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We've lived your yesterday for 4 weeks straight

Posted By: rad hell occupant on 2009-09-19
In Reply to: Out of work 15 times Friday - tnmt

Don't believe for one minute that they don't know why there's no work - they just don't want to tell you because you'll start looking for another job.  Mass quantities of work don't just disappear without a reason - and that reason is usually profitable to someone other than an MT!  How long can you survive getting 4 hours a day (sitting there trying for a total of 12 hours), 6-7 days a week, for 1/3 of your former paycheck?  Beware, your occasional day of no work might turn into a whole month of it!

Like somebody said below, this used to be a real job.  Not anymore.

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HELP!! Started VR yesterday after 30 years of straight typing

How in the world do you guys make any money.  I am thinking of calling company up and telling them no thanks.  I trained for 2 hours then was let go to work another two.  Did 350 lines at 4.5 cpl.  What are the keys to making money with VR. I am using Dictaphone Express Editor.

Gave my 2 weeks' notice yesterday SM

I was so nervous because I really like the company I'm working for and was afraid they would be upset with me, but they were wonderful.  They said that I was a wonderful Transcriptionist and that they would miss me a lot.  She thanked me for giving them notice.  Even told me about another national that offers benefits as I explained to them that I needed benefits.  I told her I already accepted a position with a company that offers benefits, but I was really touched that she cared enough to recommend other companies to me.  Wow!  How cool is that?

The company I'm leaving pays very well (I am in the middle range and get about 9.75 per line), you are an employee, have until midnight to get your lines done (at least 80 minutes per day), only have to work Monday through Friday and don't have to work holidays.  You work in WordPerfect 5.1.  They have Smartype for DOS as their word expander.  They have direct deposit and provide the computer and foot pedal (no monitor).  The only draw back (for me) was that they do not offer benefits.  I don't know if I am allowed to post their name on this board, but I will ask my supervisor.  If she gives permission, I will post the info as I know that some of you do not need benefits and this probably sounds perfect.

Hope you're all having a great night.


100% straight typing. I've never done anything else. Ever.
I've been totally swamped throughout the season, worked yesterday, doing double shift,,,,sm
tomorrow, working weekend, no slowdown here, I actually wish there was, I worked lots over OT to make $$ for the holidays and now can hardly find the time to enjoy with my family....oh well, THANKFUL FOR A GOOD STEADY JOB!
I've been there for about 6 weeks now sm
I'm not disappointed. Plenty of work. Pay on time. Good feedback. Nice platform, easy to use. My account has good dictators-I'm not sure about the others. I know they have several accounts and a few different platforms. You are IC. They give you 24 hours to get your work in, I believe.
I've only been there about 6 weeks, but

so far I haven't had any issues with them watching my every move.   You are paid on how many lph you type.  While I HATE punching in and out it helps keep me focused and helps increase my line count.  I have worked an hour or two off my schedule and there hasn't been an issue, especially since there is a lot of work and they have offered OT. 

They have many accounts.  I know there are some with a very high level of ESLs on them.  The account I am on says per contract ESLs are 40%, but based on the work I get I would say that is a low number.  Most of them aren't horrible, but do slow you down. 

My biggest issue is with their platform.  I find it to be slow.  Twice since I've been there my supervisor has sent e-mails out that the system was slow, today it was even down altogether, though not long.  About every other day the system freezes up and I lose a job.   I think the first part of October they are doing an upgrade that is supposed to address some of the issues. 

They have 2 new accounts coming on-line very soon, one large account that recently came on-line.  Work has been sporadic, but seems to have picked back up and with the new accounts coming on-line there should be plenty of work. 

Their platform is Word based and they use Shorthand, which I totally dislike.

Everyone seems willing to help, even the tech department is helpful and friendly, at least from what I have seen so far.   I work my shift, I produce a client ready product, and I don't hear from anyone.  I don't know if that is because I'm doing okay or they are stretched with all the new accounts. 

