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Well as had been mentioned before MQ NE is looking for a 1 hour turnaround time so there is no way

Posted By: MQMT2 on 2005-08-18
In Reply to: work gone--MQ - prf

any accounts will have work for the MTs and that is what they want to do. I think MQ is losing so many accounts they are trying to do these things to get more accounts plus I am sure cutting into the pay of MTs with their new pay plan when it comes out. With 1 hour turnaround time how can anyone get high production for any kind of incentive pay plan. No way in my book. You would be in a zillion accounts. Well, with MQ reputation and good MTs quitting, I hope this plan works for them.

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Companies with 24-hour turnaround time

I know it has been has been posted here before, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a list of companies that have a 24-hour turnaround time for getting work back?

Also, a list of companies that use ExText or train on speech recognition? Thanks.

I love MDI-MD, and you have a 24-hour turnaround time to get your work done. sm

I'm not sure if they have clinic work, though, but they might. 

Good luck in your search! 

Yeah, it seemed strange to me so I didn't do it. Also, they had a 24-hour turnaround time for the
test, not unheard of but seemed strange nonetheless.  No free work from me today.
24-hour turnaround
I'm new to transcription. I currently work (at home) for a local hospital. Are there any companies that you can work for as an employee with a 24 hour turn around or something similar rather than a scheduled shift? I need employee status so I can have benefits. Thanks in advance for any replies.
Looking for IC with 24-hour turnaround and good accounts....
Any recommendations? 
Sleep Medicine with 48 hour turnaround?

Does anyone know of any companies that specialize in Sleep Medicine with a 48 hour turnaround window?




turnaround time
PeopleSupport gives you 24-hour
That is Turnaround Time Transcription - sorry! nm
Turnaround Time Transcription? sm
Does anyone have any information about this company?  TIA
Maybe the time difference and turnaround?
Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc., any info???
I have no real headaches. Sometimes they want a faster turnaround time...
or they want things a certain way, but no biggie..I'd be willing to deal with that for up to 5 cpl than what MTSOs want to pay.
it's called meeting turnaround time, as a team. NM
On another board, every time MedScribe is mentioned, SM

there is one particular person who jumps in with the story that she ws never paid by them, and then the company does not get discussed.  So you have not experienced this problem and are relativey happy working there?  I just looked at their website and it actually looked like a good company from what is there, and their ad looks promising also.  Might just be worth checking out, but on that other board, you're just never able to find out anything!  I'm so glad you posted.  I also found out they hire ICs so maybe they'd let some MTs start out part-time to see if they liked it or were, as we say, a good fit  LOL

Read down the board. Mentioned just 2 posts below yours and mentioned
multiple times this week. 
24-hour time frame
MDI-MD.  Lots of happy people there.  IC status.
TIme it to see what you are making per hour. Bet you
24-hour time frame to do work
What are some companies out there who allow a 24-hour frame in which to return work, no set hours, but a minimum line count requirement within a specified time frame.  Thanks in advance.
Anyone know of any companies that let you work within a 24 hour time window? sm

I am wondering if there are any companies that let you work anytime you want as long as you get your daily or weekly line count in?  Thanks....

I have many, many years experienced and was just told a little while back, even though I am an IC, that I have to have a set schedule...And I am struggling to follow the set schedule due to family illness....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

MDI-MD has a 24-hour window, no time clock to punch
Webmedx 12 hour window question.. Do you have to time in and out? (sm)

Do you get to choose the 12 hour window hours?  

Do you really mean they are that flexible.  Say you have to go to school and pick up a sick child, do you have to notify anyone you will be leaving your computer or can you just go and tend to business as long as you work your 8/12? 

Sorry, that does seem to be more than 1 question.


MDI-MD hires part-time, and you have a 24-hour window to do your quota. nm
Turnaround Transcription-sm
Anyone working for them? I would like to know if it is difficult to get a decent line count with their system? And how difficult the ESLs are? What type of ESLs? Good people to work for? As in, do they let you work and don't bug you with faxes and memos? Thanks.
medgarde turnaround - I am
confused about turnaround time because I am reading up to 5 pm due 8 am.  What does that mean?  I will be getting work in up til 5 pm so at 5 pm if I am still getting work in I have to have that back at 8 the next day?  At 3 pm no later I am done for the day so please explain.  Thanks
Why The Complete Turnaround... NOW
?? at this point in time? The problem is, begging for work like this is humiliating. You have work today, how about tomorrow? Will they open the flood gates again?
Anyone work or know anything about TurnAround Transcription in CA? sm

The pay is gross line; however, a line is 72 characters.  Not sure if this is a good deal - I don't think so, but would like your input. 

I am used to a gross line no longer than 65 characters.

