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they use escription and have 3 hr turnaround OUCH

Posted By: SissyP on 2007-07-19
In Reply to: oooh. I do remember the post saying whoever it was they use escription - walk the dog

sounds really tight to me

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good one.
we pay for them ourselves. Ouch!

No raise in 3 years; I'd best stay put!  Thanks for the info... 

I may have to go another route then. 

Guess they won't be recruiting too many people at that line rate.
That does NOT sound like fun. I gather since it's called Patriot and the company is US Transcription that it's a proprietary platform? That doesn't sound MT-friendly at all.

Oh ouch!!! It does sound concerning
I really wish you luck in this, but I would start polishing up the resume and start looking. Very similar situation as my old company...eerie...
MQ has 6000? Ouch - 2 years ago they had 9-10,000
Ouch! I agree with MT30+
Maybe you have never been in a position where you HAD to take a job at 6 cpl but you shouldn't call those you have a disgrace to the profession.  The profession may evolve into what some consider a disgrace but for the most part, I don't think it's the MTs fault.
Ouch. This hurts but it's so true. It might be time to step
I think it might be time to give up some benefits in exchange for someone who knows what I look like and treats me mostly like I'm a human being. I'm so discouraged.
Just be aware that not all Escription accounts pay the same. I worked for one company on Escription
struggling to maybe make $50 in 8-10 hours. I didnt know the difference as that was my first job on that platform and I just thought it was not a money maker. Then, I switched companies. I average $20-30 an hour and once I made $50 in an hour. I tried yet another company and I was lucky to make $9 an hour. The bottom line is that not all companies are alike, even though they use the Escription platform. What I have found is that goes according to how they set it up i.e. paying for footers, headers, spaces etc. Just dont be shocked if you dont make what you think you will. The companies know how to set it to where it benefits them and not you. As is the norm, not all companies are created equal out there regardless if they all use the same platform. That is what I am getting out.. Good luck.
24-hour turnaround
I'm new to transcription. I currently work (at home) for a local hospital. Are there any companies that you can work for as an employee with a 24 hour turn around or something similar rather than a scheduled shift? I need employee status so I can have benefits. Thanks in advance for any replies.
Turnaround Transcription-sm
Anyone working for them? I would like to know if it is difficult to get a decent line count with their system? And how difficult the ESLs are? What type of ESLs? Good people to work for? As in, do they let you work and don't bug you with faxes and memos? Thanks.
turnaround time
PeopleSupport gives you 24-hour
medgarde turnaround - I am
confused about turnaround time because I am reading up to 5 pm due 8 am.  What does that mean?  I will be getting work in up til 5 pm so at 5 pm if I am still getting work in I have to have that back at 8 the next day?  At 3 pm no later I am done for the day so please explain.  Thanks
Why The Complete Turnaround... NOW
?? at this point in time? The problem is, begging for work like this is humiliating. You have work today, how about tomorrow? Will they open the flood gates again?
Anyone work or know anything about TurnAround Transcription in CA? sm

The pay is gross line; however, a line is 72 characters.  Not sure if this is a good deal - I don't think so, but would like your input. 

I am used to a gross line no longer than 65 characters.

They use MedRite - how is that platform?

That is Turnaround Time Transcription - sorry! nm
Turnaround Time Transcription? sm
Does anyone have any information about this company?  TIA
Maybe the time difference and turnaround?
Well as had been mentioned before MQ NE is looking for a 1 hour turnaround time so there is no way
any accounts will have work for the MTs and that is what they want to do. I think MQ is losing so many accounts they are trying to do these things to get more accounts plus I am sure cutting into the pay of MTs with their new pay plan when it comes out. With 1 hour turnaround time how can anyone get high production for any kind of incentive pay plan. No way in my book. You would be in a zillion accounts. Well, with MQ reputation and good MTs quitting, I hope this plan works for them.
Looking for IC with 24-hour turnaround and good accounts....
Any recommendations? 
Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc., any info???
Companies with 24-hour turnaround time

I know it has been has been posted here before, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a list of companies that have a 24-hour turnaround time for getting work back?

Also, a list of companies that use ExText or train on speech recognition? Thanks.

Sleep Medicine with 48 hour turnaround?

Does anyone know of any companies that specialize in Sleep Medicine with a 48 hour turnaround window?




I love MDI-MD, and you have a 24-hour turnaround time to get your work done. sm

I'm not sure if they have clinic work, though, but they might. 

Good luck in your search! 

I have no real headaches. Sometimes they want a faster turnaround time...
or they want things a certain way, but no biggie..I'd be willing to deal with that for up to 5 cpl than what MTSOs want to pay.
it's called meeting turnaround time, as a team. NM
Yeah, it seemed strange to me so I didn't do it. Also, they had a 24-hour turnaround time for the
test, not unheard of but seemed strange nonetheless.  No free work from me today.

I've heard that DaVenture Health Partners was recently made an approved vendor, but as of today they are not posted on the eScription website yet.
Has anyone out there worked on Escription?  If so, what are your thoughts.  Can you make any money at it since it pays so much less?
Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription, OTHER than Transcend and MDI-FL?  Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription, OTHER than Transcend and MDI-FL?  Thanks in advance.
Thanks in advance
They use Escription. nm
Thanks! What is the VR Escription like? Thanks. nm
Anyone working on escription, could you give me some advice on increasing my productivity.  Sometimes, I do okay and then other days it is so slow going. 
Any MDI MTs doing eScription
If you are employee as above, please tell me how things are there - is it a good place to work?
Any MDI MTs doing eScription
That says a lot. Thanks.
MDI-FL ad for escription MTs?

Anyone work there that can give me more details? What's the pay for editing there, dictators, atmosphere, etc? Also what about the radiology ad? Do they pay by report or by line? Thanks for any help.



Do any of you use this platform?  Do you like it?  Is is productive?  Can you give a time frame for the learning curve?  Any replys greatly appreciated.......thanks.
EditScript is Word based. It's very easy to learn. Works with Word AutoCorrect to save your shortchuts, etc. Very reliable from a technical point of view. Our facility just went live about 98 days ago, all 22 MTs are loving it. Most have already increased their productivity from our old ChartScript days. Does a really good job with speech recognition even with some horrible dictators - consistency among the MTs is key to that success.

Very nice platform, very MT friendly !

That sounds great.  I appreciate you letting me know that.......I needed to hear something positive.
I used to work where they had escription but was paid hourly at that point because we had just gotten it. Sorry no help. Good luck!
What is escription? nm
Their pay is low for escription, which is
probably why they are always running an ad.
USUALLY, not always, the doctor puts in the MR number which automatically pulls in the patient name. Some companies have you do a type of search using that number to pull in the DOS, DOB, location, referring doc all at once.
Pay escription
I'm a little confused by the pay. It sounds like they convert edited lines into a percentage of typed lines so you aren't getting paid a per line for editing. I think.
What company pays the best for escription?????  You can get through the reports fast but cannot seem to make the money as well as I can typing!  I like the fact the hands get a break but come on!
it's okay after you get used to it - haven't come close to the 600 lines per hour that you are supposed to do - and pay for editing is less than half of transcription line pay - but you definitely do not have to type as much - less stress on your hands and wrists. 
It is not difficult to learn but I found it to be slower than regular old typing.

Can anyone tell me which companies use eScription?