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You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to

Posted By: discount it. You opinion of me is of no concern. on 2009-09-24
In Reply to: that too, is a matter of opinion...sm - anon


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They're not allowed on any other board here either.
So we're not allowed to comment on anything
other than exact specific question asked, no more, no less. What are you, the posting police?
We're not allowed to post names or even
initials here.  Their website might give some insight.  The CEO and his brother own the company, but CEO is active in the company and he doesn't know his rear end from a whole in the ground and is motivated by GREED.  He just kinds of plays it by ear as he goes and after talking with him you feel like you need hip boots and a shower. 
You're correct when you say we've allowed ourselves
to be doormats. I think we're ALL guilty of that.

The big question is, HAVE WE ALLOWED THIS TO GO ON FOR TOO LONG? Have we reached the point where, even if we all join forces and stand up to the MTSO's, things won't ever change?

No one knows the answer to that yet, as we all still allow them to push us around, and haven't yet started to push back.

The only way to learn the answer to that question is to START PUSHING BACK.

'But, I might lose my job!'

So what? You're ALREADY losing it. To India. To Pakistan. To The Philippines. And soon, to China. You're losing your job by being PRICED OUT OF IT. When your wage reaches a point (if it hasn't already) that you bring in les than it takes to pay your bills each month, you will LEAVE MT and do something else.

But what if you love MT? What if you're good at it? Just loving MT is no reason whatsoever to settle for being paid practically nothing to do it. Your love and dedication to the profession is something that your employer knows you have, and is taking 100% advantage of.

are we allowed to go over the 150 lph?

No it is not allowed
You cannot post names, as well as confidentiality papers have been signed to not discuss or disclose by employees.
Sorry just saw this, was the OP. Not sure if that's allowed????
Are we actually allowed to say the name on here?
Is this allowed?
Why is this person shikhar saxena  posting on the Job Seeker's Board?  He/she is an Indian.
I don't get how ICs are allowed in MT anyway.
From the IRS website:

Permanency of the Relationship:

If you hire a worker with the expectation that the relationship will continue indefinitely, rather than for a specific project or period, this is generally considered evidence that the intent was to create an employer-employee relationship.

Services Provided as Key Activity of the Business:

If a worker provides services that are a key aspect of the business, it is more likely that the business will have the right to direct and control his or her activities. For example, if a law firm hires an attorney, it is likely that it will present the attorney’s work as its own and would have the right to control or direct that work. This would indicate an employer-employee relationship.

Aren't we as MTs providing the key activity of the business? Also, none of the IC contracts I have had ever specified a length of time. We as MTs are contracted for an indefinite amount of time. These 2 things to me make it seem like all MTs should be classified as employees and we should not be having to pay additional self-employment taxes.
Are you allowed to say Christmas?
Pretty soon, everything is becoming so politically correct, we won't be allowed to use the word Christmas anymore. Maybe they were insulted - you should have sent a holiday card instead.

But, no - I don't think I've seen a Christmas card or bonus in years. Boy, in the good old days at MQ, a few years back, we actually used to have Christmas parties - imagine that!
It is not allowed at my company
they never allowed me to test
They just called me asking how much experience I have. I guess it was not enough for them to allow me to test. There seem to be a lot of those. They want a lot of experience, but what about those MTs who can pass with flying colors and never be given a chance. grrrrrr!
Deductions are still allowed
Even if you are on employee status, you can still take deductions for your at-home office. I didn't think so either until my accountant told me that absolutely, you still can. It isn't as much as if you are totally self employed, but there are still quite a few allowed. The best of both worlds is statutory employee. That means you do not pay both sides of the SS Tax but you still send in quarterlies. This way, you can take all deductions for your home office, etc. Hope this clarifies it a bit better.
If they allowed use to use Control-I,
they wouldn't be able to manipulate the line count!!!
Why are we allowed to discuss MQ's

pending lawsuits but not KS's?   

This is not allowed, the usage of all
reference material is allowed, but not asking other people for help with the tests.

Why don't you stay with your employer?
That's what QA is for. No one is allowed to push
are you allowed to use your own expander?

Irrc, when I used to work in meditech, I used to copy/paste from WORD  into my personal Expander then expanded it into Meditech ... The use of ShortHand was compatible.

It's been about 5 years, but my recollection is that SOME versions of Meditech incorporate WORD as an overlay and so things are compatible ... other versions (cheaper/smaller companies) do not, and so direct copyd/paste is not compatible.

The problems are embedded codes in regular word documents.  copy/pasting into my expanded eliminated apparently removed the embedded codes ... I recall my copy/paste file in Shorthand was named Kinko for just that process.

good luck 

Are you allowed to say the company name, cause
Didn't know anyone at TT was allowed
to straight type only anymore.  Wouldn't be fair if some didn't get to partake in the joy we are all feeling with HAVING to do VR, now would it?

I did not get downtime even with a ticket# and having to wait 2 days for another computer. All I got was a BS stating reasons not to give me downtime and that I could take PTO or not get paid for those 2 days.

Thank God I have next week off. I don't think I can stand much more of this BS.

TRS allowed a 12-hour window to do
an 8-hour shift, at least they did last year. I only worked there a month, though.
they supply you with everything - you are not allowed to use your personal
computer for their work. Be forewarned - When you get their equipment, do not play or surf the internet for anything other than work related. They do monitor it. Use your own personal computer for personal emails and surfing outside of work related things.
YES! On MTStars you are allowed to say CHRISTMAS!

