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So are you saying your account has not been switched over to a Transcend platform yet?? Thanks! nm

Posted By: wondering on 2009-08-29
In Reply to: 100% straight typing. I've never done anything else. Ever. - CrankyBeach


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Those who have switched from Transcend to Amphion
Can I hear from those who have switched from Transcend to Amphion about how their pay is, have they made the same or lost money.  How do you like it there  and how is the WORK FLOW?
When you get switched from account to account
it makes it very difficult to attain their 12,000 line requirement. If you don't make your line counts, you get moved to part time and lose your benefits. If you are already part time, you get your line rate docked. In order to prevent this from happening, I used to have to work more than 40 hours a week. It seems that this is their goal...to keep everyone from having benefits...instead, they are losing their MTs. I was staying at OSi for only 1 reason and she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. I am most definitely looking elsewhere. I'm gettin while the gettin's good!
MDI-MD platform is fast, not full of problems like Transcend platform or MDI-FL

On Transcend platform you have to click, click, click all day and still get errors, change screens constantly -  its a nightmare to work in. 

AIM is not a Transcend platform.
Which Transcend platform, VWP or VR?
Transcend's new platform

Does it seem harder to get lines on Transcends new platform?


what platform does Transcend use
Is it easy to learn?  Thanks for any info!!
What platform and account your are, as I know what ones I will be on..
Thus, I may opt to take that other job, but I need to know now before someeone else takes the job.. This is a real bummer.. I'm not sure I understand the whole overhiring thing...just in case of a turnover later??
What platform does your account use?
Each account has a different platform
No 2 accounts have the same platform. Mine is on ExText, but others are on different platforms.
I thought this was the Transcend platform
that was supposed to be so great.  
Hospital using Transcend platform
Is there anybody out there who works in a hospital for the hospital but types through Transcend's platform?  In otherwords, the hospital is using the services of Transcend but maintaining their own transcription department in house. If so, what do you think of this arrangement?
Is the ChartScript platform at Transcend truly
ChartScript or is it ChartScript.net?
What platform is Keystrokes ER account?
The platform depends on the account. There are several.
if the account is just coming onto the VR platform
then it needs time to get smarter, which means you leave AS out of the picture.  It needs to learn to type correctly what is being dictated.  It also makes the dictators more responsible for their dictation (I know, a whole new argument in that statement).  Anyway, that is why.  The engine needs to learn, the dictators need to learn.  You just tweak nuances like weather/whether while it learns.  From QA's POV, they need to stay on top of which reports come through as straight versuses VR, but they are in their own learning curve.
I'd say TransTech; Transcend's platform is horrible. nm
It depends on the account. They use the platform of the hospital or they use
either Scribe or TA Plus. All are easy to use and learn. I am on a Meditech account and love it but it is a hospital. Depends what you are looking for. I do not get shift differential but my hours are flexible as long as I get my 1200 lines in on the calendar day.
maybe you'll get on a decent platform/account
Transcend account - sm
My experience there was that they were ALL from hell!!!
Which companies use VR for a platform besides Transcend, Sten-Tel and Focus? sm
Am looking for part time editing job, but cannot load EditScript.  Tried Transcend, but the VR just disappeared out of the queue.  I posted my resume, but just get offers for MT, of which I already have plenty.  Would like to post directly to the companies that use a different platform, if I can find them.  TIA.
with KS make sure you know the platform/account/equipment/ESLs;
Transcend ER account...any information...


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the ER account out of California that Transcend is hiring for.  I was thinking of applying, but was wondering what I might be getting into.  Thanks. 

The fact is, if you think the sound quality and platform at Transcend are great, you have not had
many other experiences with "sophisticated" equipment or companies.  Heavens, their idea of big cutting-edge technology is being able to have a drop down list to pick from dictators, though that was an incomplete mess.  Defend it all you want, but they are not cutting edge at all.  Definitely a step back in time for lots of us, and who wants to move backwards, slower platforms, working off paper lists, manually filling in demos, and horrible sound quality, for LESS money? No thanks! 
Again, if you think Transcend is state of the art in the areas of sound quality and/or platform,
then you have not used high quality equipment before! There is MUCH more sophisticated equipment out there now, even at smaller MTSOs. Even Larry himself said they are "working diligently" on improving the sound quality.  Perhaps you should let Larry know that the sound quality is WONDERFUL - he must be mistaken and misinterpreted all the "MT feedback on poor sound quality"...Who do you think you're fooling???
Saw ad for Transcend and they actually named the new account they were hiring for (sm)
Isn't that a little strange?  I know we don't post account specifics and I have never seen a company do so before.  They mentioned the hospital name, town and state. 
Account Managers/TL's Rock at Transcend!

I am not sure who you are referring to at Transcend, but each and every manager I have had at Transcend has done nothing but support and encourage me every step of the way.  I have worked hard, and they have rewarded that hard work.

The honesty and team camaraderie is so refreshing.  I previously worked with another transcription company where I felt secluded, discouraged, and only was provided with negative feedback.  Getting questions answered were usually within 24 hours, not in minutes as it is here at Transcend.  If I needed a sample immediately, it was not available to me. 

