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SoftScript out of work

Posted By: SSer on 2005-12-04
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Has anyone else working for SoftScript gotten the Out of Jobs message? 

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I currently work for SoftScript as an IC. (sm)

I don't have a set schedule, and would have it no other way.  However, I'm assigned to a hospital with, like, a gazillion doctors!  Do any of you know of a company that I wouldn't have to set a schedule, and could have a specific account?  I don't care what specialty.  I just want to narrow things down.  As it is, my accounts are pretty much ESL, which doesn't bother me, but I'd rather only have 5 ESL's than 50.


I work for SoftScript as well.. but
they are my secondary company when my first company runs out of work.  I only do about 200 to 300 lines a day for SoftScript because if I did anymore I wouldn't have any hair left.  I get about 10 to 20 e-mails from them a day and 90% of it has nothing to do with me or my accounts; it's just mainly useless stuff and the rest of them are mean e-mails from management.  I only work for them as back-up and they are paying me decent as an IC.  They have so many ESLs and their platform sucks, but work is work I guess.
Anyone here work for Softscript?

If so, are you happy with pay, feedback, work load, etc.?  

How many lines do you type daily or weekly?    

How much experience do you have?  

What type of accounts (specialties, difficult dictators, etc.) do you have?   

 I know I asked a lot, but just trying to see what they look for before applying.  I know a lot depends on what they expect and the individual.  Thanks so much for your help.:)


What is SoftScript like to work for. nm


No work @ SoftScript?
There has been a shortage of work (at least for me) at SS.  Now, I see that they are hiring!?!?!?!  Is this the norm there?  Anyone else work at SS and have the same problem? 
Work at SoftScript
I work at SoftScript as well and do have instances where there is a shortage of work. But, I have found that by contacting OOW they will set you up with another account to keep you going until your account(s) gain more work. SoftScript also sends out emails when new accounts are coming on asking employees if they want to help out, not all the time, but quite often. If they don't get enough help then they hire new employees. They cannot always get current employees to take on new accounts as when their accounts get overloaded with work TAT goes out of wack. They need to hire new employees so that TAT's are met in every account.
just one work on softscript
SoftScript and no work
Getting pretty tired of the situation, being out of work, 50% less volume and no notification about what is happening except it is always quiet this time of year, things will pick up soon.  Yet, they advertise like crazy !!!  Gonna have to find another means to make money, I reckon !!!!!!
I work for SoftScript w/ another crappy system
Softscript is a good company to work for. sm
I have been with them for over a year.  I have had 1 late check (by 1 day).  As long as you do your work and work the schedule you give them, they will leave you alone.    
SoftScript is a joke, Medware ok if it has work
Softscript is a great company to work for! sm

I have been there a good while.  Pay is on time.  I have plenty of work except through Christmas/New Years.  It was low then.  Some people have negative to say about the company, others have positive.  You are better off judging for yourself really.  Our managers have not changed since last June, so don't know about the 'new management' as they have all been in place since then and since then I have noted nothing but positives within the company.  Hope this helps and no, I do not want any flames just because I happen to like Softscript.

Okay, pay late CONSTANTLY.  ABSOLUTELY no communication from anyONE.  What the heck is going on.  I am RUNING while I still can,  QA SUCKS.  ANYONE ELSE HAVE THESE PROBLEMS OR JUST ME A NEWBIE?
I also worked for Softscript awhile back but never had a problem with the paychecks, they were maybe a day or two late here and there.  I just got tired of being on different accounts.  I think one should have one account and get fluent on that with the same docs.  It is more productive for both the MT and the company!!   But I am EXTREMELY happy where I am at now, which is Keystrokes!!!!  THAT COMPANY ROCKS!!!  Woooo Hooooo
Softscript did it to.
Twice in 1 year and got away with it SO far.

Unless you have worked for all of the nationals out there, how could you possibly know that SoftScript is the worst?  Perhaps in your experience it was the worst.  How many nationals have you worked for? 

Anytime a company changes the way they count lines, complaints end up on this board regarding that company.  As far as stealing lines....I would imagine they changed the way they count their lines and this is not okay with you.  By all means, you have a right to feel that way.

I have worked for SoftScript and as with every company, there are problems but I have also had a lot of positives come from working with SoftScript.  I have been doing transcription for 25 years and in my own personal experience, they are no where near "the worst" to work for.

Anyone been recruited by SoftScript?  They hounded me to take the test, which I did, saying that they were in dire need of transcriptionists because of all the work generated by Katrina.  I tested, was notified that I passed and then never heard another word from them.  I have been emailing but to no avail.  :-(
QA for SoftScript?
I've read the messages here, both good and bad, about SoftScript, but has anybody done QA for them and if so, what was that experience like?
sorry that was MT

sorry that was MT

SoftScript QA
Can anyone enlighten me on this company?  Considering applying for QA position. 
Please Email if you are now SoftScript MT and would care to share with me how you like the company.  I am considering employment with them.  Thanks. 
Can anyone tell me what type of benefits they offer.  I cannot seem to get an answer.  I am a single mom of 3 children and desperately need benefits.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
they pay about 0.085 cpl (at least for 3 yrs experience). lots of ESL and junk american-speaking doctors. lots of editors which could be a good thing (or not) (reports are corrected one way by one Editor and another way by another editor) causing reports not be consistent
Don't work for SoftScript. I tested, they said I did excellent and I waited and waited for a call back and never got one. I called them and they promised to call me to start work but never did. Their ads are false...they're just collecting resumes. I spent over 2 hours testing with them. So, be careful.
S/B OSi and SoftScript, as they
whazzup with softscript??? cant seem to get my line count up they keep changing my accounts when i do and give me Dr. asplkgabppsdkgiapdofnb every time.  evidently this is not uncommon.  glad to accept a new position today!!!!!!
sure...if you like changing accts, ESL, and lying on line counts SoftScript is the place 4U. they promised bonuses that never came, line counts kept decreasing, etc. impossible to make $$$
I have been working with them for 8 months. I have read the archives of this subject and have not experienced any of the problems that the former employees have mentioned. So many people have come and gone in the 8 months that I have been there that it probably might seem like a totally different company by now.
Softscript QA

