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Uh, hello. That's the average that VR pays.... that's what

Posted By: the discussion is about. on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: LOL is right...If you're only making 4 cpl at TT - LOLing at YOUR salary!


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When MDI-FL pays vacation time, is it hourly rate or an average

Average pay
Just curious. What would be considered average as far as pay?

No one can help you unless you have an average
line rate.  If you were doing 1000 lines/day then the answer would be easy, but if you have no experience and little education you're not going to be making that number of lines for months.   You will be making minimum wage or less for a while. 
Average pay

I hope you mean per week not month. 

Yes, I average about 250 LPH and they do have some ESL
physicians. Many of their accounts are bad. I like the work though, the people and my team
Actually $1.10-$1.25 is the going average.
I work for a small MTSO at $1.10 a report and make more now than I did working for MDI-FL at $1.15 a report and another company at $1.25 a report. The work is steady and I easily get 200+ reports in 8 hours with no weekends. I don't think $1100+/week is bad pay but others might disagree.

If you get $1.25 a report but are unable to get over 100 reports - you are not making any money. Do the math and do what works best for you. Good luck!
$1.10 seems to be average...
Altho I make $1.50 and was just offered a job for $1.70, so if ya look around you can make more than the standard $1.10.
I don't know what the average is, but (sm)
can add my own past to the bucket. I had a base of 35K, and made bonuses on top of it. The bonuses were paid in chunks based on how long the MT stayed. So unlike some negatives I've read here, many times a recruiter only gets paid a bonus if the MT they hired stays with the company so many months. A very good year netted me 55K.

The work was stressful and long hours. Very stressful was coming on the Internet and seeing your name slung through mud on the bulletin boards. Some MTs would say that they weren't told things, when you absolutely KNEW they were because you kept a checklist as you talked.

Perhaps the most stressful part was being told one thing by the supervisors and owners about what accounts were like, what the shape of the company was, etc., and then relaying that publicly, only to find it wasn't true. The recruiter takes the fall for things like that in the MTs' minds. Unfortunately, as a recruiter, you only know so much and only control so much.

There are recruiters who will say anything to hire an MT. There are also honest ones. I am no longer a recruiter, but I'm proud that I always told the MTs the absolute truth and was the most successful recruiter for my national. It proved that you could be honest and still successful. Oh, and it helps to have been an MT before. I would never trust a recruiter who hadn't been an MT for a national!

Sorry so long. :) The pay can be good, but NEVER take a recruiting position that is commission only. There are too many factors out of your control, and those who hold the money will have too much control of your pay. Only accept one with a base pay that you would live on without assuming you'd make any bonuses.

Good luck!
Right now, I average about
275 lines an hour, but we are switching platforms, and I've heard bad things about it!!  I don't know if I can post who I'm working for, but there's a whole forum for them ;)
$1.25 seems to be the average (nm)

Do you mind telling me what you average on Meditech then??   I'm not the cherry-picker.   I'm the person who started this post?  Thanks.  Just don't wanna get sucked into a bad situation - again.

Average would be about 15. Nothing great!
Is it below average?
and do I need any equipment or do they supply everything. Thanks to all for information.
that's average
Does anyone know what the average is??? nm
My friend get 4-1/2 cents and I thought I was doing good at 3-1/2. What is a good average?
Not the average
This is certainly not the average. I would have to work 2 entire 8 hour shifts to average 3000 lines on my account. The highest I ever got was 1500 lines and that was because I happened to get a lot of template dictations that day. Ordinarily get maybe 1 or 2 a day, sometimes none.
Their pay is average if not more than what is being
Isn't that what the OP asked for a supplement?  If you don't want a strict schedule, then sometimes you have to settle for a little less money unless you want a strict schedule and to work your life away. 
15 cpl - way above average. nm
HUH? 319 LPH was my average

doing rad for a local hospital. (That's 2392 lines in an 8-hour shift with 0.5 off for lunch.)

That was in Word Client, based on a 65-character line, black characters and spaces counting.

Using your typing shortcuts (ESP in WC) should make that goal a piece of cake.

Was 600 - 700 lph your average?
Was 600 - 700 lph your average?
What could you average per day on that?
My average LPH is at least 200 or so,
or I should say, it is when I put my head down and go for it, and not goof off with my e-mail and blog and watching baby panda bears live online, and other time-wasters.... :)

So if you calculate your own average LPH and do the math with your per-line rate, you can figure out how many lines it will take you to reach that magic minimum figure. Of course, it depends a great deal on your individual per-line rate....

Yesterday I spent waaaay too much time goofing off, and barely cracked 1000 lines for the day, which is just miserable for me....

A whole lot is going to depend on how low the workload actually is, and how much time you sit there staring at the screen (and surfing the net) while you wait for the next one. On the platform I work on (which is NOT Transcend's own) the new jobs pop in automatically, depending on what work pools I am assigned to; the next available job goes to the next available queue. I have no idea how it works on other platforms; if you have to keep manually checking, that really stinks, big time.

