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You can say that again. Never for the MT. I get sick of being taken advantage of for their benefit.

Posted By: MQTOO on 2005-07-24
In Reply to: MQ offices - MQer

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IC or employee - sick of being taken advantage of?

AFter reading some posts regarding being taken advantage of and being treated like an IC by companies when its convenient for them and being an employee when its convenient for them, I must wholeheartedly agree. Therefore I decided to do some research and came up with rules as given by the US department of Labor regarding the definition of an IC.  You will be surprised by what you read below.  This is just an excerpt of a longer report.  Perhaps next time a client tries to boss you around, you might want to show them this:


US Department of Labor Handbook

Part 1: Independent Contractor or Employee

Probably the main reason you became an independent contractor (aka consultant, freelance and IC) or want to, is to be your own boss. Unfortunately, some U.S. companies don't fully understand the difference between independent contractors and employees. Even among companies that do understand the difference, there are those that attempt to exploit the relationship, because it's clearly to their advantage to do so.  The cheaters (and naive) misclassify workers as independent contractors, but still attempt to control them as employees. In doing so, they reap the benefits of both worlds, while depriving independent contractors of the very reason they became independent contractors in the first place: to be their own bosses.


  • Companies are not your employers per se, but your clients. As such, they are not entitled to direct you in your work.
  • Of course, your clients have a right to say what they expect for the rates they're paying you, but only as it relates to the outcome of the project.
  • It's your right to decide when, where and how to get the project done.


****In other words, by U.S. law, an employer cannot classify you as an independent contractor, then dictate when, where and how you work, as though you are an employee. It's all about degree of control and independence. ***





The advantage is that as an SE the
takes 7.5% out of your check and pays the other 7.5% themselves.  So if an SE and an IC make the same amount of money in a year, come tax time the IC is going to owe more than the SE to Uncle Sam.  An SE can still take deductions on work-related expenses.
Take advantage of...

the pauses the dictator makes.  As he/she is pausing, you are looking up at what you have transcribed so far, reviewing it. 

Try proofing a line backwards, from right to left.  Don't read every word but look it over from right to left.  Things will STICK OUT at you because your eyes and mind are not used to seeing the written word in this way.  Looking from left to right is natural and you miss things easily.  Try it out.

The more you practice, the faster it will get.

Good luck!

I'm so tired of getting taken advantage of

I thought I had what was a great position, with a good company, I loved the work, but had an instance where I had to request work not be sent to me for ONE DAY, and now my job is posted on the internet.  Work was still sent to me, and I did it - but you know, did you ever try to sit and type with a 104 fever and a terrible urinary tract infection?  I was sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face - my husband came and asked me if I was crazy.  I just didn't want to lose my job.  Now, they're looking for my replacement.  Maybe I really need to get out of this business ... there is no human component anymore.  No one genuinely cares.  Maybe I should have gone to the ER and had them put in a catheter and I could have worn a leg bag. 

Oh well, thanks for listening.  Back to work ... what a sad state of affairs.

I'm so tired of getting taken advantage of -
No, I've been getting 1/2 the work I normally get, so that's not it. I just will NOT continue to keep them within TAT and cover their butts if they're looking for my replacement. I'm not an idiot.
Administrative Advantage

Any info anyone has on this company would be greatly appreciated.  I'm just looking to do some part time work to make a little extra money.  I'm looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Couldn't find much in the archives.



The advantage to the MTSO is
having good coverage on multiple accounts. The advantage to the MT is having work to choose from on four different accounts. You see people on the boards complaining about their single account being slow - this is one way to address THAT problem.
I do about 7 accounts. It's to your advantage to do more than 2 or 3 (sm)
Trust me, it's a very short learning curve since they all use ExText as far as I know.
They ABSOLUTELY use it to their advantage! - sm
Back in the day, when all or most MT's worked on-site, MT was a whole 'nother job, and people who did it were treated like respectable human beings. But once the majority of MTs ended up at home, and INVISIBLE to both the employer and their fellow employees, it was far to easy to start taking advantage. Nowadays the majority of MTs most likely have never worked on-site like some of the more long-term MTs have in the past, and they don't even know what it was like not to be treated like an invisible piece of machinery. It is most DEFINITELY time for MTs to start to become involved in their own futures, if they are ever to even HAVE one in this field. We have to start squawking - LOUDLY. Our voices have to be heard not by the MTSOs, who will do NOTHING for us, but by hospitals, doctors, nurses, and unions, labor attorneys, legislators, and the average American citizen. The more people know about the degrading practices of the MT industry, and the larger the number of people that know it becomes, the better our chances become of bettering each of our personal situations.

