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Would you know the cost of benefits - for single and head of household with kids? nm

Posted By: Wondering on 2006-01-22
In Reply to: If you need benefits, you chose correctly. - No Kname


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I have no pity. Try being a single mom with two little kids!
What's the single premium cost for Webmdx. Is it


Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother
with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!
Let me REMIND you, big head, u have a husband to PAY for the car; some of us are single or widows
GET REAL, U BIGHEAD.  What if you didn't have a second income from your husband?   You wouldn't be bragging so much about your hybrid!   You are probably mgmt, anyway.  They are the only ones whose paychecks do not change unless go up due to raises given to themselves from the MT's money.
Generally, benefits cost the employer $3/hour, so that's sm
probably how yours would figure out, too. 9/cpl/65 is a respectable rate for benefits. Like the other poster said, it depends on what you need and what your scheduling preferences are.

Focus Infomatics..anyone have information on the cost of their insurance or other benefits?
I heard they recently started offering their employees insurance...just wondering the cost and if it's good insurance. Thanks
Thank you. Could you elaborate on the benefits, offer single medical coverage or family, PTO etc...
Need current info on ETransPlus i.e. work load, line rate (ballpark), cost of benefits, SM
and overall treatment of their MTs.  I found archived opinions but all old.  Is anyone there now that can comment?  Thanks!!
I wasn't bragging about a 2 income household
I was simply pointing out that the MT profession is not the only ones who are taking paycuts.  Wow!  It seems every post is picked apart here! 
go over the supers head to the head of operations. sm
Any STM that does not reply to her people is a jerk and the head of operations needs to know.
If she works 16 hours a day 7 days a week and has 7 kids that means she never sleeps. No wonder she is a b**ch but how did she weasel her way to the top. Does OSi hire anybody off the street!
That is just like when my kids want something and I tell them they have to wait, that I don't have the $ right now. Their reply is, Can't you just go to the bank and get more?! lol! I guess that is the beauty of being a kid! Stress-free living w/o a care in the world! We all enjoyed this at one time or another!
All I know is for me and my kids about
2 years ago it was $900+ a month. I found my own.
Just because someone wants PT and has kids does
not mean that their work is an afterthought.  It just means we work harder at everything we do. 
Its better than having to read what her kids are
doing or where they have to go today or this week or next month. Tired of hearing about supervisors' kids and their problems!!
the best one are the ones with kids in kindergarten
and you are treated like you are in the same age bracket as their horrible little monsters.

My feeling - This is a job. You have to learn to separate work from home, no matter where you work, and make your priorities. If raising kids are your priorities, then you do not belong in management. I hate talking to a supervisor who has a screaming ninny standing next to her so you can't hear a word that is being said or interrupting every 2 seconds so the conversations are not coherent.
screaming kids
Screaming kids, screaming docs. Is there really a difference?

Once the kids are bigger sm
I'm going into EMS. I'm an EMT now and going to go to paramedic school. Each and every day you get a chance to make a difference in someone's life doing that. I've wanted to be a paramedic since I first watched Emergency! years ago on TV, and once my children are all in school, I'm going to do it!
I think that if she has kids she would need the money.
I am home for the kids, that is why I chose this career many years ago. However, the kids are well aware how important it is for mommy to work. I am happy to have this job for example yesterday my 8 year old son was home sick from school. But I still worked the usual hours. He was here and read and did projects and rested. But he knew although he was disappointed that I take my breaks to watch after him, but I work too. Same with going to the park in the afternoon. Sometimes the kids go with daddy and mom has to stay home and work.
Years ago I realized though, I had to work different shifts since the children are here in the afternoon. It took a while to work through it, but I never took time off. I had to adjust my schedule to split, and when my husband was able to take over the benefits I became an IC. Perhaps your friend can have a chat with her employee and mention that perhaps she'd like to change the schedule to split, or to different days or go part time. If she is an IC, then she should be able to change her line commitment. Either way, a talk with the woman to find out what is going on is better than firing, because she may not know or appreciate how important she is to your team. Perhaps if you let her know that you need her talent to be on as part of the team, she will understand and adjust her schedule accordingly. I had wished my hospital supervisor had put me part-time instead of my just out and out leaving, because it has taken me 2 years to find the right fit. So, maybe your friend should think out what to say. But say it soon, so there are no misunderstandings. Sorry it is such a long post. I hope it helped, though.
I have 3 kids at home with me...
I have had my 7-year-old, 6-year-old, and 8-month-old home with me all summer and I've been okay.  Luckily, I work as an IC and the lady I work for is VERY flexible.  I take family time during the day if I need it, but mostly it works out okay.  It'll be better when the kids go back to school, but I'll still have the baby home.  I wouldn't recommend working as an employee where you have to sit at the computer for a set schedule of time, though.
I don't have little kids, so that may be the difference, but (sm)
I actually love working one weekend day and having one weekday off, i use it to catch up on chores while I have the house to myself, and have time to deal with any businesses that aren't open on weekends. But I know not everyone would feel the same way - hope you're able to find what works for you!
Help! I'm a part-time SE because I have little kids
  here at home.  I can't imagine trying to stay within a certain schedule.  It just sounds absolutely horrible.  Is there anything in this new packet for me or am I basically SCREWED?  
our kids will have to learns skills such as
even lawyers are offshored now