I don't know if I answered all the questions or not, I've got a migraine and my brain isn't processing very well. 

They may be better out there, but there are a lot worse out there too.  I would recommend them. 

From what I've seen, in a few weeks
MT-30+ will be on here ripping KS apart on her own, just like she ripped LM all over the place earlier in the week.

Talk about burning bridges, MT30+. Perhaps you should consider practicing what you preach?
Since you've only been there 4 weeks, you're
were from disgruntled ex-employees or if they had valid complaints.  It's really easy to say the sky's not falling with 4 weeks under your belt.  It's an almost sure bet that you won't be there in 4 years, maybe even 40 weeks.   General concensus is after 6 months, attitudes start to change, if it takes that long.  I gave it 4 years before I quit believing the posts praising Transcend and telling me to hang in there, it gets better.  I figured after 4 years of not seeing it get better I had enough proof I wasn't a disgruntled employee.
I've been working there for a few weeks sm
I like it so far. Their system is a little clunky to me but I came from a job with a great system, so I'm used to the best in technology. From what I hear, MedScribe's system is like many out there. I like my accounts; I have two. Their people are pleasant and helpful. They have a great incentive system. So far, so good.
For the entire 8 weeks you've been there?!

Speaking strictly for weekends, she's probably not working, and has forwarded her calls to the help desk, where they could put you in touch with the weekend supervisors, if need be.  But I truly doubt she's ignored you the whole time you've worked there.  She's simply not like that.  She has answered every email I've ever sent her, and always answers her phone during her normal weekday.  My supe has an usual name that starts with D, same as yours, right?

I've been there a few weeks (Oregon)...
and you can feel free to e-mail me with specific questions, be glad to tell you what I know to this point. 
I've heard others say they wait 2 weeks

They use ancient equipment anyway.  Get with a company that is with the times.  Furthmore KS'ers on this board seem like recruiters to me or else they get paid to put nice things about that company.  I think they're 9 cents short of a dime.  I can feel it in my gut.  No company is that great.    

Oh, I also heard they start everyone at 9 cpl, which is a lie!  That was told on this board as well.  Don't believe everything you read.  I'd rather work for Transcend or MQ!  HAHAHAHAHAHA

I've applied to 15 places here in 2 weeks and
I've worked for Ubiqus for 2 years now and I get paid every two weeks.
I really enjoy the work because it's advisory board meetings, round table discussions, and big conferences of all fields of medicine.  I started with them right after I graduated and I've never done any of the doctor dictation, I like this work better.
I have lived in Rochester. sm
I was offered a job there but at the time I wanted to work from home and they only wanted in house. The Mayo system itself is very impressive. I can't tell you how much I hated Rochester though. Hard to find affordable housing for one thing and the most UNFRIENDLY people I have ever seen. From the clerks in the mall to the other people in our apartment and neighborhood, just plain rude and snooty. I have never been so glad to move in my life. Think twice before moving there!!
:) LOL...well, I was born in CT and lived in OR most

of my life, so I'm a yankee through and through!  I lived in SC for 2 years, though, when I was in the Navy, but that's my only southern accent experience.  Funnily enough, my first-born son had a southern accent for his first couple years.  (He was born in South Carolina.)  He would crack me up by saying, I doun't wanna go ta baaayed!  I doun't wanna take a naaaayap!  Where's my Batmaaayan?  I wanna go ta MACdonaud's!  :) :)


I lived in England and ....sm
They do not employ at-home transcriptionists there and have very few medical transcription companies.  Because they have National Healthcare, all work is done by government employees in the hospital/clinic.  Not sure if Ireland is the same way.  I continued to work for a company in USA but they have since sold.
It will be short lived, believe me. nm
I was told because I lived in Fl. I have checked,
Also, when I lived in Manhattan during 9/11 was down for a LONG TIME - no work
and my pay had dropped to almost $14/hour from $25/hour. No phone lines, no work coming in, no way to transcribe.

