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Why would it cost $25 to get a paycheck mailed overnight? sm

Posted By: shocked on 2007-12-20
In Reply to:

I was speaking with someone about becoming an IC with Futurenet Technologies.  They told me if I wanted my paycheck mailed overnight it would cost $25.  Why so much? Normally to mail something overnight is only like $5 or so.  Why $25?  Are they making a profit off of this?  Could someone explain?

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Paycheck mailed overnight and cost
You have the choice of having you check mailed, which would take a few days or delivered overnight either via UPS or by DHL for a cost of $25. They do not utilize regular postal express mail so you can go with either of those choices.
Hope this help clarify.
Before someone hops on and say "why are you living paycheck to paycheck (inside)
I had a great saving account this time last year when the company I had been with 2 years took me off my primary (never would tell me why, just said me being shut out was a glitch in the hospital's system) floated me around (not telling me anything of course) because they were getting a Meditech account and wanted me on it (you wouldn't put someone not very experienced on it would you?). It did not take a rocket scientist to realize as soon as I got the C-phone what had happened. Also 80% ESLs. I spent the whole year supplementing my salary until it was gone and have been trying to find a decent company since. That is why I am living paycheck to paycheck and I hate it. I have 20 years in this business and it is getting worse. Speech is great but not for the money. It just does not justify being paid half. You cannot retrain doctors and I don't think management telling them they need to be considerate to us is going to work. Telling them we are making half just does not move them. They still rumble through files, change sentences, have long pauses we are not paid for, speech leaves out words or sentences so tell me why we are paid half? Also, I usually seach a company before I come on and ask for opinions, it saves a lot of space. I know I sound grouchy but I am tired and scared.
I'm just SO tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, and always (nm)
Personally, I live paycheck to paycheck because...
I enjoy the constant worry about how to pay my bills and always getting to say I have some lines to make up so I won't be there. Social lives are overrated. I like getting up at 3:00 a.m. and jumping online so I can wrestle a few more jobs out of the system. I don't mind hearing that my supervisor is on vacation again because I know I will be able to use my PTO to make up for my downtime. It's kind of the same thing. I think Ramen noodles aren't just for college students, and one pair of jeans is all you really need for 3 years. I believe very strongly that all the recruiters and managers in the transcription business are taking wage cuts every year, too, so I don't want to feel like I am asking for more than my share.

Living paycheck to paycheck...it's my right darn it.

$25 is for overnight Fed-Ex and sm
in my area Fed-Ex is guaranteed by 10:30 a.m.
With JLG, You pay $12/pay period for overnight. nm
Overnight mail
I don't believe the $25 is for overnight - I did it once and I believe I was told within 3 days which was not worth the $25 charge. I live in Florida; am told they actually mail checks out on Thursday, almost without fail have mine with Monday's mail
If they are mailing overnight, then they are using
a service such as Fed-Ex, UPS, etc., or maybe even the postal service. Not cheap by any means.
Overnight mail USPO sm
It is 16.50 to overnight something from my local post office.
Overnight with USPS is like 17. UPS gets it there by 1030.
i never had any problem getting my checks from them.
It doesn't all happen overnight, but yes,
if Cbay has any say in it, I would bet money that they slowly start sending more and more over to India. That's what they did with Cbay, until eventually they finally laid off all US MTs and editors.
Anything overnight costs bunches. Even if you are paying
a credit card over the telephone it can be as much as 9 to 15 dollars.
Foreclosure doesnt pop up suddenly overnight.Why
True. Plus they have that delineation because they may pay higher for the overnight shifts.
No DD offered in July ག, wanted $25 each check to overnight it.

Never offered Direct Deposit, only an agreement to pay $25 per check for overnight deposit.  No work or low work through training, try to find someone to set you up with reports to type 1-3 jobs at a time, this could last for months.  Lots of ESLs as I have said before.  I only have experience with one account with 3 hospitals that still used WP5.1, and two accounts that were done in Word. All of these five hospitals had ESLs who slurred, rushed, mumbled, plenty of background noise on the unit while Doc was dictating, drowning him out.  QA read every report and seemed to have no problem filling in blanks, but very rarely sent copies so I could try to make out what the Doc might be saying.  Some people who answered phones on weekends and should have been able to get tech to help, or get someone in QA to help, were rather touchy and crabby, and quick to tattle to management if you weren't sweet after 4 hours of computer hell.  If they put an old outdated program on your machine, and your machine won't run with it like they say it should, they seem amazed.  Nobody is really able to help with the WP5.1 program, they're all waiting for the accounts to convert. They like to say it's a family, but to me it was a rather dysfunctional family at that.  

