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When MDI-FL pays vacation time, is it hourly rate or an average

Posted By: of your line count over a period of time? on 2005-12-23
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They have created a new position that pays hourly. Anyone know what the hourly rate range is? NM
MQ pays hourly. Their starting rate
was the highest of all the top nationals who are still paying hourly, plus they provide all your equipment, pay for your internet and the benefits are great.  
Medquist no longer pays hourly rate for QA - that

It is MME.  You do QA for 3 cents a line.  Then when that runs out, which it does, you do Editing at 5 cents a line.  And you also get straight transcription which is 8 cents a line.

Was in the pilot program and got more Editing and straight Transcription than QA. 

No more QA department for MQ. 

Cymed offshores, pay is average, vacation/PTO
kicks in in 3 or 6 months (can't remember now, but the recruiter made a big deal about it).  I was told lots of opportunities for bonuses - of course you have to work more hours to get it - not worth it to me.   I don't remember about platform, because I was done with them as soon as the answer to my do you offshore question was yes.
A combo hourly/incentive or straight hourly rate based on
A platform where MTs have had major input in developing it.

10 annual days of PTO, at average hourly rate.

Affordable, decent health insurance.

QA done by very experienced high-level MTs, with open and respectful communication between QA and the MTs.
What did your hourly lines average? sm
When you say you couldn't get your count up...how low was it, approximately? Must not have been worthwhile, huh?
Webmedx does - your hourly average. sm
Not sure how many days the first year as I'm an old-timer. I do know you get 6 pd Holidays too, on top of the PTO.
Uh, hello. That's the average that VR pays.... that's what
Does anyone know who pays QA hourly? sm
I need a QA job that will pay me hourly, so if you have any leads, send them my way. :)
OSi in GA pays hourly and no feedback
DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm
TransHealth pays hourly for training. nm
Transcend pays hourly or at least they did a year

OptiScript pays hourly training. nm
I think Transcend pays hourly for training for
But, I think the training is Monday through Thursday and I think you do 10 reports a day.  This is how it was last year, but I'm not sure about now. 
PTO paid out based on average hourly earnings. They typically
do not pay for downtime unless it's an unusual occurrence.
Diskriter pays hourly wage for downtime

Mine pays both ways, hourly plus line incentive over certain amount.
Can you take vacation time and holidays
off? Can you work part-time or do they only have full-time MTs? TIA
Hourly pay rate

I have been working for Transolutions since March, and so far I'm very happy with them.  They pay $10 for training (7 hours a day for 4 days the first week, if I remember correctly) and your first month you make $10/hour while you get used to your account.  You can also get extensions to that time period, as long as you continue making progress.  Once your evaluation period is over, your pay is based on production levels - from 150 up to 225 per hour, with the pay per line increasing as you go up - I think it work out to around $19/hour at the top level.  They also have bonuses, weekend differentials, and paid time off even for part-timers like me.

Hope that helps! 

hourly rate
You don't say what your experience is or rate of pay or how long you have been at this job and if IC or employee.  If you want to make $25 an hour you have to hit for 250 to 300 lines per hour if making 0.08 to 0.10 cpl.  If you are new, it will take a while.  But it is possible after years of experience and knowing how to do shortcuts, etc.  Just gotta hang in there.  You could not walk into an office and expect to make $25 and hour - gotta be patient and work up to it.  But it can be done but it has taken me many years to get there.  Patti
I have only done QA for an hourly rate. (sm)

QA is more than just filling in the blanks.  You have to give feedback and there is also mentoring.  New MTs to the company and accounts have to be on 100% QA, so those reports have to be listened to.  Doing QA on production is not a good thing.  If a company really cares about quality they would not pay QA Specialists by the line.   

Does MQ pay QA as hourly rate? Just
Hourly rate

Can anyone give suggestions of a MT company that pays hourly for IC work instead of line rate?  Can be FT or PT.


Hourly rate
Does anyone know of companies paying hourly rates?  Please email me if so, especially if using Escription platform.  Thanks
hourly rate
Yeah. Guess it must be a tall order these days.
hourly rate
I think the only place you're going to get an hourly rate for transcription is working in-house.  None of the work-from-home places pay hourly. There's no way to control if someone is actually working or not.
Average Pay Rate for QA Editors
I don't want to know anyone's personal information, I was just curious as to what the average rate of pay is for QA editors, both in-house and home-based.  Thanks
What is the average or going rate for MTs these days?

I've gotten a couple of offers for jobs.  The pay seems aweful low for someone with 3 years experience.  Yes, I know that is a lot less than some but I'm certainly no new graduate.  I've gotten offers for IC positions starting at 5 and 6 cpl for 65 character lines.  Today I got another for an IC position that pays 6.5 cpl for 65 character line without spaces. 

I may have to take one of these lower paying jobs until I can find better because my family needs the income.  Hopefully there is better out there... geeze.  Please, is this the 'going' rate for us now.  :(

May I ask what your line rate is on average? TIA nm
Keystrokes question RE: vacation time.

Is vacation time offered only to FT employees.... or do they offer it to PT employees as well?

Thank you.

They have NO paid sick or vacation time
You will likely not find any full timers who are happy there.
Transolutions, hourly rate?

Does anyone have info on Transolutions' new hourly rate?

Line rate and hourly
Okay, if you get paid 2 cents a line and there are no errors and you don't have to do a QA feedback, that is different. I used to get 3 cents a line and not have to give feedback and then they switched. I think we should have to give feedback, but it takes time and no raise was given. I also have a $14 an hour job. They are both part time. I can make more on the 3 cents a line.

Spheris hourly rate
Just remember that pay rate may be only for a specific platform and not universal.  :)
MT hourly rate jobs...sm
Are there any companies that pay hourly for straight transcription?
Our company has a set hourly rate that
you are paid and your time accumulates just like any other job. 1-5 years we get 2 weeks plus holidays, 5-10 3 weeks, over 10 years 4 weeks.
Can you tell me what the benefits are like, line rate, average lph there, thanks..
Seeking a new job..
What average line rate do they start at?
MQ pays 70% of your MT rate. More than anyone else.

Keystrokes - How do they notify you if you qualified for vacation time? Thanks! nm
I think doctors are taking vacation this time of year
I've seen this in the past in the summer. 
Does anybody know what Transolutions hourly pay rate is and any info.. sm
I see that Transolutions is hiring and they are paying an hourly rate.  Am currently looking for a new job and was curious as to the rate, also any info. on the company.  I did an archives search but all posts are a year or so old.  Thanks you.
Does Transcend pay a flat hourly rate
If so, how much?
I might add that I make a decent hourly rate doing
QA, but I really earned excellent money doing MT. I cannot complain about my hourly QA rate at all. I earn more than many I know working hourly.
I have heard hourly rate is now lower in $12 to $15
per hour range. Lots of companies pay by line. Forget it with handling MTs - no win situation now matter how you deliver it. Truly the downside of the job.... a real bummer.
eTransPlus hourly rate 3rd shift M-F
Anyone with a clue about this, how much is the hourly rate, how they are to work for, their platform.  TIA
How much PTO does TT offer? Is it at your calculated hourly rate? What's the pay cut for VR? Ty.
Thinking of leaving the Web. TT sounds like a better place to be. Thanks.
MQ PTO: Do the packets say how PTO is accrued, or if it still paid at average rate? nm
What is the average line rate for eScription VR editing? I have
heard so many different things that I don't know what's what?  Also, for those of you on eScription, what is the averages lph that you are able to do.  TIA.
MQ pays 60% of transcription rate for VR.