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Posted By: JUST ME on 2005-09-13
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does anyone know the best paying, fair, transcription company to work for. 

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Would you say that the company is paying
attention to what each Transcriptionist is typing, paying her according to what works out best for her, by the line or by the exam?
That would be a switch!
I am posting as a follow up from earlier about PJ's transcription out of Iowa CIty, Iowa.  I am one who never recieved pay for my work for her.  My check was in the mail, then must of gotten lost according to the owner.  Then I recieved a 1099 showing that I had recieved pay from her.  After reporting to IRS and contacting her to have a new one by February 15, I did receive a corrected one today which is 2 days late, after recontacting IRS because she missed her deadline.  However, it is funny that my pay got lost in the mail, but this did not, as I still have never seen money for my work.  Oh well, at least she can not claim the money as a payout on her taxes!!!!!!!!!! 
There is a company out there paying .10 per
Not sure how to correctly translate this, but does not seem quite right to me. Especially when I make .095 per 65 character line now.

Can somebody tell me how this translates??? Just wondering.
Something a while ago about a company not paying

I won't re-state the name but someone was not getting paid.  There was someone who then wrote that this was a good company but the CLIENT didn't pay.

Please note, I have no knowledge of this particular company.  HOWEVER, it is my feeling that a good company ALWAYS pays and does not have themselves so strapped that they cannot pay their contractors whether or not they get paid.  If nonpayment by the client occurs, all work should cease for that client but the contractors should still be paid for the work completed, and the MTSO should fight about the nonpayment, not pass that onto their contractors by not paying them because they weren't paid.  That is a bad business practice whether or not you are a good company or not. 

My opinion as to how I would run things as an MTSO. 

Saw a company paying $10/hr as an IC to QA.
That's equivalent, to what, $7 or $8 as an employee with benes?! For experienced QAs! What an insult! We can make that much at Walmart or CVS with no experience, no training, no skills, no medical knowledge, no stress... Geez.
What company isn't paying spaces?
What Editscript company stopped paying for spaces?   Confused?
Can you suggest a higher-paying company?
That is individual and the company is paying a big portion. sm
That is the employee portion. They were having problems getting enough people interested last year but I guess they have enough now!
Left end of July for a company paying more and I set my own hours. Much less stress too. (nm)
When I am renting, I am PAYING; when I'm working, THEY are paying ME. sm
Seems I should be running a credit check on the potential employer to see if THEY are responsible with their money, not the other way around.
US Transcription company
Has any one heard anything about US Transcription.  Or is there a good company out there to work for.  I am sick of Spheris.
They are also a transcription company too....
They have an ad posted here for help wanted. TIA
Transcription Company ?

Does anybody know of a transcription service that was hiring FT MTs to work at home?  They are located in Ohio.  I remember seeing it, but I cannot remember the name. 

Transcription Company
Maybe Cymed, they have an office in Ohio.
Any p.r.n. Transcription MTs here? (the company name is p.r.n.)
Specifics also, the pay, the QA, the platform, hours, etc.
Transcription Company
Hello all, by chance has anyone there heard of Brown and Myers transcripion services?  I really need some feedback.  Thanks.
I don't think this is a transcription company.
Found the website www.yoursafeandhappyhome.com. Then if you Google the lady who runs this site, you will see she is targeting SAHMs with all kinds of different WAH jobs. Tons of red flags on this one for me.
Does anyone know of a transcription company
that you can do training through and also work for?
TNI Transcription Company
Has anyone heard of this company, good or bad? I checked the archives, but couldn't find anything on it. Thank you.
OSi Transcription Company
Just curious if anyone can tell me if it is hard or not to get your line count in for OSi.  I'm currently in the process of taking the tests for the job.  I am working for MQ right now and it's horrible with getting your line count.  I make it, but I have to work my butt off to get it.  I was forced into MQ and now am trying to find something better.  Any information would be much appreciated.  Also, what's their pay like?  Thanks a bunch!
T-C Transcription Company

When I talked to the recruiter she said they paid for spaces.   I worked for a company that did not  pay for spaces now and I am not going to go that route again I do not think.  I think the pay for on the low side too for my years of exp.  She told me FT and PT get paid the same and only the third shift makes more.  Insurance was not bad and it compatible with what I am paying now.    The only thing that was told to me was 500 lines for PT.    I think I will ask more questions  before I fill out paperwork.  Thanks for input

Actually, I did run my own transcription company (sm)
I had 4 girls working for me, plus I did the transcription, payroll, getting the tapes and delivering them to the girls and delivering the transcription - yes I did not have digital.

The girls got what I got right across the board. I never, ever took a cut from them. I incurred my own expenses of gas, phone. That was it. I worked out of my home and did it.

As an IC, you have the right to charge what you think the job is worth. Do you shop around for a better price when having repairs done in your home? Do you automatically take the cheapest one? Or do you take the one that costs more, but has the experience and the know how to get the job done and get it done correctly?

That is my point. The MTSOs say they cannot pay above a certain amount when in fact I would bet that they can. Think about it. Not in a stressed out kind of way, but just think about it.
Company info on OSI Transcription

Has anyone ever worked for OSI Transcription?  If so, are they decent?  I just did the online transcription test and am awaiting their answer. I would hate to give up my local jobs for this one and find out they are not a decent company.



