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You couldn't have said it better. That is exactly how I feel and have for the past year. (nm)

Posted By: mtmtmtmtmt on 2008-04-05
In Reply to: Lacking work - Frustrated too


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Wow. You are obviously someone who couldn't hack it and now feel like
you must go out of your way to trash them. Good riddance!
DOn't feel alone, I couldn't hear voice files and (sm)
thought there was a problem again, then realized I was using the wrong foot pedal. Double Duh for me this morning.
I think they are great. Been here over a year and couldn't be
There did last year for 600 lpd minimum. I couldn't take it because of
I currently do all Ops at home, over the past year
been offered at least 6 positions doing Ops at home.  
MedScribe for the past year
Started almost one year ago and have enjoyed everyone there.  Stay in work, like my super and pay is every other Friday, direct deposit and on-time.  I also have their Aetna healthcare, it is a good plan and affordable.  HTH.
Getting on my nerves too.Until this past year

I was never out of work for so long (4 weeks). I  can't survive this way, yet I'm going to hang in there as I feel they are still one of hte best companies to work for, and I can take the good with the bvad up to a point, but it is getting a bit thin $-wise.

I need somethin to supplement my income during this dry period, so I''ve been looking for something NOT MT, as I'm not as fast as I used to be at MT'g.

Very happy at Medware the past year
I enjoy my accounts and have work.  The best things I like about Medware are my team leader who is very professional and understanding, and the regular paydays which are direct deposit.  Those were two things I did not have with my last service.  Medware has been a good company to work for.  Good luck to you.
I couldn't wait to sign up for the insurance this year...

It was going to be cheaper than what we are paying now. Then I got the payment sheet and I was really disappointed. The rates are almost double as last year's rates.

The insurance I have now is cheaper even though their deductible is quite high and they don't pay for ER coverage. After finally talking my husband into going under TT's insurance (that alone took almost a year to convince him), now I have to tell him we're staying where we're at now....unless TT does find a better plan. 

I will be waiting [im]patiently to see what they come up with.

In the past year and half, I have always been paid on time. --nm
I also got put on 2 atrocious ESL accts with them last year. Couldn't make any lines. These dudes
I agree. This past year has been terrible with MQ. Never enough work, crappy dictators, no pay for

weekends and holidays anymore etc etc I guess with all their legal woes we are paying for it and then have to have few blanks and 98% QA on dictators I have never even heard of. A joke to be sure and no matter how good the new pay plan is or they allow everyone a window to work then everyone will be working all hours to get lines for incentive which they probably never will. MQ is losing a lot of MTs and I expect that will continue. They seem to just keep pushing and pushing and it almost seems like they want people to leave so it really makes you wonder what is going on here. They really just dont care.

Concerned about the low work at WebMedx over the past few weeks. Typical for this time of year?
I've not been through a summer with them before. My main account, which always had plenty of work and occasional overtime, has been low for well over a month now. I have 2 backup accounts that are low as well. In fact, all my STM's accounts are very low volume. In all the years I've transcribed, I've never had this problem in August. It worries me more perhaps since I'm ex-MQ and consistent low work was a signal of a major downhill turn for that company. Thanks.
I used to have a QA guy that couldn't transcribe, couldn't fill in a blank,

but was anal retentive when it came to punctuation.  You would have a report with 10 blanks in it because of poor sound quality, and he wouldn't fill in one blank, but he had put commas all throughout your report, or taken apostrophes out, etc. and he wasn't correct in his punctuation a lot of the time.   Several of the MTs complained about him and asked to not have him do their QA, so he was demoted from QA to an MT.  Well, as I said earlier, he couldn't fill in a blank.  I saw a couple of his reports and there was blank after blank in reports that I had no trouble with at all.  He also didn't proof his reports because he would have inapproriate/incorrect expansions in them.  Not sure if he left on his own, or didn't really have a choice.  Anyway, talk to your supervisor.  Maybe this person is just on a power trip, knows you are new and wants to train you to do it her way, even if your way isn't incorrect.  I think punctuation is a valid issue, but if it doesn't change the integrity of the report and there are no other errors it shouldn't be flagged by QA.    You could also take into account her corrections and maybe try to use a few more commas, etc. and that might help.  

Oh, I couldn't understand them. I didn't try them all, but the first couple, I couldn't und
I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
couldn't -- you couldn't care less
Couldn't...you couldn't care less.
my first year I made 16k. Doubled that second year. Going on year 6 with (sm)

two local accounts I earned 23,000.00 and a national I earned 35,400... 58,400 this year.  Don't ask me how many hours, though, I really have no idea.  I'm pretty motivated.  (When people ask me how many hours I work a week I reply as many as it takes  I'd say 40-50/week.  I am also a fitness instructer and personal trainer, about 5 hours a week or so.  Decent money (sometimes under the table!) but mostly I just do it for fun and to be social and wear cute work-out clothes. 

that first year was a rough one... but I consider it part of my education. 


I'm pretty motivated. 