I hope this at least gives you some idea how it works--at least, this is how it works for me, on my team, the TRS transplanted DEP platform team. Can't speak for how it works for anyone else. My supervisor and leads are very good about keeping us informed several times a day about the workloads and the backlogs, and when there's no work (which is VERY rare), we are usually given the option to flex our time for that day, i.e. just leave early and perhaps try back later, especially if we check our e-mail and see by the latest backlog report that the workload has picked up; or we can switch to working on our usual day off; any way we can get in our time and our lines. They work very hard to make sure the workloads and the staff are distributed as best as possible.

But as I have said before, usually we do not run into the low-workload problem; in fact, it's most often the opposite. I wish I had a dollar for every Sunday morning I have gotten home from church to find an SOS message on my answering machine....
Average QA wages
Here are some known QA wages, starting out.

OSi - around $13.50
Transcend - around $13.50 - $14.00
Spheris - Mostly start at $12 - $13
MQ - $12
Sten-Tel - $12

In my opinion, a good QA should get 16-19, true, but that is just not the industry standard. It is lower than that.
Definitely lower than average. nm
Average salary for MT


 not sure if it matters from state to state but i live in NY and would like to know what the average income might be for a MT thinking of going to school for this so I'm not sure what the variables would be as far as income. I know that some work for hospitals or private practice would like to get a round about figure for the average.


Oops...the pay was average...sm
as I recall, and was between 0.075 cpl and 0.085 cpl and based on productivity. I know they were hiring a new director recently too. Don't know where the other one went, but she is no longer there. Their base of operations changed too. I believe they're trying to put some distance between themselves and the health system, as it was deemed a conflict of interest. Good people though...
Not based on average..
PTO is based on 1200 lines, not by an average.
My average at Medware

is about 6500 per week and I work 32 hours per week, so I am a little over 200 per hour.  That is an average as one week I did 7100.  I am on a hospital acute care account.

They offshore, pay is average. nm
Just figure out average of how much (sm)
you have made per hour for the last, say 24 weeks.  If you consistently make under $15, I'd go for the salary.  If I was over most of the time, I'd go for production.  Figure out what would be a fair amount of time to go back.  Good luck. 
In my opinion, yes, this is average for
You are not likely to get more, unless you find one of those rare mid size MTSOs who have a high pay range.
Anybody have any idea what the average
Very curious. I would love to be a recruiter yet never see any posted opportunities. I was wondering what a ballpark salary might be.

I have been given misleading information by 2 recruiters in the past. I would never do that. They should see that their little lies always backfire. Some of them remind me of used car salesmen.
I average btw 400-600 lph on escription. nm
It is IC. They said the average report
is 1.0-1.5 minutes so maybe there will be some lines with that, hopefully! Thanks for your help.
Less than average school
But why would someone settle for a less than average school? Do they want to be content with producing less than average work? As a businessperson, that is what I would be concerned with in hiring such a person. I would want someone who cared enough to get the best education out there from one of the big 3.
Not really. I think the average is higher than that. That's on the low end.

I would not take less than 1.25. Just my opinion though.

Keystrokes - what is average cpl?

I have 6 years of experience with a good variety of clinics, hosptials, ect.  Do they pay for spaces?  Thanks.

Average lines
Did they happen to mention the average lines the other MTs were getting?
I uually average about
250-345 LPH. I have a few different accounts I work in and it does depend on which account, but that is usually my average. Hope this helps! :)
Have seen rates from 2-5 cpl, average seems to be around 3 or 4 cpl. nm
Has the pay come up to average at least? 1-1/2 yrs ago it was too low to accept. nm
I have hit 600 on a good day, usually average between 350 and 450 sm
a lot depends on the account and how much actual editing you have to do.
What does Transtech pay on average?
Just wondering if it is worth applying. I like where I am at and the account I am on, buuutttttt, we are always running out of work and the pay is on the low side.
Thank you! The average is supposed to
be 1500 per day, but each person, as well as account vary!  No one should mislead others into thinking they are going to get rich quick.  Anyone making above 1500 lines a day, I am happy for you.  That is very good.
6 to 8 cpl is average for a newbie
Isn't their pay way lower than average? nm
I usually average between $30-35 an hour at KS
Yes, it is possible. I have a great account.
To those at TransTech. What is the average sm
starting wage with them.  I know it probably depends somewhat one experience, but just would like a ball park figure.  Thanks.
Rad MTs....$1.10 per report...is this on the low end or average?
I know this has been discussed in the past, but l was just offered a job which pays $1.10 per report and I've always been paid by the line.  Is this low?  Thanks!!
Should say - minimum per day - she must average 100
What is an average pay for typing by the min? nm