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I wasn't bragging about a 2 income household

Posted By: sm on 2009-09-30
In Reply to: How nice there are 2 of you working - many have only 1 job in the house

I was simply pointing out that the MT profession is not the only ones who are taking paycuts.  Wow!  It seems every post is picked apart here! 

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Would you know the cost of benefits - for single and head of household with kids? nm
Why don't you thank DR instead of bragging on here to us?
Please, you were bragging. nm
Employees are bragging about quality?

LOL, how do you know they are a quality company when they don't audit their employees?

are you bragging or whats your point?
Yes you are bragging, what is the point to come on the onto a transcription site.....
and thank your company? You have emails to your company to do that. Everyone does not get a gift or monetary give. I have gotten both and never went to a transcription SITE to thank them. I emailed the companyl, so, yes you were bragging and maybe meant to be hurtful.
Not bragging, for pete's sake. The OP asked about if we run out of work or not. I do not. We a
That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
4000 lines a month of dollars? Either of which is not that great! So, what are you bragging about?
No outside income
I do support myself and my child on my MT pay only. I work for a wonderful company, which I will not name because a lot of people on here always have bad comments to make about them, paid by the gross line and can do about 2600 lines in 6 hours. It is just a matter of finding the right company and, for me, having the right attitude. I know comments are going to be made that no one can produce that many lines in 6 hours but remember, they are gross so you have to take away 25-30% of the total line for cpl.
I have not made that little of money since the first year I got started doing MT. You consider that good money??? If I made anything close to under $30 an hour I would consider it a very bad production day... I am not trying to brag either. I am just amazed that in this day and age and for what we have to deal with day in and day out, that $24 is good money.
My income is way, way down
due to lack of work, and I see so many people in management resigning and I am worried.
decreases on a yearly basis, as opposed to other industries where your salary is supposed to increase with each year of experience.
income the first year
So true. I have been saying that for the last two years!  All we heard about in class is how much money we could make and how many jobs there were. They forgot to mention that those figures pertained to experienced transcriptionists.  I just completed my first year working for a local practice and will probably make about $10,000 after countless hours in front of the computer.  The truth is you go to school for a year or two, and when you get out, you will continue to be schooling for quite some time.  It's several years of investment to actually start earning a real income. I am just ready now to feel confident about taking on additional work, and my goal is to double what I did this year by this time next year. More would be great, BUT I have learned to be realistic.  I wish the schools would be honest about the investment involved.  I like what I am doing, and I feel like I am at a crossroads where I am choosing to continue to go forward, but it's been hard to hang on financially to get to this point. I have other work that I do that I actually thought I would have been in a position to give up quickly after school. Students should be given a realistic picture of the time and investment involved, so they can make an educated decision about going forward with the course.  But, I doubt that will happen.  I think enrollment would drop substantially.  
Umm, sales tax is different from income tax
sales tax is a tax added onto goods sold.  Income tax, Social Security, Self-Employment tax is different from sales tax. 
Six figure income??? sm
  Billers and Coders post says six figure income......yea, right!!!   Same post several times.......looks suspicious to me.  Maybe if you owned the company, you could get six figures....
60K middle income?
Heck, I work for a small community hosp as employee making $35K, which is middle income in rural WI. 
Isn't there an income limit that you

can make and after that you have to pay in?

My gram worked after she started drawing, and I'm pretty sure there are income limits on this kind of thing. 

did you mean to say state income tax instead of sales tax?
taxes for the people who live in those states. I believe all other states require income tax to be withheld for the state it is earned in IF the employer meets the qualifications of the employee's state of residence.

Another good reason to ask a tax specialist.
Never mind. I see that they don't as Florida has no income tax. nm
Average annual income!
They all have lines and Keystrokes and little formulas but the average annual income tells it all.
Take out 25% of your gross income every week. sm
As an IC, your tax base is usually 25-30% of your gross income. That should cover all taxes, including state, Federal, and FICA.

Been an IC for 20 years now.
Do you have a second income or can you live on what you make?
I can't live on 2K a month. If that is what you are making, then it is not enough for most of us. Hope you are making more, though since it would give me hope.
You are 100% correct, my income is "extra"
therefore I am in a position that allowed me to decline a job that doesn't work out for me. That is not a slap in the face to you! I hope you were not accusing me of not caring for others because I declined a job. They can have it, I declined, remember? People are really getting off the point here.
Not correct. I have to report the income of my ICs to the IRS. I need either a SS# or a tax payer

ID#, the ICs choice, but that income has to be reported somehow.  I am sure not going to claim it as my income.




