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Posted By: linda on 2009-02-12
In Reply to: WEBMEDX, anyone have problems with QA? - Donna

I was hired and felt tortured by Webmedx every breathing second I worked there by the QAs and other powers-that-be. This was January '09. I was reprimanded and put on some sort of 'extra' probation on my first day, for a couple of minor (very minor) mistakes. I was treated in a condescending manner, to say the least, by people half my age who worked there, some of whom, I don't believe, have any transcription experience, themselves.  (I have over 20 years of experience). On my second day, I did so much work I felt nauseated and my hands were killing me--it must have been well over 100 reports (you can't really tell how many actual reports you do) --and yet the line count remained abominably low. I couldn't figure it out, but I previously did 400+ lph at my last job, and now, get this--I was making so few lines it was coming out to about $7.00 an hour!  Can you imagine?! Well, the supervisor called on my second day to inform me that the client/s loved my work, that it was great, that everyone was very, very pleased! Third and final day... In the morning there is no work for hours when there was supposed to be work...also, there had been none the previous eve (for about four hours during my scheduled time) when there was supposed to be..anyway, I spend a couple of hours waiting for the work which finally came...then there were a series of freeze-ups, that occurred on the part of their platform, I could tell...nonetheless, I trudge along and notice that I am still making only about 100 lines per hour or less, even once things got going. Still, I feel I can 'overcome' this if only I persevere and get better, so, on I work!  However, at one point, I make another, very minor error, and I mean minor (will let you know if you have interest in contacting me personally what it was) and and wouldn't you know, the love me-hate me supervisor who was thrilled with me about 14 hours prior, calls to tell me that I have yet again, (the audacity of me!) made a 'careless' mistake, (again very minor and over the course of at least two hundred reports that I'd done, as I'd now done 1,500 lines)-- one mistake-- it had to do with format and was minuscule in nature. Anyway, she informs me that now I am back on full QA-- from which I had had the honor of being released early morning on my 2nd day--stating that she has to be 'honest' with me, that I am basically on my 'last legs' (to paraphrase)-- that absent immediate improvement, I will be 'let go.' Now, let me tell you, I have never been let go from any job in my life--I have a reputation at each company for which I've worked  (really only four or five companies, as I stay in places for years)-- of being among the 'best' they've ever seen. I hung up the phone, speechless and flabbergasted by the whole situation, frankly, wishing I could sue someone! It's too embarrassing to tell you what I got paid for my troubles, and I mean trouble!  I know that Webmedx made several hundred dollars for the work I did that went to their clients for the whopping 14 hours or so that I worked. Contact me if you want via email privately--I could go on about what happened with Webmedx and what some of my ideas are as to what these people are 'up to' and I'd like to hear yours-- at best, the experience was a colossal waste of time and money (money lost by wasting time)-- so insulting, it was surreal, really. I am still not over it! Thanks for posting your complaints about this company--it's not like me to go on a 'rant' like this, I am not some kind of a nut or transcription-hack! I was driven to this post by this uncommonly (I hope it is uncommon!) horrendous experience. It was rather like being a 'sweat shop' employee, I would imagine. Scary...and again, surreal.

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It's a disaster.
A total disaster.
I was hired by them and it was a disaster from

the start.  I have never seen a more disorganized company.  I had other KS MTs e-mailing me privately that said yes things were very disorganized and they had expressed their concerns to management.  I gave them a go, the first month seemed to be okay, but then they kept telling me things that never materalized, my team leader was a TL in name only, did not communicate with me at all.   I had some private conversations with other MTs, some that had been there 2-3 years.  They agreed that things were not what they had been, but that they believed things would level out, etc.  I stuck around  another month or two, but then there was little work on my accounts and having to learn a new account every month and I couldn't pay my bills on the lines I was getting and the pay increase that they brought up never materalized.  I stuck around another month and didn't see any hope of things improving so I left. 

I don't like BS and I got a lot of it there.   For me the grass was greener.   I have a higher line rate, only 2 accounts and if no work I get paid down time and  I GET PAID OVERTIME!!!  The benefits are much better where I am too and are very reasonable.   The company is a fraction of the size of KS, but bigger isn't always better. 

