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This thread has been cleaned up and edited. (SM)

Posted By: Moderator on 2005-12-12
In Reply to: I don't understand it, either. sm - MT

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They must have cleaned house, then. sm
This was a few years ago. However, anybody can do a search of these (and other) boards and find that this was (and I think continues to be) their reputation.
No! Just got fired as they cleaned house
I would not recommend them. Maybe they are hiring again because the offshore isn't working out. Who knows, they just fired about 40-50 US MTs.
I know, but we will have it cleaned out to start the week and then it is (sm)
the last week of the payperiod and seems like people are always having to try to make up lines/hours that week.

Good luck to us all.
...always a backlog by the client. If it ever gets cleaned up, you have no work for that day. This
edited to add

Precyse does give you a computer to use (headphones, speakers, etc), in fact, you are only allowed to use their computer. There is no fee for the computer.

As far as maternity leave... I've never worked for a company who paid for maternity leave and actually I've never found one who will pay for it. As far as I know its the FMLA or something like that and it is all unpaid.  

I'm sure there are companies out there that would pay for it, but not very many. This has been my experience working outside of the home too (and not just for transcription).

Hope that helps.

Edited to add
They use the 2% error rate as per the AAMT.
Post edited. (SM)
Paragraph about MQ removed. MQ discussion is expressly restricted to the MQ board.

Your post has been edited. (SM)
Foul language is not acceptable on this website.

If you continue to post foul language, you will be banned.
I guess *I* should have edited this one.... by not byt ...nm
LOLOL sure after you edited it . .

That may be what it looks like now that you've edited and posted here, but below is what the many of us received, and we got a good chuckle. 

Five Starts of Excellence?   LOLOL  There's more; I'll forward the email, if you like. It was really funny.

This eblast has been sponsored by:


(picture removed by poster)

Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service.  These are our Five Starts of Excellence Promise.  Find out what they can mean for you today. Email xxxxxxx@aol.com  today!

3 CPL on holidays (1.5 edited)
I like working holidays, usually better work and I can flex my time. No big deal for me.
QA'ing what has already been edited
I've never edited, just cut and pasted sm
I don't know if it prints correctly (or how you'd want to see it), but I think that's standard and as long as the info is there, they get it.  They may even cut and paste that into Word, etc. themselves for a better view?
Here is what I received - the entire ad, not edited.


1. Hot Topics Meeting - CANCELED


Hot Topics Meeting

The ILHIMA Hot Topics meeting scheduled for tomorrow, December 19, 2008, has been canceled due to potential bad weather conditions. This meeting will be rescheduled. Keep checking the ILHIMA website for the new date and other continuing education meetings.

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Note: Previous ILHIMA eblasts can be found at http://www.ilhima.org/whatsnew/whatsnew1.html


This eblast has been sponsored by:

Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service. These are our Five Stars of Excellence Promise. Find out what they can mean for you today. Email Pam.Gingrich@KeystrokesMT.com today!

If you prefer not to receive the Illinois Health Information Management Association's product and services, e-mails, faxes, or postal mailings, go to http://imis.ahima.org/preferences and you will be taken to the log-in page. You will need your member ID and password. To update your communication preferences for this go to the section marked CSA. To contact ILHIMA, email ilhima@ilhima.org.

Editing VR and seeing other reports that are not edited...
When speed goes up, quality goes down. At my company, they pay 100% same pay for VR as for straight typing; hence, less chance of lawsuits.
just edited a few docs & almost 1/2 was missing
Post edited for inflammatory remarks (SM)
and further posts of this nature will be deleted.

You can express your opinion without name-calling. Everyone has their own experience. Respect it or don't post here, period.
Post edited for inflammatory remarks (SM)
and any further posts of this nature will be deleted.