Gosh, I definitely pick all the wrong places to live!
They used to be McCoy Business Services. I worked briefly for them when I lived in Louisville. SM

I don't remember anything specifically negative about them.  Just that the pay was kind of low and I didn't stay long because of that.  The work was okay.  Mostly local accounts from the Louisville area.

Sorry, the older I get, the shorter my memory.  I can barely remember yesterday! 

Yes, they offer I think 4 weeks at full pay or 8 weeks at half pay. Call the office
and talk to them about it. You wont lose your job. They aren't like that.
MT's of yesterday
I, too, started doing MT in the old days. I started out with a selectric typewriter and dictabelts. I sure loved it. There were 12 docs on staff and I was the only transcriptionist. However, due to my then husband being in service, I stopped doing MT to follow him around. We have since been divorced and I am the administrative secretary to a hospital president. I still love MT better than any job I ever did.
yes - just yesterday again
Saw this yesterday

I saw a segment on a TV show yesterday where it was reported Hillary Clinton spoke to some Indian business leaders, and she told them she wants more visas issued so more can come over and start businesses [that will take away jobs].  The commentator did say she wanted to charge money for the visas [I don't know if they are currently free or just cheap] and that maybe she was just saying this to the Indian businessmen because she wants political contributions from them, because apparently elsewhere she has been saying she doesn't want jobs taken from Americans.  In a later segment it was reported that China was going to start making cars to be sold in the US by Chrysler [Chrysler will only market them for China, they won't be making them here].  Right now if the US wants to send cars to China for sale the tariff they charge is 25%, but if China wants to send a car here to sell the tariff we charge is only 2.5%.  Also if the US sells cars in China we have to make parts for the cars over there.  No wonder the headline for this whole thing was called war on middle America. This is one of those times when I wish I was close to retiring.

Concerning VR yesterday for me
I check my line count each hour as I have always done and yesterday with an hour and 15 minutes on VR I had over 800 lines at 4 cents a line. The VR can be almost letter perfect but it takes good training in order to get it there. I said crud, hope am not working myself out of a job because the platform has turned out to be really good. I chuckled yesterday when reading 1 poster who said she had ESLs that VR would never understand. She would be, like me, completely taken aback to see just how good it can be, with the proper training. I made $32 hours yesterday for the first hour so that is not a bad salary. I hope VR will never be able to go straight through also because that means no job for me!
Yesterday was end of pp at TT and I'd like to know
who got their line count for the payperiod.  I would like to hear honesty, not just that you got the whole pp line count in the first day, or anything like that.  I need to find out if it is possible to do this, or if I need to start working all day every day from the first day of the pp and on every day to do it... Today is day 1 of the pp and I wonder if I should start now... though it would mean 24/7 checking the computer.  Thank you for your input and suggestions on getting my required lines! Need the money and the benefits...
In a thread yesterday or the day before, a QT MT said that .... sm
she had heard from loose-lipped office staff, as I believe she put it. Soit was leaked out unintentionally but, I would imagine, not without merit.
Got mine yesterday - nm
I had no work yesterday....
...and this morning the same thing.  I'm looking elsewhere.  I can't pay bills if my fingers aren't makin' money!  This is ridiculous.  Plus, they are advertising to hire more MT's.  There is no work for the ones that are employed there now.
I just did 2 reports yesterday out of 100 who were
on the wrong patient. I could tell. VR would not be able to. Because I was able to put Discrepancy Alert on the top of a report, it may have kept the unthinkable from happening.

I am hoping these scenarios will keep the quality conscious physicians with MTs who have a heart beat.
ok they told me yesterday and I do not....sm

I don't need to be told twice........I don't make the same error twice. 

Have applied with them just yesterday. sm
Have done a search but cannot find too much information about them.  Could you tell me why you are so happy with AllType, please?
tested yesterday
I haven't heard anything back from them yet.  So far, the experience has been very pleasant.  Amy, who I believe is the VP, has been so nice and helpful.  She acts like she really wants me to work for her rather than the take it or leave it attitude I have gotten from other people. 
I tried to take a test yesterday.