That was a perfect example of the disaster that VR is! Good Job!
disaster not disasted, sorry for the typo.
Lots don't stay. I left six months after the 1/1/06 disaster
In fact, I was so fed up then, I left without having another job. I just jumped away. Glad I didn't stay for the most recent round of changes. Judging from the MQ forum, it doesn't appear to have gotten better at the Q.
I was part of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and am doing the best I can to rebuild...sm
My credit used to be almost perfect before this. I have since noted this on my credit report but I don't think its right. I am happy for you with spotless credit, but like so many others, you could be one paycheck away from total disaster so you better think again about your above statement.

Also, I don't remember signing anything about a credit check, but a background check I did. However, I believe they should have contacted me telling me why they changed their mind in giving me the job. So not right and probably not legal - opinons welcome. I enjoy reading all your replies.
don't know if ths is an absolute, but
i was told when a person first fills out the job application, if in the referral section you put someone's name & local office there, that would get you hired at that office.
This is an absolute lie. (SM)
Negative posts about companies are allowed.

I will forward your post to the Administrator so she can respond.

Hopefully you can find something soon. I think SS is the absolute
worst company and I even told the CEO that myself.   I can't believe they are still in business.  I guess greed is a great motivator. 
It is an absolute outrage!
I don't believe all companies operate like this. Its the greedy companies who work MTs to death for nothing, and we find out fast who those are don't we thanks to this board.
also add Absolute Transcription but their pay seems very low
MDI-MD? Are you sure of her words? Never is an absolute. sm
And I find it hard to believe their recruiter, who I have dealt with for weeks now as a newbie, would use that specific term.
The absolute question looking for

In these hard times where thousands are being laid off at this time from bankers to autoworkers to just about everybody... those of us who are on this board, gainfully employed albeit often running out of work but nonetheless with a job and getting some kind of paycheck every time...

Here's an honest question looking for an honest answer:  Is the company which you work for, be it as an employee, IC, or SE a blessing to you in your life since you have a job and a paycheck, just at this moment... or is it really that terrible that you would quit right now and take another or look for another only to possibly get into the same situation or worse.

This MT is asking because after recently looking around, interviewing, and being either ignored by the application process, or treated rudely by a recruiter, or just plain stood up at an interview or interviews... is it really that bad out there now to put up with a possible situation where the next company is the same or worse?

Thanks for your answers... If you'd like please put where you work and why you want to leave or stay... and if it is worth risking taking a leap elsewhere especially during this difficult financial time, or during layoffs, the holidays, etc.



"chuckle" The absolute best, the best. sm
I really think you should go into some sort of writing, (yeah, I DO mean it) Free lance columnist or something. I believe you are the same one I have read at least once on this board. You have talentwith words, expand your horizon!!!!

I hope some suits read this, but then again, not sure they
would GET IT. (men only use one side of the brain, women use both sides) Oh yeah, they are done many brain scans on both sexes..
This is the absolute truth. I was "hired" SM
2 months ago and have made repeated attempts to get working.  No one ever returns calls there.  I had to take something else.
Absolute ditto on that. Very bad experience with them. nm
Absolute Transcription - has anyone ever worked with them?
Radiologists were the absolute worst sm
for doing this when I worked at the hospital. They would even get in your face and yell at you, threaten your job and report you to management. The doctors were okay but the radiologists were and still are awful.
They are also the abSolute worst company. nm
You're an absolute moron
you can't comprehend...  sorry .... maybe try some remedial courses in reading and writing.... 
SS is absolute the worst there is and as long
as the company pays you for your work (late checks, bounced checks) they are better than SS.  
Yes, and it's the absolute worst. I've worked on a


Which companies have the ABSOLUTE WORST software?

Don't want to waste my time applying as I just came from a company with bad, bad software.

I so agree, in my experience some of the absolute worst MTs
were the ones with all the so-called experience! Obviously that says a lot for where they had worked. I have heard too often many companies do not do any type of random evaluations or spot checks on the MTs or that the QA department is short-staffed or not so great themselves...so there's a couple of possible reasons.
Occupational health is my absolute favorite to do. sm
It is interesting but easy to get a line count because they do a lot of the same things. You get TB screenings and cuts and bruises, but you get some very, very interesting ones too. You would be surprised to see what lengths people will go to in order to get out of work!