In summary, the two hospital accounts that were done in Word I found impossible to understand the doctors, couldn't make enough lines to pay my bills.  When I asked to try another account, I was given the WP5.1 work, basically the same story, awful dictators, PLUS big problems with the platform. 

Everybody in Work Flow and QA were friendly and kind and supportive.  Jim Pinkerton in Tech is very easy to work with but he has a lot on his plate and can't get to everybody's problems.  The other guys in Tech like I said just couldn't help with the WP5.1 platform.  Harder to get help on the weekend from any aspect, even though a weekend day is required. 

If you are looking for a great job they are out there, I finally did find one that I hope to be with for many years.  Keep your eye out on the Job Seeker's board here, and on MTJobs.com   Don't assume anything, have a list of questions ready when you talk to the recruiter.  And try not to take the first line rate offered, if you're not convinced it is enough for you.  You really can't negotiate it after you accept the job, you have to do it before you agree. 

No cost here either
For medical and dental it is around $85 biweekly.  SGS is also the only company I know of that allows contractors to have medical and dental, around $110 biweekly, as long as you meet 9600 lines minimum biweekly, which is pretty low these days.
how much did YOU cost THEM?
If the FOB belongs to the hospital, why in this world would you not want to do the right thing and send it back even if it means going out of your way (although it is crystal clear here that this would be against your nature) to do right by the hospital?

I could never, ever do something that could cause an MTSO to lose a client and if you chose to follow the road you are on that is what could happen. It doesn't belong to you. It has security codes on it. The hospital is upset. The MTSO is upset. You are upset. Crimy!! God save the MT profession from crabby, nothing-better-to-do-with-their time old timers like you!!!!!!

Do you think that you are so special that you were the only one who lost money on trying to get you started up? People in the hospital were helping. People at the MTSO were helping. You were sitting around waiting, not helping and you continue not to help.

Send it back all ready and be done with it!!!!!!
Thanks, I e-mailed you!
I just e-mailed you as well...sm

I am the one asking for info with 25 plus years of experience. 

Thank you! I e-mailed you. :) (NM)


They don't have to be mailed until 1/31, not be
received by 1/31. 
I e-mailed it to you. nm
Thanks..I just e-mailed you....nm
I e-mailed you. (NM)
I just e-mailed you my MSN ID....I just
started September 6 with them.
They don't have to be mailed until 1/31.

You've only got a few more days before it should be there. 

I e-mailed you!
KS Rad MT - I just e-mailed you..(nm)

I e-mailed you!

I e-mailed you. I think we are at the
I e-mailed you.
I e-mailed you!
I e-mailed you too...nm


If they e-mailed you from here, they
didn't know your e-mail address, just sent it blindly.  By you responding to them they now have your e-mail address and you can expect more of the same. 
They just e-mailed me
Is their test the usual or is it one of those two hours tests or verbal over the phone?

Thanks in advance.
e-mailed you
They just e-mailed me!
She said that they have many openings currently for many different internet-based accounts! I'm so excited! I'm sending her my resume right now!
I e-mailed you
I e-mailed you. nm
They were to have been mailed on 01/31. nm
I just e-mailed you :)
I e-mailed you (nm)
Just e-mailed you (nm)
I just e-mailed you
in regards to Gulf Coast.
I e-mailed you. nm

Yes...I e-mailed you. nm
Don't have to be mailed until 1/31.
I e-mailed you but...sm
I can tell you that I've worked for her and she's great - professional as well as a genuinely sweet & caring lady. Pay always on time; no problems whatsoever.
I e-mailed you...nm
Doesn't cost the MT anything, though from my
experience you can do as good, if not better on your own.   They actually contacted me (probably from my resume posted on a couple of job boards) and I tried them thinking that maybe they had companies that didn't advertise and that probably paid well considering they were using a third party company to hire/screen, but the company they referred me to was one that frequently advertises here and the pay was average.