I left Amphion for TT and doubled my income
You file a Schedule SE on your profit income.
and you pay social security and medicare tax .  While you have to pay the full amount on the social security tax and medicare you can deduct half that amount to your adjusted gross.  I really need to find out more about this because if I have been paying too much on my social security tax I really want to know.  Does anyone else know about this?  Are there any IC contractors who are not paying social security tax or only paying 7% as you would as an employee and not an independent?  Perhaps it has to do with how you set yourself up.  Thanks for any info....
How is workload at Futurenet and income potential? sm

I will soon be starting with Futurenet and I wanted to hear from some of the current Futurenet MTs.  Thanks for all the information.  You may e-mail me privately if you wish.

Do you find that you are able to earn a good income with them?
Do you have ample work, or do you often have to resort to MT work to fill the time?
I have to. Hubby is unemployed and it's our only income right now...can't survive on unemploym
But still, sales tax has not bearing on State tax or Income Tax. Big difference! nm
60-thou a year is lower middle income if -
I just filed 2007 taxes for gross income of $52,341.
YOG before MQ -- lots of work and good income back then. nm
Another Crushed United States Income Source
Dont you just love how these offices screw around with your income. It is very annoying and I
sometimes wonder if they get the full implication of what they are doing to our paychecks because they are stupid enough to believe you can do all hospitals exactly the same which of course you cant.
It's not very good. I sold Avon for a year to supplement my MT income
and I didn't make squat. They are the worst. They shorted at least half my orders, you have to pay to ship back items that customers stiff you on. MT is better than selling Avon.
These people making combined income of over $100,0000 crack me up! sm
They act like it is petty cash. Then again, maybe it is to them, but I sure would like a chance to have that kind of money.
Just marry a guy who has a great income, that was my solution, who wants to work that hard!!
You have no idea what you are talking about. My income tax return says I am making a good living
I love MT, but I am also so glad hubby has steady income and excellent benefits!
He retired with 20 years in the air force and has a retirement check from that, as well as standard and very basic benefits that we can use without paying a whole lot. He has worked full time since retiring from the air force (he was 40 when he got his 20) with excellent pay and awesome benefits that we pay a very low premium for. I used to make excellent cash as an MT when being paid on a gross line, but now I make maybe 20K a year with no benefits of any kind from my job. Now my income just supplements his and is for the extras we enjoy.
This job is only good for extra pin money for people that have other regular income coming in.
It may end up being a good job for people that are experienced and on social security and have other investments now for some extra money.  Would never want to have it to pay all bills.  No way.
Wasn't right for me at all. nm
it wasn't a can you help out, it was I need everyone
to work extra. 
wasn't for me
pay was directly tied to quality and number of blanks you left.
Are your sure her name wasn't
I even talked with the owner over the discrepancies of my checks.  He gave me his word that the problem would be fixed --- it never was.  Your right, they should be sued, but who has the time and/or money to do such?  That's why they're still around.  One other thing -- I can't believe that a company like this is allowed to advertise on this website.  We have to follow rules as an MT when we chat.  Why shouldn't companies have the same stipulation.  With all the negativity with this company (and I can back it up with phone records, paystubs, etc), they should be banned from advertising here, or anywhere else!
No, she wasn't.


Boy, it sure wasn't that way when I was there...sm

We were always behind, it seemed, and always asked to type more, more, more.  I'm not defending OSi, but this was in later part of 2006.  Wonder what has changed?  I can't believe, if this is the MK account, that they would send charts overseas.  They were so !#$# picky (MK) that I got put on probation for some really, really tiny errors.  Took me for a whirl and hurt my feelings, big time.

I had to quit just from mere principle.  Harsh, very harsh!  I can't imagine, from the quality I understand comes from India, that they would get away with making any errors whatsoever.  Neither here nor there now, I'm just amazed at how fast things changed.

thanks - I wasn't using the right box
sounds like mixed reviews. Guess you never know til you try it yourself.
It wasn't MTs that were let go, it was QA, as that

is now going to India.  I wonder how many accounts that CBAY will have this time next year. 

A company that I used to work for offshored work to India.  First it was just overflow because they couldn't stay in TAT, but then company saw how much they could save and sent more work to India.  The problem is they weren't QAing the work and was of such poor quality that the lost the account, which ultimately cost them their business.