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Left end of July for a company paying more and I set my own hours. Much less stress too. (nm)

Posted By: jo on 2007-10-10
In Reply to: Anyone leave MQ for another company? - jennie


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superior global - are they paying on time now? any input since july?xx
IMO is it that bad. I left after 12+ years. As of July 1 no
incentive, replaced with a quarterly bonus that is almost impossible to obtain - also the amount of bonus is subject to how many MTs receive it and how much they decide to pay out for cpl. Also if you like transcribing 8-10 or more different accounts a day then go for it. A good many of us lost our primaries and went to a national pool and some were reporting 25 different accounts in 1 day. Impossible to obtain line count and/or quality. They are now apparently losing many accounts because of the poor quality of dictation.
I left MedQuist last July and went to Keystrokes..(sm)
I like it there.  They are very nice to work for.  The pay is on time.  I always have plenty of work on just one account, maybe a couple slow periods but there is still work to do. I also have a backup account but have only typed on it once because my main account has enough work. I type on Meditech and don't find it bad at all. I can still produce a lot of reports. I hesitated to leave MQ because I had been there 8 years and thought I would never leave.  But I had several accounts and none of them had work and I was losing so much money. All in all, I'm glad I  went to Keystrokes.  Good Luck!
I left after 14+ years. I loved MQ and my PS until July 1. sm
I left for another company. I started with the new company and also with Instant Text on the same day....threw myself into the fire! I so struggled the first 2 weeks and even questioned both on here. I decided to stick it out, and I have to tell you that I definitely am getting settled and love it. When you see dictator names and report types come up that you actually RECOGNIZE, the feeling is amazing. Even tho I felt that i was struggling, I made a bonus for my first full pay period. The grass..IS GREENER! Good luck
Totally. Stress of less and less money. Stress
My health is starting to slip because I never have time for exercise anymore. I can't afford healthy, fresh foods (they spoil too fast), and I can only go to the market once every 2 weeks. I'm depressed. I'm over-snacking. I have headaches. MT work makes me feel completely hopeless. I work for this invisible, omnipotent being that affects my life so adversely, and I can't even confront them in person, because the MTSO's all exist in that netherworld of the internet. They're nothing but evil electronic impulses that chain us to our computers and ruin our lives.

Stressed? Oh, yea - you better believe it. And an entire nation of people feeling exactly like I do? That's pretty da***d scary.
Good company but had layoff in July. Are they hiring?
Very professionally ran company.
I left 6 months ago, but they weren't paying OT then, but

I worked plenty OT. 

Would you say that the company is paying
attention to what each Transcriptionist is typing, paying her according to what works out best for her, by the line or by the exam?
That would be a switch!
I am posting as a follow up from earlier about PJ's transcription out of Iowa CIty, Iowa.  I am one who never recieved pay for my work for her.  My check was in the mail, then must of gotten lost according to the owner.  Then I recieved a 1099 showing that I had recieved pay from her.  After reporting to IRS and contacting her to have a new one by February 15, I did receive a corrected one today which is 2 days late, after recontacting IRS because she missed her deadline.  However, it is funny that my pay got lost in the mail, but this did not, as I still have never seen money for my work.  Oh well, at least she can not claim the money as a payout on her taxes!!!!!!!!!! 
There is a company out there paying .10 per
Not sure how to correctly translate this, but does not seem quite right to me. Especially when I make .095 per 65 character line now.

Can somebody tell me how this translates??? Just wondering.
Something a while ago about a company not paying

I won't re-state the name but someone was not getting paid.  There was someone who then wrote that this was a good company but the CLIENT didn't pay.

Please note, I have no knowledge of this particular company.  HOWEVER, it is my feeling that a good company ALWAYS pays and does not have themselves so strapped that they cannot pay their contractors whether or not they get paid.  If nonpayment by the client occurs, all work should cease for that client but the contractors should still be paid for the work completed, and the MTSO should fight about the nonpayment, not pass that onto their contractors by not paying them because they weren't paid.  That is a bad business practice whether or not you are a good company or not. 

My opinion as to how I would run things as an MTSO. 

