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Bravo! Couldn't have said it better myself

Posted By: Another MQ Slave on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: St. Louis office - MQ Slave

Never had a problem with MQ until DQS. I am chained to this desk from sun up to sun down just trying to make the line count. It was NOT like that before DQS - I actually made very good, but now I can barely get by. What is really disturbing to me is that it is obvious a very big problem to a large number of MTs, yet MQ turns a blind eye. I guess as long as the big dogs are getting their fair share, then they are not worried about who is actually keeping them in business - the MTs. Without us, where would they be??

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I couldn't agree more!! Bravo!

I used to have a QA guy that couldn't transcribe, couldn't fill in a blank,

but was anal retentive when it came to punctuation.  You would have a report with 10 blanks in it because of poor sound quality, and he wouldn't fill in one blank, but he had put commas all throughout your report, or taken apostrophes out, etc. and he wasn't correct in his punctuation a lot of the time.   Several of the MTs complained about him and asked to not have him do their QA, so he was demoted from QA to an MT.  Well, as I said earlier, he couldn't fill in a blank.  I saw a couple of his reports and there was blank after blank in reports that I had no trouble with at all.  He also didn't proof his reports because he would have inapproriate/incorrect expansions in them.  Not sure if he left on his own, or didn't really have a choice.  Anyway, talk to your supervisor.  Maybe this person is just on a power trip, knows you are new and wants to train you to do it her way, even if your way isn't incorrect.  I think punctuation is a valid issue, but if it doesn't change the integrity of the report and there are no other errors it shouldn't be flagged by QA.    You could also take into account her corrections and maybe try to use a few more commas, etc. and that might help.  

Oh, I couldn't understand them. I didn't try them all, but the first couple, I couldn't und
couldn't -- you couldn't care less
Couldn't...you couldn't care less.
BRAVO!!! If I did not have to pay QA and could get everyone to
type 200-250 lines an hour, I could pay more. QA and part-timers kill our rates.
The last thing I want to do is interfere between an MT getting a job, OR an MTSO finding help.

That said, the whole purpose of the board is to save fellow MTs from bad experience, and (are you listening MTSOs?) put some pressure on MTSOs are are 'not' doing the right thing to make corrections.

How hard is it anyway to admit when you've made a mistake and correct it?!

Good luck in your search. I learned a difficult, 'expensive' lesson with this company: Specifically ASK if 'your' payment is tied to their payment.

Bravo for this! ... nm
BRAVO FOR THIS!!!!! ...nm
Here! Here! Bravo
Very well stated. AHDI did sell us out and I, too, refuse to give them another of my hard-earned nickels.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!....nm

Best thing I've read all day!  Let her try and respond to that. 

to this I can only say: Bravo!....nm
Well said, Wendy - Bravo

Bravo!!! Hey Maggie......
Can I come work for you??
BRAVO! Absolutely right.
2 types of trouble makers #1 the person who likes to start trouble just for fun and sits back and watch other people suffer as they fall for it. #2 The green eyed monster who cannot see something good happen, so needs to try to ruin things which obviously are good. Then, there is every one else, those who worry not and rely on truth not rumors, and the other who pays attention to the trouble makers. These type of people need to take a walk and calm down. Count to 10 before writing or reacting. Learn how to treat a reactive mentality by proactivity or meditation. IMHO. Rumors are just plain wrong. Word from the horse's mouth just plain right!
Well, BRAVO and KUDOS!!!

In fact, SO well put I can't even add anything to it.

I'll just say DITTO. :-)
Bravo - you hit the nail on the head!
I want one of those hourly paid positions they're offering now. I was on a good account, then they switched me to another hospital in that system - and it's AWFUL. And cherry picking GALORE!!! You can watch it happening right before your eyes! Totally absurd. I went from 250-300 lines an hour in training and right after, to 100-150 lines an hour now, if I'm lucky. Pitiful ... totally pitiful.
BRAVO. TY for the courage to post this. nm
Bravo! You are a smooth cookie!

You have what it takes.  You are a fighter!  I think you'll survive and this is coming from an MT with 20 years in this business.  I am not an MTSO owner.  I service my own accounts and do my own work. 

Everything you have said is so true.  I think that many forget how they got started in this business.  I also think that work-at-home Moms should be respected and not bullied.  I know where my place is in this business.  I know because I have the income to prove it.  However, I am also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc.

I have seen job ads that look as if my 8-year-old typed them up.  The normal course of action is an interview, a phone call if interested in hiring you, and then you take the job or you decline.  Then, comes the personal information. 

I went to one site just to check it out, clicked on apply online, and the first question was social security # and this is the largest MT employer ever.  How can they ask for that to simply apply with all of this fraud that goes on today. 


If that's the case, bravo for her for standing up
for her beliefs. I took a stand on mine when I quit a former job. All the best to her if that's the case.
Bravo! You stated that perfectly! $50K for me, too!
Then AHDI can call me and maybe we'll talk.
Bravo - see there are true IC companies out there.

