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Yes, I can't afford to have no work so I left TT

Posted By: and got another job! sm on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: HAVE YOU?? nm - Bayou mt

I dislike the turn of events as they were my favorite company. I have nothing bad to say about TT. I simply got another job.

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If even that much work left, and hopefully they will be able to afford aspirin. (nm)
I hope it gets better! Can't afford to sit here much longer with no work. nm
Overhire, inconsistent work flow..Been there doing that. Cant afford to stay.
Need I say more..
I actually left about a year ago and work for another company that's running out of work. Have to
Much good work going to India. Bad work left
I don't work for TT but when I left my former job I
was hired over the phone with the new company on my first phone interview with them. Companies do not always test if you have the experience and they can tell that you know your stuff when they talk to you.
I left for no work. There is work on some accounts, but NO
work on other accounts.  
I left MQ and went to work for them. I am level 8 SM
and on an account with lots of ESLs and started out doing DS which for me, not very productive. I put in my 2 weeks notice, and told my team leader why.
I left last year because the work kept
running out. Sorry to hear that the situation hasn't improved--looks like I did the right thing. Oh well...
What work will be left? N-D getting new accounts?
Sure, but what kind of work is left . sm
for straight typing?  VR rejects? 99% ESL and 100% crap?  At this point in time, there doesn't seem to be any reason for the VR MTs to envy the straight typers.
Of course she will have a job. She had to get rid of yours so that they could afford to pay her!
Not only that, but who can afford them?

When I started out back in 1990, I was making 7.5 cpl and after 2 years went to a different company for 9 cpl as an employee.  We could afford to buy the books then because the cost of living was a lot less, deductions for insurance were a lot less, and even the books were a lot less.  Now people who are starting out are faced with 5 or 6 cpl as employees or 7 and 8 for IC.  How in the world can they make a living at 7 cpl for IC, let alone by all these books when the same information can be found on the internet?

I think if a person is trained correctly HOW to research, they'll be able to distinguish between the correct information and worthless information on the internet.  I think it's pretty sad that the transcription schools aren't training them properly.  For goodness sakes, I can't think of any school that wouldn't teach about chemistry profiles and doctor slang that they wouldn't know what chem-7 is.  In my opinion, that's worse than the MT who is at least willing to research using the internet. 

How do you afford it?
My line rate now is higher than that as an employee.  I really don't see how I could afford to pay my own SE taxes, buy my own insurance, etc. for less than what I'm making now as an employee.  I have to be honest and say that I'm really scared about this.  I used to think that when some posted that they could make just as much money working at WalMart they were just stressed out that day.  But, I'm beginning to think they're right.  In my state (NY) our total SE taxes are 40% of our income. I honestly don't think I could afford this AND pay my bills AND buy health insurance.  I don't even know if I could afford to do this and pay my bills, even if health insurance wasn't in the equation.  Now I'm really stressed. 
I can...... not everyone CAN'T afford a car....
Hah, some sure can afford it...sm
I wish I could show you the homes of one of the MTSOs that is discussed here often on this board, home, cars, boats, trips.  Living the good life while her MTs are struggling.
She left OSi to work for MedWare as an editor. (nm)
I left due to no work for 2 months and they were STILL hiring
when that was going on.  I would stay clear for a while unless you can survive off of 200 lines per day and want to work 24/7 and fight over the lines as they come in.
I left there as they were always running out of work from overhiring.

Are there any companies left that do not work on platforms?
I have five years' experience but have never worked on a platform before.  I have worked straight out of my own version of Microsoft Word and am nervous about my productivity with learning a new platform.  Can you still use Expanders with platforms?  Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
I noticed that when I left DSG to work for another company...
my lines increased dramatically...don't know if it is because of the ESLs on the account or what, but lines were so hard to get.
Left 3 months ago for lack of work
and haven't looked back.  It is just the nature of the beast than when a network of accounts change to VR and MTs are doing more lpd now, there will be less work to spread around.  There were already problems with not having enough work, so I did not wait for the transition to VR  I had already moved down over the previous year from full time to part time because of lack of work.  Glad I made the move because I am also the sole breadwinner for my household and can't afford to go without work.
How can you afford to still be working
at that daily line count? Are you a newbie all around or just at Spheris? Great on your QA but you really need to pick up the pace or you will be moved to PT or possibly terminated.
How can an MT afford a Hummer? - nm
So true! And most of us won't be able to afford to
Unless I decide to jump off a bridge, or lie in front of a train.
1) You can't afford the BC you were diagnosed with
I have one thing to say to you that consists of 2 words and one of them starts with an F.