Transcend provides its employees with so much information at their fingertips that I was almost overwhelmed when I first started.  They continue to be supportive and trustworthy.  I never feel as though management is ever unavailable and, in fact, they provide their phone numbers to reach them 24/7!  Kudos to you, Transcend!

I worked on that account with a company other than Transcend.
It was the worst. I was glad to see it go. Sorry for whoever got it.
been with spheris 4.5 years, easy platform, good clinic account
Spheris MTs, any out there who switched from TWS to SM
Clarity/Cornerstone and to ShortHand care to comment?  Good, bad, same?  Please share....thanks.  
Baited and switched
I don't like Transcend. Applied for one position and got another which was one of the worse accounts I have ever had in my entire career!! They must have a hard time getting and keeping people on that account. Anyway, I didn't like the way I got set up so I quit.
Has anyone switched from MQ to SoftScript?
and if so, how did it go? Any info would be greatly appreciated :) TIA! :)
they switched to Emdat and now pay 7 to 8 cpl
Hi there, I worked out of Nashville, too. I have been switched around SM
between several CSCs due to closings. This one seems okay, at least the office staff is friendly.
I also have lost a lot of lines when we switched to DQS. SM
It seems like everyone else loves it and makes big lines but I haven't had that experience at all. I think it bites in a big way.
Nice people, but I was switched from
account to account because they ran out work. I also agree with Regina about the non-stop e-mails, etc.--too much distraction during the work day. They pay on time as agreed, but not too much. I'd say keep looking.
Here's a funny for you. I switched professions at age 48.....

I jumped into MT from a accounting/administrative secretary work. Got sick of the backstabbing and college graduates booting out all the oldies who knew their jobs. I was next.

I have no desire to go out there for a regular job. What I see in stores and shopping reminds me too much of people at places I used to work, so even Wal-Mart, etc. doesn't turn me on.

My dream is to hit the lotteryand retire...fat chance since I never play... LOL

If you like to be switched on accts all the time.
Switched to an IC job at 8 cpl, great dictators, no ESL
I would completely disagree with you. I switched
from radiology to acute care, and the difference was overwhelming. Switching from a specialty or even a few specialties to doing acute care, which involves ALL specialties & procedures & dozens if not hundreds of different dictators, is a big big change. I think your post would most definitely mislead newbies.
Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.
Old posts say you get switched around a lot and the software is clunky. What about
That is absolutely correct which is why I switched to IC. I had the same situation.
Switched once, all together 6-7 accounts, awful quality
QA could not have been nicer, could usually fill my blanks, but when you can't get a handle on a dictation from the first sentence and it's all downhill from there, I didn't want my initials on those reports. I emphasize all the positives I stated about the company. If someone wants a real challenge with every report, and expects it to take a while before comfortable with the dictators, it could be a nice home. I just could not make enough to pay my bills.
Yes! Just switched 3 weeks ago from IC to employee and hating it! nm
I switched to flexible to keep my options open. (sm)
So far I am finding the platforms others have out there are not allowing me to make as much money as I did with MQ even with the cess pool. I work for a great company now, truly fantastic people, but their platform is slow and often down for one reason or another.

I am going to give it a little longer, but may be calling to crawl back to FT with MQ when I am eligible to change classifications again. I switched from FT to PT and then flex so I am sure I will have to wait a year before I can swap around again.

I would think now is an extremely good time to at least call them and check it out. What have you got to lose?
Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
If you've switched companies, encourage the rest!

If you've decided to join us in the fight to keep our confidential health information and MT jobs in the states and not sent overseas, PLEASE let us know and help encourage others to do the same.  I recently have and currently work for MDI-MD.  We really need to keep encouraging each other to make the move.  If you're not sure if a company outsources to either Pakistan, India, or the Philippines, just ask here.  We'll help figure it out for you!

Let's not quit and let this just remain a hot topic for a week or so!  WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER!  Remember, if you take a cent less in pay, it's well worth it to help an American MT-based company prosper and help these companies that are more concerned about money than Americans' jobs lose MTs and possibly large accounts that these American MT-based companies could have a chance at acquiring.

This is US TAKING A STAND!  I just want to encourage you all to truly consider this. 

The companies I know of that definitely don't outsource offshore right now after THOROUGH research are Keystrokes, Axolotl, MDI-MD (where I work).  I'll keep researching.  Just remember to post here if you are questioning a company.  I'm still researching others and am including Pakistan and the Phillipines in my searches.

I'm contacting medical facilities in my area (Pennsylvania) to let them know that their confidential medical information could possibly be outsourced offshore and to consider helping keep jobs in America by researching their MTSO and hire a company that doesn't do this.  If you feel inclined to reach medical facilities in your area/state, PLEASE do this for all of your fellow MTs.  I know there is at least one of you in each state on this board! 

We had a ton of people in our office quit because of the low line count on DQS when switched from
another DOS platform to DQS. Same account, same doctors LESS lines.
I was switched from one heavy ESL acct to another and couldn't get the lines, so I bailed. Other
RISS is not a platform. RIS stands for Radiology Information System. The platform sm
would be EXText.