This is why I say HIPAA is a joke.Edited offshore
Save your timesheet for viewing only and lock it so it can't be edited. nm
attention hog spill aisle 4 ... that was drivel... and poorly edited at that.bleahhh
Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
If you continue to post names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers on this website, you will be banned.
Man this thread is getting serious.
Dont fight over spilled milk. Its just two thousand dollars. We dont want to start world war III with a simple two grand.
look below, there is a thread on them - nm
not me...see thread below. nm
there is a thread going now, look below
My bet would be no. From the other thread
Oh, not another TT thread. Not another day of this!
It's getting like MQ. Get TT their own grip board, will you? It's no fun coming here anymore with the same gripes over and over again. Ugg.
There's a thread below about that
Apparently they want a Transcriptionist in their Bangalore office- or at least their ad states they're based in Bangalore and looking for an in-house transcriptionist.
Keystrokes thread
Get over yourself. You're defending a company you say you don't work for and you want me to leave it be? ROFL.

I'm an observer who understands double-talk. Shoot me for pointing it out to those who might not have caught it. Apparently a lot of people did. I made some interesting observations. Is that what's really bothering you? Does one have to work there to make an observation, ask a question, or question their comments? Sounds like you have a problem with people who can think for themselves.

I'm sorry I missed the posts of those "trying to soothe" me. Is that why the thread was removed because there was so much soothing going on? You obviously read all of them. Why? Or maybe you misread all of it just like the one who viciously answered my post.
Keystrokes thread
Did anyone notice that Keystrokes personnel got pretty vicious?
Hanging by a Thread..
Yes, I currently work for HIS, but not for the reasons you have. I am only holding on for the insurance and PTO. My supervisor is unbelievable rude and all of my accounts are 97% ESL. If HIS is not being sold, why are people leaving left and right? It makes me wonder if the employees in-house know more than the remote staff.
Thread deleted. (SM)
The thread was without any substantiation whatsoever, just 2 inflammatory remarks with no credibility and the replies were starting to get out of hand.

Information about any company can be posted here; however, it should be posted with specific information, not just general name-calling and not even specific complaints listed.

The thread turned and

and drifted to another company.  It's not your fault, and it's easy to see how you could have taken it the way you did.  (As an aside, I totally understand and empathize with the late nights!!!)  

And I agree with what you said.  It is very helpful to express good experiences with a company.  However, I'm not going to do that unless I've been with a company for a minimum of 1-1/2 years.

I don't know how long you've been with FN.  I can only speak from my own experience, and I came here before as a newbie, bragging about how great a company was, only to discover months later that the negative comments I responded to were completely accurate and warranted, and now I have egg on my face.  ~LOL~

I won't ever post a positive post about a company until well after the honeymoon period, when I'm certain they're for real, even though I know how tempting it is when you think you've struck gold and found the right company, getting good line counts, making lots of money, etc., to want to share that positive experience with the world!

Sometimes I think that's part of the company's reason for the honeymoon period:  So the employees will think the company is so great, they happily and unwittingly become a PR person for the company.

I've recently been burned pretty badly by the company the above poster was referring to, so that's why I responded.  Even though she didn't mention any specific names, those of us who are employed by that company know exactly who she was talking about.

Again, I apologize for confusing the issue.  I totally believe everything you said about FN, and I'm glad you found a company that makes you want to defend it.  There's nothing better than being able to respect and trust your employer.  I hope someday I can find that kind of company, and I just might check FN, based on your comments.

In a thread yesterday or the day before, a QT MT said that .... sm
she had heard from loose-lipped office staff, as I believe she put it. Soit was leaked out unintentionally but, I would imagine, not without merit.
Pulling up thread from below. Why I believe MT is not going

anywhere for a while ... 

WordPerfect 5.1

We still have clients that use it.  If they are still on DOS-based word processing, do you REALLY think they are going to invest in Voice Recognition?  Do you think that they are so open to change that they will welcome offshore transcription with open arms?

We have to learn technology and be ready for change, just like when typewriters were replaced by computers, but technology changes do not happy everywhere overnight. 

