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Too low even at that rate probably still expected to work many many hours

Posted By: nm on 2008-02-19
In Reply to: I think it's low too - nm


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Can someone tell me the difference between IC and employee and what hours are you expected to work
as an IC. Are your hours flexible as an IC.
oh and they have incentive if you type over where they add $$ to your hourly rate for all hours work
at that rate, working acute care, I would do $28 an hour - but I only work 6 hours a day...
Like she said, you just have to be able to utilize all your tools and be at it for years - it comes eventually...

I actually make $33.00 an hour though because at my production tier I make 10 cpl a line.
Probably because most of us are expected to do our share and work at least one sm

day of the weekend, at least once or twice a month.  It doesn't bother me to work weekends.  I grew up with my mom in the medical field so the idea that I would be off on weekends never really occurred to me.  I do not have a family or anything, so I only have me to consider.  I usually work holidays too so those who have families can maybe spend some extra time.  Still, that is me.

If that schedule works for you and the company is happy (which would seem to be the case here), that's great.  I wouldn't mind working 10-hour days and having an extra day off, but not sure that is possible with all of the jobs I am juggling right now.  Still, we all can dream. 

Again, I am glad you have a good situation for you.  Congrats! 

I was told when they needed help and that is when they expected me to work
so it is possible she was told what days and times, as that is pretty much what they said to me. Then work was never available during that time slot and so I opted to move on.
Heck no. You're expected to work the holidays, even the big ones! nm
Whatever they are, they will change soon..or your rate will, or your hours, or etc, etc, etc.
Changes frequently are the modus operandi.
Sorry, I work 15 hours a day 5 days a week and 5 hours the other 2, when I come here I dont proof.
the day has 24 hours, I work only 6-8 hours, so, lots of time to post...nm
Hourly rate PT hours & fewer line requirement
Title means nothing at my company. All I do is assign work.
Webmedx PTO rate of 1.08 hours per payperiod and only for Full-time Employees
Webmedx only gives PTO and insurance to full-time employees.  No PTO for the first 3 months, then something like 1.08 hours per pay period, starting at 0.  If they run out of work or your ISP goes down or your child gets sick and you cannot get in the full 35 hours to qualify for full-time, they want you to use your PTO to make sure your hours add up to 35 that week.  If you fall below 35 hours for 3 months in a row, no matter what the reason, they automatically drop you to part-time and take away your insurance.  Then, you have to work a minimum of 35 hours for the next 3 months before you will be eligible for insurance again.  As far as holidays, if the holiday falls on your scheduled work day, you have to work, unless you ask for it off in advance, but they do pay you for 8 hours of holiday at your normal rate, in addition to any lines you type that day. 
In my limited jobseeking experience I'm finding I only get to learn line rate after I spend hours
10-15 an hour for 8 hours is better than nothing for 8 hours when there is no work.
That's exactly what I was going to say. Yes, I work at least 12 hours a day, sometimes 15 hours
to get all of my line count in because I have so many interruptions in my day.  There is no way I would tell my company this nor expect them to pay me OT that they never asked you to do. Unless, I was called by my supervisor and asked to work extra for OT, I would never just take it upon myself to work and expect to be paid.  If you were not authorized to work OT, then your not getting paid. Point blank. I do not work at TT, but I have worked at enough jobs, at home as an MT and otherwise outside of home, that all have the same policy, your paid OT when your asked to work it. It's it is just a case of not being able to get your required line count in 8 hours, then maybe your in the wrong profession or possibly just the wrong company/account for you. This just seems bizarre to me. Just tell yourself, your not getting paid for OT because they aren't approving it so don't work it. Again, if you were asked to work OT, told it would be OT, and then they ask you not to record it, I'd pitch a fit, but from what I see, you've done this on your own.
Why would anyone work 8 hours a week. The poster above said 16 or 24 hours a week.
That is exactly what I expected --
unlimited accounts and unlimited available work like it used to be. Seems to be getting some better though, so maybe it will work out.
Yes, but it should be expected...

that when you hire on as an MT, your skills will be evaluated.  I'm sure their clients have certain quality expectations that must be met.  The company is better off finding out whether those expectations can be met sooner rather than later.