As for platform, I have heard that one account is Allscripts (easy to use) and one is TA+, also easy to use. They are very similar to each other in many ways, both web accounts, etc. Good luck and welcome aboard!
If you have PlayAll software, Absolute Transcriptions in Ok. might start you
THE absolute best job for me was at home hospital empolyee, production. sm
If they only knew the money they would be saving cutting out the MTSOs and hiring direct with, like you said, one or two in house to supervise.

I predict (okay, I'm praying, or meditating, or universing, or using the Secret for) the day to come through some major MTSO/OFFSHORE FUMBLE that will cause this evolution in our favor.

Oh, antie Em...health insurance again!
Business trip to Vegas makes absolute sense
I agree  with the above poster.  Management told us in an e-mail that the new accounts coming aboard were clients who pursued TT.  Being that TT has a major account in Las Vegas,  ... now another potential client in the same area.  I have seen this happen many times with services I have worked for.  It is called word of mouth and not that unusual to get clients this way. 
What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
Been with them 10 months.  They are great.  Fair. Great platform. Great pay.  But, I have been doing this for 25 years, no idea how it is for newbies that need hand-holding.  Though the trainers seem competent and willing, the little contact I had with them.
I like WebmedX very much.
Most important, pay is on time, direct deposit, and always correct. QA folks are very helpful without being condescending. They and the managers really do want you to do well and do whatever they can to help you achieve that. I am on a heavy ESL account and yet I find it quite easy to do as there are so many avenues of help with access to numerous samples and the ability to view transcribed records.

My experience has been quite good with this company. I can only speak for Webmedx as I have not worked for Medware.
Apparently, you don't really want opinions if you don't want to hear from "Bashers."

However, I have nothing bad to say - I have been there 8 mos. - come on board. They have great insurance. They provide you with a text Expander with your computer, and they pay on time everytime. My supervisor is probably the best I have ever had - I've been in this business for over 20 years.

Having worked for both and currently WebMedX, they're the best choice.  They are a lot nicer and easier to deal with, their pay is better, their benefits are better, their scheduling is better.  I honestly have had no complaints with them.  Once Spheris went through their whole restructuring plan for pay and line counts, they went right down the tubes as far as caring about their employees instead of the almighty $$ for themselves, in my opinion (sort of like MQ is doing right now).
Does anyone work for webmedx? Do you ever run out of work?  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Check out Webmedx - they have very affordable health insurance coverage. 
Webmedx sends out Christmas gifts, as well as gifts during MT Week. This compan rocks!

Run from Webmedx

Can anyone give me some insight on this company?  Do they provide steady work,  do you make your lines and hours either PT or FT, benefits and are MTs appreciated? Thanks!!!
I have been with Webmedx for several years now (acute care MT) and they are a wonderful company to work for!  I have a great account, a flexible schedule, and feel very appreciated by the management staff.  We just received our Christmas gifts.  I also received gifts during MT Week.  The platform they use is very easy to learn.  I hope you give them a try!
What about Webmedx?
Webmedx hires PT MTs and rates run between 7 and 9 CPL, depending on the difficulty of the account.  We are all running OT right now and more accounts are coming on next week.  They provide computer too. 
I will check them out! Thank you!
Definitely WEBMEDX!
They are an AWESOME company to work for!
Anyone know anything about Webmedx? TIA
Has anyone ever worked for WebMedX, and can you tell me if you are happy or unhappy. Could you tell me a little about it.
They don't pay! That basically sums it up.
I've worked for them for over 6 years doing Radiology. Every two weeks my check is in the bank. I worked for an MTSO for 7 weeks and every check has bounced. Is the pay as good as a hospital or free standing Radiology clinic. NO. But someone who wants to work at home because of small children or transportation problems couldn't go wrong working for them.
Webmedx sm
I just checked.  The recruiter said they are not hiring IC's.
I have been working for Webmedx now as an MT for over five years and they are great! Probably the most professional company I have ever worked for.