Please realize fellow MTs that usually an IC works multiple accounts and that can mean multiple MTSOs.  You don't need to put all of your eggs in one basket.  If you are asked to work a set schedule which does not allow you to transcribe for other clients, then that's employee and you should be treated as such.  The IRS expects you to contract with more than one client or vendor; it just plain looks better since we are considered self-employed.

A plumber doesn't always work for the Jones family, they do work for the Smith family and the restaurant down the street, etc., etc.

Bravo! Your message should be typed and placed on
But most importantly, of course, on the desk of every MT company CEO across America.

Greed is NOT good. It's why our entire economy is in the mess it's in today.
oops, long night should be BRAVO
and who am I to post when my fingers feel dyslexic by now :)
BRAVO, well spoken. (clapping and cheering) nm
Bravo for you! Keep up the good work! You should be so proud! nm
Great post!! Amen!! Bravo!!!!
BRAVO!! I'm sure you're making lots of $$$s..sm
But if you were like the rest of us peons who had to run back every few seconds of footage because you can't understand most of what the dictating clown is saying, whether ESL or native train-catcher or sleepwalker or can't-make-up-my-mind-what-I-want-to-say, Ah...Hmmmm...Scratch that!...Let's see, ..uh...where were we.. uh... zzzz (yawn) zzzz.  And then they race through the labs & medications 78 RPM.  But they're God's chosen people while we can't miss a comma...QA gets p..... off if we send too many blanks, well, I hope you see my point. My hat goes off to you!
Bravo!!!!! Excellent post. 30 years here.
I just wanted to be left alone so I could do my work. I came in on most calls to help out. Quality meant everything as did TAT. Did that matter to management? That I was not talkative on the telephone (Small talk eludes me for some reason) during chats with these people has cost me a fortune. And pretending to be someone I am not is just not something I am capable of though I must say I wish I could be a talkative person just so my personality would be more obvious in this so often unfair telecommunation job, where after all I have given, I am treated no better than a newbie, even with disrepect, biting e-mails by moody unprofessional management.
Bravo! Applause! Yes! I agree completely!

BRAVO, Single Mom!!! You are 100% correct: Daycare is not s/m
raising your kids any more than a SCHOOL is. I am so insanely sick and tired of the people on here who have NO idea how it feels to be without food and money to take care of their children. I would suspect that a great deal but NOT all) of the people telling the OP to stay home and not try to better herself with a nursing education and a nursing job have someone else who helps them pay the bills... do ya think?
BRAVO!!! I send you my very best wishes for success! (nm)
Bravo! Well, said Anna. TT is the BEST company in my 17 years of MTing.
Thank you for standing up for them!
Bravo! Great post. I left TT but I will always speak very highly of them.
Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself!
You are correct!
Boy, I couldn't have put that better
I hope you find what you're looking for.  I'm still looking too.  Have 8 W2's to turn in this year.
I already have.... couldn't take it any more. nm
I couldn't have said it better. Thanks! nm
Couldn't have said it better
Very good post!   Very straight forward and honest.  I was a recruiter as well, it can be pretty good money, but as this poster said, you are told what you need to say and a lot of the time given false information about the account you are hiring for.  It's a very rewarding job most of the time and I personally met a ton of truly wonderful people, but on the flip side - this is the person who gets nailed the minute something goes wrong whether it from the new employee or the supervisor of the account.  Very thankless position.  Think twice before wishing to do this.. very high stress.     Good luck to you!!
No, no, no - that couldn't have been the SAME
She would never be condescending or disrespectful of MTs.  She, herself, is an MT and has the deepest respect for what we do.  I think you must have spoken to someone else.
Couldn't have said it better myself
Read carefully and learn.
Couldn't have said it better myself
Yep, yep...couldn't have said it better myself
We GaGirls got it goin'on...very well put, very well said...Thank you for summing up the whole ugly situation.
Couldn't have said it better myself!
I couldn't have said that any better myself
I agree. This is an information board. People are supposed to come on here and ask questions about companies. Isn't that the point of this forum??? A lot of information is very outdated and people would like current info about companies before applying with them. Lighten up. If someone asking a simple question irritates you that much, then just ignore the post. This is the exact reason why I don't come on this site nearly as much as I used to. Almost every time I have ever asked a question or posted a response to someone else's question, I just about always had at least one person jump all over me. It's a shame.
LOL - couldn't have said it better myself.

couldn't have said it better!
AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY --- I'm getting tired of eating dirt!!!
I couldn't have said it any better....
I'm just about sick of testing, testing, and more testing and hearing nothing or some cpl offer that isn't enough to survive on. I'll leave it at that. You've said it all. I think it's time to change professions. It's pathetic.
I couldn't have said this any better myself. ... nm