Saw a company paying $10/hr as an IC to QA.
That's equivalent, to what, $7 or $8 as an employee with benes?! For experienced QAs! What an insult! We can make that much at Walmart or CVS with no experience, no training, no skills, no medical knowledge, no stress... Geez.
does anyone know the best paying, fair, transcription company to work for. 
What company isn't paying spaces?
What Editscript company stopped paying for spaces?   Confused?
Can you suggest a higher-paying company?
That is individual and the company is paying a big portion. sm
That is the employee portion. They were having problems getting enough people interested last year but I guess they have enough now!
Just left a company that kept doing that to me!
I also worked on 4 accounts with VERY different account specifics. I wonder if we are talking about the same company here? Also, I was shifted from one work type to another. Then I got thanked for helping out. The only people it helped out was them because I had to work my fingers to the bone to achieve their line count requirements! Each day literally became a marathon. When I inquired about the need to have me on so many different accounts I was labeled hard to work with and was treated very rudely. I am not a newbie MT either - I have more than 6 years of solid experience in many different work types, acute care, and multispecialty clinics. There are better companies out there. Good luck to you.
That's why I left the O company
Has anyone left MDI-MD for another company and.. sm
been glad they did?  I have worked at MDI-MD for about 5 years and feel they have overhired as my accounts are often low on work.  Keep seeing good things about Keystrokes and Transtech (and sure other good companies exist) and have wondered if I would be better off there or somewhere else. If anyone has advice and doesn't want to post here please feel free to email me. TIA! 
Anyone know of a company that needs about 10 hours a week...
I'm looking for part-time work, about 10 hours a week.  I've got 13 years full-time acute care experience and just need a few hours, Mon-Fri, morning or night!
My company goes by lines instead of hours.

5000 lines every two weeks. 

A company cannot dictate your hours if
you are an IC.  If you are an employee, they can! 
Isn't it against the law for a company to ask you NOT to document your OT hours?
That alone would be a huge red flag for me.  They want you to work OT, but not document it on your timesheet!  That smells fishy! 
If a company has shift hours specified .....

that are non negotiable, doesn't that make you an employee, rather than an IC?

Posting on the job board is curiously worded.

Amen tto that. If you left the company,
how long did it take for them to send you the stuff to return the equipment? I resigned on 2/25/06 and still have their equip. Have emailed supers with no response. I have been toying with the idea of emailing the CEO. I wonder how long you have to keep it before it becomes yours? Any lawyer out there who knows the answer to that???? TIA
I left a company for asking me to help compile such
How would anyone yank my chain when NO ONE knew I was resigning from my current company (had not yet turned notice) and NO ONE knew I had accepted a position with a different company? Please explain that one to me as you seem to know quite the Merriam Webster of the MT world.
This sounds like the company I just left!
I wonder if the MTSO has changed the name of the company? If it is the same company, I think you are wise to drop them and do it ASAP.
I left a company as soon as got email saying they were
I left a company when they started doing this.
I was getting all of the crap work and it took about an hour just to get 100 lines. To make things worse, this company didn't even pay for spaces. Needless to say, I left and went to another company. Pooling is never a good thing.
I left that company earlier

They have no communication. I arranged to have a week off as I was moving. This was totally arranged and okayed. Then they took me off the books because they said I did not report to work and had abandoned my job. I explained the situation, and they had to sign me back on with direct deposit, etc. Evidently somebody did not communicate with somebody else in the company. I quit.

I am in a wonderful job now and am glad I went elsewhere. 

I left MQ too...got a great job at a new company. nm
I agree with you!!! I also left a big company for this one and
it's been just a few months and I love it. I don't dread work anymore!!!! No regrets.
I am in the same boat, too. I left a company...

that was always late with a paycheck to work for a new company.  The new company was okay but my hospital was so huge that learning every doctor put me behind the curve.  I tried VR because I thought it would help me catch on faster, and it did, but I am finding my overall VR production is still only 20 to 30% over what I averaged straight transcription at the other company (and they were shorting us 15% on our lines). 

I am also extremly frustrated at having to do all those admnistrative things.  Looking up CCs, looking up patient demographics, changing work types, looking up who signs off on this resident, looking up the spelling of this doctor 7 states away...come on. 

If a company requires a set number of hours,
production, or schedule then they cannot classify the MT as an IC and the MT cannot say she is an IC per IRS. They are to be treated as an employee, PT or FT, whatever the case may be.
You don't need that stress..
or stick with the radiology.  Who needs that?  You must feel so degraded!  What a poor ethic that company has...  I feel sorry for their clients!
Does this job stress you out?
I do love so many things about being an MT, but does it stress anyone else out knowing that you HAVE to type a certain amount to get the bills paid?  I try to explain that to my husband.  I seem overly stresseed a lot because like I tell him, if you have a NORMAL job and one day you just aren't feeling that great, you can still get your paycheck because you are clocked in.  A foggy head or drained feeling doesn't affect your work.  Being an MT, you are pushed to type or you don't get a check.  You have a slow day and your paycheck is affected.  It's staring to REALLY stress me out!!!
I just left a company after 10 years, making only
I noticed that when I left DSG to work for another company...
my lines increased dramatically...don't know if it is because of the ESLs on the account or what, but lines were so hard to get.
A company/MTSO can offer an IC a job working certain hours
that they need coverage, and it's up to the IC to agree to working those hours, or not take the job.