Last year, there was a letter sent that told us what we earned the previous year. sm
In the past, it has been all or nothing; if you did not hit the lines for full time for the year, you did not get PTO. I talked to my lead this morning about a last-minute vacation and she told me that the yearly packets are going out in a week or so and that the new policy will acrue PTO by the pay period or month. I like that a lot better, but she also made it sound like they are upping the amount of lines needed to acrue PTO. I normally get between 15 and 20,000 lines per pay period, so I am sure that will be fine but I am worried about the periods that have lower volumes, like most of January every year.
Webmedx lets you carry them from year to year sm
You can accrue up to 140 hours (I think) before you stop the accrual process. Don't have to use it all in one year.
I would stick it out, most places are slow now through the end of the year every year (nm)
I feel the same way. I'm irritable because I feel
and that my years of experience overall, and past few years of busting my @$$ for them hasn't been appreciated or noticed in the least.

We're all just cogs in the wheel.
Last year $36K part time, going to make more this year full time BUT sm

I AGREE it IS getting harder to make money.  I used to make $24 very part time 10 years ago and now...well it is Word and platforms versus WP5.1.  I got 7.5 cents a byte line then and I get 9.5 cents a character line now.  That IS a huge different in point of fact.


Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself!
You are correct!
Boy, I couldn't have put that better
I hope you find what you're looking for.  I'm still looking too.  Have 8 W2's to turn in this year.
I already have.... couldn't take it any more. nm
I couldn't have said it better. Thanks! nm
Couldn't have said it better
Very good post!   Very straight forward and honest.  I was a recruiter as well, it can be pretty good money, but as this poster said, you are told what you need to say and a lot of the time given false information about the account you are hiring for.  It's a very rewarding job most of the time and I personally met a ton of truly wonderful people, but on the flip side - this is the person who gets nailed the minute something goes wrong whether it from the new employee or the supervisor of the account.  Very thankless position.  Think twice before wishing to do this.. very high stress.     Good luck to you!!
No, no, no - that couldn't have been the SAME
She would never be condescending or disrespectful of MTs.  She, herself, is an MT and has the deepest respect for what we do.  I think you must have spoken to someone else.
Couldn't have said it better myself
Read carefully and learn.
Couldn't have said it better myself
Yep, yep...couldn't have said it better myself
We GaGirls got it goin'on...very well put, very well said...Thank you for summing up the whole ugly situation.
Couldn't have said it better myself!
I couldn't have said that any better myself
I agree. This is an information board. People are supposed to come on here and ask questions about companies. Isn't that the point of this forum??? A lot of information is very outdated and people would like current info about companies before applying with them. Lighten up. If someone asking a simple question irritates you that much, then just ignore the post. This is the exact reason why I don't come on this site nearly as much as I used to. Almost every time I have ever asked a question or posted a response to someone else's question, I just about always had at least one person jump all over me. It's a shame.
LOL - couldn't have said it better myself.

couldn't have said it better!
AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY --- I'm getting tired of eating dirt!!!
I couldn't have said it any better....
I'm just about sick of testing, testing, and more testing and hearing nothing or some cpl offer that isn't enough to survive on. I'll leave it at that. You've said it all. I think it's time to change professions. It's pathetic.
I couldn't have said this any better myself. ... nm
Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you! nm
Very well said! I couldn't agree more! (nm)
couldn't agree more

I worked for MQ for 6 years,  and they went from bad to worse. I am glad I do not work there anymore. I worked every weekend (my choice) and almost every holiday for them. They do not give you any differential for working w/e or holidays and will try to screw you out of any $$ they possibly can.  After 6 years, no one even said thank you, good luck..nothing!!!  I now work for a company that actually appreciates my work!

Bravo! Couldn't have said it better myself
Never had a problem with MQ until DQS. I am chained to this desk from sun up to sun down just trying to make the line count. It was NOT like that before DQS - I actually made very good, but now I can barely get by. What is really disturbing to me is that it is obvious a very big problem to a large number of MTs, yet MQ turns a blind eye. I guess as long as the big dogs are getting their fair share, then they are not worried about who is actually keeping them in business - the MTs. Without us, where would they be??
Couldn't agree more, LOL! (nm)
Flo COULDN'T have written this!
I tried it but couldn't do a good job of it.
It would be nice to just test out their platform before signing on with them and giving out so much personal information. If you spend a lot of time with data entry before even beginning the report, you can't really make any money that way either regardless of the nice pay rate.

good luck.:)
If I tried to answer you, I couldn't get
Couldn't find it.

Could you e-mail me privately and let me know what company this is in California?  Thanks! 

I couldn't agree more
I am so tired of reading messages from miserable, crabby MT's, who blame their lack of production or being fired from a company, on everything else, but themselves. If that poster was fired from Spheris, it was with good reason. If you cannot cut it at Spheris, they cut you loose. You have 90 days (3 months) to meet your production goals, and judging from your spelling and grammar you probably started on a fairly low level account. I have mentored MT's, done editing, QA audits, and transcription, and the only way to make money is to work HARD!!! That is something that so many people that I have trained do not seem to understand. You have to work to make money and to get your production in.

I totally agree with your post, and I just wanted you to know.
Tried the web address given but couldn't get in. nm
Couldn't agree more (sm)
Feast or famine is correct, but you have to fight for work and fight even harder for some decent communication.  I give a thumbs down for this company.