I think they start QA out at 5 cpl now, but it could be 4 cpl.  They do pay for spaces.  They do not pay for headers.  There is always plenty of work (I have never ran out in nearly a year).  Unfortunately, I do not know anything about their benefits. I know they are currently looking at some better plans.  There is no dental plan as of right now. I know they have medical but unsure of rates.  They have paid holidays.  They do require you to work a schedule which must include 4 hours on on the weekend but also with a schedule you must do X number of lines per day, usually not too hard to reach either.  I like their software as it uses Word.  You can check your line count in Word by dividing characters with spaces to get your line count for each document.  There does seem to be several accounts with heavy ESL, but only 1 or 2 that I have found that I would like to shoot if I had the opportunity.


Hope this helps!

I currently work for them, have never been out of work, their software is easy to use, checks are always on time. Since I started with them I know they have grown more than double in the last 2 years. With any company there is going to be growing pains, but you the MT never feel it.

I will say if you cannot maintain 98% accuracy with them you will not be happy. Those that are complaining are the ones who could not maintain 98%. Think about your family and the person doing their medical reports, would you want them transcribing with a less than 98% accuracy?

Let the complainers complain, try the company for yourself.

I agree with FelloMT.  It is very rare that I run out of work.  I have NEVER had a late paycheck.  Sometimes there is a lack of communication, but for the most part, I have enjoyed working for them.  I also agree that their platform is very easy to use.  They also try to be accommodating with the accounts that they assign you.

I never quite understood all the negativity about them.  I have been with them for a year and really don't have any complaints.

My advice:  Don't go there!  I managed to work for them for about one year and then just couldn't stand it any longer.  There were many, many very bad dictators and I thought their system was very cumbersome and time-consuming to use.  I almost never was able to achieve my line count , 300/hour, which I can easily do now. 
YUCK..... I worked for them briefly... TERRIBLE experience
I have been with SS for almost a year and haven't had any problem with them. The post below says that if you work the schedule you commit to, they will leave you alone. That is completely true and not at all unreasonable to ask - actually they've been really great about letting me switch my hours around a bit here and there for appointments and such.

Another thing they ask for is accuracy, also not unreasonable.

This is the only company I've worked for, so I've also only been an MT for less than a year, but I've kept my accuracy up enough to be moved into editing, so there is opportunity to advance there. There are the occasional nasty emails, but they are directed to those who don't work what they committed to working. You need to be able to blow that off.

I think anyone who has had a negative experience with the company would have to be someone who doesn't work the hours and/or cannot maintain accuracy.
Maybe you THINK that those of us who left the company couldn't work the hours or could not maintain accuracy - think again. I worked 18+ hours a day for that company, my accuracy I dare say is impeccable (did I spell that right? LOL), and worked there for 2 years. I was left alone for the most part, but after awhile what they were asking of me got the best of me and I walked. If you can put up with that company, more power to you - you're one of the few. If the CEO gets into your life, start praying.
You and I have no idea how many others have been offered management jobs shortly after being hired; I was one of them. The downside is after a couple of weeks I was demoted in a conference call with no forewarning....talk about being blindsided ....BEWARE


Softscript (sm)
Does anyone here know if SoftScript will work with satellite or ISDN, and if there is anyone there I can contact to ask. Tried their website but it seems like they want MTs to apply online before contacting them any other way. There's no point in wasting time and effort if my Internet is imcompatible with their system, IMHO, and as so many companies are not compatible with my Internet connection, I'm hesitant to apply. Some information about them would be very much appreciated.
Can anyone tell me about SoftScript?
Can anyone tell me about SoftScript?
Be careful of who you talk to via email (at least), as the owner and his manager read these posts each and every day, and answer as if they are MTs. The owner and his manager are sneaky, so just be careful.
Run away as fast as you can!!!
try SoftScript
I know a fellow graduate who is in Canada and just went to work for Soft Script as an IC. Good luck!

Anyone know anything new about softscript?  I have seen all the old stuff and just wondering if there was anything new going on.  Thanx

Anyone have any info about softscript?  I am considering a position with them but have read some old stuff that didn't sound very good!  Any new news?

Does anyone know if SoftScript sends work offshore?

Anybody know anything about SoftScript?  TIA.

Anyone have any solid advice on this company, good points vs bad points?  Need to make a decision soon.  Appreciate the assistance. 

Anyone considering SoftScript should know
you will have to provide your own voice player.  I was offered a position but not told that.  They had me complete all paperwork and then waited until the day of training to say I had to have ByteScribe, Express Scribe, or highly recommended StartStop to play the voice files.  Express Scribe is a free download, but StartStop's price is $189.  When I downloaded Express Scribe, it wasn't compatible with my Infinity USB pedal.  Beware before you accept a position. 
Hey, anyone out there work for SoftScript, and if so, is it a good company?  I really need to get away from MQ!!!