Go away
I WISH i could afford to do what you did that year!
Last year 'Christmas dinner' was a third of a can of cold ravioli.
I can no longer afford to do anything except
My gift-exchange days are over til i can find a REAL job. You know: one that actually pays you to do it.
I just left a company due to lack of work, Monica.

Yea, you left out the fact that nobody is forcing you to work where you do...find a better job if
Are there any good companies to work for left??? Suggestions?
Looking for a place to call home. I am so tired of all the disorganized, cheap, and discouraging companies out there. I just cannot find a good fit. I work hard.. very hard.. and I would just like a company to be fair back, decent pay, benefits, organized.. etc.. Help...
I worked there for over a year...left because of lack of work...
one months lots of work, the next three months no work, so on and so forth...when there is a little extra work they do a big hire and once again the faithful MTs who stick by them have no work...I have been gone for over a year and it is still the same way...
Are there any companies left who don't send work offshore?
Ditto. Please don't buy a computer for work from this company. I left (sm)
this company because of lack of work.
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
Tired: Has worked picked up at FN. Used to work there and left for WX. sm
Would kind of like to go back. Loved the gang; I used to be a YOGer. Had to leave about 1-1/2 years ago because of no work. Still mostly IC? Thanks.
Who can afford to wait that long?
No way would I take such a job - what happens if they NEVER get paid? You work for free, that's what.

It's not common at all - you'd be better of getting your own accounts!
SPI can't afford postage meter
What kind of so-called international company still licks stamps to mail paycheck stubs and doesn't use a postage meter?  I can't believe my eyes for the past few months!
can you afford not getting paid anymore?

Thats what it will come to.  You working and not getting paid. 

I would cash the check.  if it bounces, then you have grounds to take her to court and get your money that way.  If it clears, then you are good.  I would also be reading the warning signs and just find another job.  I would not go to the docs you dictate for as it is not your place.  They really cannot do anything as long as they are getting their work done on time and having no other issues.  You will just bother them and might look like you are after their business for yourself. 

But that is just my opinion.  Hope everythign works out.





Understood, but MTSO's cannot afford
to sue every poster on these boards because of their bad press, or whatever you want to call it.. defamation seems extreme, but I didn't read the comments made by the posters who are being sued. Most people here post general angst-y things about companies and if a judge were to read over the comments on this board, to get an overview of the climate and what is considered normal conversation and postings on these boards, they would probably see that this is a normal, everyday occurrence on message boards. Are they going to shut down every message board? Where would they start? As someone said, some of the angry, horrible postings in the political forums are much worse than anything said on the company forum. IMO. I believe that on these boards the MTSO's AND the MT's BOTH post angry things at times. No one is innocent here.
If you can afford to go to school, learn something else. nm
and they can afford to BUY TRANSCRIPTION SCHOOLS!!!
...and they didn't lower the cost for the HOSPITALS! They're just pocketing all the money they are making by RAPING US of our pay!!!!!

I can't afford to wait for new platform
NO WORK AND OVER IT!!!!  5th week of getting less than 1k lines a day.  I started applying for other work a couple days before they dropped the bomb.  I can't afford to work here today, much less after a paycut!
Personally, I prefer to be left alone to work. I hear from my lead when I need her and sm
one or two other times a month, never excessive like a certain company that is rah-rah'd on here. No problem with communication in the two years I have been with them!

Gheesh! Some people have something to complain about no matter what, surprised if even a Keystroke's employee. It is easy to form an opinion when only a handful of employees post here.
I worked in acute care and left due to lack of work.
My primary was just overflow, though they didn't tell us that.  I had followed the account from another company and there should have been 3 times the work.  Every week I was asking for a new account because they kept giving me accounts that were evidently overlow or otherwise very low volume accounts and I still wasn't getting 20 hour/week. 
And we're glad you left too. Plenty of work for the rest of us. nm
I don't know how people can afford housing that costs that much!!! sm
My family lives in a 4-bedroom house with 3,000 square feet of living space (counting the basement, which is finished) and we paid $125,000 three years ago! Come to the Midwest, you can find a 2-bedroom house a heck of a lot cheaper than $600,000.
How can an IC making 7 cpl on Emdat afford to pay taxes?
That is the offer from Allegiant.  Emdat is one of the most transcriptionist-unfriendly program going even when used properly (which most do not).  Historically, an IC was payed more, not less, than an employee since there were no benefits .... but not in the world of medical transcription.  This is getting down right nuts. Very sad. 
But could you afford the ins? I had an offer from them, too. I really wanted to go but couldn't
Ditto. Goose egg. Nada. Oh well, they can't afford s/m
an X-mas bonus for us, after buying that MT school, etc. :-/
The smaller companies just can't afford the health