If companies offshore they are not allowed to
post ads on MTStars.  TM is not one of those companies.  They are not an MT company, more like an employment agency.  If a company pays to advertise on MTStars any post that doesn't glorify them is removed and evidently that is what happened.  
What is the big deal about posting the name? Is it not allowed?
Negative posts are allowed. (SM)
As long as there is no language or vicious name-calling, etc., positive or negative posts are allowed.

If you are just coming here to cause trouble, however, you probably should post elsewhere.

If you have issues about posting policy, contact the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com).

I'm sure they'll be allowed back
I was hoping this board would give in, but they have, and that is a MAJOR disappointment.
Are we allowed to say our line rate on here? nm
They are not allowed to talk about anything on the boards. nm
No cherry picking allowed

Axolotl's Transcriptionist software (ARTI) is designed specifically to prevent cherry picking. Jobs are assigned within a work pool strictly on the basis of when they are due back to the customer. There is no way for an MT to send a particular job back to the pool. A user can sign off and all of her jobs go back to the pool, but then she will have to wait at least 15 minutes before she can sign on again and get new jobs assigned. If someone has figured out a way to beat the system please let me know so we can fix it; we want to make it fair for all of our employees.

As for difficult ESL dictators, well you're going to get some of those at any MTSO. It probably varies depending on the accounts you're assigned to.

Are companies that outsource allowed
to post job openings on this board? I thought they could not however PeopleSupport Rapidtext, Inc has offices in the Philippines. I was going to apply but now I don't think I will. If anyone can clarify this along with any information about them I would greatly appreciate it.
As companies being allowed to treat their MT's like this.

If TT and the other companies who do not pay for downtimr/no work to their at-home MT's when they log on and there is NO WORK, then these companies would assuredly be more careful about letting us run out of work. 

Discussion was about having to stick to a schedule when they want us to, but in no work situations, mgmt will forget about a schedule then and request us not to  call the office, nor email on those days, and we are allowed to be flexible with our schedules (at their convenience).  These companies who run out of work need to be paying for downtime/no work situations, and they will be more careful about surprising us with no work days when we log into the system.

 This began as a discussion about sticking to a schedule, not about $$$ saved up. 

initials not allowed; yes, it happened.
Names are not allowed on this board.
How would you feel if you were an MT who was applying for a job and came to this board and saw a message with your name on it. Maybe she does not want her employer to know that she is applying for a job elsewhere....

Why don't you list the name of your company so that I will know NOT to apply there. Very unprofessional. If an email keeps bouncing...just let it go and move on to the next qualified applicant...very simple. Do not post people's name here.
P.S. - I don't even know why they are allowed to advertise on this board because....sm
their US QA gets audited by guess who???  The team leaders which are not from the US and are based overseas....lovely, eh?
Are you allowed to volunteer for accounts?
If you can see the whole backlog, then can you volunteer to work on one that is obviously backlogged? Do the managers decide this or can you make a request to someone else?
Is a company allowed to charge,.sm
a fee to use equipment to do company work?  I am assuming this is not IC but employee.
Don't you know we are robots and are not allowed to get sick!! nm
Have you ever been on a call where a bunch of MTs are allowed to sm
speak at will on a call like this?? LOL - Oh you never get off the phone. If your company is big (like 100 MTs or more), there's almost no way to have an open call allowing people to discuss things at will. There's no time to fit everyone in!
Where in the world did you work that they allowed
the reports to just run through like you put it? At my job we have a certain format, our work is graded every 3 months and we have to get and maintain a score of 98% or above. I know the hospital that I do work for would never be accepting of a halfway done job and we are never allowed to just shoo reports on through just to get them done.
Doing VR am not allowed to erase and just start over
That would be ridiculous because would not be paid for straight typing and secondly, my VR is so good that the editing is a breeze. We were told from the very start not to erase. I think probably if that started/continued, the company would be looking for other employees.
yes, per moderator, company name is allowed.
Will you be allowed to work any new account that comes in as your third (sm)
or does it have to be in your STMs group of accounts?
No - No, Allowed is the wrong word
IF the dictation was there, we can type as much as we want as long as we don't go over 8 hours.  1200 is the minimum requirement.  What I meant was that if they did not do so much overhiring, we could transcribe a lot more than 1,200.  As it is now, we are running out of work by 9:00 a.m. and having to wait for dictation to come in, type, wait for something to come in, type, wait, type, on and on.  If you start at 7:00 a.m., it could be 5:00-6:00 before you CAN get to 1,200 lines.  Ridiculous.  This limits not only one MTs income on the account, but all of us.
Why are they allowed to continue to post here when they are known not to pay?..nm
BTW, grammar police are not allowed.
Go back to your corner now.
I forgot... only 10% of reports are allowed to go to QA, or you

get put in performance management where they do 100% QA on you.  Doesn't matter if QA could fill in the blank or not, and doesn't matter what the excuse is, even if it was bad audio, a discrepancy, dictator did not spell a physician name (which if it goes to the wrong doctor is a HIPAA violation), even if the client profile says to leave a QA note, it is still a ding against you.

One is not allowed to communicate with the moderator or the...sm
administrator through the boards, you cannot post a message yo the moderator on the board.

You have to REPORT the message to the moderator or send a message to the moderator or administrator.

Better to chill out.
Spheris - no routers allowed
Well, I don't know what to do now. Spheris liked my tests and decided to hire me. They sent me a large packet of information to fill out, notarize, copy, and return by Fedex. This is so I can get my computer by Oct. 6. One of the forms says that they will not offer technical support to anyone who uses a router, or who has an IP address that means 2-wire router. All this for nothing. She got me a special shift that I really like too. They actually answer their phone during the day.