They use MedRite - how is that platform?

they use escription and have 3 hr turnaround OUCH
sounds really tight to me
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
100,000/year - no way. I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days - sm

what's not to believe - I said that I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days AND DO NOT MAKE - sm

try READING the post.
$35/hour x five 10-hour days = $1,750 gross/week.
$20 an hour is not even average for radiology. You should not make less than $25-30 per hour. sm
I work for Keystrokes and have for 3 years. I average 25 reports an hour, which is $31.25 an hour. I have 401, health insurance, direct deposit, life insurance. My lead tells me I'm wonderful when I talk to her, but I do not need a daily pat on the back.

I also have a good friend who works for them on a clinic. She only makes 0.08 per line but does 300 lines an hour, which is $24 an hour, again higher than your $20.

I don't think we're selling ourselves short. There are companies out there that are good to work for, 6 or 8 of them that I know of personally. Don't settle for $20 an hour.
Well if I could do 500 lines per hour, I would be making 35.00 an hour. sm
nothing to sneeze at. More than fair for having a 2-year degree. Come on people, we are all acting like we expect 6-digit incomes! Whatev!
It's the big O not the one you mentioned
Yes, it was mentioned... SM
and explained. Transition to new MTSO not going smoothly -- acct could come back at some point but DO NOT hold your breath! Bottom Line: Same-old, same-old -- Onward and upward, think positive, etc. No dramatic announcements other than big push to get everyone on same platform. :-))
EMR...should have mentioned

Our EMR system did cut down on some things for us typists.  The medications and allergies were already in the patient's chart and therefore pulled through into the document (office visit letter) that the doctor created himself the day of the visit.  If there were changes to those meds, he would dictate the changes.  If there were no changes, he would state that.  That was one less thing for us to type.  It didn't change things for us greatly because we got paid hourly, but I'm sure that would cut lines out of someone who gets paid production.  It was a very new concept for our office at the time.  We had 21 physicians and 7 NP's so I can safely say half hated it and half loved it.  Some doctor's refused to go completely paperless and would always ask us to print hard copies of the latest test results and that allowed them to not have their faces glued to a laptop and actually pay attention to the patient.  I have not yet experienced the EMR/EHR system as an actual patient.  I'm sure I would be really alarmed at not getting to spend time with my doctor and instead only see the top of their head as they are clicking around in my virtual chart.  There are definitely pros and cons and I can see both.  As for it completely wiping out transcriptionists -- I have my doubts.  Dragon software years ago was supposed to have wiped us out as a profession and look what happened to that.  I know VR is a huge thing, but that too is still creating jobs.  I tend to be more optimistic.  The only thing constant in this world is change and we have 2 choices -- embrace that change and roll with the punches or sit and complain about it and make things worse.  Nothing is ever certain so I guess we will just have to wait and see.  No one can predict the future.

It has been mentioned that some
companies have increased the cpl when the client requires VBC.
If that's $9.50 an hour, that would be just under 6.5 cpl at 150 lines an hour. nm
Are there any QAs out there that are getting paid by the hour at 15+/hour? If so, where are you and
how are the work conditions/requirements/benefits,etc?
For example, I count every hour on the hour with my job
and while I was posting here and also checking email in between I averaged $22 an hour for 2 hours, not bad for someone who is a) slow or b) does not have a lot of time in transcription work; therefore making me a prime candidate for VR.
The companies you mentioned
Company 1: Good company if you like ESLs. They have lots of accounts in areas that teem with ESLs. For them, I would choose QA.

Company 2: This company has had more conflicts than Carter's liver pills, and the turnover is outrageous. The problem is that they are always out of work. They overhire, then nobody has any work. Lots of big wheels. Public company and making millions but the MLS's as they call them don't get the money. They promote from within. They are going to speech recognition and cutting pay in half. Forget them totally.

Company 3 outsources like crazy and hires people who don't know what they are doing. Just started decent benefits. Moving to speech recognition. They do not stay in "touch" with the real workers who keep them afloat. If you are not an insider you will go nowhere with them. Forget them.

Company 4: I would shoot for a QA or editing job since you have the experience. There is some pettiness but you don't have to be that way and the managers don't expect you to be. Good benefits and stable company.

Even with some of the problems mentioned here,
It was mentioned on this board that they -sm
never pay on time, so I wasn't in the least surprised when they told me about their payment method.
No one has mentioned my company yet
LOL!!! Sad, but true... Don't like my company either.
Several people have mentioned that they have
been hired for the account.  I have also been hired for the account. 
P.S. You mentioned archives
when you searched.  I believe that will give you only older info.  Try searching without going into the archives - you'll find some more recent posts, some negative, some positive.  Just confirming again, though, that my experience has been very positive.
Do you have to use their computer still? Mentioned somewhere in
The ESL load has been mentioned as being a very
Me too - Transtech was never mentioned by OP
Here's a few places that have been mentioned..sm..
Accuscribe, DSG, Echo Sten-Tel, Execuscribe (just started using it recently), InTouchMI, MQ, and VanBelkum.
No name was mentioned and how many people
even know who the recruiter was.