Working at home is a blessing in many ways, but it has also been a curse in that it has kept us isolated from the doctors & medical institutions, our employers, and our fellow MTs. That isolation made it easy for the concept of sending American dictation offshore to gain a foothold in the US. We need to continue to network with other MTs including those still working on-site as well as at home, compare notes, companies, salaries, business & employment practices, ideas, etc. The internet is a powerful tool that may have robbed many of us of a decent wage. But if we turn the tables and use that tool in OUR favor, then things can change.
Has anyone worked for Administrative Advantage

Is there really an advantage to staying local? Most

It doesn't seem there's any more guarantee of stable work from local MTSOs than the national ones.

If you do want to stay local but work at home, also try Southern Transcription Services, located in Taylorsville, I think.  They have a good reputation. Google them for their web site. 

Administrative Advantage? Anyone know about this company?
I got a job offer.  Please tell all good and bad.
That is what I would do. What is the advantage of Vista? There are so many problems with it.
There are wonderful instructions on the internet for repartitioning. I even did it before all the instructions were on the internet. Good luck!
You should have taken advantage of bonus all weekend - most did.
The Advantage Transcription Service
Has anyone done any work for this company out of Los Angeles? If so, were there any issues regarding line/character count. TIA
That's the type MTSOs take advantage of, and
just too minjute and worthless to be paid what I'm worth, stand up for myself, or take a con-artist to court. (Hubs probably beats her, too.)
It should be "when I see people being taken advantage of" --nm
The MT industry is taking full advantage of the
stick it to your employees, than when they have little time and no money to go out and find something else. Make those poor suckas feel darned LUCKY to have their pathetic little peanut-paying MT jobs.

You just KNOW, though, that someday.... SOMEday.... not tomorrow, or the next day, but EVENTUALLY ----- somebody is going to do a total boot-plant on their sorry a$$es.

That day will be a cause for celebration across the land.
Comparing figs & plums. Advantage/disadvants to
What would the benefit be except that you'd
She's going to benefit from it, too, so don't
If she's going to pay the person part of her rate, then she's obviously going to have her doing part of the work assigned to her, and she's still going to make 6.5 cpl off this gal. Not to mention, the original poster knows nothing of this person and she could stiff her for pay entirely. I would be very leery of a work offer such as this. The original poster would be better off going directly to doctors' offices or other services and offering a free trial of her work. However, if she went to a decent school, her school should help her obtain PAYING work upon graduating.
It's a benefit to me.
All those who doesn'ts you mentioned are actually tax deductions, which overall lowers your tax burden anyway. I love working from home and do consider it a benefit not having to commute, deal with office politics, boss breathing down my neck, etc. I did take a pay cut to work at home and am still glad I did. This is just my opinion and I am one of the rest of the working world. I love Judge Judy too.
I would like that benefit best of all, lol nm
"chuckle" raise in 3 days, not to their bottom line advantage is it.
Hey gooble up this one if you like. Not me!!! I could understand if hourly, but we are not. WE are the one who lose already, learning there program, acct spec, formats, the various QA preferences, learn/get an ear for each dictator. We LOSE BIG TIME because it takes time for all that above stuff, we cannot just sit down and zoom off. Hey but grab IT see how the attitude is toward MT with 6 cents offer, it says something ya know.
What is the benefit of IC if they tell you when to work. nm
Those in need do not benefit from outsourcing
The people in need do not get anything.  They will continue to starve while the upper castes/classes become more and more of a consumer-driven society.
What they want is a benefit-less employee.nm
There is one loophole to their benefit.
I got caught in this with the birth of my last child.  You have to have worked a certain amount of hours within the past year. Its an average of 24.  If you worked enough hours to qualify, then you can absolutely take all 12.
Could you tell me about their platform and if family med ins is a benefit, PTO etc..
Please give more details. Do you work for them now? Pay rate?
Another benefit of employee status over IC
Many people are uninsurable or have family members who are uninsurable if they were to try to get health insurance on their own. Getting it as an employee of a company is their only way to insure themselves. As long as there has not been more than a 63-day break in coverage, if you are an employee, not only does the insurance company have to accept you, they also have to accept all your preexisting conditions. Health insurance with most companies is not cheap anymore, but expensive insurance is better than no insurance.
Where is our benefit at TT? Too long to get pregnant !! nm
Maternity leave benefit
I would like to know if there are companies that offer maternity leave benefit for FT?