All nationals I work for you only work 40 hours unless they approve overtime.
But not this year, although not really expected. nm
Precisely what I expected, nothing more, nothing less
At least we'll have plenty of work this summer...Cheers, fellow VR'er!
Isnt it sad. We just want to go to work every day on our shift, work our 8 hours and be done with it
Instead I sit here hours hoping the Indians leave some work for us so we can at least get our 8 hours in. Nothing like logging onto you shift and being told no work. Nice. 
they cant "make you work certain hours" but they can find someone that is willing to work them
If not, they dont have to hire you as IC or anything for that matter. So yes it is perfectly legal.

If she hires you as an IC and it doesn't state in your contract when she needs that particular IC coverage and she then dictates what hours you work, she cannot do that.

But she can refuse to hire you if you don't provide the coverage that she is looking for.

MTs post here often they are expected to be avail.
What a shame! As an employee I would have expected some
job security! I thought only ICs like me had very little security net. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Makes me think I should still stay IC because I was going to sign on with another company (not Webmedx) just for the security of having work. Uggg. I hope you get work soon!
In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
Leads actually are expected to meet
a certain quota like everyone else. Otherwise, they'd starve. Leads have to pay their bills like everyone else.
She didn't say she expected to be thanked back
She just said they didn't respond. I think Miss Manners would say that the proper response to thank you would be you're welcome.
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
Really? I just came from a company that expected 2000 minimum!
Per day.  I guess I was getting screwed, but at 5 cpl, 1200 lines a day (if you work only 5 days a week) is only 1200 a month!  How can you live on that?
from IC to Employee status, pay cutis expected.
What hours do you work?
Also, which days? I was thinking of applying with this company. Maybe you could switch your schedule around a little.
They do want you to work the hours (sm)
you have committed to.  If you do that, you shouldn't have any problems making your lines - minimum 6600 per week.
How many hours do you work
between the 3? I have enough trouble working part-time at one and taking care of 3 kids, a dog, my house and husband. How do you do it?
I work 35 hours

The schedules used to be based on 35 hours a week, 172 lines per hour.  I don't know if this has changed with the new account.  It is something you need to discuss with the recruiter/supervisor on your interview.

I type well above 12,000 lines per pay period. So, it is definitely possible.

and how many hours do you work...100? LOL
I only work 6 hours a day - M-F. nm
They can get away with it, if they need someone to work those hours

then they can give the work to whoever is there to do it.  If you contract to paint someone's house, you are going to do it when they say you can not when you want to do it.  The customer has a right to expect something done when they want it done, not when you want to do it. 

No IC should have to work set hours.
That is absurd.  If there is any sign of control such as set hours no matter whether these MTSOs like to word it nights and/or weekends equals employee status.  Be very careful of these MTSOs who are getting away with paying an IC to be an employee.  PHewee...
i would want to work more than 40 hours is what
I just need a certain amount of lines since they only start out at 8 cpl!!
There isn't enough work for 35 hours. nm
Maybe she wants a PT job so she work her hours
around her husband's schedule, so that she won't have little kids interupting her work (which is what I do).  Don't be jealous just because you can't do it with kids, because there are those of us that are good enough to handle it. 
Have to work all hours to try to get my sm
lines in.
You CAN work over 40 hours you just
can't put it on your time card
You have to work hours that are the best sm
for you and your family. If your family time is important then work your hours around it. I would pick fly s**t out of pepper before I would lose my precious family time. It is more important to me than money. The trolls on here can drop dead or go back to wherever they came from.
Does MQ address how one is to work 40 hours when there is no work available?
Do they cover any of the things they always refused to address before?
Can work as many hours as I want at the national I work for now, and they don't pay OT until you
to a certain level of production. 
No work here for 1 and 1/2 hours now. Bad thing is my PT gig also has no work.(sm)
I don't mind flexing to get my lines/hours in but when you are balancing more than 1 job it isn't easy. Tonight I am scheduled to work on my PT job so can't make up TT lines unless it is really late this evening and that just ain't gonna happen.
Why do you have to work 40 hours if you are statutory? nm
You will be required to work set hours.
how may hours a week do you work
or maybe a better question is how many lines a day do you do?
You don't have to quit. Just work the hours
you are scheduled for and don't depend on them for anything. Put your energies into the other two positions you have and more dependence on them. This job will take care of itself, because they know you can't make a living with the way they are behaving. They will either give you more work to keep you, or if you don't care what they do, the job will just disappear on its own. If you must quit, I think it would be safe to say to them that they are not meeting YOUR needs and that you must move on. I have done it several times because I have been in the same position you are in that I would call bait and switch. Some of they were glad to see me go, others wanted to keep me, but I can't stay unless I am making the money that I REQUIRE to make a living.