Been with MQ for 5 years, mostly good until recently when my account went over to Dictaphone and got a new supervisor (after 4 years) with the restructuring April 1.  I took a test using Express Scribe, and the sound quality was horrible - LOTS of white noise.  It makes me wonder about the sound quality of other companies.  If MQ has the best equipment, I may never find another job.  How depressing!

Their best supervisor had her last day yesterday and she usually

would get them right on it. So many new people in positions they do not know how to do and the MTs are on the ones suffering. Counting the hours and days until my time is up with them.

I applied yesterday....sm
she only pays 7 cents a line.  Wish she would have put that in her ad.  I wouldn't have bothered to apply at all!
I had my internet go down all yesterday and TT said to me sm
It can't be helped. I asked how long they would give me to make up the time I have lost...all pay period which just started Monday (this an employee position). I apologized, I felt bad and I told them I didn't want to lose this job. They said not to worry, we won't be getting rid of you, RELAX and try to enjoy a forced day off, come back ready to work when your internet comes on. Sigh...I like this.

QA continues to be wonderful and understanding. I was fit to be tied with a new work type today so my supervisor called me and was most kind. I got off the phone feeling better about things all the way around. She told me to RELAX we are like family around here and we are glad to have you.

I had internet problems all last spring and into the summer. I got from the MT manager: Email me and let me know what is going on. You think if I could email I'd be on the PHONE telling you my internet is down? Then my supervising QA whined and whined at me every time I went down, like I had control. Then she dumped work on me because I owed it to those who covered for me to give them a break now that I was back on. They were far from understanding.
My TL said they were mailed yesterday, 01/31 also.

Got mine yesterday.
They are postmarked the 30th.
I just tested yesterday
I sent my resume some time ago, and was finally invited to test yesterday. I was told there were only 4 positions open. This company sounds like everything I've been looking for so my fingers are crossed.
I talked to her yesterday or the day before... nm
I applied yesterday
and got a call this morning. Very prompt.
I just bought yesterday,
some Phillips iPod ear buds from Walgreen's for $20 and I LOVE them! They have 3 different size ear buds you can attach with a little spongy rubber ring that cancels out all background noise. They are comfy, too, as they finally made a small enough ear bud to fit in my little ears. Definitely worth a try!
was emailed yesterday
To set up an interview. I told the person I was availabe today and tomorrow and gave times availabe, but I haven't gotten a confirmation.
I got laid off yesterday...duh
I accepted yesterday
I applied on their website Monday and received an email, then a phone call from the recruiter.  We spoke for almost an hour, all my questions were answered and they sound like a good company.  I had to complete a sheet about my computer and the recruiter said he wanted to discuss accounts with the team leader.  I sent my form back in and he called as scheduled yesterday morning.  The ER account sounds like I will have plenty of work and I accepted.  I then got an offer letter by email and hiring paperwork that I am working on today, I start Monday and just can't wait.  They use Chartnet and from what I have researched that is a productive platform.  I have never had such a professional or prompt response from a company and look forward to having steady work.     Lee.
That's the one that wouldn't come up for me yesterday.
Getting a page load error again today with nothing.
No work yesterday
Sat at PC for my 4 hours, and not one job. Worked crosswords while waiting.
There is a post from yesterday about
midway down the page concerning this same thing. 
I pointed this out yesterday
I believe we're correct. There is no other possible reasonable explanation for the fact that work from ALL accounts began drying up at least 8 weeks ago.

If the grand plan is for Transcend to convert as many clients as possible over to that BeyondTXT or whatever it's called platform, they might have been funneling work over there for that reason, too (to get the voice training portion done before the final transition).

But, yeah...I strongly suspect while we sat scraping for lines 24/7, losing sleep over wondering how we were going to pay our bills, D was giggling like a school girl all the way to the bank.