Like Judge Judy said in her books, Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.  Who benefits the most (financially) from MTs working at home?  Who doesn't have to provide an office?  Who doesn't have to provide a PC (except for a fee)?  Who doesn't have to pay the electric bill to use this equipment?  Who doesn't have to pay the MT's phone bill?  Who demands the MT have high-speed cable internet connection?  Maybe your definition of benefit is different from the rest of the working world, but I/we count a benefit as something we can take to the bank, i.e., insurance, PTO, etc. (FT only, yet). 

Unpaid time off - a benefit?

New one to me.  Never heard of it unless ofcourse you have used up your PTO and need to take off unexpectedly.  As far as using your PTO when there is no work, I think that is totally unfair.  That should be your OPTION, not a requirement.  Suppose you had plans for that PTO?  I also do not believe you should have to clock out when there is no work, unless you want to work outside of your shift.  I mean your shift is your shift.  It should be up to the company to supply you with work during your shift and if they can not do that, then THEY should be the one with the problem. 

I worked in-house for many years by the hour.  When there was no work, I left the office.  To tell you the truth, when I started working at home I worked longer and harder than I ever did in the office.  Ofcourse since I was more productive, I made more money.  I think our jobs should be considered just as valuable as any inhouse employee, maybe even more so, and should include the same benefits if we are more productive and cost inefficient.  I mean, can they really have it both ways?

I usually try to give the benefit of the doubt,
but unfortunately that sounds like a big fat lie. But I am no longer expecting honesty, respect or anything else. They told me when I hired on, that ABSOLUTELY NEVER would they outsource our work. Period. Well partnering with one who does, is the same thing, IMO. Of course they know what the pay scale is. That answer just tells me its not good for us...
How is their benefit package? Insurance costs, etc?
Nah, even more work and the benefit of letting you make a

Thank you for the reply - is there any benefit to saying you will type 1000 per day?
Can someone sign on for 500 and type more than that? What I am asking is, is there any benefit to signing up for 1000? :-)
the benefit package for Diskriter is the only reason I am looking at them...nm
Some people who work in offices have that benefit, but no MT
Approximate benefit costs/pay cpl difference
Does anyone have just single coverage for yourself through Keystrokes, around age 40; how much approximately per pay period? Also, is there usually a higher line rate paid for acute care and Ops compared to ER? Any info appreciated. Thanks for all your help.
Need health ins in 30 days ..what companies have that benefit?

Hi, I really need health insurance faster than 90 days.

Does anyone know the companies that offer it effective in 30 days?  I have seen a few advertised but can't find them.

any help would be appreciated ... thanks in advance

Did you understand the part about the SE comprehensive benefit plan.

Well, besides the outsourcing, they manipulate the line count for their benefit. nm.
OMG! That is an awful benefit plan! Are you kidding me? You contribute nothing to the
cost of health insurance? One day of bereavement leave? You seem to be proud of this package. I would be hanging my head in shame were I you!
This is home based with full benefit package. (nm)
I hate it when people tell me that working at home is a benefit (sm)
Benefits are something that the company pays for. No use as MTs. If it was a true benefit, then they should give us the money to cover the costs of what daycare would be, because if you have kids, generally they stay at home with you, right? So, they should be compensating us for daycare costs on top of what we already make. Now THAT would be a benefit!
Actually, having employees work at home is a benefit...TO THE COMPANY
more than the employee. The company doesn't have to pay for office space, electricity, etc.....
I try to be kind and give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have to agree. sm

It all sounds like a bunch of hooey.  My ex husband used to tell lies when the truth would have worked better.  Perhaps she is related to him. 

I cannot believe any MT would not know at least the most important aspects of the BOS.  True, with some accounts, you ignore the BOS and do it however the client wants it, but still, you should KNOW the rules. 

Maybe I'll just put out a shingle and call myself a lawyer.  Of course, I know nothing about the law ... but maybe that shouldn't be a problem. 

Probably some people will move on and the company saves on benefit pkgs. (sm)

Telling us work is coming in at some time in the future is fine, but right now we have lost more than we have gained and  like you said, if we speed up we will run out quicker.  Not to mention that we will all have to work a little harder in order to make nearly the same as we did before.  Panic will make our fingers work even faster.

Remember the memo we got about over-editing.  Bet your butt we won't be over editing in the future.  If this ISR is so good, it shouldn't need too much now should it?


Prior search shows 8.5 cpl for FT benefit position. Do you still make this base pay after 1-1/2