we will never change... the big guys like congress and bush are messing up our lives... combine offshoring with the influx of illegals doing the hands on jobs and middle america is history, as we knew it, never to be the same. It could have been prevented...other countries doe it, but we are at the mercy of the big guys. I have a feeling if we were at the mercy of the big GIRLS such as hillary and other women, we would be in better shape. Men are motivated by small heads and testosterone.
No future for kids - hence DINKS!
Screaming kids? Ha! Not these days.
The kids are expected to maintain proper behavior on buses or they will be suspended from riding the bus. No more screaming kids...when my kids' bus goes past the house, you don't hear one peep.

I actually feel bad for kids these days. They aren't allowed to be kids!
tell me about it.. my kids had 1 hour and 45 minutes.. sm
on their bus... there were 70 kids on the bus.. and in the middle of that time period.. they sat parked for 15 minutes at another school to move some off our bus to another.. and from another on to ours... and I was supposed to wonder why my boys were getting out of hand?????? bull.. the situation had unrealistic expectations as often is the case.. i just started picking them up at the middle point.. and that bus was WILD all the time .. man did they go thorugh bus drivers on bus 99..
To spend more time with my kids
I knew that I could get a job doing this anywhere in the country and make an okay living doing it. It would also enable me to work around my life, not live around my work.
if you didn't have a life. What if you have kids,

have homework, soccer, everyone has to eat, etc.  You can't always rearrange your life to fit around the feast times. 

I've been in your shoes, with 3 kids, but (sm)
there is a very fine line to walk between hiring enough people for a new account and putting them somewhere until it actually starts, and overhiring.  You want enough people, not too many, not too few.  Try walking that line sometime. I have, and you usually get flak from both sides.  Hang in there.
Another thought - who is going to raise your kids while you go sm
to school and study? I think nursing would be great to pursue when your kids are older, but they are pretty little to be having some babysitter raise them in your place.
I make less than that but have kids to feed
I have two small kids at home
Mine are 6 and 3, and I have worked at home for something like 9 years, so they have had the benefit of mom being home their whole lives.

Granted, my oldest started 1st grade this past week, but the little one is home all day.

My oldest also has a disability, with ADHD and a sensory processing disorder, and when he gets upset the whole world knows it.

I do work as an employee, both with a full time job and a part time job. The full time is third shift, by my choice, because it is easier on one hand and because it is more money on the other.

My part time, though, is the middle of the afternoon, again set schedule. I manage the best I can because I know it is what is best for my children in the long run.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful man in my life who helps as much as he can, but he is not their father and is not comfortable being left alone with my daughter (3) for too long at a clip...She just started living with us in June after living with her dad for a year, and so he is not sure about the rules with little girls yet.

My youngest had decided to be cute last year...She took my old keyboard, footpedal, and headphones, and set them up the floor next to my desk, where she proceeded to work like mommy

I set timers. I will work for 30 minutes or an hour...then take a break. With my full time job, i have a set schedule, but a 12-hour window to do 8 hours of work, so it is set but with a little flexibility.

