fashion?

9.  Pay on time? 


Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near
the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 
found an answer in the archives!
I found some great posts in the archives, and they really helped.  Phoenix MedCom sounds great! 
wow - found a website in archives

even happier to help ;-)
I would like to know too, found some stuff in archives (sm)
something about outsourcing to India, but I didn't see anything that was particularly current.

By the way, I'm looking at DTS America out of Brentwood, TN, I think?
nm, found several posts in archives saying
it was Magic version. 
Found lots in archives. Thanks though!
I would like to hear about them also. I found nothing in archives at all. nm
Found the information in the archives, thanks (sm)

I called the phone number and it answers for Macro-Solutions.  I also checked with the BBB and sure enough they have been in business for a long time and have an excellent rating BUT the contact name is different than the name given with the BBB, but that could be because it is the HR person posting the ad.  I still think that something is fishy with it, who knows though.


Any NEW information about Interpro? All I find in the archives arent very recent
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
Any recent info on Landmark? I've already checked the archives. Thanks!

Opinions on Focus. Please. I read all archives. Please most recent info. Thanks. NM
I found Medgarde, but read in the archives...
that they don't pay for spaces and make you pay for their platform. Is this still the case?
Anyone know anything about Charts in Time? Only thing I found in the archives sm

mentioned tons of bad ESLs and not enough work -- not too encouraging.  Perhaps that has changed?  Anyone working for them currently or know anything new?

Never mind my question, I found the archives on Focus.
What a deal. Are there no good companies anymore?
WEBMEDX - I found fairly favorable things about them in the archives..does anyone
know if they still pay by minutes of transcription rather than per line? I saw that in one past post. Would love to hear from anyone either via e-mail or post here if you work for them and are still happy? Thanks.
Lots and lots of recent stuff in archives.
I searched about this and I am sure I saw
this, but forgot where.  Does anyone know if Execuscribe supplies their equipment to be used for work?  TIA
I plugged it into the search bar and searched each board and got no returns.
Any info on TransSolutions? Searched, but nothing. nm
Any new info on Med-Tech, searched, but
Benefits, pay, etc.
Oh no! That is not good to hear. I searched
the archives and there were a lot of good things about them. I was considering switching from another well thought of company which is wanting us to work every weekend, just so I would not have to work every weekend. Sounds like this may be a move from the frying pan to the fire! Please, if anyone has any info good or bad post before I or anyone else makes a mistake... Thanks!
Any info on AuBri? I searched
the archives and google, but didn't come up with much.  Was thinking of applying for their part-time job, but need some more info first. 
Anyone with info on B.I.G.? I searched but could not find! nm
When I searched, the only replies were dated 2004
Any info on MD-IT out of Colorado? Searched but find nothing. Thanks.nm
If I do that, the secret cameras will know I've searched for it! nm
Precyse! Searched company board forum and
archives, but only found 1 post that they use DQS. Saw their ad for QA position, and it sounds great to me! I have the qualifications for sure, but am nervous about the company itself! Any info? My only desires at this point are honesty/integrity, and a safe future! Not too much to ask for! Can anyone share any info on Precyse? Thanks so much!
current info on jester's touch? i searched
archives and the only posts are from 2004 and 2003. thx!
What recent changes? nm


This was recent thank you
I did take a leap of faith with them and they do pay on time now. They turned that around but nothing else. I stuck up for them and got burned bigtime. All I said was they do not understand what an IC is and were very rude when I pointed it out. Not a vendetta, just a warning. Check them out and ask a lot of questions for clarification. That was all i was saying.
Anything recent on SPi - sm

Since the archives are acting up, need something current on SPi from someone in the know.  Pay, work schedules, how they are to work with, etc. 


Not recent, but I can say ...
Of all the companies I've worked for, they were by far and away my favorite. Easy platform, great dictators, (mostly) fantastic management. But, it's been over 4 years since I've worked for them.

I had been with them for a couple of years, had my set dictators, and they hired a new manager for my account who completely ripped everyone up and around and didn't communicate at all what she was doing or why. Long story short, there was a pretty big fall out with that account and several of us left. A month or two later, I heard she was fired.

I think about going back to them sometimes, honestly. And I would in a heartbeat, if they were like the old T-C I worked for back in the day. Can't say if they are or not, but historically they were a great company to work for.

Good luck!
Is there anything recent in there?
Everything I saw was from 4 to 6 years ago in the archives when they were using C-phones and only hiring IC's.

Does anyone work there now or worked there recently with any insight?
Anyone have recent info on OSI? nm
6 to 7-1/2 cpl for the most recent job posting!!! Don't think much of us, do they?...nm