Company info on OSI Transcription
I've only been with them a few weeks, but so far, its been okay. Have had some minor issues regarding equipment and work, but these were resolved to my satisfaction by my manager. First pay was on time without any problems. If things continue as they are, I will probably be with them for a long while.
What can anyone tell me about eMTS transcription company. Thanks much.
Only transcription company out of Arkansas I (sm)
know of is QED and they were really terrible. Which part of Arkansas?
Hands-On Transcription Company

Any information on Hands-On Transcription Company?  Any information greatly appreciated!

Mary K

On-Call Transcription company
Does anyone know anything about this company??  I heard that they recently moved to Charlotte NC.  From what all have told me, I have heard NOTHING good about them.  Their ethics and treatment of clients and MTs are horrendous.  Please let me know.  Thanks!!!
Sten-Tel is a transcription company in MA.
They are different than the Sten=Tel platform. If you are talking about the company in MA, they are good to work for, in my opinion.
its called the transcription company

Anyone know anything about Hands-On Transcription Company? sm...

Would love to have all and any information available about Hands-On Transcription company.  Would like to know if pay always arrived on time (supposed to be every week), if the accounts were good, and if you got paid by gross line or character line...please, important decision and any and ALL information would be very, very helpful.

Thank you.

MTC - medical transcription company.

Can anyone tell me anything about this company, particularly what you think of their line rates.

transcription and typing company

Questions to ask the company your work for:  How often are the lights turned off?  How often does your phone get shut off? How often do you lose internet service for nonpayment?  How may checks -payroll or otherwise did you bounce this month, this year? How many IRA accounts did you take money from?  How is your inhouse turn around for employees?  How many excuses can you come up with for my late payroll?  You want a schedule of my availability, but do you offer work to keep me busy during the time you insist I be available?  How many times have you paid your full time employees late?  How many times have you asked your fulltime employees to invest $17,500 into your company while bouncing checks?  How much did you spend on a christmas party without bonuses paid to your employees and even paying them AFTER the holidays late?

You would be surprised what one company's answer would be.  Home base  =  PA.  Beware people.  What is good today is not always good tomorrow.  Am I bitter, no.  My dream job as an inhouse employee was shattered when my eyes were open.  And I left on my own because of it.

Northeast Transcription Company

Has anyone worked for Northeast Transcription.  Is it a good company to work for?

Not Sure Which Transcription Company to Supplement With
I'm really in a quandry! I've been an IC but also handle overflow and get some work from another local transcription company. Right now, it's just not enough, and I'm not sure if more is coming! I've been doing this for almost 20 years. I still can't tell from the posts which is the best national company to supplement with. It seems that if there are negative posts about a company, they get wiped off the boards! Can you give me your opinions?
Milner Transcription company

Has anyone had any experience with Milner Transcription Company ?

Integrity Transcription Company

In reply to your question regarding Integrity.  It has to one of the greatest companies out there.  The owners are wonderful, honest and ahead of the rest.  I have worked for alot of companies and this has got to be the best one out there by far.  Pay is always on time, steady work, loyal and just all around great people.  If you have the chance I would suggest this company above all others before they are full....  Integrity, they stand by their name.  If you have any questions please let me know.  I'd be happy to answer any questions in regards to this company.  I've never been so happy.   Thanks!!

Peachtree Transcription, LLD - anybody know of this company?

They are in Atlanta.  Say they pay by the Minute.  Not sure what that means.

Any help would be appreciated. 

I started my own transcription company
I wanted to change the way this business is going and figured the only way to do it was to start my own company. Best decision I ever made! I wonder why I didn't do it sooner.
Can anyone tell me about Breitner Transcription Company. nm
The Transcription Doctor company

Does anyone know anything about this company?  Thanks

inhealth transcription company

Looking for info about inhealth - are they hiring - good company/bad company.  Heard that they bought out a few failing transcription services. 

Any info on JLG transcription company?
Does anyone know anything about a company called RC Transcription?
Anything would be appreciated.

TTD is The Transcription Doctors. TRX is a different company.

Ortho transcription company
Does anyone work for a company that has orthopedics accounts.  Time for a new job and I love ortho.. 
Michael's Transcription Company
I just looked at their website, they advertise 10 cpl to clients...guess what they'll offer MTs? 6, 7 if lucky? just say no!
P.R.N. transcription company military etc
Can someone tell me what is up with their platform? I've never seen anything like this. They are lovely people but I'm puzzled as to the formatting and things that seem much harder than normal.
Professional Transcription Company
Anybody have any experience with this company?  I haven't been able to find anything on them.  TIA!
Any info on TTS transcription company
I know that this has already been addressed in the past but just wondering if TTS is now a descent place to work?  Current service NEVER has enough work and thus no pay because of it yet constant harps about not getting production.  Any help in this matter very much appreciated.
Company called Transcription Unlimited (sm)

There used to be a company by that name in Independence, Missouri that was ran by Linda Hill.  Now I see it is a company that students of a community college in Kansas City do their internships at. 

When I search for information on Transcription Unlimited it comes up with a company from out of state. 

Any info appreciated.