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Unfortunately I have to agree about Warminster. I am not even sure it is stay open at this point in

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-23
In Reply to: Cannot recommend this office at all! - Longtime Warminster MQer

time. It seems very uncertain the way things are going and I have also heard that the accounts will be going to New York Amherst.  

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The Warminster office is now part of the NE Region. Unsure if Warminster will be
staying open. All the accounts have been switched to Amherst, NY. Hard to know who to deal with since the office manager has not been replaced so not the best.
I agree. My eyes are open too and sm
I trusted these people to operate decently.  If they are giving work to a company that doesn't pay people for work performed (even if it's bad, you know they have to be fixing it before sending it back and collecting their pay on it), then they don't deserve my trust.  These people at WMX are just as sneaky as the other companies, it turns out.
I agree! Too busy to be on here and too disgunted with being bashed to want to open myself up sm
to that anymore. Happy at Keystrokes, that's all I need to say.
Open RadNet first and then open IT. Then the up Arrow and highlight to link, then OK.
Agree 100% Stay away from A
MDI-FL I agree we can't keep a schedule when they tell us to stay off
I agree, they tell us we have to stay off because work is low, then the team leaders are telling us to let them know what are schedules are, like we could even keep a schedule with the work load like it is.
I wholeheartedly agree, stay away from SPi
or you are just looking to get into a bad situation.
I agree with the above. You receive no appreciation. I would stay where you are. nm
i agree ...stay home a little longer if u can financially
i wouldnt trade the time i've had at home for anything
Agree to a point
I agree to a point people should follow their dreams, but it is the opinion of many that is when this company went downhill.  Are we owed anything? Of course not.  But there are responsibilities in owning a business and providing for others, and then there are just downright morals.  You don't blame your loyal MTs for bad quality when we know if it is a quality issue I would put out a guess that it is the overseas work.  I do not want to work for a person that outsourced our livelihood and also outsourced important documents that are vital to life and I personally take very seriously to a foreign country to return subpar work.  It is bad judgment, in my opinion UnAmerican, and irresponsible.  This company has not had a new account in years.  So I am glad you feel loyal.  I am glad to have had a lucrative paycheck  too, but I don't want that paycheck, as hard as it may be financially, based on it costing someone their life because of negligence.  Sorry I just can't give her kudos or my respect for that.  Too bad she did not value people such as yourself more who have stood by her, I admire your loyalty, she lost mine a long time ago.
Agree to a point...
I think some amount of delay is to be expected, regardless of what company or what field.

Whether it's a cashier position at Wal-Mart or an executive position at Microsoft, there are other aps that have to be sifted through. It's just not realistic to expect super-fast responses.

But at the same time, I think there's only so much time that can pass before it's just considered 'bad business.' If I put in an ap and don't hear from the recruiter for 2 weeks, then I have to wonder if that company is even organized enough for me to consider any further...
I agree to a point, but...

Much of the information that can be obtained from the archives is from last year, or 2 or 3 years ago.  Companies change regularly--benefits packages, pay and incentive schedules, and even management.

So while I agree that it is helpful to search the archives, sometimes that information is outdated.  Isn't it better to ask for current information, rather than try to rely on outdated information?

Agree with you on nearly every point; however,
I know from painful personal experience that many of the MTSOs right now, several mentioned repeatedly on this board, are hiring MTs, PROMISING work, denying that there is no work, making false promises about how they will handle any POTENTIAL work shortages, etc.,  only to have us accept the positions, and get financially crushed with NO WORK. That's the only picky requirement this professional MT has - I NEED WORK.  I tell each recruiter that I need a minimum, bare minimum of 1000 lines per day to survive, 5 days a week.  I wish I had a dollar for how many times recruiters laughed at that and said OF COURSE WE HAVE THAT MUCH WORK. Ooops.... that is until I start working. So many times the accounts have run dry, and there is NO work. No work is something I cannot handle, and will not.  So, while I have not done any of the issues you were addressing, like hiring onto multiple companies, I have encountered many recruiters and supervisors and team leads or whatever each company calls them, who guarantee work, only to have little to none. Its a big problem right now, and I suspect its hiring done in anticipation of accounts, rather than accounts. Something is wrong, and its terrible.  No way to justify no work.
I agree with you to a point ....
I have to keep hope that there is that perfect job out there so I am always looking, will even interview but so far have come up wayyyy short.  Gotta have hope though.
While I agree to a point...

Telling a possible client that you think it might be too hard and will charge more is kind of giving them the impression that you're not too good of an MT. 

What you can do is give the typical rate and then once you have had the account and you think it might be just not worth your time, you either raise the rate to make up for lost time or you drop the account.

But, to come right at a client with I think you might be too difficult will scare them into thinking you really don't know what you're doing.  JMO.

I agree with you to a point, but sm
think back to the beginning when it was really hard as you say and looking in books, etc. etc. The other poster is trying to make this job sound like it is so easy just anyone off the street can walk right into it.

I agree on the 30 year thing about the OP reports and EEGs that is ridiculous. After that many years an MT should be able to do anything, but to say this is an easy job is kind of silly.