In addition, the VR that I have seen in place has a LONG way to go.  If they put it out too early, which I truly believe, it will take a lot to convince someone to give it another try.  I think this is why they realize now that they cannot do without the transcription component.

Can't get rid of us that easily

This is weird, I was actually under the thread I was
and I thought this thread was going so well

I often quote Einstein when he gave his reason for not remembering his home address.  He said he didn't dedicate anything to memory he could look up so he could use more of his brain on more important thoughts!  Of course, I'm blonde so that saves me sometimes :)

BUT, when it comes to knowing tenon versus Tenon, that is important and will slip by any well taken and readily available notes when you're going too fast to care to look it up.  Well taken notes don't help if you don't remember the contents.  I think everyone has stumbling words but good MTs know how to compensate for that with good work habits and productivity tools.  Having a cooperative attitude is something else they test for on verbals.

Well, I think some of the posts in this thread
I think it was this thread....  A recruiter had come on screaming at everyone saying she didn't have time for every (can't remember exact names) Jane, Jean, Abdullah, or Mustafeh who contacted her but didn't suit her needs.  Then she went on a bizarre rampage--it was really quite spectacular, albeit on the dark side.  Then she used the name Mustafeh again, basically saying she couldn't give a d*** what an unqualified Mustafeh thought of the situation.  She received a reply saying that someday Mustafeh might have exactly the skills and experience she would need, and s/he would remember her rudeness.  So....I think that's where it comes from.
looks to me most replies in this thread are from QA
not MT. Good for you that you talk to MTs daily. Now, what does that have to do with my opinion? Are you implying I am supposed to think like everyone else?

I challenge you to not just talk to the MTs, but ask their opinions on lower pay, longer hours, making less money than when they started...

The MTs I would talk to would be the single mothers, or MTs who are supporting themselves or are the heads of their household, not married, not working for a second paycheck. When I started some 15 years ago, I was making more than I am now, benefits and everything included.

Rather than just say things like that is how it is, it is a business, etc., etc., I say, why not be role-models for the future? Where else can that be done other than chat rooms or boards...

This is the only outlet, period, so when people express their opinions and are personally attacked, rather than supported, even if in disagreement with the majority, you are only allowing more and more repression...
This whole thread is weird and obviously has some
ulterior motive - so much name throwing and personal smut details. Susan and now Tara? Sounds like Days of Our Lives. Give us a break. We're really not interested in whatever your personal agenda is. Buh bye!
You may want to start a new thread.
Not many people going back this far in archives for discussion.
it's about time. That thread was truly getting old
That isn't the point of this thread -
which you know already. Nothing like trying to change the subject BECAUSE you can't defend your position.
It's because there are people in this particular thread (sm)
who aren't reading posts and who are jumping on the defensive in an offensive way. JMHO. This whole thread has turned into a train wreck.
regarding Axolotl thread

For all of those confused readers, I would invite you to read the post that is encaptioned - Such hostility!  Wow! - which is right above the - Your [sic] just jealous! post - for a quick summary of the original point. 

Once again, I would like to say that I believe we all deserve to be treated well - not just by our company, but by our fellow MTs - and I wish everyone all the best.   

The thread seems to have died
why revive it?
Nice to see us on the same thread again (sm)

I worked for MQ a long time ago as well as an IC.  I was in-house back then and we had just our primary account.  It was a nice job years ago. 

Sure, why don't you send me an E-mail and let me know what report types you transcribe and how many years experience you have.  I have not seen an advertised opening where I work for around 8 months, but sometimes the owner asks if we know someone who would be interested before an ad is placed.  I will gladly pass along your information.

This was not a 'venting' thread...
Someone asked for an opinion about this company and people gave their opinion along with facts about their experience.
Read this thread

Clickable link below as well.
I believe if you read the thread that

someone posted below you'll get the good, the bad, and the ugly.  As far as the nasty person I believe she has been talked to as things are better.  .