My part time is a little stiffer, but it is all a mattet of balance and I feel i do okay.
Kids, any company that wants an upfront fee
is not legit! RUN!
Wow. Your kids are probably glad they don't have to stay home with you all day.
Why are you so grumpy?  She got on the board to share the precious moments that she was having with her kids, and you jump all over her!  Why do people have to be so miserable, and always find the negative in everything?
With all those screaming kids?? Good luck - I'd rather be an MT

I wanted to stay home with the two kids...sm
and this seemed like a good fit.  I love my job some days better than others, but I think all jobs are like that at some point in time.  My husband is in the US Navy so what better reason to get a job that allows me to be at home, especially when he is gone for months at a time.
To make a decision not to have kids based on
health care benefits and not a safe place is a way to make it okay in your mind, but I wouldn't trade my children for the world.  I would pay a million dollars a month if I had it to be sure my children could be safe.  However, the rewards of having children go far beyond anything monetary or what we consider safe.  When that child looks you in the eyes and says I love you Mommy, nothing and I mean nothing else on this planet makes you feel like you have conquered any and all things.  When that little person shows you an art project made just for you with those words scrawled on it, I love you, Mom, again, nothing and I mean nothing makes you feel like a queen as much as that does.  When that 10-year-old child comes running to you (not his coach or even Coach Dad) when he hits his first homerun, you feel like you want to just cry because you know this child loves you that much.  I wouldn't trade that for the cheapest health insurance or all of the money in the world.  JMO though....  Good luck on whatever you decide.  Having a family is not for everyone, but I'm sure glad I chose yes.  Am I worried they may not be safe, of course, but the benefits far outweigh the risks.   
No one has mentioned Blue Choice for Kids
to family insurance. For instance, individual rate is around $37 for an employee. It's adding the *family* that makes it jump sky high. Blue Choice for Kids lets you insure your kid without the parent having the underlying insurance, and rates are around $110 (depending on 3 different options) per month, which comes out to around $50 a pay period. They also give basic dental check-ups, vision, and prescriptions, and doctor visits are around $35 co-pay. I did the math, and my $37 plus $50 for Blue Choice ends up being a lot cheaper than the *family* rate of $200-350 at most companies. I might mention I'm a single mom with 1 kid, so adding just one person makes the rate astronomical. Also, as a warning, I'm not sure Blue Choice is available in all states, so you'll have to check.
Per info I got yesterday, employee plus kids comes out to
That was the cheapest plan.  but maybe I'll know more (or different) when they send me info later this week.  HTH!
I once had a supervisor who played the kids-card all
Now that was one situation where I'd rather she stayed home with him rather than dragging him to work and allowing him to disrupt everyone in the office.
It is their fault when they "promise" me I can feed my 2 kids sm
with the schedule that I picked.
My kids' doctor's office also use laptop sm
They also use the laptops at my kids' doctor's office.  It is basically a program where they check/uncheck items on a list.  I have had the PE printed out for school sports physicals and it is pretty short (even for my son who has had a broken femur - no mention of that in the note).  I also recently lost an account with no warning to EMR.  The docs will be doing their own notes now and I am left to try to find another job so I can pay my bills and maybe buy a few Christmas presents.  Most of the MTSO's I have sent my resume to do not even bother to send an e-mail.  I know I will eventually have to look into another line of work but can't bring myself to do it until my kids are out of school.  Sad situation all around. 
Will you kids quit beating that horse???? nm
Same theme, staying at home with the kids
This is just the most idiotic thing to write. I joined up with this profession before mothers only went into it so they could wear PJs and stay at home with Jr. That is a sorry reason to go into this job in the first place. I donít find my job grueling, never have. Apparently you must be in the wrong place because your spouting off is wrongly placed. Discrimination against women and children. Please spare me from this. I am going to throw up in a minute.
Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids!
Really, you haven't been in the MT world long, right?  No problem!  We all have to start sometimes.  Better you get over your naiveity (sp?) sooner than later. 
And how many addresses & names you look at, your kids, lawnmower noise, etc. nm
Nice Try Flo, 10 years experience doing what, raising kids?
the average teacher at my kids' school nakes $72K
what is your company?
Sure do agree with you WORKING women set a good example for kids and
SCHOOL and DAY CARE never replace a mother. A 2 person family with a stay at home mom does not make a great kid. I see messed up kids from stay at home families all the time, the wealthier they are sometimes, the more entitled and into alcohol and drugs the kids turn out. A child sees the mother providing for them and it makes them feel loved and secure. I do not want my daughter to be a stay at home mom. I was her to have a career and to always have confidence and to be able to support her family whether there is a husband or not. Not all husbands make enough to keep a family going. Some people are just very narrow minded.

If you've got kids to feed and clothe you'll do
just about anything.  Sure the rates are crappy, but right now the job market is terrible in just about any field.  You can't just quit and get another job tomorrow.  A job is better than no job and sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut until you can go to school or find something better. 
JLGers - how flexible are they with hours, i.e. kids ball games, etc. (nm)