If you hired an IC to repair your roof, would you want him working daylight hours, or since he's an IC can he work on the roof from midnite to 8 a.m. if he wants?
Stress at Amphion!
I left Amphion for TT, too, and I can sure relate to the stress there. Sheesh. I was on the big university account, which I really liked, but I stressed over the QA reveiws every single month, and I absolutely hated the mandatory overtime. Granted, Amphion is the ONLY MT company I know of that pays true overtime for working over 40 hours--and doesn't quibble about it--real overtime as in time and a half per hour over 40--plus your lines, which is why I will not work over 40 hours for anyone else, not as an employee, unless I get true OT. I also miss the no major holidays on that university account and I HATE the 2 weekend days per month at TT--because on those 2 weekend days all I get is crap, BUT my stress level is a lot lower now--that's a good thing. If I were on a better account, I would have absolutely nothing to complain about. HAHA.

Fortunately, we have insurance through my husband's work and it is great. I don't get these exorbitant MTSO insurance prices either. My husband's company has about 200 employees and they have BCBS and the family rate, including dental is $250, a month!

No matter where you go it is always something.
You got it!! Not to mention that the stress of
have to use our PTO for sickness rather than fun.  I also never got anything of substance approved as far as days off, so my PTO time was useless, just part of the games of no work and getting sick over no work.  I feel so sorry for those who stay in that situation, thinking they are going to lose out on PTO by starting over. Its your LIFE at stake, right?  We are so worth more than PTO at MQ.
Still Stress-Free...

Some of us still enjoy stress-free living w/o a care in the world.

We never had kids! (LOL)

More money + more peace and quiet = Stress-free living forever!



Does it stress me, nope but tell you what I would do if it did
I would not sit here complaining about the lack of work, no decent salary, not enough to pay bills on and so forth. I am sure most on here lot younger than me and I can almost assure you this profession is not getting better, in fact seems to be headed the other way. Why wait on some job that stresses you, not enough money to live, cannot make it, why not find something else to do? Is it that important just to stay home and not be able to live on this pay now? There are jobs out in the world. Why not train for something that maybe would not be outsourced and make a decent living. Lots here sound like the passengers on the Titanic. Someone fill me in on just why everyone is stressing just waiting around.
I just left a company due to lack of work, Monica.

Disillusioned....Sue's description sounds like the company you just left
except for the rental fee, which they JUST changed recently, and even then it was higher than the one Sue quoted.  I still say you got a much better deal with Amphion.
I left them to go with another company using the same platform and I made tons more..
It has to be in their line counting and they must not pay for spaces, headers, or footers even though they claim to. I did not know the difference until I switched company. I was shocked that I made in 2-3 hours what I struggled to make in 8-10 at Focus.. As far as I am concerned, they are a huge rip-off and on top of that, they have their Indian QA people checking your work, and if it does not meet their standards, you pay is docked. It was quite disturbing to say the least.
Ditto. Please don't buy a computer for work from this company. I left (sm)
this company because of lack of work.
Only require 400 lines completed within 24 hours....good company...
Not worth the stress...move on...I did.sm
I went with a co. started on 10/25 and turned out the platform really sucked..too much stress. I quit..got hired two days later..move on. Your home is your life..you don't need to be stressed out over your work when your work is at home.
Not enough for the stress they're putting me through . See msg
From what I've read in the past, and my experience, they pay anywhere from 7 cpl to 10 CPL (I personally make 8 CPL with 10 years experience, no raises since I started there despite numerous requests for one). THIS IS FOR STRAIGHT TRANSCRIPTION. Most of us work on ASR now (voice recognition) which pays 70% of your pay (example, I make 0.56 CPL for ASR). I have lost a LOT of money since ASR began. I average around 150 lines per hour for ASR. I averaged around 250 lines per hour with straight transcription. In other words, I made around $20/hr before ASR, now I make $8.40/hr, just above minimum wage in my state.

I only work flex-part time now for MQ and work full time somewhere else that pays fairly with NO ASR and NO outsourcing outside of the U.S.

It is my strong belief, after 10 years of working for MQ, that we will all lose our jobs soon now that the board of directors is Indian based. Believe it or not, they can pay Indian workers even less than they pay us.

Yes, they pay shift differential, 0.5 CPL more for evening shift, 1 CPL more for night shift.

A slew of workers have left since the news so it is my belief that's why they're hiring now. If you're interested in a short-term job, fine. Good luck though.

Don't stress. Tell her you are nervous, and she will be very nice about it. sm
You can't ask for a nicer group of people. They worked with me through my husband's long illness, house problems due to his illness, followed by a few health problems of my own that I still think are the after-shock of dealing with his illness. He is fine now, I am fine now, and I will never again look for another job because Keystrokes treated me like family, not just a number.

I had been at the Q for 17 years in some form (company I worked for was gobbled up by them) and was very nervous but they were very gracious about and put me at ease. That was 3 years ago and I am grateful that I took the plunge.