If you have the brains AND EXPERIENCE! That is why it is not difficult for you or I anymore because we have the experience. The OP is trying to make it sound just like anybody at anytime can do this job and make lots of money. Not so! Gotta do you time in the field and get your experience. That is JMO!
I agree with every point you made, D.
And I love the jagged little pill reference.

The "Bigot"
ahhh, I see your point now, agree with that..NM


I agree with your post, but I still want to point out
that it is me (and the ones who stood with me) who came out as the winners in this argument.

I corrected definitely wrong grammar (10 times the same mistake in 1 post) and I was NOT nit-picking, whereas I was consequently singled out and nit-picked on by questioning my style, whereas BOTH versions are acceptable.

I can with certainty say that posters who are 100% against me and even started bad-mouthing me, although I corrected righfully wrong grammar, are the MTs with the bad grammar and spelling, refusing to admit their mistakes and should therefore NOT be MTs, because they have generally bad morals.
Agree to point, but people need samples and also ability
agree! and when you point the finger at others? time for therapy.
Nope. I'm thru with this thread. I made my point. We all just need to agree to disagree with b
I'm Warminster - I guess I'm not sure what your question is.....are you talking about IMail?
Was told no - but I think it's really that the office people were told no so they don't all jump ship just yet!
Sorry, this is Warminster MQ I am speaking about.
Warminster PA MQ office sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this office? I am still debating on whether to turn in paperwork or not.
What can you tell me about the Warminster MQ office?
The good, the bad, and the ugly are all appreciated. Thank you very much.

Was Warminster, God knows who we work for now nm

They were pulled into Warminster and some may now be in New York.
So is Warminster. Pity some but not all there. They never worked for the MT at all.
Warminster closing probably end of year.
I am also from Warminster. Guess I know why we are all looking. Thanks for the info. Nice to know
what is going on in Warminster because no one there will tell you.
Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
I also work for Warminster. Thinking of trying to transfer out. It is now the NE and yes multiple
accounts all the time. Warminster has always done this and I hear the same for the NE so may be time to look at other MQ offices.
Warminster office is about ready to close its doors. Our accounts unfortunately went to Amherst. I
understand they are going to have a national system not regional where when there is a hospital that needs help people out of work get work in it. I would rather have a main account or a few I know so I am not sure about this new deal. Maybe they are going in with Spheris.
I can't afford to stay with VR. If they paid more, I'd stay.
The situation sucks. I really liked this company when I started there. I know they read these forums, and they are aware that we are unhappy over VR line rates. They stroke us with cute emails and say we're the best, but I can't feed my family on praise. They're turning into another MedQuist, and so I'll be leaving.
Stay low and stay very, very quiet. Do not
ask questions, do not talk to the supervisors unless forced to. The answer will always be the same, that you are the only one who has an issue, everything else is perfect. Never mention anyone's name. This place has the mentality of the Borg, everyone has been assimilated, which means if your supervisor does not like you, or does not like your friend, you have no chance. You associate with so and so, so you are exactly like them. That quickly goes through the Borg network and every team lead, ROM, and person in management, including HR, is aware of it. You'll be labeled a trouble maker and your life will not be worth living. Any trial to clear your name will be done in the fashion of the trial of witches. You are in a dunking chair - if you drown you are innocent but it is too late by then.

Remember, a ROM never makes a mistake and never tells something that isn't true. They are perfect (and nastier than a pack of hiennas.)

If you run out of work, it is your fault. You are just lazy. Can't make enough to take care of your family? Too bad, you need to work harder.

And forget getting an answer from management. It doesn't
happen. So, as before, stay low and very quiet.

And do a good job? You can be assured that if you do a good job, do what you are supposed to do, and stay quiet, no one will even recognize your name. They have no idea where you work, what your schedule is, or that you even belong to Transcend.

Excellent point, and point in case
look at the charlatan christian in the
Whitehouse who uses religion to push his agenda...

Christian IS as Christian DOES...
I understand your point, my point is why can't MTs and QA work together..
being QA doesn't mean you are above everyone else, you are just an extra set of ears...and why do so many MTs take offense to QA??? That is my point...you made have had bad experiences in the past with QA but not all QA are bad...
if you are open to another
company that hires part-time and pays PTO (with PT), e/m me.
Don't be so down on yourself. When that even better job comes open...sm

you'll be ready.  No biggie, and don't let the meanies get to you.  We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. 

She did say she would call you when the next job came open.  In the meantime, maybe call her back and ask her to make sure she calls your land line as it is the one you use most. 

It won't open for me either.
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
why they keep amherst open
amherst office runs all of the east coast offices. So you are probably safe if you tell HR you want to be managed by the west coast team. I think they are much nices to their MTs
keep your ears open
things are being restructured,it will most likely affect your office.
Still cannot open the files
The people at Type Right mentioned that they use Gear Player and that is what I use and I still cannot open up the files. I called technical support and they could not figure it out either. They said the files were corrupted. Sounds like something strange is going on if the rest of the people cannot open up the files either. I think I better pass on this company!
they have my open position at TTS
here's an open post for you
you are an idiot
No, I mean 60 positions open

and available for filling.  Even if she meant 16, that is quite a bit.  Again, more information available upon (E-mail) request.

keep your options open
open letter

You could not said it any  better.!!!!